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My First Foolishness episode 5


Episode 5

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Even though my Mother had died, I was still showing my siblings love, I set up a good business for each of them, They were so appreciative and at the same time, they felt embarrassed for not being there for me at my worst. But I have told them they are my blood and i love them so much.

One-day I was out for an official assignment that took me down to Onitsha and then I bumped into Daddy Chijioke. The aged pharmacist, barely recognized me but I had to introduce myself and he remembered me immediately.
“Wow, Juliet my child, you look so beautiful, how are you?” He had said. He was so happy to see me again and he told me that his son was not back from the US yet and how Chijioke keeps asking after me from him. The old man requested for my number and I reluctantly gave him, my business card.

Many months passed and I didn’t get a call from the Pharmacist, as he had promised but I wasn’t bothered. I was glad he didn’t call but most times, I wondered what he meant by his son Chijioke asking of me.
“Did Chijioke think I will no longer live my life because he abadoned me?, he is so stupid” I thought.

One day, I got a call from one of my siblings that my Aunt Nneka, was hospitalized
“Aunt Nneka was diagnosed with a Liver disease and her husband had sold everything they had for her treatment” one of my siblings told me
“That’s serious oh, God will heal her” I said calmly
I felt bad afterwards and I made up my mind to go visit my aunt at the hospital. I was moved by sympathy, Aunt Nneka is family after all.

I was no longer angry at my aunt, I had truly forgiven her, all I went through in her hands, contributed to my success story. That day, I prayed for my aunt’s healing and in few days, I visited her at the hospital and there she confessed to something that made me shiver in shock.

“Chijioke, the pharmacist’s son visited you one day, some years ago when you were still living with me, Juliet,you were at home but busy with the house chores, that day I had told you to wash the water tank and you were busy with that chore when he came and he insisted on seeing you but I told him that you were busy and would not be able to come out, to my utmost surprise, he left and came back, He handed over a big brown envelop to me and told me that it was for you and then he left” Aunt Nneka said calmly and then she paused for a while and continued. While I was just listening quietly.

“When I looked into the big brown envelope, I saw a letter, in the letter, Chijioke professed his undying love for you and he also mentioned that he will be travelling out of the country in two days time, but he will be leaving for Lagos the next day, so he could be closer to the international airport at Lagos, in his letter he pleaded you should wait for him, he included a phone number you could reach him on and a cash of 200 hundred thousand naira, he instructed that you should go back to school with the money…… but I took the money, torn the letter and kept quiet about his visit. I’m sorry, please forgive me, my child” Aunt Nneka confessed in tears.

I was so devastated, all these years I thought Chijioke left me, I thought he used me and dumped me. I never knew my Aunt was behind all my problems. I wondered why she was so wicked and heartless to me. I didn’t say a word, my aunt was already in a pitiful state. Getting mad at her will be of no use. I walked away quietly.

I was thrown into a state of deep regret, i regretted not taking Chijioke’s Father’s contact when I met him in Onitsha. I regretted not telling him about his grand daughter Catherine. I burst into tears as my thoughts travelled to the time I discovered that I was pregnant and how I returned to the village without meeting up with him, I reminisced on every pain I went through, when I was able to contain my emotions, the tears stopped and then I prayed for God’s intervention.

” Lord I know I have sinned, I slept with Chijioke many years ago, when I should had said no to him, I have sinned and Lord you know how much I have paid for my sins. I’m sorry Lord, I was overwhelmed by the love I have for him, but please bring him back to me, I want Catherine to meet with her father. Please forgive me as I have forgiven everyone that had trespassed against me, including my aunt” I prayed within

That very day, I corrected the impression Catherine had about her father Chijioke as I was ready to start looking for ways to reconnect with his family at least.
I was discouraged, I wondered how I will go about it. When many years had rolled bye.

How will I respond to thier Questions, when they ask why it took me too long to show up with Catherine? Will Chijioke’s Father believe me? Because I met him at Onitsha without mentioning anything about Catherine to him. But I was prepared to correct my wrongs and do things the right way.

Sadly Aunt Nneka died and was buried. Her sons and family were inconsolable and at the same time, they were thrown into abject poverty as they sold everything they had to save thier mother but still it was futile. After the burial I wrote a cheque for 2million and handed it over to my aunt’s husband and her two sons and they were so appreciative and they promised to use the money well.

To Be Continued

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