Affairs Of The Heart

Affairs of the heart episode 40

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♥️Th£ h£ART

(Letters to h¡s celebrity crush✉️, search!ng for h£r)

Genre: Romance

Tags: Comedy, secret admirer, jealousy, hatred.

Sett!ng: Russia, Moscow city

Not Edited

Chapter 40

“Khalid, can you h£lp me plan a way to make h£r hang ©vt with me? I mean on a date” Steve asked. “What!”h£ exclaimed.

“Yeah, can’t you do th¡s for me” Steve asked.

“No, no, no, how do you expect me to do that. Will I j√$t walk up to h£r and be like Emily can you go on a date with my friend. Like what th£ fv¢k! Why don’t you go yourself” Khalid disagreed.

“Common bro, aren’t we broth£rs, I thought we are friends for life, I don’t know how to approach h£r” Steve said try!ng to blackmail h¡m emotionally.

“Emotional blackmail, well I will try. You worth m©r£. I j√$t pray $h£ didn’t misbehave because that girl is mad. I don’t really like h£r but I got no option, $h£ will have to be my sister !n-law now. But don’t misuse th¡s opportunity, make sure you asked h£r ©vt got it” Khalid said po!nt!ng a f!ng£rs at h¡m.

“Trust me, you know I always use my chances well” h£ smiled.

“Wow, you’ve f!nally smile today, I pray you don’t go mad. I th!nk we should hang ©vt ourselves today no m!ngl!ng with those fools. Th£y do drugs and is very bad for us, we are teen. Sixteen years old you know” Khalid said wh£n h£ remembered th£ people th£y hang up with.

“You are right, we might get !nto trouble, and we still have a long way to go. I th!nk we should j√$t go to watch movie not club today” Steve said.

Khalid gave h¡m some k!nd of look.

“Wow is th¡s how someone changes, you that can’t [email protected] do with©vt clubb!ng. I th!nk you are !ntoxicated. Hope you are okay” Khalid ch£cked h¡s temperature.

“No, I am not okay baby, I am dy!ng for love” Steve said !n a ₱|@yful manner, and th£y both burst ©vt laugh!ng.

Few days later Khalid plan th£ date as promise and it was successful. Steve took th£ chance to asked Emily ©vt, $h£ told h¡m to give h¡m time to th!nk ab©vt it and a week later $h£ told h¡m th£y should give it a try. Steve was so happy.

“Thanks so much bro, you are th£ best” Steve hugged h¡m t!ghtly.

“You are welcome small boy. Should we celebrate th¡s?” Khalid asked.

“Sure” h£ smiled. Th£y sighted a girl com!ng.

“Khalid see who we have h£re” Steve said.

“Nora th£ quietest girl !n cla$$. But do you know that girl like for me, I th!nk $h£’s !n love with my charisma. You know $h£ [email protected] speak with everyone but $h£ speaks to me alone, that’s great” Khalid said adj√$t!ng h¡s hair.

“Huh, stop deceiv!ng yourself. That girl doesn’t looks like someone who will drool for a guy like you, you are a flirt. Oh sorry, I mean we are flirt but I am a change person now. Don’t tell me you like h£r?” Steve asked glar!ng at Khalid somehow.

“I don’t hate h£r eith£r, I like h£r for who $h£’s, not hypocrite and quiet” Khalid said.

“Hi guys, I guess you both are talk!ng ab©vt me” Nora said on gett!ng to th£m.

“Why will we gossip ab©vt you wh£n we have someth!ng reasonable to talk ab©vt” Steve blasted.

“I s£nse that, well is your problem. And was it true that you and Emily are now dat!ng?” Nora asked.

Steve and Khalid smile at each oth£r.

“Yeah, confirm news. I th!nk my friend get th£ queen of girl” Khalid boasted.

“Hmm, $h£’s not my queen and m©r£over $h£.j√$t transfer to th¡s school few weeks ago. And a guy among th£ popular guy is already dat!ng h£r. Emily of all people, Eww” Nora spat.

“h£y m!nd your speech, don’t mess with my girlfriend, and was it h£r fault that no one among th£ two of us asked you ©vt. Your pres£nt is even irritat!ng me” Steve blasted angrily and leave th£m alone.

“I have a boyfriend get it, h£’s even h°tter than you. h£’s smart and not a flirt like you” Nora sh©vted but Steve wouldn’t look [email protected]¢k.

h£’s short temper, small th!ng got h¡m angry.

“But you shouldn’t have badm©vth h£r, and m©r£over wh£n do you turn !nto a gossiper?” Khalid asked.

“I am not a gossiper I am j√$t tell!ng you who Emily is. I know h£r well, $h£’s a girl of th£ night, $h£ do drugs and many useless th!ngs. Trust me $h£ even has a boyfriend among th£ bad boys $h£ m©v£s with. I th!nk Steve is a trap, I am tell!ng you th¡s because I love you guys friendship, and th£ way you both relate with everyone despite com!ng from a very rich family” Nora expla!ned.

“What do you mean by girl of th£ night?” Khalid asked try!ng to ascerta!n what Nora j√$t said ab©vt Emily.

“A prostitute, $h£’s not our age group, $h£ has dropped ©vt of school once before $h£ resume to a new school. $h£ misbehave with th£ male teach£r that’s why $h£’s was transferred to th¡s school. But I wonder why $h£ has been pretend!ng to be a change person not until yesterday that I saw h£r with anoth£r guy,l.

I guess $h£ has a new boyfriend or maybe h£r customers. That’s why you see I don’t hang @r0vnd h£r like oth£r people do.

It is none of my bus!ness so why would I tell anyone? But you are a friend and Steve is also your friend so that’s why I choose to talk” Nora expla!ned. Khalid etch is ears.

“Are you sure of th¡s? Don’t tell me all th¡s is true!” Khalid asked.

“How many th!ngs have I said that I will be ly!ng? Okay if you don’t believe me I will video or snap h£r if I come across h£r tonight. Or maybe I will call you to come and see for yourself” Nora said.

“I th!nk that’s cool, I will come along with Steve, so that h£ can also see for h¡mself. Thanks so much. You are a k!ndh£arted person” Khalid thanks Nora and $h£ leave.

Nora saw h£r later !n th£ day as usual $h£ !nformed Khalid who was nearby. Khalid lied to Steve h£ wanna get someth!ng very important from Nora, which is j√$t 10m!nute ride. Th£y both leave !n Khalid car. Th£y both have a car but never like driv!ng it.

“Khalid you are strange, first you asked us to use a car while hang!ng ©vt and secondly you and that bitch all of a sudden.

Are you hidd!ng someth!ng, and what did $h£ say to you wh£n I left th£ oth£r time?”Steve asked.

“You should stop ask!ng questions. Why don’t you wait to listen to h£r. And can I asked you a question?”Khalid asked driv!ng.

“What, anyth!ng?”Steve replied.

“How much do you love Emily? And can you choose Emily over me?” Khalid asked.

Steve smiles. “I Don’t know how much I love Emily, I th!nk $h£’s now a part of me. I know th¡s is weird for our age. But I love h£r.

And you, I can’t take any one over you not even Emily. You are my only broth£r. I am th£ only child !n my family alwsys alone but s!nce I met you !n k!ndergarten my life as been filled with happ!ness”Steve said, and touch h¡s shoulder.

“And you are worth m©r£ than a million. I will always make sure you are happy” Khalid said smil!ng.

Th£y got to Nora street. Khalid spotted Nora wait!ng anxiously for h¡m.

“Wait !n th£ car, I will h£ [email protected]¢k”Khalid said and went to meet Nora.

“Why don’t you allow Steve to come and see for h¡mself”Nora said.

“No, Steve will be so hurt. h£ loves Emily very much. I don’t want h¡m to be h£artbroken. Why don’t you j√$t lemme see, I might talk to Emily if $h£ can change and if $h£ didn’t th£n I will have to tell h¡m”Khalid said.

Nora sigh£d. “That’s why I like you guys, I th!nk you are right. You should talk to h£r, we will all be leav!ng hi school !n few days time. $h£ might be lucky Steve marries h£r !n th£ future”Nora said.

“Yeah, so wh£re are th£y”Khalid said and Nora signal h¡m to go to a direction while $h£ will wait th£re and make sure Steve didn’t come to me h¡m.

Khalid quickly go to th£ direction Nora told h¡m. It was truth $h£ found Emily with th£ guy wh£re h£ was sqv££s!ng h£r brea*t.

h£ felt irritated and leave angrily. h£ try to clear h¡s mood wh£n h£ got to Nora.

“I have seen everyth!ng. Goodnight thanks for th¡s”Khalid ru$h£d to th£ car and put on th£ car gear.

“What’s th£ problem, and what are both of you discuss!ng !n th£ dark?”Steve asked.

“I am pissed by someone. I will be f!ne”Khalid said.

“You’ve start hidd!ng someth!ng from me, I am s£ns!ng th¡s”Steve said, but Khalid didn’t uttered a word.

Khalid speak with Emily and $h£ promised to change. As time goes on Steve start chang!ng. h£ start to do drugs, hang ©vt with Emily and [email protected] have time for Khalid.

Khalid try h¡s possible best to make sure h£ didn’t go astray but it was so [email protected] Not until Steve stole a very h*g£ amount of money for h¡s parent after Emily lied to h¡m that h£r mum as a terrible sickness.

Khalid was so disappo!nted !n h¡m and hit h¡m so badly. Steve didn’t feel regretful ab©vt th¡s.

Khalid started blam!ng h¡mself for not tell!ng h¡m who Emily is from th£ start.

Steve was disown by h¡s parent but Khalid still stood by h¡m and h£lped h¡m with th£ expenses.

Khalid confronted Emily and warned h£r that if $h£ didn’t stop, h£ will do anyth!ng !n h¡s power to break th£ir relationship.

Khalid try to make Steve understand that h£’s too young for all what h£’s do!ng ot maybe h£ should break up with Emily.

Steve disagree th£y fought but later settle it th£mselves. Days past everyth!ng became worst.

Emily lied to Steve that it seems Khalid is attracted to h£r and $h£’s s¢ar£d. Steve told h£r $h£ should stop daydream!ng as Khalid would never do such th!ng.

$h£ was so disappo!nted that h£r plan failed. Khalid make sure $h£ trace Emily and get th£ necessarily prove to show Steve. Emily saw h¡m.

$h£ went to Steve house th£ second day but found Khalid alone !n th£ b£droom.

Wh£re’s Steve h£ asked. Khalid stubs h£r. “I am sorry Khalid, I know you like me that’s why you are angry see!ng me and Steve. But we are alone now”Emily said.

Khalid didn’t reply h£r. $h£ dropped h£r bag and look at h£r phone. $h£ glance at Khalid who was focus on th£ TV. $h£ strip, abd torn h£r cloth£s, $h£ m©v£d closer to Khalid.

“fv¢k off! I am not m©v£d by th¡s. You are a bitch!” Khalid yelled.

“Someone h£lp, h£lp”$h£ sh©vted as $h£ dragged Khalid with force.

Steve come !n j√$t that m!nute.

“Steveeee” Emily put up a show, cry!ng.

“Steve belief me $h£’s lie!ng, I am !nnocent of th¡s crime. Please believe your broth£r” Khalid try to prove h¡s !nnocent.

“I told you, h£’s attracted to me but you didn’t believe me, I hate you both. You didn’t trust me and believe th¡s betrayal” $h£ ran ©vt of th£ room [email protected]£d.

“Emily” Steve run after h£r, Khalid also run after th£m.

Emily who was runn!ng, smil!ng to h£r tricks didn’t look th£ road well and was knocked d©wΠ by a vehicle.

“No, Emily”Steve and Khalid sh©vted.

Steve ran to h£r and try to took h£r up. $h£ wanted to say someth!ng, $h£ po!nted to Khalid but it was too late, $h£ took h£r last breath with h£r eyes wide opened.

Th£ aura of pa!n filled th£ air as Steve sh©vt ©vt h£r name.


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