Meant For Each Other

Meant for each other episode 68 – 69


🌺 CHAPTER 68 & 69 🌺



“Babe” Henry surprised at her sudden action.

Not Henry that was surprised, the rest were surprised too.

“What is it?” He asked with his face still buried in her b**bs, his voice was coming out in a muffle.

“The girls are looking at you and I don’t want them to look at your face again” She replied, pouting cutely.

The others started laughing at her.

“Seriously, is this how jealous you can be?” Dorathy asked.

“Swear, Summer your jealousy deserve an award” Hailey said.

“You should buy face mask for him” Hilliary said.

“What can a single guy say?” Blake said and shrugged.

“There are many girls out there wishing to have you” Henry said to Blake.

“I don’t want stress, I’m not ready for hypertension” Blake shook his head.

Hailey gulped down a glass of beer to calm her heart down.

“I hope Lex won’t destroy himself with the life he has change into” Summer said..

Their eyes went to the direction Summer was looking at and saw Lex flirting with girls.

“It’s his life” Henry muttered.

Summer kept looking at Lex and the memory of how they kissed flashed through her head and she quickly looked away.

“Let’s drink” Hilliary said.

They all got their cups, and flood of alcohol started flowing down their throats.

It only took a few minutes before everyone got drunk.

Except Henry , Summer and Hilliary.

Hailey turned to Blake and started staring at him.

“What?, are you in love with me?” He asked, licking the alcohol on his lips.

“Yes, I love you, I’m in love with you” She replied, laughing.

“Oh! I can see but I don’t love you okay” Blake said.

“He didn’t love me” Hailey said and started crying.

Henry and Summer with Hilliary started laughing at their drama.

“I am flying to London now” Dorathy said, widening her arms.

“God, what will I tell her grandma” Hilliary said, looking at drunk Dorathy.

“Is she a strict woman?” Summer asked.

“She doesn’t look like one” He replied.

“The don’t worry” Henry said.

The rest kept on talking gibberish till Lex came to them.

” They are wasted” Lex said.

“So you remember that humans are this side?” Henry asked with a scoff.

“Sorry buddy” Lex said.

“We need to get them home” Lex said.


The twins car stopped in the front of Dorathy’s house.

Hilliary came out with Henry.

He opened the back door and carried sleeping Dorathy out, he walked to the door and knocked.

Just a few seconds the door opened and grandma Lola face came to view.

” Son” She smiled and her eyes fell on Dorathy.

She gasped in fear.

” What happened to her?”.

” She got drunk.. I’m sorry I let that to happen” Hilliary said, apologizing.

” It’s nothing son bring her in” She said and Hilliary walked in.

Grandma Lola led him to her room, he placed her on the bed and covered her up.

” I will be leaving now” Hilliary said.

” Please don’t ever hurt” Grandma Lola said and held his hands.

” I promise you grandma, I won’t hurt her” He replied.

” I believe you, good night”.

Hilliary smiled before going out.

” Did she scold you?” Henry asked.


They entered the car and drove out.


Summer entered the mansion with staggering Hailey.

She almost fell but she held her back.

“I won’t allow you to drink next time” She said and took her hand, she crossed it over her neck and started taking her to the room..

James appeared sipping a glass of wine.

“Dad” Summer called.

“Child, your friend got drunk?” James asked.

“Yes, you are not asleep?”.

“I can’t sleep, going downstairs to watch the television, wanna join me?” James replied.

“Let me put her to bed” Summer said.

James nodded and climbed down the rest of the stairs.

Summer twisted her door knob and took Hailey inside, she lay her on the bed and removed her shoes before covering her properly.

She sighed and walked out to join her dad.

Summer went downstairs and saw James already watching the television.

She sat beside him and snuggle closer to him.

“How’s your boyfriend, is he more cuter than me?” James asked and Summer looked at her.

“I’m sorry he is more handsome than you” Summer replied.

James chuckled and side hugged her, he began stroking her hair, Summer placed her head on his chest.


Blake groaned before sitting up on the bed.

He yawned lightly stretching his limb, he looked around and realized it wasn’t his room.

He was a bit tense but immediately he saw Lex’s picture on the wall, he became calm.

He stood up and walked downstairs, there he saw Lex setting the table.

“Lex” Blake called.

Lex turned to him with a smile.

“You are awake, I was about going to wake you up, come and eat breakfast” Lex said.

“Where’s your mum?”.

“She left early, sudden emergency” Lex replied.

Blake took out his phone and saw tons of messages and calls from his mum.

“Bro, I need to go, mum must be worried about me” Blake said.

” What about breakfast?.”.

” Next time, my car is outside right?”.

Lex nodded.. Blake rushed out immediately.

Lex sighed and sat down.

” I will be eating alone”.

He phone beeped and checked it out, he smiled seeing a text message from one of the girls that collected his number.

” It’s better to be a playboy than to get your heart broken again” He said and started eating.


Blake got home and found Mrs Baldwin in the living wearing a worried look on her face.

” Baby” She called the moment Blake came in.

“Mum, I’m sorry” He said.

” I was worried about you last night, did something happen?” She asked checking his body.

” Nothing happened mum, I go drunk yesterday” He replied.

Mrs Baldwin frowned and started going upstairs, he quickly chased after her.

He caught up with her and started making cute faces at him.

” Next time you get drunk, I won’t talk to you for a week” Mrs Baldwin said seriously.

“I promise” Blake smiled.


“What are we having today?” Henry asked turning to Hilliary.

They stood before the mirror after getting dressed, no doubt they are looking more hotter today.

“I think it’s Maths” Hilliary replied, checking his hair out.

“I would have hate Maths I wasn’t good in it” Henry said.

“Seriously, it’s so stressful, you will keep on calculating nonsense things”.

“Twin bro, Collins is silent this days, don’t you think it’s weird?” Hilliary asked.

“Hmmm, I’m ready for everything he is planning, the bridge attack my mind kept suspecting him” Henry said.

” I am always here to protect you, I got your back” Hilliary said.


Tiffany looked at the bottle in her hand and grinned.

She smirked mischievously, hitting her finger on the table.

” First step” She said and smiled excitedly.

” I don’t give a damn care anymore, I will make sure everything goes as I plan this is the first step” She said and started laughing.

She took her bag and walked out.

” Wow!! you look extra happy today?” Her mum said.

” Yeah mum I’m so happy” She said and hugged her.

” I will see you after school” She said and went out.

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“I pray you keep being this happy” .


Collins walked in and smirked seeing the b*tch already naked.

Nothing is covering her body.

“You must be hungry for my d*ck ” He said and the girl bite her lips.

The girl came for him and started kissing his lips fiercely while unbolting his belt.

His hands went to her bare @ss and he grabbed it, he spanked it till the area became red.

Their lips continue moving on each other, she pulled his trouser and his pant at the same time.

He took his eyes to her as she went on her knees, he stared as she took his erected d*ck in her palm.

She started stroking it while talking naughty.

“Cool down baby boy, mama is here to take care of you, I will give you a good s*cking after stroking okay” She said smelling his d*ck.

” Ahh…..ahhh…ahh…” Collins moaned softly then he took his eyes from where stroking his d*ck.

She stroked his d*ck really good before she adjusted herself properly and started s*cking on his c*ck, taking it down into her throat.

She soaked his d*ck completely with her saliva, using her tongue to lick his pee hole and that drove him nuts.

“Oh f*ck!” He groaned.

“I wanna f*ck you now” Collins said and lifted her up and placed her on the toilet cover.

She bent before him and he propelled his d*ck into her.


He started driving into her speedily.

“Arrrg” He moaned out pleasurably as his d*ck was getting much pleasure from her tight wet p*ssy.

“Ah….Ah” Sweet moans flew from her lips as Collins thick d*ck was touching her walls of her p*ssy.

After a hard banging.

The girl brought her face behind to meet his, and they started kissing with their tongues while he f*cks her hard… moving so fast into her.

“Ahhh….” They kept moaning into each other’s mouths as they kissed and f*ck.

He kept f*cking her roughly till the last minute.

Immediately he released on her @ss, the door opened and Henry walked in.

They quickly turned to him.

“Shit” The girl gasped and pick her clothes running out.

Collins looked at Henry and slowly pick his clothes on the ground, he started dressing up.

“I can’t believe that b*tch was moaning with that pencil d*ck of yours” Henry said.

Collins glared at him.

“You went f*cking around but you still want to get engaged to Summer?”.

“She was a playgirl, no difference” Collins said.

“Can you hear yourself, she was, she is no more a playgirl, what makes you think you will have her?”.

” Cos I have the money, life revolves around money boy” Collins said.

” Haha, you and sense are enemies, money is not everything, let me advise you, you better give up on her before you will get extremely hurt”.

” She will have no option but to marry me, her mother is in support of my engagement with her, what about you?”.

“I don’t need anyone permission or support to marry her fool ” Henry said and walked out.

” We shall see who will win the game ” Collins said and left.


Mr James was in the class writing something on the board when he suddenly turned to faced the class.

He saw Henry and Hilliary talking.

“Henry and Hilliary” He called and they quickly stop talking.

“Go to the library and get me two textbooks of physics, the newest edition” He said.

“Okay sir” They said and walked out.

“Why will James send us to get just a text book one person would have do that” Hilliary said.

“Maybe he it’s his way of punishing for talking in the class” Henry said.

They got to the library and entered.

They went to the bookshelf and started searching for the books.

They searched for almost an hour without getting the newest edition.

“God, are you sure there’s a new edition of physics textbook, we have been searching for almost an hour now” Hilliary groaned tiredly.

” I don’t know bro, I’m tired already, let search for another thirty minutes ” Henry said and they continued searching.

” I can’t do this anymore, let’s go back ” Henry said after thirty minutes.

” Let’s go, gosh ” Hilliary groaned and they went out.

A junior student ran to them immediately they came out.

” Seniors ” She smiled facing Hilliary.

The twins stared at her without uttering a word.

” I’m Kia senior Hilliary, I like you” She said shly, displaying her cute set of teeth.

” Why are you shinning your teeth? ” Hilliary asked.

” Are you doing an advertisement for close up, nonsense” Henry said and left with Hilliary.

She looked back feeling hurt.

Some of the girls started laughing at her.

” We didn’t get the book sir” Henry said.

” There is no new edition of physics textbook in the library, that was your punishment for talking in my class ” James said and packed his books, walking out.

The class started laughing at them.

” Seriously, we wasted one hour in the library for nothing ” Hilliary scoffed.

” I can’t believe this”.


“You guys were wasted last night”.

Summer, Henry and Hilliary started laughing while looking at Hailey and Blake.

“Did we do something nasty yesterday?” Blake said.

“You confessed your love to Blake, telling him you love him”.

“And he bluntly rejected you” Summer said..

Hailey and Blake eyes widened.

“You even cried” Henry added.

“No!!.. no!!..I won’t drink again” Hailey stood up and ran out.

” Dorathy was flying to London” Hilliary said and the rest join in the laughter.

Blake sighed and started eating.

Dorathy entered the cafeteria with Nina and she took her to the guys table.

“Seniors” She waved.

“Hi cutie” Lex said and her cheeks heat up.

She smiled and sat down.

“Don’t try to flirt with my friend” Dorathy said, pointing at Lex.

“I surrender”.

Summer started kissing Henry’s lips and the students started murmuring.

“Can you two stop?” Blake said.

“Are you jealous” She broke the kiss to faced Blake.

“Hmmm” He scoffed and everyone laughed.

“Nobody can oppress me”.

” I want milkshake” Summer shouted.

Soon it was served to her.

She tasted it and it felt weird but she kept drinking it.


They were going to the class when Summer started feeling some tingle between he legs.

“Are you okay?” Henry asked.

“I think I need to use the restroom” She said and left them.

Immediately she got to the restroom, it started getting worst, pool of wetness invaded her system, she started feeling horny as f*ck.

She started sweating already.

“What is happening to me?”.

She tighten her legs but it was still the same.

She slide her hand into her pant to touch herself but even got more worse, her craving became more stronger that she started feeling pains in her p*ssy.

The desire for a d*ck whelmed her and she started crying slowly.

The door to the restroom opened and Lex walked in.

His eyes widened as he saw Summer.

“Summer” He said and moved closer.

She stared at him while crying.

“Why are you crying?” He asked and touch her.

His contact on her skin made her to lose the last sanity in her.

She grabbed him and started unbolting his trouser.

“What are you doing?” Lex asked shockingly.

“Please f*ck me” She said in tears.



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