Making his cold heart soft episode 42

πŸ’«(The Princess πŸ‘Έ In Disguise) πŸ‘€
Written ✍️ by Oluwatosin Ayomi β€οΈπŸ’Ž

πŸ’’πŸ’’Chapter 42πŸ’’πŸ’’


Day went by, the time flies quickly like an eager bird would fly down the sea to catch a prey.

Just like a fierce vision in the eyesight of a sleepy man, that was likewise how the country’s accusatuons about Damien’s absence flies and immediately spread among every individual.

It was a joke in the beginning when no trending information was heard from him over several weeks.

The people expected everything to be a short break, and until when rumors carried it that he might has gone missing, no one got any slightest news about his wherever.

Damien is a world star, both in the country and almost throughout the nation. The absence of someone like him would be very difficult for everyone not to know about.

The reason none has raised alarm earlier was that Caleb had put in all his best, giving various excuses to the media each time they ask about Damien.

Most times he chooses to work from home to avoid any of the paparazzi’s attention, but sometimes he preferred going to the office because it’s easier to get everything done over there.

However, in all the lies he has told since Damien choose to remain silent and never bothered to speak a word to the public about himself and wouldn’t do anything either.

All the lies flew along with time and now, everyone demands to know wherever Damien is.

Why is everyone’s favorite out of the public for more than a month?

Not like Caleb never tried to talk Damien out of his decision, what always give him worries was the stubbornness in Damien’s heart that make him not to care if everything gets ruined or not.

Damien feels that since Caleb has been placed to manage everything, he should be capable to handle it all. He failed to see the struggles and how difficult everything is to Caleb.

Caleb had even placed his own company aside and rather concentrated on Damien’s. Damien’s reason to look after Annabel was a good one. But his decision not to speak to the public is a bad decision.

On the other hand, he sees no reason why the media would be searching for him. Isn’t he the one who wanted the fame? Why should they all make it a big deal if he decided to take a break, for how long that he wants.

Everything about this gets him upset. Especially those stupid paparazzi and unnecessary female fans who gibbered until the whole country knew about it.

He chooses to watch and not speak. During the few moments when he gets tired of having a conversation with Annael and the Butler since he is Damien’s newfound talking partner, he strolls through the internet.

Relaxed his back against anything soft to comfort him and then read everything inwardly.

However, his moment on the internet doesn’t prolong for a longer period because, the moment he comes across news about the media wanting him to speak, he gets upset and immediately drops the phone carelessly, beside him.

For this reason, it was either he reads one article when he had time to check his phone, or he didn’t get to open one because of his resistance to do it, in him.

“He’s fine and healthy, he would be back to address the public very soon,” Damien watched it live in his room as Caleb addressed the journalist, crowd, and the media that were all lining up in front of him.

“Mttchew…” A hiss of irritation dropped from Damien’s mouth after his eyes adjusted and watched those female fans trying to force their way forward.


“THE PUBLIC IS WORRIED AND EVERYONE WANTS TO SEE DAMIEN ADDRESSING OR SPEAKING TO HIS FANS!” Another one of the journalists stopped jotting for a minute to ask in a loud voice too.

Caleb was frustrated but even though he was, he didn’t give way for the feeling to display itself on his face.

One thing that he wished for silently within him was for Damien to watch this and see what he was making him go through.

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“He would… Soon he would be back to address you all,” Caleb answered tiredly, and everyone presents aside from the guards that were surrounded Caleb made a disapproving noise amidst themselves.

One of them started speaking, but before the sentence would be dropped entirely, Caleb turned around and started going back into the office.

He didn’t give way for any noise to make him turn around, and wasn’t bothered about any journalist getting the opportunity to follow him behind because he knows that the guards would take care of everything.

None of their opinion matters. Even his own opinion doesn’t matter. Presently, only Damien’s presence matters.

“Damien….” Caleb tiredly emphasized when he eventually got into his office, without anyone with him.


It’s been a while since his mind has long gone from what he was watching.

It can be assumed also that he stopped concentrating or lost interest in watching since the moment that Caleb walked away.

While rubbing his head furiously as he watched his phone stop ringing.

Countless times that phone has rang but he wouldn’t pick up the call.

Picking a call from Caleb during this moment as usual isn’t going to be a good one.

Not after he had watched him going through stress all because of him. No other words that Caleb would tell him aside from the ones he has always been telling. ‘DAMIEN PLEASE ADDRESS THE PUBLIC’

“Go on,” he spares a minute to reply to Vera who wanted to prepare his coffee for him, as usual.

It’s no longer a rule because the rule broke even before the one who made it could realize it.

Back to back and numerous times, Vera has been the one preparing his coffee for him. That drew them closer too but Damien failed to notice this.

He watched Vera as she prepared it. Stared briefly like he always does, because of what he had noticed earlier in her.

She’s a sweet servant who smiles from time to time and moment to moment.

However, she hasn’t wholeheartedly smiled tonight. Her smile has been lost, and only when he speaks to her that she tried to fake one.

To Damien, Disguise is a Butler who smiles often, even though he doesn’t like watching people smiling, awkwardly he has gotten used to seeing the Butler smile and he has stopped bothering about it.

He has his worries about the news that he just listened to with him. But it didn’t reduce his happiness any bit. He only felt bad for putting Caleb in a difficult situation.

“I wouldn’t ask on other days, but it’s already your habit. Why do you keep that frown?” He asked in difficult after he picked up the mug which contains the coffee in it.

Vera’s worried mind was wandering around for an answer but she doesn’t know how to give one. Maybe because she couldn’t put it in a word, or what is worrying her is unknown to her.

It was like a ray of sadness, which touched her last night. After the thoughts of her parents and sibling.

She didn’t know why Damien was so interested in her impression. She was already tired of thinking about what to say, the only excuse that came to her mind was, “I’m missing my family, Master Damien,” she managed to say with a faint smile.

Damien must be jobless presently, because his usual self wouldn’t say anything again after what she said.

Instead of being mute after he heard that, he sipped from his coffee, then asked, “Are you married?”

Vera flinched but didn’t show it with her body. She maintained her spot while she allowed her expression to tell Damien how she feels.

“No,” she simply declined. Even failed to realize that her reply was too quick to answer Damien.

Damien shook his head lightly and diverted his eyes to the TV where he was watching how the media were gibbering and the crowd was not resting either.

They must have been stupid to remain there while thinking that Caleb would come out again.

Damien wasn’t interested in them, but maybe he shouldn’t have roamed his eyes around the crowd and continued chatting with the Butler, because where he was roaming it around, his eyes caught what he never expected to be amidst the crowd.

It was like a dream, but then in a haste the dream became cleared until it turned to reality.

He dropped the mug and squinted his eyes closer to observe what he had seen again.

Not a lie this time around. It’s been revealed to him. The truth is staring at him. Who he was staring at on the TV was whom he thought it was when he first saw it.

The human that he had been searching to destroy is the same one wandering around his company environment, amidst the crowd.

It was quick, the silence in his eyes was replaced with anger. He gritted his teeth and his palm obeyed his command by forming a tight fist immediately.

He broke the contact between his eyes and the TV and hastily, he started rushing out of the room, but then he murmured to Vera who was wondering what happened suddenly.

“Come with me.” He commanded because scurrying out of the room.


“Clkk!” She clicked her tongue against her teeth frustratedly and spranged us angrily from where she was sitting immediately, on a stool.

“That stupid br*t!” She cursed greedily and dangerously as she watched him walk among the crowd. He wasn’t just walking, he was roaming his eyes around like he was searching for an important thing.

The mission which she had sent him is a different one, but here was that idiot trying to bite her poisonous neck from behind.

“Prepare your miserable self for my arrival, because I was closer to slitting off your throat,” she threatened the man which she had called on the phone devilishly.

The same man which was supposed to prevent this from happening, but he choose to sleep on his brain.

“Else I see him stopped breathing before I lay my eyes on you, I would make you breathless in his place,” she stated firmly in a picked tone.

No sort of different emotion on her face aside from that dark, evil and dangerous sight of hers which she has maintained for years and hasn’t allowed anything to snatch it away.

“It’s either DEATH, or it’s Death.” Those were her last words before she threw the phone away, across the room.

How could that basta*d have done that? Was he tired of his life? A raw death called a feist, and he didn’t mind answering.

“If anything goes wrong, I would ruin it all with my bare hands!!!” She yelled furiously as she threw sharp objects at where she was watching the sad information from.

Even after seeing how the TV became blank since the mug she threw at him damaged the screen and gave it a deep hole, it didn’t ease her anger.

Something to torture was what she needed, and she’s ready to visit there once again while in search of the one who is closed to the bra**t, of which messed with her presently.

They are the perfect answer to her anger. The appropriate thing to release the tortures on.

A horrific voice must be heard and a cry for mercy must be heard too. Her foot stepping out of this room tonight must create havoc. Her return must be laced with tears.

Everyone of her footsteps must mean destruction, and the sight of her presence to them must mean nothing other than DEATH.

To Be Continued….
Vera is sadβ€¦β˜ΉοΈβ˜ΉοΈ
Who did Damien see?
Who was that woman?

Where’s Damien heading to?