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My boss episode 24 & 25


My boss
Episode 24
I am fine”i yelled angrily at him
I could see shock written all over chris face
What have i done
I walked back to my office and sat down thinking about life
When i thought everything was finally coming into place and “boom” its over
the day went by slowly ,,nobody came in ,Mr chris didnt call or disturb me
immediately it was closing hour ,,i quickly took my things and the company before anyone notices
I took my car and went for a long drive ,,i kept driving arround till i saw a part ,,i stopped and came down to receive some fresh air ,,the park was empty ,i sat down in an empty bench
I stayed there ,,in my own thoughts ,,i had no idea it was dark already and i was begining to feel cold and hungry
I stood up entered my car and stopped at an eatry to get dinner when my eyes spotted someone
the demon i have feared all my life ,,i quickly hide behind a flower and watched him
He looks different now ,actually he looks worst than ever ,,his beards and rough hair made him look like a psycho part which me actually is
I waited and watched him leave the eatry, something kept pushing me to follow him and i did
I followed him till he arrived at an old motel down town ,,i quickly turned my car arround and left
I picked my cloth for work the following day and some stuffs i needed ,took a cab and went to an hotel
I know his gonna come for me again
It was morning already i entered the hotel bathroom ,did my business and came out
I dressed for work and left the hotel
I came early did all the work i couldnt do yesterday and waited for mr chris to come
Soon he arrived at the office ,,totally ignoring me and went into his office
I quickly went to bring his coffee
On reaching his office i knocked and went in
I dropped his coffee and he took a sip from it
I was about to go out when he called me back
“Sit julia” he said and i did
“Whats going on with you”he asked in a very caring tone
“Nothing”i replied
“are you sure”he asked and i nodded gently
Minutes later i left his office and went to me
Everything that day went smoothly

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but the thought of going back to that apartment kills me
“Arent you going home”mr chris asked
“I will ,i just need to put things in order first”i said smiling
“Okay see ya tomorrow”he said and kissed my cheeks
Soon i could feel the whole company was empty, everywhere was
dark ,,i did lots of un necessary stuffs till i was tired
I was ready to sleep when i heard noise ,,i quickly jumped up and locked the door,,i pushed my desk to hold the door also
I could hear footstep fast approaching and fear gripped me
“Julia “i heard a familiar voice called
“C’mon on i know your in there open up”
“Chris”i called softly and began removing the things from the door
“What are you doing here by this time”we said in union
“Well,,i finished working late “i replied not starring at him
“Oh i see ,,well i
forgot some important docvment”he replied
“Then how did you know i was in here” i asked
“Your car” he replied
“so i will be right back “he said and went to his office ,,soon he came back holding some files in his hands
“So you gonna sleep here”he asked and i nodded
“Have you eaten”he asked and i nodded then my stomach grumbled while i looked away embarrassed
“Pick up your things and lets go julia”he said
I quietly took my things and followed
I sat down in his car as he drives
“Were are we going to chris”i asked
“my house “he replied
My heart began beating fast
Am going to chris house 😳
What will happen ?
my plan became sweaty all of a sudden and i was nervous as hell
Episode 25
Minutes later we reached a massive building
Well is was expecting that shaa
we both came down and he lead me in,,i was expecting maids to be running here and there but i saw none
“No maids”he said as if he was reading my thought
“Make your self comfortable”he said and left
I was nervous as hell
I have never invite or brought any lady to my home
I texed my junior sister Ameila and she replied immediately
You guys should not blame me ,,all my life have been filled with work
I dont socialise or have any friends ,,i bossy and i dont care about anything
I also have my dark past which i buried in me long time ago and since then i vowed not to love
Until julia came ,,simple ,beautiful,smart ,,she just everything
I really like her and right now i know shes going through alot
Why isnt she sleeping at home?
Why is she looking pale?
this questions i must find their answers and thats were max come in
Amelia replied me instructed me to get her something to eat
Since i dont have much things in my kitchen ,,i just put thing together for her ,,gosh this is weird
I took them to her in the sitting room and found her already asleep
She was sleeping so peacefully i couldnt help but stare at her
I carried her in a bridal style and lead her to my room
I dropped her on my king size ,removed her shoes and used the duvet to cover her
i left the room well not without stealing a kiss from her plump and tempting lips
Gosh what is wrong with me
Amelia texted me and i told her julia is already asleep
i went to my study room and began working ,,yeah am a workaholic
I kept working and working till i heard a loud shout
I rushed to my room and saw julia battling in her dream
“Its okay ,its okay ,,your safe” i whisphered in her ears and cuddled her
She calmed down and clinged to me tightly ,,she was breathing so hard and i could see tears on her face
It pains me to see her in such condition and i promise to make the person responsibile for this pay
I blink my eyes rapidly and noticed a huge arm wrapped around me
I remembered how i had those dreams last night and how he made me feel safe
My stomach grumbled
i tried to free my self when he gripped me more tightly
“lets just stay this way” he whisphered
“Last time i checked i still go to work”i replied
“And last time checked i run the company” he replied
“I need to use the bathroom” i said shyly
He chuckled and loosen his grip on me
I stood up and located the bathroom
I splashed water in my face ,,saw a new tooth brush
Soon i came out of the bathroom with a towel tied arround my chest
I peeped out and saw he wasnt in the room anymore
“What do i wear”i though
My clothes are already sweaty
I heard footsteps coming i quickly ran and locked the door
i heard him laughed loudly
“You can pick one of my clothes from the closet ” he yelled
I quickly opened the closet picked some shorts and a t shirt that almost reached my knee
I went to the kitchen and found him making pancakes
“Wow i cant wait to eat “i said to him
He turned and kept starring at me and i couldnt help but feel embarrassed
“Fire” i yelled
He chuckled and kept starring at me
“No i mean actual fire ,,the pancake is on fire “i yelled
We both ran and began quenching the fire and the whole kitchen was smoke that we couldnt help but start coughing
We both ran out of the kitchen and began laughing
“Are we not going to work”i asked
“Lets take a day off” he replied and i giggled
Okay i think this is going to be a great day
To be continued

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