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Mine the mafia possession episode 39

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Episode 39


Today was th£ day that I would tell S!n ab©vt th£ baby. I’m happy be!ng pregnant
and I hope h£ will be too. But that didn’t
stop th£ fear, fear that I might be a horrible moth£r. I’m s¢ar£d that I might end up not lov!ng my child as a moth£r shouLd and end up do!ng all th£ wrong th!ngs. I m©v£d my [email protected] on h¡s hair, lov!ng th£ soft feel of it.

“It’s still early, why are you awake?” S!n
sleepy voice r!ngs ©vt and I smile.

“I had to use th£ bathroom and found it
[email protected] to [email protected]|| [email protected]¢k asleep” I smiled and k
issed h¡s nose.
h£ ₱v||ed me closer, my h£ad rest!ng o
n h¡s ch£st.” You look tired am©r£, try to
get some sleep.” h£ ¢ar£ssed my ch£ek,I ₱v||ed away to peck h¡s l¡ps before [email protected]!ng [email protected]¢k on h¡s ch£st.

We stayed !n each oth£r’s embrace, cuddl!ng for sometime till I h£ard h¡s soft snore and I smiled, lett!ng myself [email protected]|| asleep.

Th£ second time I woke up th£ day was
already brightened and th£ b£d was empty, I’m guess!ng h£ had to go ©vt for an emergency. Th£ feel!ng of nausea set !n, I stood up from th£ b£d runn!ng to th£ bathroom, lett!ng ©vt every content !n my stomach. Wh£n j was done, I got off th£ floor, flush!ng th£ toilet.

I ran a bath for myself and waited for th£ water to warm before stepp!ng !n. I got !nto th£ bathtub, my [email protected]¢k rest!ng at th£ edge and stayed th£re for some time.

Wh£n I felt th£ water beg!nn!ng to get cold, I got ©vt and wr*₱ped a towel @r0vnd my b©dy.

I entered th£ b£droom, mov!ng to th£ walk-!n closet to get ©vtfit for th£ day. I opted for a black turtleneck jumpsuit, th£n tied my hair up !n a ponytail, leav!ng two stra!ns at each side of my face. I sat !n front of th£ mirror to do my makeup, keep!ng it m!nimal.

Wh£n I was done, I put on a black flat sandals, walk!ng ©vt of th£ closet with my phone !n my [email protected] I left th£ room to go d©wΠstairs to th£ kitch£n for breakf*st, before I fvlly began today’s activity.

On arriv!ng at th£ kitch£n, I saw Samantha and Zoey already th£re. Th£y both had a plate !n front of th£m, chatt!ng amongst th£mselves. Sarah was also th£re like always, $h£ was mov!ng h£r b©dy as $h£ sang !n Italian.

“Good morn!ng” I say, stepp!ng !nto th£
kitch£n. Th£y all responded with a smile and wave.

” Good morn!ng dear, hope you are hungry” Sarah asked and I nod, smil!ng at me. $h£ put a plate of FRITTATA !n front of me with a gla$$ of orange juice at th£ side. I smiled warmly at h£r, thank!ng h£r and $h£ smiled [email protected]¢k warmly, th£n went [email protected]¢k to clean!ng.

“Th£ sleep!ng beauty has awoken.” Zoey jokes, stuff!ng h£r m©vth with some

“I didn’t wake up late .”I countered [email protected]¢k
₱|@yfvlly.” Do you guys have any plans today?”.

“I don’t really have anyth!ng to do.” Samantha responded.

“Same h£re. Why do you ask.” Zoey questioned.

“I was th!nk!ng of tak!ng you shopp!ng
and I also need to get someth!ng myself.”

“That’s nice, but l’m not really !n th£ mood to shop for anyth!ng right now.” Zoey replied, h£r eyes cast d©wΠ on h£r plate and $h£ let ©vt a lazy sigh.

“What ab©vt go!ng to th£ spa afterwards? Samantha suggested and I nodded, s£nd!ng h£r an appreciative smile.

“Now, that is someth!ng I can do.” Zoey
says smil!ng.

I got up to go [email protected]¢k to th£ room to get my bag after breakf*st, th£n ru$h£d [email protected]¢k ©vt. We all walked ©vtside with 8 gaurds wait!ng for us. A limo ₱v||ed up with Mateo !n th£ driver’s seat. We hurriedly got |ns!de be!ng th£ journey of th£ day. We got to th£ mall !n thirty m!nutes, Samantha and I got th£ th!ngs we needed and Zoey j√$t compl!ned us. Our f!nal stop was !n a Victoria secret store.

“Oh.. Seems like someone is plann!ng someth!ng naughty for S!n.” Samantha
t£@$ed, while I went through th£ l!ngeries.

” Quit be!ng a t£@$e Sam.” I scolded try!ng to look for someth!ng captivat!ng to
wear for h¡m.

“I can’t h£lp it” $h£ shrugs. ” I th!nk th£ red one looks damn s€×y” $h£ commented at th£ l!ngeries !n my [email protected]

“I th!nk th£ same too.” I say, putt!ng d©wΠ th£ black one and walk!ng over to th£ cashier to ch£ck ©vt.

Th£ three of us walked ©vt of th£ mall,
gett!ng [email protected]¢k !nto th£ car, driv!ng towards our second and last dest!nation for th£ day. Th£ spa.

Th£ spa was relax!ng and fun, th£ girls
had some w!ne and I almost had a gla$$ until I remembered that I was pregnant. Zoey though, had questioned my reason!ng for turn!ng d©wΠ th£ w!ne but I was able to make up an excuse that I wasn’t !n th£ mood to dr!nk and Samantha [email protected]¢ked me up. $h£ bought th£ lie and didn’t ask me any m©r£ questions ab©vt it and we all had a great and well relaxed time.

As we h£aded [email protected]¢k to th£ mansion it was already !n th£ even!ng, I first had my
d!nner with us girls s!nce th£ men were
not [email protected]¢k yet. After d!nner, I made my way upstairs to fre$h£n up and get ready for th£ night.

Stepp!ng !nto th£ shower, th£ h°t spurts
of water hit my [email protected]¢k. My hair is drench£d and my b©dy feels relaxed. I stepped
©vt of th£ shower, wr*₱p!ng my hair an
d b©dy with a towel.

I comb£d my hair, dry!ng it off th£n did
my sk!n¢ar£ r©vt!ne which took close to
an hour. I sl¡pped on th£ red pair of l!ngeries with noth!ng on it. I dimmed th£ light, mov!ng to th£ b£d to [email protected] on it, wait!ng for S!n to come !n.

I didn’t know how long I waited but ended up [email protected]||!ng asleep. I was woken by th£ soft ¢ar£ss on my face and I let ©vt a pleas!ng sigh with a smile on my face. I opened my eyes, wait!ng for my eye to get used to th£ dark before settl!ng it on th£ face beside me.

I turned, expect!ng to see S!n but was welcomed with th£ sight of Jason. h£ was [email protected]!ng next to me with a devilish smirk on h¡s face while h£ stared at my shocked one. After be!ng knocked [email protected]¢k !nto
my s£nses, I made an attempt to leave th£ b£d only to be ₱v||ed d©wΠ by h¡s strong grip.

h£ got on top of me with th£ same scary smile on h¡s face and a chill went through my sp!ne.I opened my m©vth to s¢r**m for h£lp but Jason covered my m©vth with h¡s [email protected]

Why was h£ do!ng th¡s now, h£ had managed to ignore me s!nce th£ party !n New York. So why was h£ h£re !n S!n and I b£droom?

I squirmed d©wΠ h¡m, my [email protected] raised to
give h¡m a slap. h¡s face [email protected] and
I thought h£ was go!ng to hit me [email protected]¢k but !nstead, h£ tried to use h¡s [email protected] to hoId my m!ne [email protected] but I didn’t make it easy for h¡m. I kept mov!ng my [email protected] so h£ wouldn’t get a hold of it.

After much struggle to clap my [email protected] togeth£r, h£ let go of h¡s hold !n m©vth
and was successful enough to p!n my h
ands above my h£ad.

” Jason, get th£ h£ll up , away from me.” My voice was anyth!ng but pleasant and I didn’t give shits ab©vt it. I j√$t wanted h¡m off me.

h¡s face came closer to m!ne leav!ng us
a breath away. ” Aww, sweet Mani. Is that a way to talk to a guy you once loved.” h£ asked !n a mock!ng tone.

Th£ look !n h¡s eyes was evil and th£ smile ₱|@y!ng on h¡s l¡ps s¢r**med noth!ng
but danger which s£nt a wave of fear d©wΠ my sp!ne.

“Why are you do!ng th¡s? Why th£ h£ll are you h£re besides if S!n sees you h£re h£ will kill u, so leave now if you know what good for you” I tried threaten!ng h¡m.

Surpris!ngly, my voice came ©vt stern despite th£ way I feel |ns!de

h£ laugh£d ©vt loud like a freak!ng maniac. Clearly not affected by my threat., h£ looked m©r£ amused.

“How would S!n feel, to walk !n on h¡s
whore be!ng with anoth£r man, not j√$t
anoth£r man but one of h¡s trusted men. who, by th£ way, happens to be an ex boyfriend $h£ forgot to mention to h¡m.”
h£ laugh£d aga!n, h£ placed h¡s face at
th£ crook of my neck, wh¡sper!ng !nto my ear. ” Mani, Mani , Mani. How well does S!n trust you.”

A look of panic crossed my face, No. S!n can’t meet us !n th¡s compromis!ng situation. Especially with me dressed like t
h¡s. Th¡s really doesn’t look good.

I struggled to get ©vt of h¡s hold but didn’t want to do anyth!ng drastic that would be harmful to th£ baby. ” What would you accomplish by ru!n!ng my relationship with S!n. j√$t end th¡s charade Jasonand get away from me.” I h¡ssed, keep!ng my face pa$$ive

“We have successfvlly managed to ignore each oth£r th£se past few months, so why don’t we go [email protected]¢k to ignor!ng each
oth£r as we m©v£ on with our lives.” I spat ©vt at h¡m, hop!ng to knock !n some s£nse because clearly h£ was !n th£ dy!ng need of one.

“Oh sweety Mani, how easily you let h¡m fv¢k you but won’t let me touch you even wh£n I pleaded with you [email protected]¢k !n high school, you bluntly refused me.” h£ said, smirk!ng d©wΠ at me. ” But don’t worry, I plan on enjoy!ng it all today. That sweet p*ssy of yours that seems to have gotten S!n captivated.”

I started to wiggle ©vt of h¡s hold and immediately I was able to free my [email protected] I started hitt!ng h¡m everywh£re, not car!ng wh£re I touch£d. I didn’t want h¡m anywh£re near me.

h¡s laugh stopped h¡m, h£ was enjoy!ng
my futile struggle. ” It’s amus!ng see!ng
you try!ng to free yourself wh£n you know you’re noth!ng but a path£tic weak whore”.

“Please Jason, stop th¡s. I beg of you.” I
said weakly tired of whatever game h£
was try!ng to ₱|@y.

h£ tilted h¡s h£ad to th£ oth£r side as if
h£ was giv!ng it some thought before bend!ng d©wΠ to wh¡sper !n my ear. ” No.”
Yank!ng th£ bra off me and I [email protected] but !n pa!n and extreme shock.

“fv¢k, your tits are marvelous, th£y always had me every s!ngle time. I had imag!ned what th£y looked like and now f!nally I get to see th£m. All thanks to that
bitch, at least $h£ did someth!ng useful
!nstead of wh!n!ng ab©vt S!n all day”

Bitch. Who was h£ talk!ng ab©vt?

I couldn’t pounder ab©vt it wh£n h£ started a$$ault!ng my neck with h¡s pa!nful klzzes. I tried to prevent h¡m from do!ng that and I started ₱ush!ng h¡m off me. h£ banged my h£ad [email protected] aga!nst th£ h£adboard, stopp!ng me. My h£ad started
to sp!n and I felt my eyelid clos!ng.

I struggled to keep my eyes open, wh£n
h¡s [email protected] went d©wΠ my stomach. h£ cont!nued to trail h¡s [email protected] d©wΠ till th£y reach£d my [email protected]¡$tl!ne. h£ tugged on my [email protected], ₱v||!ng it off, leav!ng me stacked [email protected]£d underneath h¡m.

h£ placed disgust!ng klzzes d©wΠ my s
tomach till h£ got to my cl*t. h¡s l¡ps attach£d to my cl*t and my stomach chung, I put my [email protected] to my m©vth try!ng to hoId d©wΠ th£ biles of vomit try!ng to make th£ir way ©vt.

I [email protected] ©vt !n pa!n, wh£n h£ !ns**ted a f!ng£r !n me and I put both [email protected] !n h¡s hair to ₱v|| h¡s h£ad away from my h£
ad and that was wh£n my world fell apart.

“What th£ h£ll is go!ng on h£re?.”

h£!n don happen o gh£n gh£n 🚴🚴🚴
m so sad to cont!nue gan cause we don reach break!ng po!nt

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