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My Fairytale batch 19


By Lady C💕

Inspiration for the week🌺Cassy filix🌺

Episode 36📚📒🏮


Anderson’s mansion*••°°°••

Micheal’s pov🌹

The guards opened the door and I walked into the house..I entered the living room and looked around..there was no sign of the maids.. they must have gone to sleep.. I thought and walked upstairs.. I entered my room and saw Eleanor on the bed, with her back resting on the head board, and a bowl of ice cream on her laps, there was a lot of empty packs of chocolate on the side table.. wow!.. what’s wrong with Eleanor, she doesn’t eat much.. but nowadays, I always see her with food..she was so engrossed in the movie she was watching, that she didn’t notice me.. I cleared my throat and closed the door, “oh, welcome honey..”she said scooping a spoonful of ice cream in her mouth..”thanks..” I said and unbottened my shirt..I walked into the bathroom and turned on the shower… Soon the door opened, and I didn’t bother to look.. “can I join you?” She asked standing by the door with her towel tied on her chest. “yeah sure” I replied.. she walked in and removed the towel.. she smiled and kissed me.. “how was your day?” She asked.. “it was exhausting” I replied, as I placed my hands on her waist and Drew her closer.. “really?” She asked wrapping her hands on my neck.. “yeah” I replied and kissed her deeply.. she withdrew and smirked seductively.. “are you hungry” she asked moving her w€t hair backwards.. “yes” ..”okay.. what do you want to eat?” She asked biting her lower lip.. “you” I replied and carried her out of the bathroom..

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Eleanor’s pov💎

I laid down with my head on Micheal’s chest totally exhausted.. I smiled as he gently caressed my shoulders… I have to tell him now.. “Micheal?” I called.. “yes” he answered.. “can.. can you recognize a pregnant woman” I asked.. he chuckled “of course Ellie.. the baby bump is visible” he replied.. “no.. not that, I mean can you identify a woman who is four weeks pregnant?” I asked looking at him..”uhm, I.. I guess” he stuttered.. “why?” He asked.. I Slowly removed his hand from my waist and slipped out of the bed.. “Ellie?” He whispered, sitting up .. i switched on the lights and stood in front of him..”Ellie.. what’s wrong?” He asked with a worried expression.. I raised my hand and slowly removed my robe.. “do you see any changes?” I asked.. he stared at my completely nude body and slowly shook his head.. “no..”he whispered.. “look again” I said.. he looked at me from my head to toe and finally settled his eyes on my b**bs.. he furrowed his brows and pinched my swollen n!poles.. I flinched and moved back..he looked at my navel, and placed his hands on my stomach.. “Ellie are you..?” He asked I nodded my head as tears trickled down my cheek.. “I am four weeks pregnant Micheal” I smiled as more tears fell.. “are.. are you sure?” He stammered.. “yes Micheal.. I am pregnant, you’re going to be a Father again” he smiled and hugged me tight.. “oh.. finally, I love you Ellie.. thank you, thank you so much” he whispered as tears fell off his eyes.. I smiled and hugged him tight. I’m not gonna tell him about Amelia yet.. I need proof for that… And as for Williams, I will deal with him myself..


Sydney’s pov..

I walked out of the complex with Jessy (my assistant).. “yeah.. so what about the model for the new cream sir” she asked.. “don’t worry about that Jessy, we are going to use Amelia woods” I replied “but sir.. I’ve already contacted Alexa” she said and I rolled my eyes.. “you Know what to do Jessy” I said walking to my car, with my guards.. “no sir.. I don’t, she’s a top model and a professional, we can’t just drop her like that, for a novice” she said running after me.. I stopped and turned to look at her.. “Amelia is my choice, I don’t care if she’s a novice or not, besides she has a virgin skin, she hasn’t done any surgery or any cream .. please send my apologies to Alexa.. or better still send her gifts” I said and entered my car.. she scratched her hair and turned back…


I walked into the house and saw Mia and Simon sitting on the couch, they were busy looking at something on his laptop.. “hey guys” I said.. “oh.. hey Syd” Simon said..”welcome Syd” Mia added..”thanks Mia” I said and walked past them..”no ..I think this one is better ” Mia said pointing to the screen. “no.. I prefer this one” Simon said.. what are they even looking at.. I asked myself..”no.. Simon, I don’t like that one” she said frowning..”then.. we’ll stay in different suites” he added, I turned and walked back to the couch… I looked at the screen and saw pictures of different houses, “are you buying a house?” I asked.. “no.. we are just picking the suite we are going to stay in Huawei” Simon replied.. “what?”.. I asked.. “park your bags cutie.. we are going to Huawei” Mia said and winked at me..

Episode 37📚📔🏮


Simon’s pov 👑

“Huawei?.. why?” He asked looking at me, “since Ami couldn’t come up with an idea on how to celebrate her success.. Nicole suggested that we go for a three days retreat in Huawei.. Ami liked the idea, so we all agreed” I replied.. “oh.. really.. that’s nice, do have a safe trip” he said walking towards the stairs.. “aren’t you coming with us?” Ami asked looking at him.. “uhm, no.. I’ve got a lot of things to do here in New York” he replied, “oh.. come on Syd.. it’s just for three days” Ami added.. “I’m sorry Mia, I can’t.. I will make it up to you I promise” he said holding her hands.. seriously? I rolled my eyes and faced the laptop.. ” please.. Syd, it won’t fun without you” she muttered.. I looked at her, and settled my eyes on their hands..” I’d love to come Mia.. but I can’t” he said caressing her hands softly.. that’s it! I’ve seen enough.. I closed my laptop and walked past them..


Amelia’s pov 🗼

“Simon.. where are you going? We are not done yet” I said looking at him.. “uhm. I.. I have a little headache, I’m going to rest in my room for a while” he said and rushed up the stairs.. “do you need drugs?” I yelled.. “no..” he yelled back and slammed the door.. what’s up with him?.. is he angry with me?.. I asked myself.. the door opened and Skyler walked in smiling.. he looked at me, then at Syd and finally settled his eyes on my hands, I slowly disengaged my hands from Syd’s.. “uhm.. I’ll be upstairs” Syd said quietly.. “okay.. I will call you, when dinner is ready” I said.. “okay.. i will see you later Sky” he added and walked upstairs.. I looked at Sky and smiled nervously.. “hi” I started.. he didn’t respond, he held my hand and dragged me upstairs.. he dragged me into his room and closed the door.. he took a deep breath and dropped his jacket on the bed.. he looked at me and moved his hair backwards.. “what was that about?” He asked with his hands in his pocket.. “what?” I asked back, “downstairs.. you and Syd” he stated.. “oh.. we were just uhm, we were just talking” I said, looking at the TV.. “about?” He asked “retreat” I replied..he looked at me and raised his brow.. “retreat?” He asked..”yeah.. we are going on a retreat to Huawei” “why?” He asked.. “uhm.. it was Nicole’s idea.. since I couldn’t think of a way to celebrate” I said looking at his eyes.. “okay.. so, was that why you were holding hands?” He asked.. “uhh.. yes”.. I replied.. “mmh.. okay” he said as he unbottened his shirt.. “I’ll see you downstairs?” I asked..”where are you going?” He asked back.. “I need to make dinner” I replied.. “urhh, can’t it wait?” He asked placing his hands on my waist.. “nope” I replied.. “really?” He asked tucking my hair behind my ears.. “yeah” I replied.. he smiled as he brought his face closer to mine, “Sky?” I called.. “shhh” he whispered..he pressed his lips on mine and kissed gently.. I chuckled and wrapped my hands on his neck.. he kissed deeper, and our tongues fought for dominance.. he found my sweet spot and I m0aned.. he smiled and kissed deeper.. Skyler has a plan, if I don’t leave now.. he’ll succeed.. I thought to myself.. but how I can I end the kiss?.. I smiled as an idea struck me.. I continued kissing him.. and after a little while “ahh!.. you bit me” he yelled touching his lower lip.. I showed him my tongue and ran out of the room..



Simon’s pov ❣️

I walked into my room and slammed the door..”so annoying” i said and dropped my laptop and walked into the bathroom..”it won’t be fun without you” I said mimicking Ami.. I slipped out of my clothes and switched on the shower.. “and they were even holding hands.. talking like couples, can you imagine”.. I said moving my hair backwards.. “who knows if they are already dating..” I thought, “no.. that’s not possible, Ami would have told me.. besides, she knows I like her, she can’t date someone else.. right?”.. I asked myself.. “but I haven’t really told her I like her.. urhh!.. what if someone asks her out?.. no, I can’t let that happen.. I need to tell her how I feel, I’ll just tell her in Huawei.. yes that would be perfect”.. I thought and smiled to myself…

I walked into the closet and wore a black joggers and a black sweatshirt..

Minutes later.. someone knocked on my door..I opened and saw Ami smiling.. “come downstairs.. dinners ready” she said.. “okay.. I’ll be down in a minute” “okay”…


Sydney’s pov

I was busy typing on my laptop.. when I heard a knock on my door..”come in” I said.. the door opened and Mia walked in “dinner is ready” she said and turned towards the door.. I stood up and pulled her back.. “Mia? Are you angry with me?” I asked “no.. I am not” she replied “okay.. uhm, I’ve decided to go with you guys” I said.. she smiled “really?” She asked.. “yeah” I replied looking at her cute lips.. “thanks Syd” she said looking at me “you’re welcome” I replied still looking at her lips, so tempting, .. “oh.. this retreat is gonna be fun.. I can feel it, it’s will be so magni…”she continued talking.. I wasn’t paying attention to what she was saying.. I slowly moved my face closer to hers..she stopped talking and stared at me.. “Syd?.. what.. what are you doing?” She asked quietly.. I held her face in my palms and slowly pressed my lips on hers..😮

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To be continued 🌹

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