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Memoirs of an ugly girl batch 17



By HSR* 📝📝📝




– *Diary entry –32*

Dear Diary,


‘Tu! Tu! Tu!’ My alarm clock rings as loud as it can enough for me to wake up.

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Yawning and stretching my arms, I hit the alarm clock to turn it off.

Then i rub my eyes and sit upright,

How come it’s morning already? I need more sleep and more rest. Well maybe I could skip class today I try to convince myself but I roll out of bed eventually when I realize I have an important presentation at school which is part of my CA.

I head straight for the bathroom hoping the cold water will knock the sleep out of me.

A while later I walk out of the bathroom feeling a whole lot better- I feel alive.

I quickly get dressed pack my books and laptop before I walk out of my room to the kitchen to have my breakfast. I have made it a point to have all my meals these days.

I am sitting in the kitchen having breakfast when Sherister walks in all dressed up for school, she is wearing a short black dress that displays her tiny baby bump, I swear pregnancy looks good on her, she is glowing and she doesn’t even know it. If I look this good on my first pregnancy then I will be getting pregnant every year- Wishful thinking I know.

‘Morning,’ Sherister says as she pours herself a glass of Juice.

‘Hey Rister.’

She shoots me an evil glance, she hates to be called Rister it annoys her big time. I only call her that when I want to get on her nerves and it works all the time.

‘My name is She-ri-ster! What sort of Rister bullshit is that?’ She rolls her eyes

‘Rister sounds s£xy,’ I laugh

‘Zendaya! I am seriously not in the mood for you right now.’

‘How is our baby doing?’


‘We are cousins remember, whats yours is mine cousin.’

She clicks her tongue, ‘I don’t know what has gotten into you this morning but please leave me alone.’

I am about to respond to her when my phone buzzes- it’s a text from Elijah.

‘Good morning Gorgeous!’

‘Good morning Babe!’

‘How are you? I hope you slept well.’

‘I am fine & ya i slept well. You?’

‘Same here. I miss you though.’

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‘I miss you too.’

‘Ready for school?’


‘Can’t wait to see you.’

I chuckle and reply, ‘me too.’

‘I will see you later babe, take care of yourself.

‘Take care of yourself too, I love you.’

‘I love you too,’ he replies

I place my phone on the table and continue eating. I can feel Sherister’s curious eyes on me, I glance up to find her staring at me.


‘Just a little curious, are you seeing someone?’

I raise my eyebrows, ‘How is that any of your business?’

‘We are cousins remember and we must tell each other everything.’

‘Oh please,’ I stand up

‘Do you want a lift to school?’ she asks

She got her back from her father so she can easily move to and from school

‘I would love that,’ I smile, like who says no to a free ride. This girl is dramatic though, I don’t understand her, some days she is nice some days she is extremely mean.

Anyway she finishes her breakfast and we walk out of the house to her car, I slid into the passenger seat while she gets on the driver’s side.

She pulls the car out of the drive way and soon we are on our way to school.

The drive to school is quiet, while she has her eyes focused on the road, I have mine focused on my book, I keep going through the presentation to make sure it’s perfect.

Thirty minutes later, she parks in front of my school.

‘Thank you for the ride cousin,’ I smile stepping out of the car


She drives off as I walk in.

‘Pa Phiri morning,’ I politely greet the security man at the gate.

‘Zenidaya morning my child.’

I roll my eyes, ‘Zen-da-ya.’

He laughs, ‘One and the same thing.’

I shake my head, ‘Haba. I need to get ready for a presentation at 8.’

‘Alright, all the best.’

‘Thank you.’

I walk to my classroom, I find some people in groups obviously going through the final touches of their presentations. My group and I finalized our work on Friday all we need is just to go through it one more time then we are good to go.

‘Hey! Hey!’ one of my classmates greets me.

‘Hey Rose.’

‘You are good?’


‘So I was wondering if you can help us with a little bit of information,’ she says

I knew that greeting had a condition to it, the only time most of these people are ever kind to me is when they need help with something.


She grabs the book from another colleague and comes to my desk, every member of her group joins.

‘We need some points we are kinda stuck?’

‘Are you kidding me? This is Monday and we should be presenting in like an hour’s time yet they haven’t even written anything concrete.’

‘Just a few points to get us started; please we will quickly do a write up before Miss.

Christine comes.’

I want to say no to them considering how badly they treat me most of the times but I hate repaying evil for evil.

‘Okay, I will help but I will be quick just twenty minutes because my group members will be here soon.’

‘Thank you.’

Well, I spend the next forty minutes explaining to them and giving examples, while they take a few notes here and there, their question is even easier than the one they were given yet they failed to come up with answers, it think it’s just laziness mwe.

‘Thank you.’


They rush off to their desk and start writing.

‘You shouldn’t have helped them,’ Angie whispers as she seats next to me, she is part of my group.


‘They always treat you badly.’

I laugh,’ As if you have ever treated me any better.’


‘Let’s not get into that, we need to go through this,’ I gesture to the other guys to join us.


08: 15 hours

Miss Christine walks into the classroom and as usual she is wearing a really short and tight dress, the class erupts in a burst of quiet murmurs.

I shake my head she really knows how to draw attention to herself.

She puts her bag on the table before she speaks out.

‘I am sorry I am late something came up but we will get into the presentations right away.’

‘Okay!’ Sarah responds, her group is the first to present.

‘Just hold on shortly before you start, someone else will be joining us. He is going to help me grade this presentation,’ she smiles

There is a knock at the door a second later.

‘I will get it,’ she tells Rose who is about to go to the door.

She opens the door and smiles widely at the person on the other side.

‘Hey! Come on in,’ she says.

My heart beats hard when I see the person who has just walked into the classroom.

We lock eyes briefly before he quickly looks away; well at school we try to keep our relationship as professional as possible to avoid any suspicions.

‘No need for introductions I guess,’ she says

When Elijah and Miss Christine are settled in, Sarah walks to the front and starts with the presentation, I am jotting down a few things as she goes on and on, the presentation is good- quiet good actually they did their research.

A few claps sounds from the rest of the class as she concludes

‘Thank You Sarah and your group,’ Miss Miss Christine gestures for her to return to her seat.


I am up next but I am so nervous, this is the part I hate about school, standing in front of the classroom and presenting, though lecturers have told before that I am good at this, I just never believe them, I still have a low self esteem you can’t blame me though.

‘Zendaya! Miss Christine yells startling me from my trance.

‘We don’t have the whole day,’ she snaps at me

I stand up, take a deep breath and make my way to the front of the class.

I focus my eyes around the room and try to be as confident as possible.

‘—–so Event management coordination, generation, advancement and execution help specialists additionally include administration actualized as occasions, item propelling, question and answer questions among others, ‘I finally conclude.

Most of the people clap and cheer for me as I head back to my seat.

‘Good job,’ Elijah says

Surprisingly even Miss Christine is impressed.



The last group is almost winding up with their presentation, I can’t wait for this class to end, i am kind of irritated at the way Miss Christine keeps whispering in Elijah’s ears and leaning on him like who does that, this lady is trouble, I swear I can’t deal.

Eventually the last group finishes and we all hand over our papers to the madam.

‘Excellent work you all,’ Elijah says as he stands up to finally leave

‘Thank you for helping out,’ she smiles at him

‘You are welcome Christine.’

I roll my eyes, ‘Christine!’ I mutter under my breath.

‘I will bring these papers next time with have class,’ Miss Christine

says a minute later before she leaves the classroom.

So we have one more class before we call it a day, I seriously can’t wait to go home, Koko is coming today and I am excited- I can’t keep calm.

‘Zendaya can we talk?’ Angie asks

‘I don’t think we have anything to talk about.’

‘Please just spare me even 5 minutes of your time after class, please.’

I love Angie, I still miss our moments but I don’t know if we can restore what we once shared, well maybe I should her a chance and see what she is going to say.

‘Okay,’ I respond.


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