Love Impossible

Love impossible episode 23 – 26

( Drips Of Pleasure…)


By, Summer Gold R



“Gosh,I can’t believe you bomb that simple test” Angel shook her head as she walked in the middle Sloane and Paige.

They are just coming from the test hall,it was a computer based test actually and they saw their results as soon as they submitted.

“I am so sure I read so hard,I don’t know what happened” Sloane said sadly.

“But prettiest,you are amazing,you missed just a mark” Paige said and hugged Angel who chuckled.

“You can tell me where you have a problem” Angel said to Sloane and she nodded.

“I tried anyway,half” Paige said and Angel smiled.

“Let’s go eat in the cafeteria,I’m starving” she said.

“I was waiting for someone to say that” Paige said and faced Sloane”don’t think too much about it,we still have another opportunity to work harder for our exam so stop making this sad face” She said and Sloane smiled.

“Thanks girls” She said.

Spice appeared with Alice and Poppy,but to their surprise,she glared at Angel and walked past them.

“Wow,what was that?” Paige asked.

“She have never done that before” Sloane said.

“It all started since the day she came to see my brother and I said it to her face that I don’t want her there” Angel scoffed and they laughed.

“Gosh,why did you do that,you know how much she likes Royal” Sloane pouted and Angel rolled her eyes.

“Right,I wanted to ask you guys something” She said and they listened curiously.

“How to get over a crush” She mumbled and they grinned.

“You want to get over Christian?” Sloane asked.

“No,not him” Angel said.

It’s a week already and she haven’t been in a good term with Royal,he seems to be avoiding her every time,sometimes she even come to school alone.

“Then who?” Paige asked.

“Can’t you just tell me?” Angel groaned.

Paige was about talking when they saw Christian walking,alone as usual.

“Why am I just noticing that Christian is hot?” Sloane asked.

“You’re right,He’s really hot with his pink hair” Paige said dreamily.

Christian saw Angel and waved at her with a smile.

“Go meet him” Paige and Sloane pushed Angel forward immediately and she walked over to Christian.

“I was looking for you” Christian said.

“You should have just called me” Angel said

“I already did” Christian said.

“Oh…my phone is in my locker,I’m sorry” Angel smiled.

Christian held her hand.

“I was hoping to try having your favorite snack with you today” he said and Angel gasped.

“Really?! Pie and Milkshake?!” She said happily and Christian chuckled.

“Yes” He winked and they both walked toward the cafeteria.


“You’re still angry about what Angel did?” Poppy asked Spice,they are in tge restroom.

“She obviously doesn’t like me for Royal and I don’t give a f**k,who the h*ll does she think she is?” Spice sxoffed.

“She’s Royal’s sister” Alice said.

“I don’t give a damn,I’m gonna have Royal for myself and that’s it!” Spice snapped and walked away angrily.

“You should have said it nicer” Poppy said to Alice.

“You saw me smiling while saying it” Alice said.

“You know how much she likes Royal” Poppy saud and walked out.

“Wow,I wasn’t even mean,come on” Alice groaned and followed Poppy.



“Is your sister dating his brother?” Owen asked Royal,they all sat down together while eating.

“Why did you ask that?” Ryan asked.

“Look at them” Owen said.

Ryan and Royal turned at a time,Christian and Angel just walked in together holding hands.

“Honestly,they look good together” Owen nods.

“I guess” Ryan chuckled.

“I think Christian likes her,I’ve never seen him talking to a girl before now” Owen said.

Royal said nothing as he continue eating.

“They should just date” Owen gushed.

“Seriously?” Ryan cracked.

“What,Royal,you won’t approve?” Owen asked Royal.

“I’m not her” Royal mumbled.

“Right,and besides,Christian is not bad” Owen said.

“Stop talking about them” Ryan groaned.

“What’s with you and Alice though? You’re all over her” Owen said.

“Am I?” Ryan grinned.

“He’s just crazy,no string attach” Royal said and Owen laughed.

“I knew it” he said.

“But he might fall soon tho” Royal added.

“No I won’t,I can’t love one girl,I swear” Ryan said.

“I know you dude,you don’t have to tell us” Owen scoffed.

Royal’s eyes moved slightly to Angel and Christian,Christian fed Angel from his fork and she took it with a smiley face.

Royal took his drink and sipped from it,he stood up.

“Where are you going?” Ryan asked.

“I will meet you in the next class” Royal mumbled and walked out of the cafeteria.

Angel saw Royal leaving the cafeteria and her eyes followed him till he was out,she turned back to Christian and caught him staring at her.

“Are you okay?” He asked and Angel nodded.

“Did something happened between you two?” Christian asked.

“No,he’s just mad at me a little bit,we’ll be fine” Angel muttered.



Royal was busy smoking aggressively,he doesn’t even know the reason why he got so mad seeing Angel and Christian together,either way he knows it’s not even right to get this mad,but it’s not something he can control.

‘Honestly,they look so good together’ Owen’s voice rang in his ears. He should be happy about that but it’s the other way round,he almost scoffed the moment Owen had said that earlier but he controlled it.

“What the f**k” Royal muttered and roughed his hair.

He started hearing footsteps and he looked up to see Ginger walking closer to him. He rolled his eyes and made to walk away but she was faster,she ran to him and hugged him from the back.

“Don’t leave” She muttered in a sad voice.

Royal dropped the smoke stick and pulled her hands down roughly before facing her.

“What the fúck are you doing?!” He snapped.

“I can’t stop thinking about you” Ginger shook her head.

“I’m still in love with you…..”

“Shut up” Royal muttered.

“What’s going on here?” Drake appeared,glaring at Royal angrily

“Stay away from her” He said and grabbed Ginger’s hand,he dragged her away.

“Is he crazy?” Royal sighed and walked away,passing another route.

Ginger throw Drake’s hand off and faced him angrily.

“What was that for?!” She snapped.

“What else? The fact that you’re mine now” Drake said.

“I agreed to date you myself,that means I have the say in this relationship,so don’t pass your boundary!” Ginger yelled.

“No,you shouldn’t pass your boundary,don’t make me mad,that side of me isn’t good to watch,trust me. Stay away from other guys to avoid it” Drake smirked at her before walking away.

Ginger swallowed and bite her lips,regretting ever asking Drake pit just to make Royal jealous but nothing is working and now she’s stuck with Drake also.



Alice dropped her texts into the wall locker and closed it,she turned but someone pinned her back against it,she gasped out and her eyes widened when she saw Ryan smiling at her,his usual flirty smile.

“Didn’t get to talk to you all day” He said and Alice swallowed,looking away from his lips.

“I missed you” Ryan said.

“My lips” Alice scoffed.

“No,I missed you” Ryan said and Alice raised her brows.

“You own the lips,so it’s still you” Ryan muttered and Alice pushed gin away.

“Hey! That hurts!” Ryan shouted.

“Good for you” Alice snapped and started walking out bit Ryan ran after her and blocked her way.

“Where are you going?” He asked.

“I’m going home dumb ass!” Alice said.

“Fine I’m sorry,gosh you have anger issues” Ryan groaned and Alice rolled her eyes.

Ryan smiled and moved her hair behind her ears.

“You’re pretty honestly” He muttered.

“I know” Alice said.

“I know you know” Ryan grinned and Alice glared at him.

“Sorry” He kept a straight face.

“What do you want Ryan…..”

“Lips” Ryan said even before she finished.

“I’m not interested” Alice said.

“Fine,I will go somewhere else” Ryan muttered and made to leave.

“Seriously?” Alice called back and he faced her again with a grin.

“You called for me?”

“No!” Alice snapped.

Ryan grabbed her waist and pulled her close at once.

“I know you want me” He mumbled seductively.

“Kiss me,stop waiting” Alice said and Ryan smiled. Their lips locked.



“I love this one” Robert said when Kendall came out of the dressing room,he couldn’t take his eyes off her in the wedding dress.

“Actually I love it too” Kendall smiled and turned around in front of him.

“You look so beautiful lady,when is your wedding?” The attendant asked.

“We haven’t decided yet,but very soon” Robert said,smiling at Kendall who also returned the beautiful smile.

“She can as well try more maybe you will find another one you mufgr like more than this” The attendant suggested.

“Sure why not,I don’t mind sitting here all day to watch my damsel” Robert said.

Kendall moved closer to him and pecked his lips before going back inside.



Royal walked out of his room,his helmet in his hand,he was going for a ride and he was totally dressed.

He suddenly stopped when he saw Angel also coming our of her room,she was also dressed up and with tge looks of things,she’s going out,she was hot.

Angel also stopped walking when she saw him,Royal stared at her.

“Where are you going?” He questioned.

“Going out with Chris……”

“Are you dating him?” Royal cut in.

“Nor yet” Angel muttered.

“Not yet? And you two go out every night?!” Royal snapped.

“I won’t take long this time…..”

“I’m not letting you leave Doll” Royal said and Angel looked up at him.


“You heard me” Royal said.

Angel’s phone started ringing,it’s Christian as expected,she didn’t know when Royal got to her side,He grabbed her hand and opened the door to her room,he dragged her inside and closed the door.

“He’s waiting outside…..”

Royal pushed her against the wall and a light gasp escaped her lips.


“If you keep on doing this,I might loose it completely,so stop going out with him every night dressing this way” Royal said and Angel swallowed.

“I……” The rest of the word hang inside her throat when Royal smashed his lips on hers.

Her eyes widened,not believing at first until he grabbed her waist and pulled her closer and slides his tongue inside her mouth.

Angel moaned and sucked on his tongue,Royal squeezed her ass cheek and she moaned into his mouth again.

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( Drips Of Pleasure… )


By, Summer Gold R.


Angel played with Royal’s hair,the deep kiss still on going,their moans filled each other’s mouth as their tongue rolled and twist together,feeling each others tastes.

By the time Royal broke the kiss,their lips were both looking red and almost swollen. Angel caught her breath,they still maintained eyes contact.

“Can we….do that again?” Angel asked and held Royal’s shirt,she pulled him close again and slammed her lips on his own,Royal broke it a minute later,cupping her cheeks while staring into her eyes.

“You know this…..isn’t right” He said breathlessly.

“I don’t care” Angel muttered.

Royal left her side and her phone rang again,she answered it this time around.

“I’m sorry Chris,I have to help mom with something” She said over the phone.

“Oh….then I will see you tomorrow” Chris replied.

“Thank you” Angel said and hung up.

Angel walled closer to Royal and held him.

“Do you regret it?” She asked.


“I don’t want t listen to the but” Angel shook her head and hugged him.

“The truth is,I like you alot okay? And I’ve been dreaming so much for this moment” Angel said.

“Go back to your room,I’m trying to use the last second of control in me right now doll” Royal tapped her cheek and she blushed.

“I don’t mind if you loose it” She said and Royal chuckled.

“I’m going to destroy your legs,then your mom will find out,and we are both dead” Royal said.

“So,make sure they don’t find out” he added.

“They won’t” Angel smiled.

“Can I sleep in your room tonight?” She asked.

“Don’t act too fast” Royal said,pushing her out of his room.

“This is unfair” Angel pouted.

“I was going on a ride…….”

“I’m coming with you!” Angel immediately shouted.

Royal looked at what she was putting on and shook his head.

“Fine,I will change” Angel mumbled and rolled her eyes.

“You were really planning to go out with him wearing this?” Royal scoffed.

“I guess you two aren’t in good terms,come pick an outfit for me” Angel grabbed his hand as he took the helmets.

They left his room and went to Angel’s room.



Ryan was in the living room when Christian walked in,Ryan looked up from the popcorn bowl in his hand and discovered Christian’s sad face.

“Are you okay?” He asked.

Christian said nothing and sat down

“You look sad” Ryan muttered.

“She turned you down?” Ryan asked again.

“I didn’t even get to tell her” Christian answered.

“Oh…but then,don’t you think it’s too fast? You should wait a little bit more” Ryan said.

“Maybe I should,but I don’t know why I fell so crazily for her,it’s unlike me” Christian muttered.

“I know” Ryan nodded and smiled.

“Wanna play video game?” He suggested.

“Not interested” Christian stood up but Ryan grabbed his hand.

“You play or forget that you have a twin brother,I will be waiting for you in the game room” Ryan smirked and walked away.

“Is he trying to threaten me?” Christian chuckled but followed anyway.

Ryan’s phone came on,it started ringing. Alice’s name was written clearly on the screen. It rang and turned off,the call came on the second time and then the third time.

Inside the game room,Ryan and Christian were already screaming and shouting while having fun.


“Whoa!!!!!” Angel screamed in total excitement on the bike as Royal increased the speed once more.

“Faster Iceman!” Angel screamed,raising her arms,Royal was riding along the highway.

He suddenly stopped,hitting the break at once.

Angel opened her eyes to see Royal already facing her.

“Do you want to die?” He asked.


“Then why asking me to go faster?” Royal asked and Angel grinned,she removed her helmet and took off Royal’s own also.

“What are you doing?” Royal asked.

Angel smiled and pecked his lips,she moved her head back and made to kiss him again.

“Don’t make it an habit” Royal turned his face away and wore the helmet again.

“Put on your helmet” He said and Angel immediately did,he started the ride again.

“Wow,this is so amazing Iceman” Angel said and wrapped her arms around Royal’s tummy.

“This feels so good” She mumbled.

Royal looked down at her hands blankly,he sighed out and sped more.

“I love you Royal!” Angel shouted.



Alice groaned out loudly and dropped her phone,she was in the kitchen and just finished washing the dishes,she’s been calling Ryan countlessly but got no answer.

“Where is he?” She mumbled worriedly and opened the fridge,she brought out a fruit and sat down on the kitchen table,she bite the apple and took her phone again.

She dialed Ryan’s contact again but it’s still the same.

“Is something wrong?” Her mom,Liana came in.

“No mom” Alice immediately answered.

“You’ve been sighing around the house kid,you can’t lie to me” Liana said.

Alice sighed.

“I’ve been trying to call him,but he’s not picking up” She said.

“Who? Ryan?”

Alice nodded.

“I’m sure he will be glad for come with me to the grocery store,but since he’s not answering,I will go alone” Alice said,getting down from the table.

“You seem to like him alot” Liana said and Alice looked at her.

“I know he’s not your boyfriend” She added and Alice was surprised.


“I saw it in his eyes,it wasn’t love” Liana said and Alice’s face fell.

“But you are in love with him”

“I have a crush on him” Alice mumbled and her mom smiled.

“I saw that,that’s why I’m bringing this up,because I saw the way you look at him,your reactions too” Liana muttered.

“But him…” She shook her head.

“He’s a playboy,I’m not expecting anything from him,but I enjoy spending time with him” Alice told her.

“Who said playboys don’t fall in love?” Liana smiled and Alice listened more curiously.

“Be different tho,don’t be like the other girls he have séx with for fun,you understand what I mean” Liana said and smiled at her.

“Thank you mom” Alice said and hugged her.

“It’s nothing,and my friend I told you about,you might get to meet her this week” Liana said and Alice nodded.

“I will go get dressed for the store” She said and walked out of the kitchen.



“Why do you love ice cream air much?” Royal asked Angel who asked for five cups of ice creams.

“It gives me…….I don’t know but it calms my nerve” Angel said cutely and Royal chuckled.

“Who’s paying?” The man asked after packing the ice cream cups.

Angel pushed Royal forward and went in,Royal gave the man his card and the money was deducted from it.

He turned to leave but was blocked by a strange girl.

“Hi hottie” she said,blushing.

“Blushing doesn’t suit you” Angel entered back ,glaring at the girl. She grabbed Royal’s hand and took him out.


“I don’t want to hear it” Angel shook her head.

“You can’t keep up with this” Royal stated.

“Why can’t I?” Angel asked.

“Then you’re gonna burst us over” Royal snapped.

“She was trying to flirt with you……”

“You should have allowed me handle it” Royal cut in.

“You wouldn’t,I know you enjoy playing with girls,not allowed when I’m here” Angel said and Royal chuckled.


Angel nodded.



“Morning mom” Angel said as she entered the dinning room,Kendall already set the table for breakfast.

“Morning baby” Kendall smiled at her.

“Where’s your brother? He’s not down yet” She said.

“His room probably,I’ve not seen him this morning” Angel said,picking up a spoon.

“Me too,then go check up on him” Kendall said.

Angel dropped her spoon and stood up. She went upstairs and knocked gently on Royal’s door.

“Come in” Royal replied from inside and Angel opened the door,Royal already dressed up actually,he was just about leaving the room when Angel entered.

“Morning” She smiled,staring at Royal looking hot as usual.

“Is something wrong?” Royal asked.

“No,mom asked me to check up on you” Angel muttered.

“Let’s go…..”

“Ice wait” Angel grabbed his hand and Royal looked at her.

He his head to her level,their faces close to each other,Angel could feel his fresh minty breath hitting her face,making her feel hot in between her legs.

“What do you want?” Royal whispered and she froze.

“I…….I…what do I want??……uhm…” Angel stammered and Royal chuckled.

“I know I’m handsome,but you shouldn’t react this way” Royal said,Angel stood still,staring at Royal’s lips and then back to his eyes.

Royal grabbed her waist and pulled her closer,Angel bite her lips trying not to let out her heavy breath.

Royal kissed her cheek and she closed her eyes,inhaling. He moved to her neck and Angel moaned.

“Just…….touch me Ice…..touch me” Angel stuttered without thinking.


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