Making His Cold Heart Soft

Making his cold heart soft episode 41

πŸ’«(The Princess πŸ‘Έ In Disguise) πŸ‘€
Written ✍️ by Oluwatosin Ayomi β€οΈπŸ’Ž

πŸ’’πŸ’’Chapter 41πŸ’’πŸ’’


“No Damien! That was cheating!” Annabel scoffed, after which she pushed Damien backward frustratedly with her hand, on his broad chest.

He chuckled briefly before saying, “I didn’t do anything worse truthfully. I only tried blackmailing him too.” He started with his two hands thrown in the air, harmlessly.

She hissed in resentment at the sight of his fake innocent glimpse before yelling, “I wasn’t blackmailing him!”

“Oh! I didn’t know… Sorry, ma’am.” Damien teased in a calm tone. His hands which he raised earlier were still hung harmlessly in the air.

Vera watched them both nag. It’s better watching both of them than saying any word right now. What does she have to say? Choose one of them and then get hatred from the other.

She’s here for Damien, but it wasn’t a lie that she wouldn’t choose him and refuse Annabel.

Annabel needs her better presently than Damien. After all, the first person she was with is Annabel; Damien came suddenly and now got work for her to do.

Not a lie that she feels Damien only lied about having worked for her, after all, she just left his presence not long ago. What other work is there to do, for him?

“Stop being a snitch!” Annabel hit his chest bitterly, while she glared distastefully at him.

“Well heard ma’am!” Damien bowed his head playfully again, then he returned his hands to his trouser pocket.

“Stalker…” Annabel murmured incoherently before walking away from where they were all standing and facing one another.

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“I wasn’t stalking you, Lil sis. I only needed someone to massage my disturbed head.” He stated truthfully as he walked up to the spot where she was placing flour in the hot oil.

Annabel heard, but she didn’t answer. She ignored him totally, and when it was time to fetch the pancakes from the oil, she called out to Vera for help.

Vera dashed forward, and awkwardly smile when Damien looked expectedly at her. What was that look for anyway? She doesn’t know what else to do.

He didn’t also say anything to let her know his mind. So, what was he expecting her to do… Can a place of reading his mind be locked, for answers? Not ever possible.

“Is it oily than it should be? I think I need to do something with it, but I can’t remember.”

Annabel asked after taking a bit from a piece of the pancake, the one which slightly burnt her mouth and she had to drop it hastily.

Vera observed the remaining pancakes with her eyes on Annabel but was confused about how to decide yet.

She could only see it, but an answer would only be gotten when she eats from it.

With how Damien was staring at the two of them, it won’t be nice stepping forward and then grabbing for herself.

Annabel who was waiting patiently for her to speak lost enough time from her patience, without creating an awareness, she got a small piece of the pancake from the one she dropped, then force it into Vera’s mouth before she could even nag.

“My two brothers are crazy, have you joined them? All men are crazy? You should have spoken up before I did that.” She complained while she eyed Damien where he stood laughing at everything.

Vera surprisingly chew on the pancake that was in her mouth. It was kind of hot, but not hot enough to burn her tongue, although her mouth would need an apology later.

“It was just a word and then I wouldn’t have had to do that. Whatever just tell me if I made any mistake.” Annabel ranted.

She tried so hard not to permit Damien to see how upset she was, but the sight of her couldn’t be hidden from someone like him.

He knows about her anger, and he was enjoying how she was expressing it childishly.

After all, he ditched his work just to watch over her. Every one of her doings is worth watching to him.

“It’s okay. Nothing is wrong with it, it only needs to fry better than this.” She fastly said after she was done chewing the pancake entirely.

Annabel that was frowning earlier chuckled, then she said,

“It was okay, and nothing was wrong with it, but then you said that it didn’t fry well… Is it in men’s nature to be crazy?” She joked nastily.

“He wasn’t crazy. Although I think it would be difficult getting a perfect taste of it because it looks like a hot cake to me.” Damien intervened.

“I wasn’t talking to you. You couldn’t have known anything about the taste better than him.” Annabel snapped.

“You can’t even make one,” Annabel added then wrapped her arms across her chest as she blabbed in excess to him.

Damien laughed out loud. Vera ignored their argument and rather cherished his laughter instead. It was a rare sight of him. It’s funny how one only gets to see such, only when he’s with Annabel.

Just like Annabel, who makes him smile, laugh and kid around, she also wants to be that special to him and much special.

She wants to be the reason for his happiness. The reason for his every moment smile, and the only true love in his heart.

“Because I don’t do it doesn’t mean that I can’t do it.” Damien defended charmingly.

“I’m not your crush, don’t lick your lips in my presence.” Annabel cautioned, and Vera had no choice but to just gulp stuff down her throat.

“Also, why have you not made one before if you can make it? You’ve always looked up to Disguise for help.” She questioned cunningly.

“No one asked me to… Do you want me to make some for you Lil sis?” He asked playfully.

“Of course yes. I’m already tired of fighting and I need to change my dress since it’s already stained with pancakes. All thanks to my uninvited brother.” She complained offensively.

Damien bit his lips regretfully afterward. Who asked him to say such things? His coldness never allowed him to practice such things and he couldn’t even get anything done presently.

“I want you to make the remaining ones. I will go change my cloth and come back to check them.” Annabel stated.

“Are you seriously going to allow me to do this? You are sending your elder brother an errand?” Damien tried blackmailing.

“My brother offered himself to do it for me. Disguise,” she called and turn to eye her where she was standing.

“Stay here with Damien and watch him. His phone isn’t allowed to be here so I will take it with me.” Annabel instructed. S he fastly walked up to Damien, slides his phone out of his hand, and then attempted to leave.

“Disguise, don’t help him in any way.” Annabel cautioned before walking out of the kitchen.

‘I’m doomed’ Damien thought regretfully shortly after Annabel was out of his sight.


Vera stood there watching Damien as he was panting and could not take even a step closer to the hot oil.

She watched as he tried hiding his nervousness and fear to add any flour into the oil, and seriously wanted to burst out laughing.

How could a cold man like Damien be scared of the hot oil?

“Come here,” Damien called out to him with a frown on his face.

“Start fetching them inside,” he commanded and then stepped away from it.

Vera was dumbfounded but doesn’t know how to react, what would she say?

“Master Damien… Annabel will be upset with me.” She tried making up an excuse because deep down in her mind, she was enjoying his presence.

If she accepts to help him, then Damien might walk away. He doesn’t look interested in doing it too. He must have flattered his mouth in Annabel’s presence just to prove a point known to him.

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Vera wondered if he wasn’t being silly, why accepting or boosting about what he can’t do?


Not long after, Vera doesn’t know how long she’s been thinking, but the next minute that she was done thinking and looked towards Damien, the sight of him packing out pancakes from where he was frying them welcomed her to Damien’s kitchen experience…

He looked so concentrated and didn’t bother if anyone else was there with him. Maybe the rejection given to him boosted his ability to get this done.

He knew how it was done. What he hasn’t done before was try to make one.

He wouldn’t do any of this if it wasn’t for Annabel who asked for it. Annabel is special, and so, he would do anything for her.

Vera’s jaw dropped after she saw that he was almost done frying it all. Although he flinched as usual when he needed to make another one, his attention towards it and the fact that he didn’t ask for any help from her surprised her.

She thought that he couldn’t do it, but now he’s doing it, how did he do that?

She doesn’t know what wandered in her mind and then gave her a nervous feeling in return. Even her closed mouth shook and couldn’t prevent what came out of her mouth next from coming out of it.

“How did you do it, master Damien?” She asked solemnly in not a too loud but respectful voice.

Damien furrowed his eyebrows, and then scrunched his nose together in distaste before he turned to speak to her.

“Annabel asked you not to help me and you obeyed, are you supposed to question whatever I was doing?” He asked calmly without any anger laced in his voice or face.

Vera gulped an anxious feeling down her throat, she niggled her head slightly forward as she contemplated what to say. Damien didn’t give her a chance to say a word as he promptly said,

“I knew how to make it. I just haven’t tried making one before.” He truthfully answered as he resumed back to what he was doing.

“I’m supposed to punish you for refusing to help me,” he said and her heart tugged against her chest.

“But, I wouldn’t because you only obeyed what my sister said. However, how is the look of what I made?” Damien summoned for her to get one pancake and eat.

Vera obeyed and didn’t waste a minute of his time before she walked closer to him, almost there when he adjusted away from her.

She took one from them, and bite it deeply while her eyes observed Damien’s weird movement around the kitchen.

When she brought it down her mouth, he had almost gotten out of the kitchen, but when she started speaking, Damien paused his steps by the door to hear her.

“It has great taste, master Damien.” Vera who was impressed with the taste said out loud.

With a cute smile on his face, Damien nodded his head briefly in satisfaction.

“Fetch some for Annabel, and bring some to me. The one you’ve eaten is enough for my Butler who failed to help me.” He stated casually but in a sarcastic tone, smiled again, then excitedly walk away.

He feels very proud of himself. Annabel would be proud him too.

To Be Continued…

At least Vera didn’t later choose anyone, who loves that? 😎

Damien is really improving in sweetness 😘😘

Which one is Vera shouldn’t eatπŸ€£πŸ’”

Are you readers proud of Damien now? Who needs pancakes?πŸ˜…

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