Masters addiction episode 7 – 8

(She is mine)

By:M. Blinky

Episode 7

‘Knock knock!’

“Lotus,master is requesting for you downstairs.”

Lotus heard and opened her door “Lead the way.” She replied politely as the maid bowed and led her downstairs in the dining room ,where Reece and Miquel are in.

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At the dining table,she bowed to her master “Morning master.” She greeted politely looking down avoidinh his gaze

“Slave serve my food.” He responded ignoring her greeting making her snicker.

” He can’t even respond to my greeting, well fuck him i don’t care! She cussed in her mind

she began serving him every potion of dishes on the dining table.

She placed his plate in front of him carefully and moved back bowing in respect, she felt as if someone was glaring at her…

Raising up her head, her eyes came in contact with Reece as if time froze and the was only them in the world. Their blue-green eyes glued together as if their not ready to look away but…

Miquel cleared his throat bringing them back to reality, Reece soft gaze harden on Lotus

Miquel started eating his food while stealing glances at them.

“Is Reece in love with this beauty or what? He asked no one and walk out of the dinning room

After the breakfast , Lotus tried to walk out but Reece voice stopped her

“Everyone out!” He ordered as fast as lightning the dining room had only him and Lotus.

“Let me go!” He let go of her thighs but immediately held her hand as she tried walking out

“Bend over the table!”

“B-but I’m still sore~”

“Are you defilling my orders?!!” He snapped

She flinched at his hard voice and bent over by the table immediately. He walked over to her and raised up her ski.rt and ripped off her p-nties

Unbuckling his pa.nts, his er-cted 10 inch d-ck sprang out as he pen.trated his whole stick in her without a warning.

“Arghh!” She cried out when his mem.ber entered her, awakening last night’s pains. She gripped onto the table as he wait for her to adjust.

Seeing her body relax he started to move, thru.sting deep in her p*ssy making her in pain.

Surprisingly she didn’t feel as much pain as yesterday, pleasure slowly overtake the amount of pain she was feeling.

He spanked her ass as he increased his pace groaning in ecstasy, her p*ssy walls gripped his c*ck tight as she felt his c0ck twitch inside her.

Thru’sting fast and deep in her c*nt, she began to feel hot her stomach tying into a knot.

“Scream my name!”

“Yes master.”

“Not Master but Reece!” He gr0-ned and slammed his c*ck hard in her cer’vix

“Ahh Reece!!” She screamed his name releasing her p-ssy juices, minute later she felt his c*ck grow big in.

“Arghh!” He c”m in her with a loud grunt, filling up her cunt with his hot s*men before pulling out..

Buckling up his p*nts he shot her a glance “Go clean up” He uttered before retiring to his room. She slid down on the table p*nting hard, collecting herself she went back to her room….

“If only I have powers, I would have punched him in the face, so hard that he’ll lose his consciousness immediately. He is the real monster. He doesn’t have heart

There was silence in the room only her sobbing could be heard.


To be continued…

(She is mine)

By:M. Blinky

Episode 8

A week later

Molly walked out of the room and met Alex where she’d requested him to wait for her.

“What is it, Molly? You told me its urgent”, Alex asked as soon as she got to where he was.
He paused and looked around, trying to make sure no one was close enough to eaves drop

“I need your help, Alex. I need you to help me leave the building, please. I need to go somewhere important” she hushed.

“You want to leave?” He made a crumpled look. “But where are you going that’s so important?”

She sighed and looked around.

“I’m….I’m sorry, I can’t tell you. But its important, please. Don’t say no”. She pleaded.

Alex stared curiously at her.

Well, over there, you don’t leave the building unless you’re asked to, or assigned on a mission. So, that was the reason Molly needed the help of one the Master’s personal guards. At least, they had higher authority.

“Okay; come on”, he titled his head and started walking away while she followed without reluctance.

They got to the parking lot, took a red car and with Alex at the driver’s seat, he started moving the car.

They drove straight to the gate but stopped right at it since they couldn’t go pass the securities.

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The securities came with their guns to have a look at the car

“Alex” one of them called.
Molly was at the backseat

“I need to go somewhere with Molly. She’s running a personal errand for me. Open the gate” he said strictly but the boys hesitated.

Well, considering it was someone like Alex, they knew they could trust him.

They opened the gate and gave them free access while they drove out

“When will you be back?” Alex asked as he parked by the roadside.

“I don’t know. Before evening”, she replied. “Thanks a lot for this”.

She tapped his shoulder before opening the door and leaving the car.

She stood by and watched him drive away before proceeding. She needed to do this.

She stopped a cab and boarded it to the train station.


Lotus had fallen asleep after Reece left. Well, she had nothing to do and no one to talk to.

But after sleeping for long hours, she discovers she was bored and needed to do something. She thought of taking a walk round the building, but the thought of meeting with strangers nibbled at her and she quickly waved it off. She hated the facts that they see her as the enemy’s daughter

She stood up from the bed and went to stand in front of the window. There were people moving around, seeming to have fun. She suddenly wished she could blend with them,but they seemed so difficult for her. So difficult.

Taking a deep breath, she took a bold step and left the room.

She had opened the door creakily, looked left and right and satisfied that there was no one, she stepped out of the room.

With her hands fisted beside her dress, she took the right side

She walked, took the stairs and finally stopped when she got to a balcony.

The balcony was empty – to her pen advantage – and she went there to stand and have a clear view

Wow! It made her seem like she was flying as the cold breeze blew her hair around when she stood at the top. She could see everything clearly – the people, other buildings, cars, everything. She felt high.

She smirked as she enjoyed the view. For the first time since she arrived, she found something she liked. She could perhaps, stand there forever.

“Wow! Look whom we have here”, she suddenly heard a voice and turned quickly to see a familiar face.

Of course, she was the same lady she always saw with the Molly. Lotus shot her a stare and lowered her gaze to the floor.

“Isn’t this the enemy’s daughter?” Grace asked teasingly.

“Yeah, she is. And the one who got lucky enough to be touched by Master”, she added

Lotus lifted her eyes to look at her when she noticed a covetous echo in Grace voice. Was that jealousy? I thought she is friends with Molly. Lotus said inwardly

Grace smiled and moved closer to her. “How’re you doing?” She asked, but Grace could tell she was being sarcastic.

“I’m fine’, she mumbled anyway.
She didn’t talk to strangers, but she could tell this lady was troublesome. So, she was doing everything she could o avoid her

“Did you enjoy last night? With Master?” She asked

” Yes, I enjoy his big rod. Infact it was the best night in my whole life. Lotus muttered teasingly

Grace scoffed and crossed her hands.

“You better learn to adapt to the rules here. Because Molly wouldn’t want you getting Reece to touch you again. Do you understand?” She asked, but Lotus kept shut.

Lotus looked at her and wondered why exactly she was trying to install fear into her.

“Its just a friendly advice, you know? Grace stated and walk away

Lotus bit her lip in abashment as she walked away. Slowly, she turned around to face the balcony again, her hands on the bars.

Sir they are trying to get the goods back by tracking the police. A man with a large tattoo on his left arm said to Jeremy.

“You erased every trace,right? Jeremy said with a smirk

“Yes boss. He answered

“Sell the goods. Jeremy ordered

“Yes boss. He bowed before leaving.
Jeremy got up with a glass of whiskey in his hand, he stood by the window staring at the beautiful view of the city

This is just the beginning of our war Reece. I’m going to take everything you have. He thought in his head before emptying the cup

*Red clan*

A maid stopped pouring water in the cup and bowed down.

Leave. Reece said and the maid bowed respectfully before walking away.

Few minutes later*****

Reece stood up and everyone bowed, he was about to climb the stairs when his phone rang

He picked it up and said in his deep manly voice. Speak.

“Master we weren’t able to track the police,we think they are fake. Alex said

“I don’t care if they are fake or real get me those goods they are worth billions. Reece said

“But master if the aren’t real police it will be hard tracking them down. Alex said

“Do you have a death wish? Reece ask

Alex shook his head as if he could see him before saying. No master

“Then get it back or else I’ll send your head as a gift to your family. Reece said before hanging up

What’s wrong Reece? Miquel ask

“Those idiots are giving me excuse. Reece gritted his teeth

“What do you want me to do Reece? Miquel asked

“I’ll wait till tomorrow morning and if they have no lead or my goods aren’t back I’ll have some fun with them. He smirk at his last word

Reece stared around until his eyes landed on Lotus

“Hey you. He said pointing his index finger at her

“Yes master. Lotus said

“Follow me. He said before heading into his room and Lotus followed him immediately.

He sat on the couch with his legs crossed, he seems lost in thought.

Lotus just knelt there praying in her heart.

Come sit here. Reece ordered tapping his lap and she obeyed immediately

He rested his head on her breast his hand around her waist and the other on her lap

He felt the rapid beating of her heart it seems like her heart is going to explode.

Don’t be scared. He whisper with his eyes closed and she nodded

What is he doing? Lotus thought

He raised his head and stared into her eyes, he has no idea why but every time he stares in her eyes he feels like he knows her

He feels at ease and want to do nothing but just stare at those eyes

Her br*ast was a bit revealing and it caught his eyes, he unzip her gown gently removing it until it got to her waist he stared at the black br* she was wearing with a smirk

She wanted to stop him buy she dared not so she just let him do his thing.

He took off her br* and her smile at her standing pinkish n*pples.

He placed one in his mouth and cup the other br*ast in his hand as he gave it a gentle squeeze

Lotus closed her eyes voluntarily as she bit her lower lip to prevent her m0aning.

He s*ck her n*pples then k*ssed her l!ps,they k!ssed each other while his hand gently patted her leg she tried to close it but he squeeze her b*tt making her vulnerable.

What is she doing to me? He thought as he gave her n*pple a sensitive bite making her m*an

He can’t remember the last time he was this gently with a girl

His hands found way to her p*ssy,he dip a finger into it and realized that she was wet

He stopped kissing her and stare at her face, she gently opened her eyes confused about why he stopped

It’s not like she wanted him to have sex with her but she was enjoying what he was doing to her

You are wet. He paused before asking.. is it for me?

She bit her lower lip as she stared away.

Look at me. He ordered and she obeyed

Tell me you are wet for me. He said

I…I’m…wet for you. She sturter and he smiled claiming her lips again.

He played with her clitoris before diping two fingers Into her pussy.

He finger fuck her while he suck her breasts and she moaned at every move and touch

She already cum twice and her legs are getting weak, she held his shoulders for support.

Ahh… yeah. Moaned left her mouth willingly

Cum for me. He said more like an order

I…..mas….. master…she moaned as she cum the third time.

Lotus could feel her shaking leg,he carried her up and she wrap her legs around his waist as they kiss and he gently placed her on the bed.

He took off her gown and she was naked under him,he smirk as he kissed her stomach right to her thighs.

He was still performing wonders on her when his phone rang.

He stopped and pick it up. I’m busy.

“Master we have an info. Alex said

Okay. He said more like asking him to go on