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My alpha mate episode 29

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✨✨✨✨CHAPTER 29✨✨✨✨


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“WHAT !!!!” Alpha Mark roared in Anger as he slammed his fists on the table .
“calm down Alpha” his Beta Collins knelt down begging his Alpha to be calm.

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“Huh, you want me to calm down , how can I after that for God’s saken Ricardo joined my rival pack,”Alpha Mark was more than Angry .

He can’t deny the fact he had s£nt the Elvis family out of his pack .but he never thought they would join Crescent Moon Pack.

The pack that he despise the most.because of that brat Ezra,
“is there Anything else” Mark turned to the man who wore a cap and mask covering his face .

“Alpha, still I can’t get the whereabouts of Ricardo and Melinda, I have not seen them for some time now.”
“what do you mean by saying that” Mark asked as he lighted his cigar.

“its a while now but I can’t get any clue but am still working on it and as for their daughter she’s living in the pack house.”

“mmmh. anything else”
“yes Alpha,there are rumors that the Elvis daughter is A Gumiho ”

He tossed his cigarette to Collins,who caught it mid air.
“Really”,he asked shocked and surprised at the same time.
“yes Alpha”.
“hmmmm,I interesting.”

“I will take my leave now Alpha” the masked man said.
“no worries but s£nd a message to Bruno,the vampire leader and also the Necros we need to meet tell them its crucial because we need to act first”.

“Yes Alpha” the man bowed and left.
“so she’s A Gumiho interesting” Alpha Mark smirked.


The full moon is almost approaching. I need to cast dark magic spell on Ezra ,so he can behave badly to his mate.

When his mate is heartbroken he can denie Ezra as his mate and then……

“Do you think that will work ….” I heard a voice saying as I turned my back I met Xalak the Necromancer prince.

“What,are you doing here ,,? ” I asked .
He removed his cloak as his orange eyes sparkled at my direction.

“Princess Tasha,you’re still pretty ” he said moving close to me.
“stay away from me ” I treathened him .

“so bold” he smirked.
“And how did you know my name ,” I asked .

“why can’t I remember am the Necro prince ofcourse I know everything sweetheart”.
“so you want to cast a spell on your boy .imp that can’t work but we can have a deal as long as I get that girl I will help you in fulfilling your plans.he said sitting on my b£d.

“and how can I trust you?” I asked to be sure since I can’t just trust him .when he popped out of nowhere.

“just trust me in these only you have to use that bitch Anna ,she’s good in f*cking ,I will know what to do with Ezra as for you ,I will tell you the plans I have ,.”

“what plans? ” I asked Necros can’t be trusted easily.but I think I have to try my luck in trusting Xalak.

“patient dear,just enjoy the festive “with that he was gone.

“sh*t,,,,sorry Ezra but I have to do this,,, I have made up my mind I will use you to get hold of your mate so that she can make my plans easier.I wanted to use you but that can’t work..


I sat in my office quietly I had scheemed my plans and spoke to my pack warriors on how to protect the pack ,since visitors will start dropping by tonight..
I remembered on how I almost made love to Klara,after I finish this pack works I will make her mo-n my name like glory, I thought and smirked at my own dirty thoughts

I swore to protect my mate and I have to.
I took a whiskey and p-oured it in my glass then gulped it in one go.I slumped on the chair feeling nauseous.

“F*ck, what’s happening to me ” i muttered to myself my head was throbbing like hell.
.I closed my eyes as I opened them they sparkled black and orange then back to normal.

I rose up and my mind drifted to Anna ,I miss f*cking that bitch.
I have to find her I said and got out of my office


Xalak teleported to Ezra’s office making himself invisible.he saw Ezra p-ouring himself a whiskey.

He murmured some words not to make any noise.
just then a black smoke entered his drink and he drank it in one go.

“Tch,,,,what a foolish brat you’re,,,,silly like your mother”Xalak thought.

“I have used black magic on you and I will make you cheat on your mate,,,not even your mate ,,my mate she will be mine soon ” he said yo himself as he flashed his evil smile and vanished.


After Anna had left Ezra scooped me taking me back to his room, he kicked the door open with his leg and closed it.

He gently placed me on his b£d and looked at me in my eyes lovingly.
“stop ,staring at me like that ” I said trying clear the quietness between us.
“can I k-ss you ? ” he asked out of blue .
I blushed at his words and averted my gaze away from his.

“look at me Klara, and answer me ” he said with seriousness in his tone.
“hmmmm, no problem” I answered making my cheeks to turn even more red.

He then captured my l-ips ,k-ssing me slowly.
“k-ss me back pumpkin,”he said between our k-ssing .
I k-ssed him back with no objection.
Even if I was not good at k-ssing I just followed his movements.

he k-ssed me passionately nibbling and s-cking my lower l-ip.
he bit me seducingly and I gasped as he didnt waste a minute and dived his t0ngue in me .
he lavished my mouth in every corner.

I mo-ned wanting to catch some breathe.
we pulled away p-nting and in like seconds he k-ssed me again trailing k-sses to my ear down to my neck nibbling it .
I bit my l-ips to stop myself from mo-ning out loud .he k-ssed me slowly down to my cl-avage he cupped my br-ast through the fabric shirt I wore and I couldn’t control my mo-ns anymore.
I felt butterflies fill my stomach as I enjoyed these serene feeling.just as his hands parted my th-ighs he pulled away gro-ning in frustration..

“sorry Beauty I will be back and we will resume from where we left .”he pecked my l-ips and was about to walk away when I called

“Ezra, “.
“yes, my love ”
” am scared of this ceremony.” I said ,yeah I was scared .
“come on, ” he said coming back to me and cupping my cheeks in his wide palms.
“am here ,and nothing bad will happen to you,trust me I swear with my life I will protect you forever.” he said making tears well in my eyes and I fought them back.

“hush,,,don’t cry my love ,you’re mine and only mine .you’re the woman for me that the Moon Goddess has blessed me with I will cherish you forever,I will always choose you and only you Klara,,I won’t and don’t have any second thought of having another woman except you. ,,, so freshen up and I will s£nd you some dresses ,choose the one you’re comfortable with,,,look good for me ok,,.” he said lovingly my heart swelled with his words.

I just wanted to confess to him and tell him that I love him but I will tell him later.

“Mateo has told me visitors have started arriving ,,freshen up and I will too in my office.” with that he was gone.
I looked at the door and stood up and went to the bathroom,I had my bath quickly as I already missed Ezra .

I went back to the room and found beautiful dresses arranged on the b£d neatly.I looked at them and my gaze fell in a maroon strapless dress it was beautiful I took it and wore it since I was all alone ,no need to go and change in the closet room.

I applied a little make up and wore black heels ,I put black earrings and applied a little l-ip gloss .I then checked out my self at the mirror.

wow, I looked beautiful,I let my hair loose and I can’t wait for Ezra to see me.
I walked out of the room slowly taking slow but steady steps in order not to stumble.

I walked out and met a mesmerizing view .lights were everywhere.and many people were arriving,
I looked around to get a glimpse of Ezra but I got none.

“hey,looking for your mate ” Sera asked. coming at my way
“yeah,have you seen him,” I asked
“ooh. have you yet found your mate “I asked and she blushed

“Aaaah,not yet but I will ” she said hiding her face and I knew she was actually lying.
“I gotta go ” she said and ran away.

“you, really do amuse me Sera ” I muttered.
I looked at my wrist watch it was thirty minutes now and I haven’t seen him still I was getting anxious.
I waited for some minute but no glimpse of him still.

I could feel gazed on me but I ignored them.

ooh, how silly am I he told me he is in his office I took my steps again. back to the house and asked on of the pack warrior where his office was since am not familiar with this house.

I followed the way and came to his office.
“finally, ” I said and adjusted my gown as I knocked but no response.
I tried to use Katya to hear if there is anyone in there .

*no need to knock go in ,this room is sound proof I can’t hear anything. * with that she was gone.

I held the door knob slowly I had already made up my mind to confess to him and tell him that I love him.
I opened the door and entered smiling but my smile fell at the sight of what I saw.

There he was making out with Anna,I couldn’t believe it.
“Hey,what’s going on here” I managed to talk making them stop what they were doing looking at me shocked but soon a smirk was on Anna’s face.

“Klara,its not what you think, ” Ezra said.

its not what I think. I just found him making out with that bitch,and I wanted to tell him of my feelings for him.

he has broken me.I recalled the words he just told me an hour ago…

“nothing bad will happen to you,trust me I swear with my life I will protect you’re the woman for me that the Moon Goddess has blessed me with I will cherish you forever,I will always choose you and only you Klara,,I won’t and don’t have any second thought of having another woman except you.”

so all those words were lies.Men change.I could not stop the tears that were falling freely from my eyes.
I just watched As Anna wore her clothes and Ezra too.
I walked out and Ezra followed me .

“Klara,wait I don’t know too what hapenned to me, please forgive me.” he begged .
I turned to him anger boiling in my veins.

“Ezra,I hate you no ,I despise you I said and removed my heels running out of the pack house crying my heart out.
I could feel Katya whimpering and I knew she was hurt so much.


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