Love Impossible

Love impossible episode 19 – 22


Subtitle: Drips Of Pleasure.


By, Summer Gold R.

Royal broke the hug almost immediately and Angel kept staring at him with her puppy face.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,get rid of the costume and meet me in the car” Royal said.


“No buts” Royal cut in and walked out of the class.

Angel bit her lips hardly trying not to cry as she also left the class,she sniffs and turned to the direction leading to the dressing room.

“Twinkle” she heard Christian’s voice and stopped walking without looking back,Christian ran to her and came in front of her.

“Are you Okay?” He touched her face and a tear dropped from Angel’s eyes.

Christian said nothing and just pulled her into a soft hug.

“Angels don’t cry” He muttered,patting her back until she was calm.

They both walked to the dressing room together.

“I will stay here and wait for you,go on” Christian assured.

“Thank you Chris” Angel muttered and went inside.

Five minutes later,she came out.

“I’m here” She said and Christian faced her with a smile.

“You’re going home then?” He asked and Angel nodded.

“I will text you tonight” Christian said.

“Will be waiting” Angel smiled and waved at him before walking away.


Angel walked behind Royal as they entered the house,he didn’t say a word to her throughout the ride home.

Getting home,it was empty as usual,their parents are not home. Royal suddenly stopped walking when his phone buzzed in his pocket,he brought it out and opened the message,from his dad.


Royal read the message and faced Angel.

“Be ready by 7,the dinner” He said sharply and went upstairs.

Angel sighed out loudly,Pepper ran to her and she immediately carried him up.

“Missed me?” Angel chuckled as Pepper rubbed around her body,she went into the kitchen and opened the fridge,she took a bottle of water and grabbed some snacks also before going upstairs.

She entered her room and dropped Pepper.

Angel fell on the bed loudly and tiredly,she sipped from the water and her mind went to Royal.

“Why did I said that?” She mumbled and took her lips in,she took off her shoes and adjusted on the bed properly,she lay on her back and started eating the cookies but she couldn’t stop thinking about Royal.

“How long will he be mad at me?” She asked herself and sighed again.


Royal was already in the car waiting when Angel appeared from the entrance,Royal smiled a little seeing how she dressed. It’s a long dress this time around,the wind was blowing the dress as she walked together with her hair,she look like a goddess.

“Finally some clothes” Royal chuckled,staring at her till she got to the car,she opened and entered.

“I’m ready” Angel said softly,avoiding Royal’s eyes.

“You look pretty” Royal said and Angel looked at him immediately.

“Huh?” She asked again to be sure.

“I said you look pretty” Royal repeated and Angel couldn’t believe her ears. Her cheeks turned red and she took her lips in before she finally answered.

“Thank you” She mumbled.

Royal said nothing more and drove out at once.

It took about thirty minutes before they arrived at the restaurant,they both stepped down from the car and Royal turned to Angel,she walked closer to him gently.

“Are you okay?” He asked and she nodded.

“Then why are you quiet?” Royal asked again.

“Because i don’t want you to get mad at me” Angel replied and Royal sighed out.

“I’m not mad at you Angel,I was just a little bit pissed off” Royal said.

“I would prefer Doll though” Angel mumbled and Royal chuckled.


“Yes” Angel nodded.

“Let’s go in” He held her hand and Angel smiled,looking down at their hands.

They went straight to the reserved room as instructed,Kendall and Robert were already there.

“Oh baby,you look beautiful” Kendall said,looking at Angel.

“Thank you Mom” Angel said and hugged her and then Robert.

Royal sat down and Angel also joined him.

“You are right on time” Robert said and Royal nodded.

“Then…..let’s eat” Kendall smiled.

The chefs came in just a minute after and began setting their table in a stylish way according to what they’ve ordered.

“Whoa” Angel muttered staring at the delicacies.

“Foodie” Royal said and Angel looked at him but he looked away.

“Don’t pretend,I heard you” Angel said and Royal smiled.

After everything the chefs left the room and the family started eating,it started with silence until Robert broke it.

“How are you coping with London and new school Angel?” He asked and Angel smiled.

“Amazing,it’s really amazing” Angel replied.

“Bristol is like a Village compared to London” Royal said.

“That’s not true!” Angel snapped at him.

“Don’t deny it doll,you’re an example of a village girl” Royal teased.

“You know you’re lying right now right? What else do you have to compare?” Angel asked.

“Here,we don’t like to argue” Royal smirked and Angel frowned.

Robert and Kendall chuckled.

“You’re such a bully son” Robert said.

“Yes he is” Angel scoffed.

“Don’t worry Royal,Angel deserve such once in a while,she’s a brat” Kendall said.

“Come on mom” Angel groaned.

“Don’t worry,she will stop being a brat as long as I am here” Royal said and Angel scoffed.

Robert laughed.

“Let’s eat please,no more talking” He said.


“No one is home” Ryan said as he stood in front of the Roberts mansion,he dialed Royal’s number and he answered.

“Hey,where are you dude?”, Ryan asked.

“A restaurant with my family” Royal replied.


“Are you in my house?” Royal asked.

“Outside,I will see you tomorrow then” Ryan said and hung up.

He turned back and started walking home again,it was so boring staying home that was why he came here. Christian is busy being alone as usual and he wouldn’t want to disturb him most of the times.

As he was walking,he saw Alice coming out of a supermarket. He smiled and went after her,he already got to her side before Alice turned.

“Ryan!” She screamed and Ryan looked around.

“I don’t want everyone to know my name” he said.

Alice immediately hugged him.

“I missed you today” She said and Ryan chuckled.


Alice nodded before she spoke up again. “you were amazing today during the training,I couldn’t take my eyes off you” She muttered.

“You were looking so hot today also” Ryan whispers into her ear and she blushed,she broke the hug.

“Why didn’t you take your car?” She asked.

“Same question goes to you” Ryan said.

“I just decided to walk” Alice muttered.

“I will walk you home then” Ryan said and Alice gasped.



After some minutes,they stopped in front of Alice’s house.

“Then should I start walking everyday?” Alice grinned.

“You will walk alone then” Ryan said and Alice frowned.

“Geez you’re not romantic at all” She scoffed.

“I’m not a romanticist” Ryan chuckled and slowly held her hand.

“But I also can if you want” He winked and Alice froze.

Ryan smiled,staring at her lips. He gently pushed her to the wall and pressed his lips on hers,he broke it shortly after and touched her lips.

“Goodnight” He smiled at her and walked away.

Alice touched her chest,her heart was beating so fast.

“What is he doing to me” she swallowed and ran inside.


Angel have been hearing the door bell repeatedly that she wonder who was there,she finally opened the door and she was surprised to see Spice,she frowned inwardly.

“Hey Angel” Spice smiled at her and Angel returned a fake one.

“Looking for my brother?” She asked.

“Yes,I’m here for Royal,is he home?” Spice asked.

“No he’s not” Angel lied.

“Oh” Spice muttered.

But then,Royal showed up and Spice looked at Angel.

“Why did you lie?” Spice asked and Angel frowned.

“I don’t think you’re in any position to ask me that,this is my house not yours” Angel said.

“Hey,you’re so rude” Spice snapped and Angel scoffed.

“What’s going on here?” Royal moved closer to them and Spice told him what happened.


“I don’t want her here,is there a problem with that?” Angel cut Royal off.

Royal sighed and grabbed her hand,

“Stay here” He told Spice and dragged Angel away,he released her hand when they got to somewhere private.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Royal asked calmly.

“I hate her” Angel blurted

“Why?” Royal asked.

“Because she gets your attention every time,how many times do I have to repeat myself? Honestly I don’t know why I’m feeling this way either,but I just…..want you to stop looking at other girls……”

“And focus on you alone? Do you even know what that means?” Royal asked.

“Angel,I like you okay? You’re cute and amazing like a kid sister that you are to me and I like it…..”

“Liar” Angel snapped and Royal groaned.

“Don’t start what you can’t end Doll,so stop at this point,please” Royal said.

“And don’t hate Spice,she’s………” Before he could finish,Angel went on her toes and pressed her lips on Royal’s own.

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Subtitle: Drips Of Pleasure.


By, Summer Gold R.

“And don’t hate Spice,she’s………” Before he could finish,Angel went on her toes and pressed her lips on Royal’s own.

Royal was shocked to the bone,he wasn’t expecting that at all.

“Angel!” He called as he pulled her off with wide eyes.

Angel swallowed.

“I’m….sorry” She muttered and ran out immediately.

Royal breathe out and rough his hair,trying not to think about what just happened but he couldn’t help it.

“What was she thinking?” He muttered,hitting his head softly on the wall,the feeling of her lips against his made him groan.

“Stop it Royal,she just…..I don’t know” He sighed out.

“Royal??” He heard Spice calling him and he walked out,she was still in the living room.

“Is something wrong?” Spice asked.

“No,why are you here?” Royal asked.

“I just……missed you” Spice muttered,biting her lips.

“But you didn’t tell me before coming here……..”

“Go out with me” Spice cut in.

“Right now……”

“I want to know more about you,I know you warned me but at this point I don’t think I can stop anymore Royal,I like you alot,it’s too much to stop now” Spice shook her head.

Royal said nothing,he was just staring at Spice then he spoke up.

“Don’t regret it later” He said and Spice smiled.

“I won’t” she shook her head.

“Wait here” Royal said and went upstairs.

Spice continue looking around waiting for Royal and finally he came downstairs fully dressed and looking hot.

“Let’s go,wherever you want” He said and Spice smiled,she held his hand and they went out.


Angel watched from the window in her room as Spice and Royal entered the car and left the house,she bite her lips hard.

“He likes her” She mumbled tearfully and left the window side. She sat down on the bed.

“I guess I’m really going crazy” She exhaled and stood up again,she walked to the table and tried to study but she couldn’t concentrate.

An idea came to her head and she immediately went for it,she took her phone and dialed Christian’s number,he answered.

“Hey Twinkle”


“You don’t sound good,did something happened?” Christian asked.

“I’m….bored” Angel muttered.

“Wanna go out?” Christian asked and Angel immediately smiled.


“I will come pick you up then” Christian said and Angel hung up happily.

“I will try and forget about him,he’s my brother” Angel assured herself and went to find something to wear.


Some minutes later,

Angel came out through the gate and met Christian outside waiting for her.

“Hey” She called and Christian flashed her a smile,staring at her all over.

“You’re so pretty” He commented and Angel blushed.

“Thanks Chris”

“Your brother isn’t home?” He asked as he opened the door for her.

“No” Angel mouthed and entered the car,he closed the door and then joined her.

“I want ice cream first” Angel immediately said and Christian chuckled.

“Foodie” he uttered and started the car.

“Hey,you don’t even know me” Angel scoffed.

“Well I don’t care” Christian said and Angel laughed.

“I’m a foodie,fine” She said.

“Of course it’s obvious”

“You mean I’m fat?” Angel raised her brows.

“No,you have fats in the right places” Christian said and Angel gasped.

“What places…..”

“I can’t say it” Christian shook his head.

“You better don’t” She said and they both laughed.


“Higher” Angel said,laughing as Christian pushed the swing while she sat down.

“Higher Chris!” She laughed out more,she was eating ice cream as she had fun,it’s the third cone of ice cream that she’s taking but still wouldn’t mind for more.

Christian pushed really hard and she screamed as the swing went really high.


Christian fell on the ground,laughing out loud uncontrollably.

“That is wickedness!” She shouted when the swing finally stopped.

“You said you want it higher,how is this my fault?” Christian stood up.

“I said higher not suicide attempt!” She snapped and started walking away.

“Hey Twinkle” Christian followed her.

“I’m not talking to you” She muttered.

“I will buy you another ice cream…..”

“That’s bribe,but I don’t mind” She grinned and Christian chuckled.

“You’re really cute Twinkle,really cute” He said and held her hand.

Angel smiled as they walked to the ice cream stand.


“Is that not your sister and Christian?” Spice tapped Royal,showing him.

Royal turned to See Angel and Christian for real trying to buy ice cream.

“Are they dating? They look so good together” Spice whined.

Royal said nothing and faced her back.

“Let’s go” He muttered and walked away first,Spice ran after him and grabbed his hand again.

“Let’s go eat,I’m hungry” She pouted,rubbing her belly.

Royal nodded and she smiled.


Alice came out of the bathroom and entered her bedroom,she just finished bathing and only tying a towel around her body.

“That took so long”

Alice froze when she heard that voice,she turned and saw Ryan sitting down on the bed and pressing his phone,her eyes widened in shock and confusion.

“How did you get here?” She asked.

“Where else? I entered through the gate and knocked on the door,your mom opened the door for me and asked me who I am,I told her I am yoyr boyfriend,she looked so happy I guess she have always wanted a handsome boyfriend for you,so she said I can come to your room,she even described your room for me and that’s how I arrive here sweet lips” Ryan winked.

“My mom?” Alice asked again.

“Sure” Ryan smiled,staring at her with flirting eyes.

He dropped his phone and stood up,Alice immediately moved back.

“Stop right there” she said and Ryan chuckled.

“Okay,should I go out while you dress up?” He asked.

“You can just turn and face the wall” Alice said and Ryan nodded,he turned and faced the wall.

“Be fast,I can act crazy sometimes you know?” He said and Alice scoffed.

Exactly one minute later,Ryan turned and Alice screamed,she had just wore her panties and was holding her nightie in her hand.

“You look hot” Ryan grinned.

“Turn you motherfucker!” Alice yelled and he laughed but turned anyway.

Alice wore her nightie and told him,he faced her again and smiled,staring at her.

“Pretty” he said.

“Why are you here?” Alice asked,walking closer to him.

“I miss your lips” Ryan said and she frowned.

“Lips?” She asked again to be sure and Ryan nodded.

“I don’t want to lie” he said.

“You came here because you miss my lips?” Alice asked again.

“Of course” Ryan chuckled and sat down on the bed.

“You should go,it’s late already” Alice said.

“If you don’t answer me,I might just sleep here” Ryan grabbed her hand and pulled her on the bed.

“Ahh!” Alice screamed and tried pushing him off.

“I guess I’m addicted to your lips” Ryan said.

“I hate you Ryan” Alice snapped.

“You mean the opposite” He winked at her and they began staring at each other’s faces,Ryan smirked and touched her lips.

“Ryan,let me go” Alice said softly.

“Are you not going to regret it?” Ryan also asked in a soft calm voice.

“Regret what?” Alice raised her brows.

“If I leave right now like you said,you will definitely regret it and wish you had played along” Ryan muttered.

“No I won’t,I’m not interested in kissing you tonight” Alice said and Ryan smiled.

They suddenly heard the rain falling,heavy one to be precised. Ryan let go of Alice.

“You can wait a little bit……”

“Don’t worry,I love rainy days” he winked at her and left the room.

Alice bit her lips and hugged her pillow,five minutes later,she let out a groan.

“That jerk……he said it” She mumbled and bit her lips,she was really regretting her actions,she should have just gave in right?

She rushed out of bed and ran downstairs,but was shocked to see Ryan in the living room with her mom talking,he looked up and smiled at her.

“I didn’t teach you like this Alice,how could you tell him to leave in this heavy rain? Don’t you have human feelings at all?” Her mom scolded and Alice couldn’t say a word.

“It’s fine mom,I am at fault to make her mad” Ryan said softly and Alice couldn’t believe her ears…wait….did Ryan just called her mom “mom?”

“Let’s go upstairs” She pulled Ryan up.

“Thank you so much mom,I promise I won’t make her angry again” Ryan bowed.

“Shut up” Alice said,dragging him away till they entered her room,she locked the door.

“That’s quite dangerous” Ryan said.

“What exactly are you up to?” Alice asked.

“I was really leaving,I swear but your mom seems to like me a lot and I had to come up with a lie,I told her we had a couples fight,it worked” Ryan said and Alice scoffed.

“So what are you going to do now? She will keep calling you my boyfriend” Alice said.

“I can be….your kissing boyfriend” Ryan grinned and Alice tapped her forehead.

“You’re so annoying” She said.

“Annoyingly hot,I know” Ryan smirked.

“Hey!” Alice hit him lightly on the chest,he grabbed her hand and pushed her against the wall.

“So,you regretted telling me to leave right? Don’t lie” he whispered.

“No I didn’t” Alice snapped.

“So why were you downstairs……”

“To check the windows” Alice rolled her eyes and Ryan nodded.

“I see” he chuckled and left her side.

“I will soon leave” He muttered,looking outside,but the rain was still heavy.

Alice sighed out.


The rain was still dropping loudly,everywhere was so cold,Royal was in the living room sitting there alone because Angel isn’t back yet,he’s been trying to reach her but her Number isn’t going through,he wouldn’t deny the fact that he was overly worried.

He stood up from the couch and began pacing,in his head,he was praying not to see Christian at that moment coz he might go crazy and do something he would regret.

Some minutes later,he heard the sound of car outside and he checked the window,Angel already came in through the gate and she ran in. The door opened and Angel entered,she was actually wet,her eyes met with Royal’s own.

“Where are you coming from?” Royal asked.

“I went out with Chris…….”

“Who cares the f**k you went out with? Don’t you see the time? It’s raining heavily out there and you’re just coming by this time of the night? Are you going crazy already?” Royal asked angrily.

“Not like I was alone,I was with him. And the rain just started all of a sudden without giving a warning” Angel said.

“Where exactly did you go with him?” Royal asked.

“We went to a lot of places,not just one,I was the one who called him” Angel replied.


“Because you left with Spice and I was bored……”

“You should have just waited till I get back,must you go out??”

“What am I supposed to do then? Huh? I feel like I might go crazy if I stay home alone,I keep seeing your face everywhere,do you know how hurt it feels because you only see me as your sister” Angel saud.

“I don’t just see you as my sister doll,you’re my sister. My dad and your mom will get married and that make us siblings,it’s not something I have a choice about” Royal said.

“I know” Angel muttered and went Upstairs.

Royal sighed out and roughed his hair.


Royal entered into the kitchen,he wanted to take a drink but then he also found Angel in there,she was taking something from the fridge. Royal stared at her from her legs,she was only wearing a short,a short short precisely,her back view was so hot and then she turned looking surprised to see him.

Royal’s eyes fell on her boobs,she wasn’t wearing bra since it was late in the night,her nipples was sticking out so sexily,Royal looked away from her.

“I didn’t know I will meet anyone” Angel muttered and Royal nodded.

“Goodnight” Angel smiled at him and walked out.

Royal bit his lips and shook his head.

‘She’s a no go area,don’t loose control,she’s supposed to be your sister’ He said inwardly.


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