Love And S£x

Love And s*x – episode 12

Love and s€×
Episode 12

My phone starts ringing 🔔 displaying in the screen an unsaved number my gateman cut the call and saved my number while I saved his.
I left him and wen in,side, I got to my veranda to fine Vanessa I would how she knews here ohh I remember I gave her my address but I never knew she would be able to find 🔍 place so easy and what was she doing here.
I looked at her as she told up from the chair she sat down before and walked to where I was, she hugged me and said
Vanessa:ohh Ade where have you been I have been waiting for you i was in the neighborhood and when I realise that your house was close I decided to just give you a surprise visit but I was the one that got surprise I was told by your gateman that you had not cone back from school so I day decided to wait
Me: ohh sorry Vanessa you should have at least called me am sorry for the stress
Vanessa:ohh I forgot to call you but anyways your are here now won’t you open the door so that we can in
Me:ohh sorry let’s go in
I opened the door and we both entered she entered first while I followed, when she entered she was just looking at the apartment I guess she was wowed by the design and how big it is, she looked at me and said
Vanessa:you never told me you and your family based in Lagos where are there
I smiled she thinks I leave with my family 👪 while sorry to burst her bubble
Me:Vanessa wat do you mean I leave here alone
Vanessa:(shocked) seriously your parents must be rich how can only you just be leave here on your own this big house all to you, you are flexing ohh
(I wonder why people like saying that statement to me)
Me:(trying to behave humble) na so I see am o but am about to get a roommate in fact I have already gotten one he is packing in tomorrow
Vanessa:ohh(her face seemed sad on hearing that) but can I at least get a room here cause I think I will be stay here frequently especially during exam time I will come and

Vanessa:I would come to stay so that I can read with you for exam because my side is some how distracting
Me:OK but before we decide which room to give you, my roommate will have to choose is room first ok?
Vanessa :OK so after your roommate chooses his room, you will let me have a room from the remaining rooms?
Me:yes OK
After the discussion I asked Vanessa what she wanted and her said anything so I got a grape 🍇 wine, I brought the drink with two cups.
I served her and served myself, we both started drinking 🍹 while looking at each other and still making up conversations which were not working ☹, I stylishly looked at my time and found out that it was eight-fifty five.
It was already dark 🌑 and I was wandering if she wasnt going to go home 🏠 again.
She looked at me and said
Vanessa:Ade since am here while don’t we start the tutor today please I really need it
Me:but its getting dark already
Vanessa:don’t worry 😟 we will be through, please please 🙏
Me:OK ma let’s go but did you bring any of your books 📚 or textbooks
Vanessa:no but we could use yours to study 📓
Me:(although not comfortable with the idea I agreed) OK ma let’s go to my library 📙 room, its where I read
Vanessa:OK let’s go.
We both stood up from our seats and I led the way to my library, we got to my library 📙 and I brought out my books and textbook on biology.
We read together while she sometimes asks me to explain some few to her that she didn’t understand which I did, afterwards we asked ourselves questions ❓ and that was how the tutor ended for that day.
After the tutor I checked the time on my library and found out that the time was to eleven damn I never knew we spent 😵 this long, we spent hours and it felt like minutes.
I knew as a fact that Vanessa wouldn’t be able to go again so she will be sleep over, Vanessa wanted to leave after the tutor saying that she wasn’t scared 😱 of the dark .


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