Love Impossible

Love impossible episode 17 – 18


Subtitle: Drips Of Pleasure.


By, Summer Gold R.

“I want to feel your lips too” Angel blurted out,bringing her lips closer to Royal’s own.

Royal used his finger to stopped her head from coming closer.

“Hey,are you okay?” He asked.

Angel smiled and kept pouting

“Kiss me too” She said.

“She’s gone” Royal muttered and pulled her back on her seat,he used the seatbelt on her and started the car immediately.

“I hope she’s fine” Christian said worriedly as he entered the car with Ryan.

“Don’t worry,she will be fine” Ryan said and drove off.

“But then,I wonder why Royal isn’t mad at you for liking her,you two don’t even get along,or is there something I don’t know?” Ryan asked.

“Something? What are you talking about?”

“I just want to know” Ryan said.

“There’s nothing” Christian muttered and closed his eyes.


Royal entered Angel’s room and turned on the lights,he walked to the bed and dropped her gently on it. Angel moaned sleepily and turned to face him,her eyes closed.

“He’s such a play boy” She mumbled in her sleep and Royal chuckled.

“I pray she doesn’t remember all these in the morning” he muttered and covered her body,he stared at her face for a second before walking out of the room.


Royal came downstairs and went straight to the dinning room,Kendall was just setting the table and she smiled when she saw him.

“Good morning” Royal greeted.

“Morning boy” She answered and Royal looked at the foods on the table.

“What’s the occasion?” He asked and Kendall shook her head.

“Sit down and eat,I’m sorry I haven’t been preparing enough” She said Royal sat down.

“Where’s Angel?” He asked.

“She’s not down yet,go on and have a taste” Kendall said and Royal took the cutleries.

Kendall smiled as he started eating.

“Whoa,it’s been long since I tasted something so delicious” Royal said.

“Oh thank you” Kendall said.

Royal kept eating.

“Morning World!!” Angel ran in and quickly took a seat beside Royal.

“Wow,looking delicious” She grinned and Royal frowned at her.


“Morning world? That’s all?” He asked and Angel blinked.

“What are you waiting for?” Royal asked and Angel faced Kendall.

“Good morning mom” She said and Kendall smiled.

Royal scoffed and kept eating.

“Enjoy” Kendall said to Royal and left them.

“How did we get home last night? Did you carry me to my room?” Angel asked after a short silence.

“Why did you drank so much?” Royal asked and Angel swallowed.

“I just….had a little” She mumbled and Royal looked at her.

“Seriously? A little and you can’t even remember how we got home? What if it wasn’t me who brought you here?” Royal snapped and Angel bite her lips.

“If you know you can’t control your drinking habit then you won’t go anywhere with me again” he added.

“You can’t do that,I enjoy spending time with you” Angel muttered.

“Then try to start acting like a girl that you are” Royal said and Angel took her lips in sadly.

“I’m sorry” She muttered.

Royal drank water and stood up.

“Meet me in the car” He said but then turned again.

“Take your time” he muttered and walked out.

Angel sighed out.

“Did I do something crazy last night?” She wondered but can’t remember a thing from last night.

After eating to her satisfaction,she stood up and carried her bag.

“Bye mom!!” She said loudly

“Bye baby girl” Kendall answered from the kitchen and Angel went out.

Royal drove the car to her and she entered with a smile.

Royal started the car,he drove out of the mansion.


“We are here” Angel sighed out as Royal pulled over,they both stepped down from the car and as if Ryan have been waiting,he ran to them and jumped on Royal’s back.

“Get down Monkey” Royal said and Angel laughed seeing Ryan’s sad face when Royal called him monkey.

“Am I that ugly?” He asked.

“See you later Iceman” Angel waved at him with a smile and went her way,Royal’s eyes followed her and then turned back to Ryan.

“Aren’t you going?” He asked and Ryan smiled.

“I missed you all night” He whispered and Royal’s eyes widened.

“Are you insane?” He asked and Ryan laughed out.

“I got you” He said.

“Yes you got me because I almost hit you in the eyes” Royal snapped,making Ryan laugh even more,he placed his arm around Royal’s neck while they walk.

Angel was still walking when Spice appeared beside her.

“Hey” She called,making Angel to stop,she looked at Spice with confusion written in her eyes.

“Don’t be confused,I just have something to ask you” Spice said.

“What is that?” Angel asked.

“I’m planning to give Royal something….like a gift,but I don’t know what to give him. So…..can you tell me what he like?” Spice asked.

Angel scoffed inwardly,staring at Spice with disgust look.

“Angel?” Spice called when she said nothing.

“I have no idea what you can give him,why don’t you ask him directly?” She said and walked away,leaving Spice standing.

“Wow,she’s got some ego” Poppy and Alice came over to her,they’ve been watching them.

“Some crazy ego like seriously” Spice muttered.

“She’s really Royal’s sister” Alice chuckled.

“Just give him whatever you think he might like” Poppy said.

“Ryan should know,I can ask him” Alice muttered and they started walking.

“Are you two getting along already?” Poppy asked.

“He can’t stop fucking around” Alice shook her head.

“Won’t it be hard staying with him?” Spice asked.

“What about Royal? They are just the same” Poppy said.

Spice shook her head.

“I’m crazy about Royal” She muttered.

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“What are you guys watching?” Angel joined Sloane and Paige on the seat.

“Today after classes,there will be a training match session for the basketball team” Paige said.

“Oh wow” Angel smiled.

“Yeah,we are part of Spice cheer leaders team” Sloane said.

“Really?” Angel gasped and they nodded.

“Yeah,Ginger have her own team also and they will definitely be there” Paige said.

“I thought it’s just a training session” Angel muttered.

“Sure but it’s always like a real match,you will enjoy it” Sloane said.

“Oh” Angel mumbled.



“Are you seriously not waiting?” Sloane asked Angel who was busy packing her textbooks.

“Yeah,I will drop these in my locker and leave…..”

“Come on,even if it’s just one hour,please prettiest” Paige pouted.

“You know I have to follow my brother” Angel said.

“What if Royal is also waiting? And if probably he’s not,then I will take you home” Paige said,placing her palm on her chest.

Angel sighed.

“Fine,I’m gonna tell him” She muttered and brought out her phone.

“Let’s go to the dressing room,you can text him as we walk” Paige and Sloane grabbed her hand and dragged her out of the class.

Angel immediately sent a message to Royal


Royal was also in a hot seat as Ryan kept pressurizing him,just to wait and watch him. Ryan is in the basketball team and in fact the best player,part of what makes him more popular,girls go crazy seeing him playing,their hottest player.

“Sometimes I always wonder if you love me,it’s so sad” Ryan should his head and Royal scoffed.

“Do I ever told you that I love you?” He asked.

“That’s heartbreaking!” Ryan shouted and Royal rolled his eyes.

His phone buzzed in his hand and he checked,he read the message from Angel.


“Okay how about this? Just one hour……”

“I’m waiting” Royal muttered and Ryan’s eyes widened.

“Really? You’re changing your mind?” He asked and Royal nodded.

“I love you!” Ryan screamed and kissed his cheek,running away from him almost immediately.

“I hate you!!!!” Royal yelled and quickly wiped his cheek.

“I hate you” Ryan teased,imitating his voice.

“You’re so dead Ryan” Royal scoffed and Ryan laughed.

“I always get you with that” He winked and they both left the class together.



Angel watched in silence as everyone dressed up,they kept on talking and laughing as they dressed together. Their costume is purple in color,a crop sleeveless top with a high waist skirt,a very short skirt which only reached their thighs and then their long socks with sneakers.

They were all looking so hot.

Some minutes later,Spice walked in with Alice,Poppy isn’t in the team with them.

Spice and Alice already dressed up and they are obviously looking so hot.

Spice saw Angel sitting and their eyes met.

“Angel” Alice smiled at her.

“Hi” Angel muttered.

Spice faced the girls.

“Are you all set?” She asked,resting her butt on the table stylishly,staring at them.

“Almost” They all chorused.

“I will like us to do some rehearsals before leaving though” Spice added.

“Can Angel join us? She’s pretty for our team” One of the girls suddenly said and Angel gasped.

Spice look at her but she said nothing.

“She’s a good dancer too” Sloane said.

“How did you know?!” Angel almost screamed out but she choose to control herself.

“I was thinking that also” Alice smiled and winked at Spice.

“Are you really a good dancer? Do you learn choreographies fast?” Spice asked her.

“I guess so” Angel muttered.

“Are you interested?” Paige asked in a whisper.

“I don’t know,maybe it might be fun” Angel said and Paige smiled.

“Then,,wanna join us today? I think the costume available should be your size” Spice said,checking her out.

“She’s got a perfect shape” Alice smiled and the girls nodded in agreement.


After the rehearsal,Angel wore the costume given to her,she adjusted the skirt well as if trying to pull it down.

“It’s perfect,that’s it” Alice said.

“You’re so hot Angel” One of the girls said with a smile.

“Prettiest” Paige winked at her.

Angel smiled and checked herself out in the mirror,strangely her mind went to Royal,somehow she was worried if he’s still in school,he might get mad seeing her in this,she doesn’t even know why she cares so much about his opinion but that’s exactly what she was feeling like.

‘Let’s hope he left already’ Angel said to herself.

“I hope you remember the steps,just some simple ones” Spice said and Angel nodded.

“I got it,don’t worry” She replied and Spice nodded.

“Then,let’s go” She muttered and went out first,followed by Alice.

“I’m so happy!” Paige and Sloane hugged Angel and she laughed.

“Stop it,how did you know I’m a good dancer?” She asked.

“I just guessed,you have a sharp naughty face,so it’s obvious” Sloane said and Angel scoffed.



The court was already filled up,one would mistake it for a real match,everyone was in order,the two teams could be seen gathering differently.

Royal and Ryan walked into the court together and the girls screamed.

👥 Ryan is so hot!!

👥 When will I ever see playing?

👥 He will look hot since he’s super tall!! I don’t want to imagine.

“See you later” Ryan winked at Royal.

“You look ugly,stop it” Royal said and Ryan chuckled before jogging to meet his team members.

Royal used his headsets and went to take a seat somewhere separate,Flirty eyes followed him but he didn’t even raise his head,he looked around to see Angel but nobody looked like her in there.

Christian also entered after a while,quietly he just sat down somewhere without being noticed.

It was Ginger’s Cheer leading team who came in first. The students began to murmur,the boys wouldn’t stop staring at Ginger,she winked at Drake and he winked back.

“When did that one start?” Jace asked.

“You will understand later” Drake smiled

“Oh wow” Otto chuckled.

“Don’t play with this,we are winning” Drake said,looking at Ryan and his team smiling and laughing

“Sure,I’ve prepared so much for this” Jace said.

“Phwwwwwwwhtt!!” The coach entered,blowing his whistle loudly.

“Gather boys,we are starting soon” he announced.

Two other coaches came in also.

And finally Spice came in with her girls,getting all the attention necessary,but this time,the students aren’t focused on Spice,all eyes were on Angel.

👥 Royal’s sister

👥 Gosh she might take the school queen title soon!!

👥 The legs!! F**k it.

👥 Why so hot??

“You’re the focus today” Sloane grinned at Angel but she wasn’t comfortable,she looked around and her eyes fell on Royal who was also staring at her,her heart skipped a beat.

“Damn,I’m really gonna f**k that girl,she’s too hot to ignore” A boy told his friends at the back without knowing Royal heard him.

“How are you gonna do it?”

“Wanna bet on that?”

“How much?”

“Fifty Pounds?”


Royal took his eyes from Angel and removed his headset,he turned to the boys and their eyes widened.

“Ro……yal…..” The first boy stuttered.

“Follow me” Royal muttered and stood up.

“Huh??” The boy asked with shaking lips.

“Ten seconds or I will kill you” Royal said and walked out of the court,the boys followed him fearfully.

Angel saw that and immediately faced Spice.

“I don’t think I will be able to do this today,I need to go” She said and immediately ran out.


Royal entered an empty class and the two boys entered also before he closed the door. They were shaking even though he haven’t said a word yet.

“Repeat what you said” Royal said.

None of them speak up

“Answer me!! You’re making me mad already”

“We didn’t know you were in front of us……”

“Forgive us….it was just a joke……” Royal grabbed him before he could finish and punched him in the mouth,he fell roughly on the floor with bleeding mouth.

“Next time you know what to joke with” Royal said and pulled the second one closer also.

Angel was still running when suddenly she heard groans coming from a class,she rushed to the door immediately,it was locked,she looked through the window and her eyes widened to see Royal beating up the guys.

“Iceman! No!!” She screamed and started knocking on the door.

“Royal please stop!” She pleaded.

It was after about three minutes that the door opened,the two boys ran out,one even fell the moment he saw Angel.

Angel entered the class and met Royal.

“What happened? Why did you do that?” She asked.

“When the f**k did you join that thing?” Royal asked,glaring at her outfit.

“Just today,I thought you went home ……”

“Are you serious right now? You thought I left? So you can do crazy stuffs? Dancing half naked?!” Royal snapped.

“But…..the outfit is……nice”

“Nice? You call this nice? Can’t you see that yours is the shortest among them all? Is this how they all look like?! I can actually see your underwear right now!” Royal half yelled.

Angel bite her lips hardly trying not to cry but then she couldn’t help it.

“Why are you so angry? You like this type of dress on other girls! You check them out and compliment them,but why do you always get mad when it’s me?!! Why!”Angel shouted in tears.

“Do you want me to treat you the same way I treat other girls?…….”

“Yes! I don’t care! As long as you’re nice to me,I want you to stare at me like other girls too! Especially Spice” Angel said and Royal sighed.

“You’re going crazy already” He muttered.

“I’m not crazy!”

“Yes you are!! I’m your brother for damn sake! Stop saying sh*ts,you’re my sis……..” Angel grabbed his shirt and hugged him tightly.

“I don’t want to hear it” she muttered.


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