Luci episode 23


🧚 The Fallen Angel 🧚
{Mated to a heavenly tyrant!}

Chapter 23.

Written by: Racheal Dennis.


Melanie’s pov 🧚

Another romantic, action, thriller or family stories @:-

“Alright, Gabby, can you tell me why we are back in father Reed’s office again?” I asked.

“To collect evidence against rebel father and mother Emily, there must be a dirty secret between them” she replied.

“Dirty secret?”

She nodded.

“Yeah.. like having a secret affair”

She paused and turned to Caleb, she smiled and folded her hands together.

“No offense, Caleb. I know she’s your aunt and all”

Caleb laughed and waved her off.

“None taken” he said.

Her words replayed in my head, I frowned at her for making such accusations.

Right we’re back at the convent, also currently in father Reed’s office and we’re about to search his secret drawers…for God knows what exactly.

“Why would you think they’re having a secret affair?” I asked her.

She scoffed and rolled her eyeballs, running her fingers through her hair, her eyes moved around.

“Duh, with everything going on right now…father Reed’s death…”

She paused and studied my expression, I raised an eyebrow at her…is she thinking I’m sad?

I gave her a smile, then nodded at her to continue.

“… also Caleb and I caught the two of them together a few times…”

“Two of them?” I cut in a question.

“Yeah, rebel father and mother Emily…so, it’s pretty obvious they have something going on” she said.

“But they weren’t together.. like alone, father Patrick was also there”

Gabby tapped my shoulder, she leaned closer and whispered in my ear.

“Baby, that’s just a cover for them to come together…now, the keys please”

I sighed, dip my hand in my purse and headed the key to her.

“Good! Now let’s investigate and dig out some dirty secrets” she said.

I scoffed.

“Father Reed was a mafioso, but I don’t think he’d know about mother Emily and rebel father’s relationship.. that’s if they have anything going on between them” I said.

She ignored me and headed towards the drawer, she quickly opened it and smile.

“You might be surprise at what we’ll find” she said.

Not wanting to stress myself over nothing, I slumped on father Reed’s big chair and viewed the office.

It wasn’t so long ago, just four days ago.. father Reed had called Gabby and I into this same office.. he scolded us for talking during sermon.

Now he’s dead and we’re having his funeral tomorrow, life is truly vanity!

“Mel, aren’t gonna join us?” Caleb asked.

“It’s a small drawer, just you two are gonna do… I’ll just stay back here and wait for the results” I answered.

Gabby heard my words, she scoffed loudly with a hint of mockery.

“Leave her be, she’s just being lazy…you know she’s always being that way, spoilt br*t!” she said.

“Am I a spoilt br*t?”

Caleb shook his head, no, but Gabby yelled a “Yeah”

“How?” I asked.

“Father Reed over pampered you and made you so lazy, you can’t even boil water to make tea” she said.

We all burst into a brief laugh at her words.

She’s so right, father Reed really doesn’t let me do any chores…while other sisters are working, he’d send me back to my dorm room to read the bible or do some school work…then he’d do my chores for me.

Thinking back now, I can see he clearly cares for me and love me more than everyone else.. even more than himself.

Is this what they call fatherly love? It must be, it’s kinda cool.

“Yo! I found a box in the drawer, guys come over here” she called us.

Caleb and I quickly rushed over to her, I looked inside the opened drawer and saw a box.

Gabby lifted her head, she raised her brows at me questioningly but I simply shrugged.

“I also don’t know what’s in there” I said.

“It’s definitely some dirty secrets about mother Emily.. or could she be your mother, Lanie?”

Caleb shuddered, as though we planned it before hand, we both slapped her on her shoulders and scorned at her.

“Mel being my relative would make me feel so gross” Caleb said..


why? Am I disgusting to you?” I asked.

“No, no, no, that’s not the case… ” He trailed off.

I folded my arms on my chest and narrowed my eyes at him as I wait for his reply, but his ears and neck started turning pink instead.. he scratched the back of his neck and released a tensed laugh.

“Why aren’t you talking?” I asked.

“Er… ”

“You don’t have to know that, Lanie, besides that’s not why we’re here… ” Gabby said and paused.

Her eyes moved to the box inside the drawer, she carried it out and placed it on a small table near my right leg.. making us squat.

We stared at it with a frown.

“Do you have any idea how to open this thing?” she asked.

I took the box and studied it, there’s a password…why would he put a password on a mere box?

“Let’s try Mel’s birthday” Caleb suggested.

Gabby snatched the box from me and entered my birthday, to our surprise it’s actually correct..the box opened.

“Yeppie! It’s opened!” Gabby shouted, she started doing a happy dance.

Caleb and I exchanged a look, then shook our heads.

“Drama queen!” We both said and laughed at her.

We waited until she was done with her happy dance, which of course didn’t take more than a minute.

When she’s done, we looked inside the box and found….

“Letters to my beloved daughter?!” three of us read.

We stared at each other with a confused frown, like we were expecting to see some dirty secrets.

“Does this means father Reed knows nothing about mother Emily and rebel father?” Gabby asked.

Caleb and I nodded slowly.

“I guess so” he said.

“Well, I told you father Reed might not know about what’s going on between them” I chipped in.

Gabby twisted her lips and rolled her eyeballs, she sighed.

“I wasted my efforts just to discover nothing but letters!” she said.


efforts aren’t wasted, it seemed as like this letters are meant for Melanie” Caleb said.

I nodded and picked one of the letters, I stared at it without opening it.

“I wonder what they are about” I said.

“Yeah” Gabby and Caleb agreed.

Just when I was about to open it, the door burst opened and mother Emily walked in.

Instinctively, I quickly dropped the letter back in the box and locked it…I honestly don’t know why I did that though.

“Mother Emily!” Three of us called.

We released a nervous laugh, which mother Emily replied with her own warm smile.

“Kids, what are you doing in here? Are you still clearing up?” she asked.

“Yeah” we answered.

She nodded, then looked around and frowned slightly.

“But there’s nothing left to clear” she said.

I looked around too and realized it’s true, the other sisters have already cleared everything.

“We just came to search for father Reed’s…” Gabby trailed off not knowing what to say anymore.

I cleared my throat.

“We’re looking for the photo we snapped together with father Reed” I lied smoothly.

Since when did I started lying smoothly? Hmm… whatever, provided I was able to save the day!

“Alright, well, I was looking for you, but since I met you here…why not come with me to do some things”

Gabby, Caleb and I exchanged looks, then nodded in agreement and laughed.

“Sure” we answered as if we planned it.

“Alright, come on…the others are waiting” she said.

We nodded, she headed towards the door and we followed..though I carried the box and shoved it in my bag…then I flung it on my shoulder.

Gabby linked our arms and leaned closer to my ear.

“We’ll read those letters after the funeral tomorrow”

“Hm” I replied her with a hum.


The next day….

My grip on my rosary tightened, my lips slowly folded as I swallowed my sobs.

I fixed my eyes on the man standing in front of us, as he gave a speech about father Reed.

We’re currently having father Reed’s funeral, though the weather was sunny when we started…but it’s becoming cloudy.

It’s almost as if nature, could also feel the impact of father Reed’s departure from the earth.

*…his ways of life will remain a legendary example for us* he said.

He’s the fifth person giving a speak about father Reed today, they’re all talking about his remarkable and righteous life…but little did they know what he was doing in the dark.

Or maybe they knew, but just wanted to acknowledge only his good works.


Reed was a man of great honor and vision, aside being a priest he was a great friend…* he paused.

He reached for his handkerchief, he wiped his face and stayed silent for a brief moment, then continued.

*Earlier this year, I was going through an emotional trauma, father Reed helped me go through it…he supported me spiritually… physically… financially…and emotionally…*

He paused again, his eyes moved to father Reed’s big frame photo standing proudly in front of his casket.

*…I was losing faith and sinking deep into sin, but he told me…brother, we must all pass through different stages in life, there are times we’ll laugh and cry…there are times we’ll be questioned..criticized and rumored… we’ll chase our dreams and achieve fame…but at the end, we’ll find out all we pursued was nothing but ridicule*

I nodded at that statement, that’s so father Reed…those are exactly the words he’d tell anyone who needed a reminder to stay on the right track.

*…those words were exactly what I needed then, they helped me a great deal…you know, I was so shocked when I heard about his death, and I’m still shocked, I just can’t bring myself to accept his death…but I know father Reed is in a better place now* he concluded his speech.

He looked at the photo a few more seconds, before walking back to his seat.

*Sister Melanie…*

I suddenly heard my name boomed in the speakers, I tensed cause I know what’s coming next.

*… we’d like you to give a few speech too… please step forward* the officiating priest said.

I gulped quietly, it’s obvious to everyone who knew father Reed that he was very close to me when he was alive…it’s normal I’d be called to give a speech.

Gabby turned to me a gave me a smile..a sad smile.

“Can you do it?” she asked.

“I don’t know, I….”

*Sister Melanie?* the priest called again.

Gabby took my hands and squeezed them reassuringly, she nodded at me.

“You can do this, just be strong” she said.

“Thank you” I smiled at her weakly.

I got up, adjusted my dress and walked towards the podium with my head held give myself some confidence.

Stepping into the podium, my eyes moved around and realized everyone’s staring at me.

They’re waiting for me to say something. I closed my eyes, took a deep breath and sighed.

“I can’t believe I would be standing here today and giving a speech about father Reed, because I never expected him to leave so soon” I paused.

My eyes viewed the congregation, it didn’t take long for them to find mother Emily…she nodded encouragingly.

“It’s so sad that I just got to actually know him, he’s been there for me all my life, he was my pillar. Father….” I trailed off.

Father…I’m actually referring to him as my biological father, not father Reed but some people don’t know that.

“…I just can’t digest it, I can’t agree with your death and….”

I’m short of words… I don’t know what to say or maybe I don’t have any words to say.

My eyes landed on father Reed’s casket, I’m suddenly wishing he would just wake up and tell us he was pranking us…but that’s my dream.

“…I…I’m done” I said and rushed back to my seat.

If I should stay there and continue talking, I’d burst into tears.

Gabby pulled me into a hug immediately I sat down.

“You did well” she consoled me.

I merely nodded my head, then focused my attention on the priest as he carried on with the funeral.


Minutes later….

*…. dust back to dust and in this respect we say our goodbyes to father Reed…*

Tears flowed down my cheeks, my shoulders shook as I cried silently.. I’m trying my utmost best to stay strong.

Though everyone is sobbing, but it’s still silent as if everyone is creating a moment of silence for father Reed.

Gabby noticed my emotional state, she wrapped an arm around my shoulders and pulled me into a comforting hug.

I hide my face in her shoulder and continued crying, even she was also crying.

Right now we’re at his graveside, getting ready to send him home finally.

*… he was a good man, a pure soul and cares for everyone so dearly. We don’t know where’s he’s headed right now, but we pray he finds peace in the bosom of the Lord…*

I’m not God and I can’t judge anyone, but I’m pretty sure father Reed isn’t gonna find any peace in the bosom of the Lord.

My only grieve for him is, he wasn’t able to put aside his perverted lifestyle and repent completely.. before his passing on.

Lord, please have mercy on his poor soul.

*… Father Reed, rest in perfect peace until we meet to part no more… fill up the grave!* the officiating priest ordered.

Some choristers began singing funeral hymns.

I couldn’t hold back my grieve anymore, I pulled away from Gabby and rushed to father Reed’s graved.

It’s finally dawned on me, father Reed is dead and I won’t see him ever again… he’s really gonna rot in this grave forever.

My mouth fell opened and I wailed loudly, I almost leaped into the grave….but some sisters rushed forward to restrain me from jumping into the grave.

“Lanie, pull yourself together” Gabby said when she came to my side.

I shook my head as I weep bitterly, I snatched myself from the sisters and grabbed Gabby’s shoulders.. I pointed towards the grave.

“Gabby, he’s gone, he’s gone.. father Reed is really gone”

“I know, but it’s fine…”

I pushed her away from me, I fell on my knees and whipped myself on the ground.

“It’s not fine! It’s never gonna be fine! Father Reed has left us! He left me… how should I live this life? where should I start from?” I asked no one in particular.

Gabby and Caleb squatted to my level, Gabby hugged me sideways and wouldn’t let me go even when I tried to push her away from me.

I hugged her back and we both cried bitterly in each other’s arms, Caleb didn’t bother consoling us.

He left us to cry to our hearts content, and to be honest I kinda needed to cry…to make myself believe the reality.

Father Reed left me with nothing, but bunch of letters and a credit card…

To be continued.

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