Master’s addiction episode 1


By: M. Blinky


Demi God






All this qualities are in one person Reece.

Yeah- just Reece . A twenty-six years old man

Reece is the first child of his parents who were murdered brutally at his very own eyes

He vowed himself to avenge his parents death.

He became a ruthless mafia who has a lot of people working under him

Meet Lotus, a very beautiful, fragile and hardworking girl. She is from a very wealthy family

She is the only child of her parents.

What happens when Reece decided to avenge his parents death?

What happens when Lotus happened to be the child of the murder

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I watched in horror as the heartless man dragged my dad and mom out of the house.

“Please don’t kill us, spare our lives. We will do everything for you , please spare us” my mum pleaded but the heartless man turn deaf ear to her pleading and placed his gun on my fathers head and shot him twice in his head

My father dropped dead on the floor and turned to my mom who was obviously shivering

Without waiting for a second, he shoot her on her skull and she dropped dead too

All I could do was to cry profusely. What’s my parents offence to deserve this kind of death

He dropped his gun and leave from there with his men

I quickly run to where my parents are and sat on the floor

Mum!!!!! Dad !!!!! Please don’t leave me . I shouted on top of my voice but went in vain because they were already dead

Mom!!! Dad!!!! I promise you, I will avenge your death. I won’t let this monster go Scott free. Reece stated and sobbed uncontrollably

Ten years later

*Reece Apartment*

Oh yeah!!!!

F*ck me harder!!!!!

That’s the right spot!!!

The bitch moaned as Reece banged her roughly and faster till he reached his climax and pull out of her and went to the washroom

“I don’t want to see you here when I return back” Reece stated coldly before entering the washroom

Reece wash himself and return to the bedroom. Molly was still there .

“Molly, I hate repeating myself, don’t let me kill you. What are you still waiting for? Reece asked coldly

“Reece why are you this cold? I’m your girlfriend for f*ck sake. Why are you treating me like an outsider?” Molly couldn’t complete her sentence before a slap landed on her cheek

“Repeat what you just said !!! Reece stated

“You are nothing to me Molly. You and I know that we are fu*k mate and nothing more” Reece muttered

“I only told you to act when we are outside. Pretend as if we are dating because of the damn rules”

“And I won’t think twice before killing you if you dare mess with me. Reece uttered angrily and Molly left the room sad and angrily

“Fu*k you Molly and fu* k this damn rule which implies that you have to get girlfriend before ruling“

Molly immediately rushed to her bedroom and locked the door before letting the tears out of her eyes

“Why me !!!! Why!!!!! I love him sincerely but he sees me as his fu*k mate why!!!” Molly asked herself as she cry”

“I love you a lot Reece and I will do anything just to win your heart and is a promise “ Molly said to console herself

*California *

Dad!!! Mum!!! We are running late, please I don’t want to be the talk of the city. Lotus muttered

“Coming darling, her mum answered

“Omg!!! Our baby looks fantabulous tonight” her mum stated

Well tonight is Lotus prom night and her parents promise to go with her

They hooked in the car and zoomed off.

“Ummm dad , why didn’t you let us go with our bodyguards? Why did you insist of us going alone?” Lotus asked because this is the first time they are going out without their bodyguards

“Come on baby, I want you to feel comfortable there with your friends.” Her dad answered

*Later that time*

After the end of the prom night, they decided to return home because it’s getting late

“Thank you dad and mum. In fact I don’t know how my life will be without you guys. My life is meaningless without you guys. I love you with the bottom of my heart “ Lotus stated

“Anything for our little Princess.” Her mum stated

“Come on mum, I’m not the little girl again. I’m twenty years. I’m now an adult so stop calling me little Princess “ Lotus told her mum and they both laughed

Her dad suddenly stop the car

“Dad why did you stop the car?” Lotus asked him

“Look over there , someone has cross his car on the road. We can’t possibly pass ” her dad uttered and they all shifted their gaze to the road

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Reece alighted from his car and walk over to Lotus car

“At long last I’ve found you Mr. And Mrs. Rodrigo. Reece stated

“What are you talking about ? And what’s the meaning of at long last you’ve find us” Mrs Rodrigo asked

“Come on, you don’t have to panic. I’m here to settle the score with you. You killed my parents because they saw you murdering someone so I’m here to settle the score with you” Reece said

“What rubbish are you talking about young man?” Mr Rodrigo asked

“Oh you are now pretending? Do you remember killing some couples ten years ago in their own house? Reece asked

“But don’t worry, your little kitten will take responsibility of your actions” Reece stated and shoot Mr Rodrigo twice in his skull and shoot his wife and walk towards Lotus who shifted backwards

“Please don’t kill me, please spare my life” Lotus stated feeling scared

Reece landed a heavy slap on Lotus cheek and dragged her roughly into his car and zoom off


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