Meant For Each Other

Meant for each other episode 61


🌺 CHAPTER 61 🌺


( PDA)

Austin who was walking around almost bumped into Henry and Hilliary.

He stop and started glaring at them.

“Oh! Austin, you are still alive?” Henry asked mockingly.

“His silence this days needs to be studied, our punches can set a brain straight twin bro” Hilliary laughed.

” Bastards ” Austin said and walked away.

” You guys are always looking for trouble ” Dorathy scoffed.

” It’s our work, our fans.. “.

” You have started again ” Dorathy said and hit him, Hilliary pouted.

Henry started looking around for any sight of Summer.

He was about going to look for her when he saw her walking to them.

” Babe, what took you so long, I was beginning to get worried? ” Henry asked.

He hugged her but quickly pulled away.

” What? ” Summer asked.

“Who did you hugged?” He asked.

Summer flinched immediately, but she quickly comported herself to avoid him suspecting her reaction.

How did he know she hugged someone, is he a wizard now or what?.

Did he saw them? her heart started beating irregularly.

She clamped her lips.

“I hugged a lot of people so I don’t know” She replied, giving him an innocent smile.

“Okay” He said and took her hand, walking with her to join the others.

“Swear if I catch you, you will regret it” Hailey said, breathing heavily.

Blake stopped and turned his face to her.

“I’m surrending myself to you now” He said and raised his hands up.

Hailey walked to him and began hitting him.

“I hate you” She said and hit him again.

“Really?” He asked and took her hands.

“You hate me?” He asked again but she scoffed and looked away.

He brought his face closer and Hailey started feeling some strange goosebumps on her skin.

The closeness started giving her strange feelings.

“What… are you trying to do?” She stuttered.

“You can stutter? what did you think I will do?” He asked with a smug smirk.

“I.. don’t know” She said nervously.

“I can’t believe the almighty Hailey can be nervous” He said and laughed.

“I hate you, don’t talk to me again” She said and started walking away.

Blake laughed before following her.


Brandon walked back to his room after making Angel to fell asleep.

He runs his hand through his hair as he entered the room.

He sighed as his mind went to Cassie, he was busy throughout the day that he didn’t got the chance to call her.

He sat on the bed and took his phone, he went to his call history and dialled her number.

The call woke Cassie up but immediately she saw his name on her screen, see started crying again.

She buried her face into the pillow as tears came out at the corner of her eyes.

She has never been heartbroken like this,if she had known she won’t haven’t got so close to him.

Brandon kept trying her number but she refused to pick up.

“What is wrong with her? Is she okay?” He asked himself worriedly.

“Or if she angry cos I didn’t call her earlier or is she asleep?”.

” I will visit her tomorrow” He said and his eyes caught her frame on the table.

Yes, he made a frame of her but he didn’t reveal it to her.

He then remembered the day they kissed, a smile runs across his lips and he touched his lips gently.

He smiled, looking at the frame on the table, even in the frame she is still beautiful.

“Sleep tight Cassie” He said and lay on the bed, covering himself up with the sheets.


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F*CK!, F*CK!.

Collins hissed in pleasure as a maid work ok his d*ck.

He sat on the bed while she squatted between his legs.

He grabbed her long hair and started f*cking hardly into mouth till she choked.

“Choke on it b*tch” He moaned.

He was rough with her but the maid dare not complain, he was transferring his aggression on her.

Remembering how Henry punched him in the restroom and how helplessly he was, made his anger boiled but the maid’s mouth was the one suffering it.

He kept hitting her throat roughly that tears soon came out of her eyes.

She started praying in her mind for him to c*m fast.

She tried her best to keep up with his roughness until the last minute.

He finally c*m on her face.

“Get out” He said coldly.

The maid quickly stood up and knowing wasting a single second will cause her, she opened the door and walked out.

Collins zipped up.

“Henry, you won that day but I won’t let what you did to me to slide away, I will surely pay you back then I will claim Summer, cos she will soon be betroth to me” He said and looked at his face.

His veins shoot out.

All his life he hasn’t been humiliated the way Henry did to him.

He smirked and went to his drawer, he took out a packet of cigarettes and lighted a stick, he began smoking until he finished the whole pack, still his anger didn’t subside.

He took another packet and started smoking it, murderously.

His room soon became filled with smokes.


The party kept getting hotter as the hours went on.

A game was going on but the guys were not interested in it, so they sat somewhere drinking and talking.

“Hailey, I still can’t believe you fainted” Dorathy said and everyone laughed.

“Gosh, I can’t explain what I was feeling that day” Hailey said.

“What if we actually lose?” Henry asked.

“My obituary straight” Hailey replied and they laughed again.

Summer eyes happened to met with Lex and a sudden guilt hit her hard.

She only kissed him back cos it was going to be the last time but right now she is regretting doing that.

What will happen if Henry knows about that?.

Guilt started eating her up that she felt like vanishing away.

“Are you okay?” Henry asked, noticing her unusual silence.

“I’m fine” She smiled.

“Time to shock them baby” He whispered to her.

“What are you whispering to my best friend?” Hailey asked.

“Confessing my love to her” Henry replied.

“I’m suspecting you two” Blake said, pointing at them.

“Time for the surprise” Henry said and stood up.

He winked at Hilliary before moving away from them.

“What is he planning?”.

“Let’s just watch” Dorathy said and Hilliary suddenly kissed her.

Summer smiled feeling special as she watched him walked up to the emcee.

Henry took the microphone and his sweet voice started sounding.

“Hello everyone, I got a special announcement to make ” He said.

All the attention went to him.

“I got a surprise”.

πŸ‘₯I love surprises

πŸ‘₯ Bring it on cutie

“I’m sorry to the ladies crushing on me cos I’m taken” He said and everyone has a curious look on the face.

πŸ‘₯Who is she?

πŸ‘₯ He is dating?, I can’t believe this.

πŸ‘₯ The girl is lucky

πŸ‘₯ I’m sad

“What is that pyscho saying, when did he start dating?” Blake chuckled.

“Be quiet” Hailey snapped at him.

“Okay boss”.

“She is well known to everybody here, I know this will be shockable to you guys but I want to announce to everyone sitting here that I have found my missing rib, she is the light that light up my world, the closest thing to my heart, the source of my energy”.

πŸ‘₯ Henry you’re killing us

πŸ‘₯He is so romantic

πŸ‘₯I wanna replace the girl

πŸ‘₯We want to see her

Henry dropped the mic and started walking towards where he was sitting before.

All eyes followed him till he stop before Summer who was blushing heavily.

He took her hand and she stood up.

Eyes widened.

“I love you” He said.

” I love you Armor” She replied and he captured her lips in the most passionate way.

Lex’s cup fell from his hand and his body started shaking.

He stood up and rushed out.

Tears started oozing out at the corners of Tiffany eyes and her hatred for Summer that minute multiplied.

Austin pushed the b*tch that was sitting on him away, he started glaring hatefully at them.

Sounds of clap started coming out, loud thunderous screams follows.

It was a big shock to everyone.

Hailey’s mouth left hanging as she stared at them, Blake and Dorathy held the same expression on their face.

Flashes of camera lights started displaying as the students took pictures of them kissing, some were making videos.

They finally broke the kiss and smiled.

πŸ‘₯ Perfect couples

πŸ‘₯We love you

πŸ‘₯ Summer hold him tight.

πŸ‘₯ Summer what about dating more than two weeks is boring

The minute that comment came up everyone started laughing.

“I love Henry kitchen with my whole life” She shouted affectionately.


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