Meant For Each Other

Meant for each other episode 70 – 71


🌺 CHAPTER 70 & 71 🌺



“What?” Lex’s eyes widened.

“Please have s*x me” Summer said again, senselessly.

Tears kept flowing out of her eyes as the pains in her p*ssy was increasing, making it unbearable for her.

“I can’t f*ck you” Lex said.

Summer grabbed his face and smashed her lips on him.

For a second Lex lost his senses but he quickly broke the kiss when her hands touched his belt.

“I can’t do this Summer, you are not in your right senses, you are my friend’s girlfriend” Lex said and started looking for a way to help.

“I’m dying Lex , please just f*ck me, hurry up I can’t hold it in” She said, pitifully.

“I will go get Henry” He said and turned to go but she pulled him back.

“No, don’t leave me, I might die, please Lex, ahh…ahhh” She cried in painful tears.

Lex roughed his hair confusingly.

” Summer hold on, I will get help” He said but she held him more tighter, he tried releasing himself but it was like she got more stronger.

Only the heavens knows how much he was trying to resist f*cking her.

Outside the restroom someone smiled, enjoying the drama going inside.

” He will soon be here” The person said with a smirk and walked out.

The person saw a junior student and called out to him.

” Hey, come here”.

” Senior” He said.

” Go and tell Henry that Summer is in trouble, she is in the male restroom and if he ask you how you get to know, tell him you went there to use the restroom when you saw that and don’t disclose my name or else I will kill you, go now”.

” Okay senior” The boy said and ran away.

” I bet he will be f*cking her now.. hahaha.. I can’t wait for them to break up” The person laughed before leaving.


Henry started getting a bad feeling about the whole issue, why is Summer not yet back from the restroom?.

He started feeling uncomfortable.

” What’s wrong? you seem disturb” Hilliary asked.

” I’m worried about Summer, she is not back from the restroom” He replied with a worried face.

” What is Summer still doing in the restroom?” Hailey asked joining them.

” I will go check it out” Henry said and was about standing up when the boy stormed into the class and ran to Henry.

” Senior Henry, Summer is in trouble.. she is in the male restroom” Immediately he said that Henry pushed him out of the way and ran out, the others followed.

The boy fell.

” Sorry man” Blake said and ran out with them.

πŸ‘₯ What’s going on?

πŸ‘₯Why are they suddenly running out.

Tiffany walked into the class and went to her seat.

She took out a novel from her bag and began reading.

Her eyes met with Collins and they smirked at each other.


Henry got there with the others and they could heard Lex’s voice from inside.

“I can’t do this Summer, I can’t f*ck you’re my best friend babe, it’s true I was in love with you but I can’t, let me get Henry”.

Henry didn’t waste anytime, he kicked the door opened and entered.

Their eyes widened when they saw the kind of state Summer was in, her face was becoming red.

“Summer” Hailey gasped.

“What happened to her and when is she holding you so tight?” Henry asked.

“Good thing you’re here, she is drugged with aphrodisiac, you need to take care of it, she is asking me to have s*x with her” Lex said.

Their eyes widened more.

Henry felt his heart shattered away, she was looking so mess up.

“Babe, please I’m in pains, I can’t..” Summer said, painfully.

Her back on the wall as she whimpered in pains.

“I swear never to do this but I guess I will do it today, guys please leave us alone” Henry said and everyone understood.

They quickly went outside and he locked the door.

He went closer to her and immediately he touched her , she cupped his face and started kissing him fiercely.

Henry started returning the energy, her hands flew to his belt and she removed it with the one swift.

“Babe, f*ck me hard.. please”.

Henry quickly turned her around, her back facing him and her hands on the wall.

He pulled up her uniform skirt and pulled down his trouser.

His d*ck spranged out and he swiftly penetrated her.

Summer gave out a sharp gasp as the sweetness of his d*ck filled her body.

Her eyes rolled to the back of her head as he began f*cking.

“Ahh… ahhh.. harder” She moaned, pushing her @ss to him.

Soon hard smacking sounds started coming out.




Summer smiled naughtily, feeling his d*ck in her p*ssy.

” Harder please, don’t have mercy on me” She screamed so loud that Henry had to covered her mouth with his hand.

He started f*cking hard as she wanted it, Summer kept moaning pleasurably.

“Oh!!… gawwd” She screamed as she cum on him..


“I think somebody did that to her?’ Hailey said.

They didn’t completely left the restroom, they stood some meters away to stop anyone from entering the restroom.

“You’re right, the milkshake she took must have been drugged with aphrodisiac” Hilliary said.

“But who could do that to her?”.

” Someone with the motive of destroying her relationship with Henry or either to disgrace her” Lex said.

” I hope it’s not what I’m thinking” Hailey said mentally.

Lex found Hilliary glaring at him.

“What were you doing in the restroom?” Hilliary asked.

“Are you trying to blame me now huh?, Thank God it’s the male restroom, I felt pressed and left the class, all of you saw me leaving the class, I came here straight, I didn’t know anyone was inside until I opened the door and saw Summer, did you know how much I tried controlling myself from f*cking her? ” Lex said.

” Whatever, I don’t still believe you, now that you’re a die hard playboy ” Hilliary rolled eyes.

” I had always being a playboy just decided to level up, you! ” Lex said and tried hitting him but Blake held his hand.

” Stop arguing will you” He said.

Hilliary and Lex glared at each other.

They heard footsteps approaching behind them and looked back to see Summer and Henry.

“Summer, are you okay now?” Hailey asked.

” I’m fine now you don’t have to worry about me” Summer replied.

Her eyes met with Lex and she quickly looked away in embarrassment.

Lex quickly noticed it.

” I can’t believe I asked him… No!!!, I even kissed him again, ahh.. ” She screamed in her head.

” Summer it wasn’t your fault, what happened wasn’t your fault, so don’t feel embarrassed to look me in the face, Henry hope your are not angry with me?” Lex said.

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” Why will I be?, but if you have did it, your head will rolling on the ground now” Henry said and everyone laughed at Lex.

“God knows how I tried resisting your hot girlfriend ” Lex said and Hilliary hit him from behind.

” Idiot “.

” Hilliary!! ” Lex shouted and started chasing him.

” Did you suspect anyone?” Henry asked.

Summer thought for a while before shaking her head.

” No, I didn’t suspect anyone, but the lady that served me the milkshake” Summer said.

“That ring a bell” Blake said.


Henry stared at the lady with wicked eyes, his face was looking dangerous.

“Do you what to talk or you prefer loosing your job?” Henry yelled.

The lady went on her knees immediately.

“Please, I didn’t add anything in her drink, the milkshake were brought in this morning, I swear on my mother’s grave” The lady said.

“She might be saying the truth” Blake said.

“You think so?” Hailey asked.

“Yes baby” Blake replied and her heart raced.

“Stand up, return to your work” Henry said and they walked out.

“I can’t believe I was drugged with aphrodisiac, I almost died”.

” Stop talking about it okay ” Henry said and kissed her, Summer kissed him back.

” I love you “.

” I love you too, I’m glad I got there on time, I wonder how long Lex would have hold himself” Henry said.

” I will be getting a girlfriend soon” Blake scoffed and took Hailey’s hand, pulling her away.

Hailey looked at where she held her hand and smiled.


“Let go of my hand” Tiffany struggled with Hailey as she took her to the rooftop.

When they got there she released her hand and faced her with a glare on her face.

“You’re the one right?” Hailey asked and Tiffany looked at her weirdly.

“What are you saying?” Tiffany asked.

“You drugged Summer with aphrodisiac right?” Hailey said and Tiffany gasped.

“And why will I drugged her?”.

“Cos you are in love with Henry, you started acting weird the moment Summer started getting close to Henry, you distanced yourself from us cos of Henry, could this be how your jealousy and desperation can take you” Hailey said and Tiffany raised her hand to slap her but Hailey quickly saw it coming, she caught her hand and slapped her instead.

Tiffany gasped.

“My instincts are always right, I don’t have any proof against you but if I found out you did that to Summer I will never forgive you” Hailey said and left, leaving Tiffany standing in shock.

“Did.. did.. she just slapped me?” She said with a wicked grin on her face.


“How the hell did our plan got ruined” The person ranted.

” I was happy when Lex got there, knowing he has feelings for her, I thought he wouldn’t resist her but the bastard prove us wrong ” Another person said.

” I think we will go for the plan b, if getting her drink drugged with aphrodisiac couldn’t yield any result, plan b will do a better job” The person said and they walked away.

Someone came out from a corner and smirked, looking at the recording she did, she saved it before walking away.


Summer entered the class with Henry.

She walked to her seat and took her bag.

“Take me home Armor” She said to Henry.

“But we are having English now” Henry said.

“We can read to catch up, I don’t want to be here” Summer said.

“Are you sure you are fine?” Hailey asked.

“I’m okay”.

“Okay let’s go, guys see you later” Henry said and took Summer’s hand taking her out.

Tiffany swallowed hard and faced her book.

Collins stopped looking at them when they went out of the class.

πŸ‘₯ Why are they leaving?

πŸ‘₯Is Summer sick?

πŸ‘₯She doesn’t look lively.

“Can you guys keep quiet for once” Hilliary yelled.

“Cute guys don’t yell” A girl shouted and the students laughed.


The English teacher entered the class and it became quiet.

“Where is Summer and Henry?”.

“They’re not in the class”.

The teacher said nothing and started teaching.


“Are you sure you are okay?” Henry asked Summer as they enter the house together.

“I’m fine Armor but I want to spend time with you” She pouted.

“Really?” He asked an she nodded.

“You’re so unbelievable,, you made is to miss a lesson just because you want to spend time with me” He scoffed.

Summer quickly pushed him away and started frowning.

“So the lesson is more important to you than me?” She asked and teared up instantly, shocking Henry.

“No, babe”.

“So it’s now babe not Cupcake, I can see you don’t love me anymore” She said and started crying louder.

“Is she for real?”.

“I’m sorry cupcake, I love you with my life, hit me if that will make you to forgive me… I’m sorry” He said and started showering her face with kisses, he didn’t stop until she started laughing.

“I love you Henry” She said still giggling.

“I love you too my cupcake” He replied and carried her up.

She smiled wrapping her arms around his neck.

“Are you hungry?” He asked.

“I ate in the cafeteria dummy… but I’m hungry for your lips” She smiled.

“You will have to pay for me saving you today” He said.


“You made me to broke one of the things I refuse to do in my life…”.

” F*cking in the restroom?”.

” You’re so smart” He kissed her nose.

” I can pay anything” She winked naughtily.

” Naughty thing” He said and started walking with her to his room.

Summer kept giggling as he took her upstairs.


Cassie and Brandon entered a restaurant and located a seat.

They sat down, smiling at each other.

At another table sat a guy looking at Cassie.

“I will get something in the car” Brandon said and stood, walking out.

Immediately he left the guy stood up and went to Cassie.

” Hi” He said, with a charming smile.

Cassie frowned seeing him.

“You again?” She asked.

“Aren’t you happy to see me?” He asked.

“Why should I be? I told you to stop trying I can’t love you, just stay away from me” She snapped.

“But I can’t” He said and touched her cheek.

Cassie stood up and slapped him.

“What? you slapped me?” The guy asked.

Other people attention turned on them.

“Yes and I will do it again if you touch me” She said.

“You slut” He said and tried hitting her but a strong hand held him.

“You can hit another person but not mu woman” Brandon said and twisted his hand before kicking him on the face, he staggered back.

Brandon grabbed him and slammed his back on a table, some of the glasses broke and blessed his back.

” Ahhhh…”.

” Stop” One of the security said.

” What are you doing, fighting is not alone here”.

Brandon scoffed.

“Pay for damages”.

Brandon removed some dollars and threw it at them.

He took Cassie out immediately.

She kept looking at him as they went out, she hasn’t seen him this angry, even his angry side is still cute.

Brandon entered the car with her and was about igniting it when Cassie held his hand gently.

He turned to her and their eyes locked.

Immediately affection and emotions started building in their eyes.

” What did you mean by your woman in there?” Cassie asked, expecting him to confess.

” Cos I.. love you Cassie” He replied, slowly.

She froze with widened eyes, it took her a while to come back.

” You love me?”.

” I love you, I was afraid to confess to you thinking you might rej…”.

“I love you too, freaking much” Cassie said and the next thing, she took position of his lips..


The twins came out of the car immediately their car stopped in the front of the restaurant.

“Be on the lookout, I will inform you if anything goes wrong” Henry said to Hillary.

“Okay twin bro” Hilliary said.

Henry then proceeded, entering the restaurant.

Since some days ago, a strange number kept calling him for them to meet up, he told Hilliary about it and he asked him to accept but they made a plan.

Hilliary will accompany him incase if anything goes wrong.

So this is the reason he is here.

He made his way in and sat down.

Some minutes passed and he he didn’t see anyone.

“Is this some kind of joke or what?” He said.

He was about dialling the number when the door of the restaurant opened.

His eyes widened on seeing Audrey.

He watched as she approach him with an elegant steps, some guards following behind her.

“Henry” Audrey said and took a seat beside him.

Henry kept looking at her.

“Mother in-law” He finally said something.

Audrey frowned with a glare.

“You said you have a discussion with me, go on” He said.

“Don’t be in a haste boy, let’s eat” Audrey said.

“I’m not here to eat”.

” Come on boy”.

” If you have nothing to say then I’m sorry I will be leaving” He said and made to stand but Audrey held him back.

” I want you to stay away from my daughter”.

” Why are you asking me for something I won’t do” He replied.

” I may be calm but don’t joke with me, stay away from my daughter, she is not your class.. your dad owns a company, I want someone of higher wealth status to marry my daughter not a middle category like you” Audrey said, burning in anger already.

” I’m sorry, o can’t do that, I love your daughter and she loves me too” He said.

” Listen Henry, don’t push me to the wall cos the next thing tht may come, you will blame yourself, this is the last warning I’m giving you, stay away from my daughter”.

” And I said I can’t stay away from her, I rather die than to stay away” He replied on a hot head.

Audrey looked at him with a poisonous look and snapped her fingers.

A guard walked closer and drop a briefcase on the table.

“What is this?” He asked.

“Open it” Audrey said.

Henry looked at her before opening the briefcase, his eyes widened when he saw the amount of money in it.

“An offer to stay away from my daughter, in there is the sum of 700 million dollars” Audrey grinned.

” 700 million dollars” Henry said with his mouth wide.


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