My arranged marriage episode 57 – 58




(He is arrogant and mean)


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Gosh i want to puke!

I immediately climbed down from the bed as i rushed into the bathroom throwing up

Omg what’s wrong with me?

“Babe?” Jasper gently called as he opened the door but he couldn’t see his wife on the bed

He woked up early in the morning for a jog, he tried to wake Emmeth up but she said she arn’t in for a jog that day that she wanted to sleep more

So Jasper kissed her forehead and left

Now he is back but couldn’t find her in the room

‘Has she woken up’ Jasper thought to himself as he turned towards the door in other to go check her outside but he immediately halted when he heard some noise from the bathroom

“Babe are you in the bathroom?” He asked walking towards the bathroom

“Hm” emmeth hummed from inside the bathroom

But the way she sounded was so disturbing to Jasper so he pulled the bathroom door open

“What’s wrong?” Jasper asked with a worried expression as he rubbed her back why she throwed up

His brows was creased up in worry

After Emmeth was done throwing up, she washed her face and mouth using the sink

Jasper took a towel as he cleaned her face

“I feel so light headed” emmeth said with a weak voice as she hugged him

“Are you okay love?, we should go to the hospital” jasper said as he rubbed her back

“I will be fine, am just throwing up because of the food i ate yesterday, i ate alot of food, my body as of recent demands alot of food, that’s why i ate overdose last night, maybe that’s why am feeling this way” emmeth said

Jasper disengaged from the hug as he cupped her face, worry and sadness was written all his face at how pale his wife’s face was looking

“Babe you look pale, i have noticed for sometime now that you aren’t feeling fine, so am not buying your words that you are fine, we are going to the hospital, I can’t just sit and watch my wife get so sick” jasper hugged her as he rubbed her back

“Just get me some medicines i will be fine,there is no need…”

“Shhh, we are going to the hospital Angel” Jasper said as he gently carried her in his arms

He laid her on the bed

“I will go clean up the toilet, then i will get you something to eat okay” he said as he kissed her forehead

He was about to leave when Emmeth held his hand

“Just tell cleo to clean it up, you don’t have to do it by yourself” emmeth said holding his hand

“Babe, i will take care of it” Jasper smiled at her as he walked into the bathroom

He flushed the toilet where Emmeth has throwed up

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Bella was in a super market buying things when she mistakenly bumps into Someone

“Am so Sorry” she said as she walked away without even looking at the person she has just bump into


Bella hearing her name halted immediately

She knew this voice, the voice of the person she has been avoiding for over a month now

She closed her eyes and inhaled deeply

She opened it as she formed a smile on her face turning around she said

“Hi Eric” she turned around as she started away without waiting for Eric to reply her

“Bella wait” Eric said

Bella halted again without turning around,,, she voiced out with a slightly cold voice

“What is it Eric?, As you can see am busy, am not in for a chit chat”

Eric immediately walked to her as he stood before her

“Are you avoiding me?” Eric asked

Bella looked away without replying him


“Why should i avoid you?” Bella asked as she looked at him

“I don’t know Bella, you just wanted to run away just now, is it because of what transpired between us two mont…”

“Enough Eric” Bella caught him off

“What happened between us was an accident, like i said before it was alcohol not us, so please can you just let me be?, Stop bringing it up for goodness sake” Bella said

Eric didn’t say anything as he walked more closer to her as bella drewed back

She gave him a look of what are you doing

“Bella, what happened between us was a coincidence, infant what Happened between us was fate, it was never the alcohol, it was actually meant to happen” Eric said with a sober eyes

“What are insulating?” Bella asked with confusion

“Bella it may sound stupid to you, but since after that day i can’t stop thinking about you” Eric said

“W…wha…what” bella chuckles as she blinks her eyes in suprise

“Bella please lets go somewhere more conducive and talk this out, i have alot to say, please give me some of your time to have some words with you please” Eric said with a pleading look


“How are you feeling mrs Jasper?” Doctor J asked emmeth

“I feel..”

“She aren’t okay doctor, she just throwed up this morning” Jasper said as he looked at Emmeth with a worried face

The doctor chuckled slightly

“Alright Mr Jasper we would run some test on her, to know what exactly is wrong with her so that we would know the exact medicine to give her” the doctor said

“Thank you doctor” Jasper said

Blood sample was taken from Emmeth to run the test

“Am okay Jasper, is just a little blood” emmeth smiled at Jasper who was worried sick at the blood sample they took from her

“Are you sure?, Should i get you some blood tonic drink” Jasper said looking deeply into her eyes

“Am fine” emmeth smiled

“Come here” jasper kissed her forehead as he made her lean on his shoulder while they wait for the test result

“Babe” emmeth called

“Hm” Jasper hummed

“You can just go why i wait for the result” emmeth said

“No,am not going anywhere” Jasper said

“But what if it will take some hours to come out”

“The doctor said it wont take long before it will be out, even if it will take long, i will be here with you, because you are my other half” Jasper said

“I love you baby” emmeth said

“I love you more bunny, nothing will happen to you Okay” Jasper kissed her forehead

“Hm” emmeth hummed


“Okay Mrs Emmeth your test result is out” the doctor said smiling

“What wrong with her?, hope is not something serious?” Jasper asked feeling so uneasy

“Calm down mr Jasper, is actually a good news” the doctor smiled at the couple

“Goodnews?” Emmeth and

Jasper said together as they look at each other then back to the doctor

“Congratulations Mrs Jasper, you are four weeks pregnant” the doctor smiled as he hand over the results papers to emmeth who took it with a slow pace and shaking hands

Jasper eyes was open in surprise

“Doctor, am…am preg… pregnant” emmeth pointed at herself with a widened eyes

“Yes mrs Jasper, congratulations Once again” doctor J said with a smile

Emmeth turned towards Jasper as tears dropped down her eyes

Jasper held her hand as he immediately dropped down on his knees

“Thank you baby” he hugged her so tight tears was also finding its way to his eyes

“Am going to be father” he said again as he rubbed her back

“We are pregnant Jasper” emmeth said as she hugged him back

Jasper disengaged from the hugged as he kissed her lips so deeply not minding that someone was watching them

Doctor J smiled at them, he was used to seeing this type of scene but these ones before him are so different, they are deeply in love with each

“Thank you baby, i love you so much” Jasper said as he hugged her again


Mr Cullen’s was sitted on his cushion drinking a wine from a glass when his phone started ringing

📞Hello John” he picked the call

📞Good morning sir” John greeted

📞Good morning, are you at the office?” Mr Cullens asked

📞Yes sir, have you seen the news?” John asked

📞 What news” Mr Cullens asked

📞Sir it kind of concerns you, put on the television and see for yourself” John said

Mr Cullens hanged up the phone as he turned on the television

” 🗣️Breaking news, the popular retired model, Mrs Elizabeth Watson who we all know as the ageless queen,,, something about her past has been discovered, her old photos before she became a model has been dig out by some bloggers, the internet are on fire now because of her old photos because the old Elizabeth is total different from our ageless queen, check out the pictures” the news broadcasters said

Mr Cullens pinched the space between his brows

“How can john call me to watch this!?, How does this concerns me!?” Mr Cullen’s said with anger as he took the remote to turn off the television

But he immediately halted on his tracks when the old photos of Mrs Watson displayed on the Tv screen like the news broad casters said

The glass of wine he held in his hand dropped down and break into many pieces



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