Meant For Each Other

Meant for each other episode 62 – 63


🌺 CHAPTER 62 & 63 🌺



Lex walked out in tears and entered his car, driving out of the school, he didn’t even waste a single second before hitting the road.

He got home and came down, he entered house and went straight to his room.

Immediately he stepped in his room, he started pushing everything on the table away.

He hit his hand on the wall and it bleed immediately.

His tears flowed wetting his shirt.

He thought he will be over her but hearing Henry making the announcement, the feelings started coming back again.

He felt like a knife was stabbed continuously on his heart, the pains in his heart was much that he left when he couldn’t take it in.

“Ahhhh” He cried.

“F*ck love, I am done with love, I rather remain single, love is not for me” He said bitterly and continued breaking things in his room.

His eyes are so reddish.

Carolina held the noise and his cries, she quickly got down from her bed and rushed out, she went to his room and immediately she stepped in, her eyes widened when she saw him destroying things in his room.

“Lex” She shouted.

“What are you doing?” She asked again.

Lex turned to her with tears in his eyes.

“You’re crying?” Carolina said getting emotional already.

He slowly walked to him and pulled him into a hug.

“Mum!” Lex started crying slowly on her shoulder.

“Calm down, I’m here for you, tell me what happened?”.

“Love hurts, she rejected me and now she is dating my friend, I want to die mum” Lex sniffed.

“Hey, come darling, she isn’t the only girl in the world, you will find someone who will truly love you, stop crying, I understand the pains you are passing through right now but please believe me, everything will be fine” Carolina said.

” I will let go of my feelings for her, no matter how hard it’s, I will try my best, I don’t want to turn desperate because of love”.

” That is my baby, don’t turn into a villain cos of what happened, be at peace with your friend, you can’t tell the heart whom to love, it’s not your friend’s fault that she loves him instead” Carolina said and continued patting him.

” I’m going for a new change” Lex said as he stopped crying.

Carolina smiled but her smile fell when she remembered Donald, she can’t believe her heart still beat for him.

Love is crazy and stupid.


” When did you two started dating?” Blake asked.

” In New York” Summer replied.

” So my instincts were right, I suspected you two” Hailey said.

” I’m sorry for keeping it a secret, I wanted to surprise you guys” Henry said.

” I’m happy for you bestie” Hailey said and stucked her hands with Summer.

“And I’m still single” Blake pouted cutely.

Hailey didn’t know how it happened but her heart skipped a beat.

She smiled and looked away.

“You can get one”.

“Love is not for people like us” Blake shrugged.

“Talking like an idiot” Hailey said and hit him on the head.

“Will you stop hitting me?”.

“Then stop spilling rubbish”.

“Hilliary!” Summer shouted and everyone turned to them.

Dorathy broke the kiss and everyone started glaring at them.

“What?, if you are jealous go get a girlfriend” Dorathy rolled eyes.

Summer and Hailey hit her hard.

“Ouch!! girls”.

“I can’t be oppress” Blake said and walked to a group of girls.

He started flirting with them.

Hailey shifted uncomfortable on her seat as she watched.

“What did I expect from a playboy” She scoffed annoyingly.

“What is even wrong with me, I was just like him but I can’t believe I stop f*cking around, it’s true change is constant” She muttered.

A girl rubbed her hands on Blake shirt leaned in to kiss her but someone suddenly pushed away and she fell on her butts.

“Stay away b*tch” Hailey said and grabbed Blake’s hand, she started dragging him away from them.

” What is that? don’t tell me Hailey is jealous” Summer asked while laughing.

“I won’t believe it too” Dorathy said, laughing too.


She left the party immediately Henry publicly announced Summer as his girlfriend.

The hatred she was having for her that moment made her to leave or else she would have done something worse to her.

Henry is the first guy she has ever loved genuinely but Summer took him away from her.

” If I can’t have him then you can’t have her Summer, I will slowly destroy your relationship with him, you past life will hunt you down” She said poisonously.

Her phone suddenly beeped.

πŸ’Œ Hello best friend, sorry for texting you late, I was just missing you, how are you?

A message from Saint.

Tiffany smiled after she read the message.

“He missed me?” She asked herself, still smiling.

She started typing on her phone to reply him back.


Audrey rode the elevator which took her to a particular floor, she came out and started walking to the room.

She took out a card from her bag and swipe it on the door, the door opened instantly and she walked in.

The man quickly stood up, seems he was waiting already.

“Did you see the video?” The man asked.

“Yes” Audrey replied.

“Who is that boy? who is his father?” The man asked.

“I don’t even know him, he humiliated the vice president’s wife and Vicky almost cut off the engagement, I had to plead with her, her boyfriend beat up Collins badly” Audrey said.

“We need to do something, he is standing in our way to accomplish what we want”.

“And it seems she is crazily in love with him, she stopped f*cking around but I didn’t know he was the reason” Audrey said and became serious.

“I will do everything to see he didn’t end up with my daughter, I will dig out information about him and his family” Audrey said.

” That’s why I love you so much, we must succeed in our plan but please don’t harm him or his family okay” He said and kissed her.

Audrey nodded like an obedient child before crashing her lips on his.


Summer yawned loudly as she woke up, she sat up on the bed and began smiling.

“He is so naughty” She said, remembering last night.

She pulled the duvet down and stared at her red n*pples, she blushed.

The door opened and Henry with a smile on his face, in his hands was a tray of breakfast.

He went to the bed and placed the tray on it before staring at her.

“One of my wishes” She said.

“For your boyfriend to serve you breakfast in bed?” He asked and she nodded.

” So even when you were playing around with guy’s heart, you were wishing for something like this, I can’t believe you” He said and chuckled.

” I’m crazy right?”.

” I love you like that” He said and placed a french kiss on her lips.

Summer moaned softly.

” Eat up”.

” I want to kiss you” She pouted, pulling him closer.

” We will do that later, I can even s…”.

” Stop” She said and took the spoon.

” A former play girl feeling shy” He mocked.

Summer frowned and dropped the spoon.

” I am not eating again”.

“Oh! come on Cupcake, I was just joking” He pleaded.

” Feed me” She said cutely.

” With what?” He asked naughtily.

Summer started crying.

Henry quickly took the spoon and began feeding her.

” Yummy” She moaned as she eats.

” Delicious like you” She winked, naughtily at him.

Henry smiled and continued feeding her.


Thomas eyes widened as he finished watching a video on his phone.

“Sweet heart” He called, walking down the stairs.

“Yes, honey” Joyce replied, wiping her hands with a piece of cloth.

“Come and watched this” He said.

Joyce went to him and Thomas played the video.

Joyce eyes widened immediately and she couldn’t help the smile that rested on her face.

“My son is dating, wait wait isn’t that the Governor’s daughter?” Joyce asked.

“It’s her, I was surprised” He replied.

“I should be happy but I don’t think her parents will be in support of this” She said.

” I heard the governor is a good man but her wife is a headhotted woman”.

” I pray he enjoys his relationship with her, he must have love her dearly to announce her publicly” He said.

” You did the same thing to me remember, your son is following your footsteps” She said and Thomas smiled, remembering the day he proposed to her in the college.

” I was afraid you will reject me, I mutter up courage to say it out”.

” What if I rejected you?”.

” Remain a playboy forever or probably I would have killed myself” He replied.

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“Oh my sweet darling” She said and placed her chest on his head.

” How about a round, just one round” He said, demonstrating one with his finger.

” I’m tired of you” She pushed his chest, playfully.

” But after I’m done with what I’m doing”.

” Yes!, I can’t wait” He started jumping like a kid who just got some candies.

Joyce couldn’t help it but chuckled at her husband’s craziness.



Collins smashed his phone to the wall as he finished watching the video.

His breathing became heavy and toxic to him.

His veins started throbbing.

His veins shoot out and his orb turned red.

“You can’t have Summer, she rightfully belongs to me, it’s a sealed deal, she is betrothed to me.

“What is it son” The vice president asked behind him.

Collins ignored him and walked out on him.

“Love can’t be forced, I hope you will understand this when it hasn’t gone far”.

He sighed and walked out.


Grandma Lola entered Dorathy’s room and saw her on the bed, smiling while looking in her phone.

” Child” She said and Dorathy looked up.

” Grandma”.

” Who’s that guy that drop you off yesterday?”.

” He is the same guy that bought a phone for me” Dorathy replied.

” Your boyfriend right?”.

Dorathy nodded nervously.

Grandma Lola sat on the bed and took her hand.

” I’m not against it, I like him, I don’t mind his skin, I’m not a racist, the important thing is that you are happy, he seems to be a good guy, finally I will be seeing my great grandchildren”.

” Grandma, we ain’t even married yet” Dorathy said, pouting.


Brandon parked his bike and got down from it, he rushed inside the store.

He started asking of Brittany till she was informed of his presence.

“Brandon” Brittany said, cheerfully.

“Did something happen to Cassie? she is not picking my calls” He asked.

Brittany noticed the worried look on his face.

“She has been crying since she came back from your house ” She replied and Brandon gasped.

” My house?, but I didn’t see in my house on Friday” He said.

“Is she in her office?”.


“Can you give me her home address” He said.

“Madina street number 47” She said.

“Thank you so much” He said and rushed out.

Brittany sighed sadly.

“I love you but I can’t have you when my friend is madly in love with you, I hope you sort it out with her, I will find my own prince charming one day” Brittany said and turned.

A gasp escape her lips as bumped into a hard chest.

She looked up and her world froze, seeing a demigod.

The handsome guy in her front was looking at her too.

“I’m sorry” Lex said.

But Brittany is lost staring at him.

“Miss” Lex called again.

“Huh!, I’m sorry” She quickly said as she got herself back.

“I should be the one saying sorry, I’m sorry” He said and started walking out.

Brittany touched her beating chest and started smiling like a fool.

“He is so handsome, could he be my prince charming?”.


Brandon got at the address Brittany gave to him, he parked his bike outside before entering the compound.

He didn’t have time to start admiring the house.

He pressed the door bell.

” Please open up” He said and pressed the door bell again.

The door opened up and Cassie face came up.

Brandon constance changed the moment he saw her face.

It was pale and her eyes were red, seems she has been crying for a long time.

Cassie was surprised to see him too but she didn’t show her surprise.

They both looked at each other.


“What are you doing here?” She asked.

Brandon could noticed the coldness in her voice.

“What is wrong?” He asked.

“Nothing is wrong, I’m fine, you can leave now” She said and made to close door but he pushed her in and entered.

“What are you doing? leave” She yelled.

“I will leave when I know what is wrong with you, you are not picking my calls, Brittany told me you have been crying since you came back from my house, I didn’t if you went to my house on Friday, did I do something wrong to you?” He asked.

” Stay away from me?” She said and turned but he grabbed her hand.

” Let go of me” She yelled.

” Why should I stay away?” He asked, still holding her hand.

” I don’t have an answer to give you, now leave my hand or I will scream”.

” Go ahead, scream, I will leave when we sort this out”.

” There’s nothing to sort out, go and be with your girlfriend, leave me alone” She said and started crying again.

It really pains her, she planned staying away from him but seeing him here is bringing much pain to her heart.

” Girlfriend? who told you that?” He asked confusingly.

” The one you told her, you love her too on Friday, leave me alone Brandon” She screamed.

Brandon stood for a while, calculating who he said that to on Friday.

Suddenly he started laughing, making Cassie more angry.

” You think it’s funny right?”.

” Are you kidding me, Angel was one the one I said that to, I was about to take her to school” He said, still laughing lightly.

Cassie started calming down slowly.

” Don’t tell me you you started avoiding me cos of what you heard?”.

Cassie looked away in embarrassment.

” I thought, you said it to another girl”.

“You should have waited to confirm, Gosh women, I can sense jealousy” He chuckled.

“I’m sorry, I…”.

” Don’t say another thing, I really missed you, I couldn’t sleep well without knowing how you were doing, I was damn worried” He said seriously.

Cassie heart thumped and she felt a new wave of joy flashing into her system.

” Really?, you missed me, I think I can’t survive it again if I avoid you” She said and he laughed.

” You have been crying over nothing, we are good now right?”.

Cassie nodded and hug him.

“Are you against me having a girlfriend?” He asked.

” I’m afraid, you will start avoiding me once you have a girlfriend” She replied but within her she knew that wasn’t what she wanted to say.

” That won’t happen, you are the first female friend I will be having and I plan to tell you something once I’m over mourning my mum” He said.

” Let’s visit her grave tomorrow” She said, snuggling closer to him.

” Okay, don’t cry again” He smiled.


“Boom” Henry and Hilliary said immediately Blake opened the door.

“Idiots” Blake said as they entered.

“Buddy” They hug him.

“Lex refused coming right?”.

Blake nodded.

“I want to tell you something, Lex is in love with Summer”.

“What!!” Henry said.

“Are you that daft twin bro, I thought you knew but you wanted to put a blind eye to it, do you think the concern he was having for her was for nothing, I suspected that but decided to keep quiet” Henry said.

“He asked Summer out but she politely turn him down”.

“Is that the reason he is avoiding us, but how is that my fault, her heart chose to love me, why can’t he understand that…”.

“Boyfriend Henry” Mrs Baldwin voice stop him from completing his sentence.

” Girlfriend” Henry said and went to her, he hugged her before pecking her on the cheek.

” I missed you so much” Mrs Baldwin said flirting with her brows.

” I missed you too, kiss me” Mrs Baldwin said.

“My heart” Blake said and fainted.

They started laughing.


“Stay away from my mum” Blake said as they eats.

“You think I was going to kiss her?” Henry asked.

“Whatever, I can’t believe mum was teasing me”.

” Your mum is crazy” Hilliary said.

” Dude, are you into Hailey?”.

” No!!” He quickly replied.

” Why the quick reply, Dem wan beat you?” Henry asked.

” You want to beat me?” Blake asked.

Henry and Hilliary laughed at him.

” You two are getting so close, she took you away when a girl tried kissing you yesterday”.

” Isn’t that jealousy?”.

” I don’t know what you two are saying” Blake said.

” Henry, I’m sad, you are dating someone else” Mrs Baldwin said joining them.

” You’re my first choice”.

” Summer must hear this” Blake said.

” Am I a tree now?” Hilliary asked.

” Sorry, I think you will be my next boyfriend now” Mrs Baldwin said to Hillary.

” Taken already” Hilliary said together with Blake.

” I’m sad” She pouted, making them to laugh.


Henry and Hilliary left Blake’s place after spending an amazing time with him and his funny mother.

“That woman is full of energy” Henry said.

“Her stature will make you mistake her for Blake’s sister”.

“Just like I did some months ago” Henry said.

“I wish I was there” Hilliary chuckled and halted as they arrived at the bridge.

“You should go home, I will find my way home” Henry said.

“Have a nice time with your girlfriend” Hilliary said.

Henry got down and left.

Summer turned immediately she heard footsteps approaching her.

She smiled and started walking to him but suddenly two guys from nowhere came and grabbed her.

“Who are you?” She shouted.

Henry started running her but a flying stone hit his head so hard that he missed his steps and fell flat on his face.

He tried standing up but a rod was hit on his head.

He started loosing consciousness.

Summer started struggling with the guys who held her.

“Armor” She cried.



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