Mine The Mafia Possession

Mine the mafia possession episode 40

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Episode 40


h£r [email protected] filled th£ room that I was sure that neighbors could h£ar. I smile devilishly at h£r plugg!ng deep |ns!de h£r,
my [email protected] wr*₱ped @r0vnd h£r [email protected]¡$t while I thrv$t |ns!de h£r.

$h£ match£d my pace like a little whore
that $h£ was, mov!ng up and d©wΠ my d*ck. I had no mercy on h£r as I slammed !n on h£r, har$h£r and f*ster.

“S!n. ” $h£ [email protected], h£r voice desperate
for m©r£. I didn’t m!nd that $h£ kept on [email protected]!ng that bastard’s name. I couldn’t ¢ar£ less, th£re was no feel!ng b£tweeΠ. I j√$t used h£r to let ©vt my frustration and $h£ doesn’t compla!n because $h£ does th£ same as well.

$h£ s¢r**med h¡s name as I shove myself deep |ns!de h£r. h£r nails dug beh!nd my [email protected]¢k, draw!ng ©vt blood. I had th¡s slut bent over as I fv¢ked h£r, all I could imag!ne is my c*ck d©wΠ !n Mani while th£ slut below me [email protected] and cry ©vt !n ₱1ea$vre, fv¢k!ng h£r [email protected], I wi$h£d it was Mani, my Mani.

I cont!nue to thrv$t !n on h£r [email protected] and
I feel th£ ₱1ea$vre take over me.

“S!n” h£r squeaky little voice Wh£n I thrv$t !nto h£r once m©r£ and we both came undone.

I ₱v||ed ©vt of h£r, ₱ush!ng myself away
from h£r to [email protected] on th£ oth£r side of th£
b£d. $h£ stood up from th£ b£d to walk !nto th£ bathroom while I went through my phone, I swiped through th£ hidden cameras I had put !n S!n’s house look!ng for a particular red hair.

I f!nally found h£r !n th£ liv!ng room, Watch!ng th£ Tv. I take !n h£r appearance and I [email protected] !n frustration, star!ng at Mani
I can’t believe it, i was [email protected] aga!n. Th£ bathroom door opened and th£ annoy!ng slut walked !n. I was only with h£r because $h£ promised to get me a night with Mani, I was skeptical at first, wonder!ng what $h£ wanted ©vt of all th¡s and it became clear wh£n we struck a deal.

I get Mani and $h£ gets S!n.

I j√$t don’t understand what it is with girIs and S!n, th£y always flock @r0vnd h¡m
like some h**Πy p*ssy. Claim!ng to be !n love with h¡m but wh£n all th£y wanted was h¡s money and d*ck.

“Tomorrow is th£ day, make sure you do it right.” h£r annoy!ng voice broke me ©vt of my thoughts.

“Sure, whatever. But you know how S!n is, h£ would no doubt kill me.” I spat ©vt, pissed at th£ plan, wh£n it might go d©wΠ s©vth.

“You j√$t need to be found !n a compromis!ng situation with h£r till S!n gets [email protected]¢k.” $h£ says light!ng up a cigarette !n h£r [email protected]” l j√$t need h¡m to see that $h£ is not worthy of h¡m, all h£ needs is me, not that slut.” $h£ took !n a drag, b!0w!ng it ©vt. Delusional bitch.

“How do you plan on gett!ng me ©vt because th£re is no way I’m tak!ng th£ blame for you.” I growl, scowl!ng at h£r.

“I will get you ©vt before anyth!ng happens, so man up and quit be!ng a baby” $h£ cooed.

I scoffed, look!ng at h£r. ” Let’s go through th£ plan aga!n. How do you plan on mak!ng S!n believe Mani and I have been secretly hav!ng an affair?”

$h£ smiled at me like a crazy fv¢k, $h£
walked closer to me. Crawl!ng on top of
th£ b£d to sit on my lap. h£r [email protected] ran through my hair and I ₱u$h£d it off, scowl!ng at h£r.

“One of th£ mistakes little poor Mani made was not tell!ng S!n ab©vt h£r relationship with you. Th£y have been togeth£r for months and almost close to a year yet $h£ didn’t say anyth!ng. ” $h£ stopped to take anoth£r drag, b!0w!ng it on my face.

“It was a good th!ng S!n asked me to look !nto h£r wh£n h£ kidnapped h£r. I was able to omit every !nformation ab©vt
h£r. Now we are go!ng to use that aga!nst
h£r. One th!ng S!n hates is lies and betrayal, th£re’s no way h£ would ever forgive h£r. ” $h£ let ©vt a manic!ng laugh.
“I’m go!ng to show S!n th£ evidence of th£ both of you tomorrow and maybe a little bit of fabricated pictures mak!ng it look like you have been sneak!ng beh!nd h¡s [email protected]¢k.” $h£ says, h£r [email protected] trails d©wΠ to my c*ck.

$h£ went on h£r knees, swirl!ng h£r t0Πge at th£ tip of my c*ck, I cursed under my breath as $h£ smirked to h£rself. tak!ng me wh0l£ !nto h£r m©vth, s√¢k!ng
at it. I must say, $h£ knows how to give a great b!0wjob.

I grabb£d a fistful of h£r hair, thrv$t!ng !n roughly and $h£ gags as my member it th£ [email protected]¢k of h£r throat, I cont!nue to thrv$t !n roughly !n h£r till my h°t ¢vm filled h£r m©vth and $h£ quickly swallowed, lett!ng me ©vt of h£r m©vth to [email protected] on th£ oth£r side of th£ b£d.

$h£ stood up to pick h£r cloth£s, putt!ng th£m [email protected]¢k on. $h£ walked to th£ mirror to fix h£r hair and makeup mak!ng h£r way to th£ door of th£ h°tel room.

“oh! One m©r£ th!ng. ” $h£ stopped, look!ng at me sternly.

” what. ” I spat ©vt irritatedly.

” Try not to be rough on h£r.”

“and why is that. ” I quipped an eyebrow up, th£re was no way $h£ felt sympathy. I doubt $h£ was capable of feel!ng anyth!ng with h£r constant obsession with S!n.

” Th£ bitch is pregnant, I have plans for
th£ baby. ”

I was shocked wh£n $h£ said that. I was
pissed. ” What plans do you have for th£ baby?”

” S!n would be h£artbroken and I will be
th£re to h£lp h¡m get through it. Maybe
even fake a pregnancy. “$h£ s£nt a w!nk my way before go!ng ©vt of th£ room. $h£ is m©r£ crazy than I was.


S!n’s Pov.

I felt a soft [email protected] m©v£ on h¡s hair, lov!ng th£ feel of it and I s1©wly opened my eyes.
“It’s still early, why are you awake?” my
sleepy voice rang ©vt and my beautiful
bamb!na smiled.

“I had to use th£ bathroom and found it
[email protected] to [email protected]|| [email protected]¢k asleep.” $h£ smiled and klzzed my nose.

$h£ ₱v||ed me closer, h£r h£ad rest!ng on my ch£st.” You look tired am©r£, try to get some sleep” I ¢ar£ssed h£r ch£ek, $h£ ₱v||ed away to peck my l¡ps before [email protected]!ng [email protected]¢k on my ch£st.

We stayed !n each oth£r’s embrace, cuddl!ng for sometime till | fell asleep. Wh£n I woke up aga!n it was already 7:30 !n th£ morn!ng. I klzzed Mani on h£r foreh£ad th£n s1©wly lifted up h£r h£ad to place on th£ pillow. I got ©vt of b£d, went to th£ bathroom to fre$h£n up for th£ day.

After wak!ng up, I got dressed !n a black Amarni suit before stepp!ng ©vt of th£ house to h£ad to one of my warehouses h£re !n ltaly.

I h£ad !nto my office to f!nd Luca sitt!ng
on my couch with a cup of coffee !n h¡s

“Morn!ng S!n. ” h£ says, tak!ng a sip of
h¡s coffee before plac!ng it [email protected]¢k on th£

I gave a slit nod, tak!ng a seat on my chair. “What time is th£ meet!ng today?”

“12pm, th£ meet!ng will be h£ld !n th£ Liceo Reale h°tel. An hour and thirty m!nutes drive from h£re so we should be t
h£re before 12.”

“Okay th£n, we will leave @r0vnd 10.” I say to h¡m, scroll!ng through my phone.

It was silent for a second. ” so, how was your trip with Mani. “Luca asked, stand!ng up from th£ couch to take a seat on a chair !n front of me.

“It was good, $h£ had a lot of fun. ” I said while look!ng at my phone.

“It’s nice to see how great th£ both of you are togeth£r. ” h£ complimented me
with a h*g£ smile on h¡s face.

“I told h£r ab©vt Lorenzo. ” I h£ard a chok!ng sound and raised my h£ad up to see Luca with a shocked look runn!ng across h¡s face.

“wait…seriously. ” h£ asked Surprise and I nodded !n response before turn!ng
[email protected]¢k to my phone.

“You really must love h£r:”

“I do, I plan on propos!ng th¡s week. ” I
said aga!n j√$t to h£ar anoth£r chok!ng
sound com!ng from Luca. I gave h¡m a
questionable look with a glare as well. Don’t look at me like that. You can’t seriously blame me, you’ve really changed
a lot th¡s past few months. ” I rolled my eyes at th¡s and kept my focus on my

“Wh£n I h£ard h£r call you by your name, I knew $h£ was someone special. I’m really happy for you man. ” h£ had a genu!ne smile on h¡s face and I couldn’t h£Ip but smile a little. ” Congratulations.”

“Thanks man. “We did a silly [email protected] that Luca forced me to learn. ” Let’s start go!ng so that we can get th¡s over with and I can go [email protected]¢k home to my bamb!na.

Th£ drive to th£ h°tel was as Luca had
predicted. After th£ annoy!ng long meet!ng, I had to go [email protected]¢k to th£ warehouse to settle some do¢vments before go!ng home. I Iooked at th£ time to see it was 6:30pm !n th£ even!ng and let ©vt a frustrat!ng sigh. I need to f!nish up th¡s so that I can h£ad home. I j√$t needed an hour or two to f!nish up.

Luca was with me, go!ng through some
oth£r do¢vments that conta!ned shipments and oth£r th!ngs. We were able to f!nish early, I stood up to get my th!ngs
wh£n th£ door opened and Luna walked
!n, sway!ng h£r hip. $h£ had a smirk on
h£r face and I knew $h£ was up to no good.

“h£y Luca” $h£ waved at Luca and h¡s face screwed up !n disgust, s£nd!ng h£r
a glare. ” still th£ same I see. ”

“and still desperate like always. ” Luca scoffed, cross!ng both [email protected] on h¡s ch£st.

” What are you do!ng h£re?” | growled ©vt, pissed.

“oh… Baby. That’s no way to speak to a
guest. ” $h£ cooed, walk!ng towards my desk to take a seat beside me.

“What are you do!ng h£re Luna. ” I voiced ©vt calm but dangerous, try!ng to ¢©Πtr0| my anger.

“I missed you so much. S!n. ” $h£ smirks, h£r [email protected] trails d©wΠ my ch£st. Attempt!ng to seduce me.

“You know what. fv¢k th¡s, I have no patience. I opened my drawer and ₱v||ed ©vt my Ruger 1707 GP100 and raised it to h£r.

h£r eyes widened wh£n $h£ raised h£r
[email protected] up !n a mock!ng surrender. $h£ th!nks I won’t be able to shoot h£r because of h£r dad’s connection but $h£ thought wrong. I let go of th£ safety ready to b!0w h£r bra!ns off wh£n h£r words stopped me.

“How well do you know your little toy?”
$h£ spits ©vt with a c*cky smile danc!ng @r0vnd h£r l¡ps.

I gave h£r a questionable look wonder!ng what $h£ was talk!ng ab©vt.

“j√$t shoot th£ slut, $h£ would obviously say anyth!ng to save h£r a$$.” Luca countered, walk!ng towards us.

“If you shoot me you would never know
th£ truth. “$h£ replied slyly.

I smirked at h£r, want!ng to know th£ game $h£ was ₱|@y!ng. ” Do !ndulge me. ”
$h£ opened h£r designer [email protected] bag to br!ng ©vt a brown envelope, slamm!ng it on th£ table. I quipped my left eyebrow up look!ng at th£ envelope th£n [email protected]¢k to h£r.

Luca picked it up from th£ table, br!ng!ng ©vt whatever content was |ns!de. h£ had a shocked look on h¡s face, h£ looked at me warily. I snatch£d a picture from h¡s [email protected] and my h£art stopped.

Th£re, smil!ng to th£ camera, was my pr!ncess with my most trusted man. h£ had h¡s [email protected] wr*₱ped @r0vnd h£r and $h£ rested h£r h£ad on th£ table. I looked d©wΠ at th£ date on th£ picture 15-11-2021.

“What is th¡s?” I snapped at Luna. $h£ had a devious gr!n on h£r face.

“seems like someone kept a little secret from you.” $h£ taunts.

“Why don’t you show h¡m th£ rest of th£ picture, Luca dare.

I turned to Luca and h£ seemed h£sitant. “I don’t believe a word $h£ says S!n. I”m sure th£re is a reasonable explanation for th¡s.”

I gave h¡m a pa$$ive look, tak!ng th£ rest of th£ picture from h¡s hold and my emotions went cold wh£n I saw Mani and Jason [email protected]£d, klzz!ng pa$$ionately.

I stood up from my seat pissed, storm!ng ©vt of th£ office with Luca at my tail.

“S!n, you need to relax and th!nk th¡s through. You can’t seriously believe that whore.” h£ said. I didn’t believe h£r at all but that didn’t stop th£ fact that I was hurt.
“Porta quella puttana nel sem!nt£[email protected],
non ho f!nito con lei (Take that bitch to th£ basement, am.not done with h£r),” I got !nto my car speed!ng off, [email protected]¢k to th£ mansion.

I took large steps on th£ staircase, rush!ng towards th£ room for an explanation and what I saw shuttered me completely.

“What th£ h£ll is go!ng on h£re?”

That’s how it all happen 😫
So our S!n wanted to propose 😔💔💔💔

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