My Heartbeat

My Heartbeat 2 episode 9 – 10


(Rhythm of love❤)
Gwennie’s POV
Slowly dropping the coffee cup on the rail block to prevent the hot liquid from spilling..
I let out a sigh into the mid air.
My first day being a slave to a freak was already creeping me out.

We are back home just as you guessed and my first day after twelve days in school was pretty tiring and freaking..first I got many many commendations from both the staffs and student on our successive victory on the school intra-competition then having to begin my new work as a slave to a big time maniac..
I had to go to the staffs cafeteria and order a cup of steaming cappuccino in Alexander’s name.
Well the good news is that I didn’t have to pay to get the tea, it was like every meal is gotten free there.

Well that was pretty good but I’d very much prefer paying than being a freak slave, if only it works that way.

Taking in a mouthful of air I took the tea by it’s band and moved to the metal door then placed two strengthened knock on it.

“Come on in” a ragged voice responded.

I gulped then twisted the door knob,moved in then closed the door behind me..mustering some guts I turned and w€t my lower lip.

“And the slaves arrives” a mockery note was sensed in his voice “Now tell me, what kept you this long?”

“I-I-I had to cue” I stuttered, giving him a quick glare first.

“Cue?” his brows flew up “In the staffs cafe?”

No, right in you stupid head..freak!

“Absolutely” I rolled my eyes.

“You don’t roll your eyes on your you?”

“You’re not my boss” I moved further and put down the cup on the table.

“Really?” he inquired “coz I think I am..don’t you think so?”

“I got you your tea” I stretched a finger to the tea “I’ve got classes by nine”

He peered at his wrist, obviously checking his wristwatch then looked back at me.

“9 o’clock huh?”

I rolled my eyes again in response.

“We still have about fifteen minutes left”

He took the rubber tea cup and without feeling it’s temperature took a sip then quickly spit it out almost immediately on his pant and winced..
I silently giggled.

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“fvck!” he cursed “It’s too hot” he wiped his pant with a napkin.

Sorry, Mr handsome..I thought you had a thing for hotties.!

“Teas are better served hot” I simply responded and watched as he blew raspberries on his palm which was now red.

“To an 100 degree you even realize I’m human?”

“Teas are best served hot” I responded again.

“I just got burnt..can’t you see?” he gestured to his hand.

I looked at him then back at his palm..i moved to his office cabinet beneath and turned the faucet of the sink.
Letting the water run I moved back to Alex and gestured to him to get up..moving with him to the sink I splayed his hand below the running water and let it cool up the scalp..


gently rubbed the spot and let the water run more on it then turned it off.

Moving aside I watched him sigh then shift as well then move to his seat.

“Leaving scars on your boss on your first day at work isn’t a good idea”

Like I’m being paid.

“And being realistic as a said boss is definitely good idea” I said “It know”

I took his palm and wrapped took a look at the red part then set it on his lap.

“That’s a good one” he muttered then searched his table drawer before looking up with a file containing about twenty or thirty sheet of papers.

“Here” he stretched it to me, I took it giving him a confused glare.

“The first piece on the file when you open it has a signature at it’s bottom..I want it copied and inscribed on the other sheets below and submitted in two hours since you have classes” he said

I narrowed a still confused brows at him.

“Why do I get to forge signs that are yours..why can’t you do it?”

“Well, congratulations to you some slave got my hand steamed and now I can’t properly write without making a fuss” he said and took his tea cup, raised it up at me, carefully checked it’s temperature then took a sip and the cup slipped..falling to the ground with a thud and spilling its liquid content on the floor
“Like this” Alex gestured and I rolled my eyes.

Oh goodness Gwen!
This is all so great, now I get to forge signs on about twenty scripts with free periods.
So much for being a slave.


I go?”

“Sure” he smirked “And hey, no single error must be seen on those scripts, they’re vital just as you guessed..Mr Sheppard doesn’t fancy rough works” he said and swivel the chair.

“OK” I drawled and moved to the door.

“And oh!” I stopped and turned, irritated.

“Tell Mrs Ginger I need her in my office”
And just when I was about to inquire who Mrs Ginger is, the freak added “Except you wish to clean this mess yourself”

I twitched my lips at him then moved out with the file in my palms.

We had about five lesson periods, some with practical notes, instruments playing and the rest with just random speeches about music and its components.

Well, we were now back to our usual old seat and I now had my seat close to Guy while Hailey had hers to Justin and mine to hers.
It was now lunchtime and I had the files on my desk, ready to do my unpaid work..

Hailey had earlier promised to get smoothie and ham for me since I told her I had to do some paperwork for a staff, they all left for lunch and I was left, actually stuck, with forging signs.

It was pretty difficult at first coz the scribbling on the sign had patterns that were hard to trace and recollecting Alex’s word about not staining the paper I had to scribble it on my note before carefully copying it on the script and honestly it was hectic, boring and above all annoying..
My neck ached like mad from too much bending and my hand grew numb almost to a point where I could not feel the pen.

I sighed as I finished working on the seventh paper..this is definitely the perfect punishment for an body was aching and I was just in the seventh..not even half of it.
I let my head fall on the desk and on the paper, realizing the previous warning about not roughening or staining it I swiftly pushed my head up and relaxed it on the headrest.

Getting my butt off the chair I packed the script back in its file and head out of the classroom to Alex’s office.

I can’t do it, I can keep signing like I’m’s not like it’s a do or die affair..
slaves also deserve rests..don’t they?

Slaves..really Gwen my subconscious pricked.

I got to the door and knocked then turned the knob without waiting to hear a ‘come in’

“Done so soon?” he asked and I placed the file on his desk.

“No, I can’t do it..

“You can’t or you won’t?”

“I can’t..that signature’s really hard..I guess you can say forging just isn’t my thing”

“’re complaining on your first day?”

“Yes..the hell! I can’t even feel my’s like there’s no blood flowing there” I said.

He stoke a brow at me, shook his head then took the file..taking all the scripts from it he peered at the ones I had worked on with an expressionless face.

“Seven?” he looked up at me “Just seven out of over fifty scripts”

“It’s like you’re not listening..I skipped lunch coz of this stupid work and now I get a jelly palm, all because of those stupid scripts I worked on” I yanked.

“How’s that my problèmo miss?” he questioned “I’m not the worker here”

I rolled my eyes at the remark.

He took out the seven scripts and closely inspected them, looking back up at me he shook his head.

“This isn’t a neat work” he shred the papers into big pieces and threw them in the trash bin,causing me to give him a killer glare.

“That. Took. Me. 30 minutes to put up” I tried my best not to burst open.

“Fair enough” he muttered with no sober expression, making me fight the urge to slap his crazy head.

“Here” he stretched a file to me and I took it.

“I want it photocopied into the seven scripts you messed up” he said.

“OK” I muttered.

“And I need a cup if coffee, no sugar just a little milk” he looked back down.

Really Alex..really!!??


“Did I hear negativity?”

I shook my head and gulped.

“I said OK” I said.

“More like can head out now” he looked down and honestly it took so much dexterity to push the idea of ruining his wicked face that doesn’t even feel emotion.

“Do you want anything else?”
I jerked and blinked.

“No, I uh, I’ll just head out” I moved to the door.

“Hey!” I turned.

“ sugar, little milk, just coffee” he said and I gave him a thumb up then pulled up one of my cheerful smile.

“I’ll try to keep that in mind” i moved out.

OK…today got better, didn’t it?

(Rhythm of love❤)
Alex’s POV
“Mom! we’ve gone that lane for about two times now..I’m just 26!” I yanked.

“More reason why you should consider my request”

OK, we’ve been on same matter for days now,.. two week before the camp my mom had brought up the issue of me getting married and settling down with some notes that she needs to carry her grandchildren, it’s been a while since she heard children chatters and scatters, she needs more children that she could give stuffs that I was too old to get..blah blah blah!

Mothers go any length you know.
And since she’s been all naggy about this marriage stuff my dad had been awfully quiet..I knew he supported mom as well with the way he constantly nodded and his serious looks but he didn’t say a word.
Maybe he just didn’t want argument coz we both argue a lot and I end up with the the winning team.

“Marriage doesn’t hurt Alexander” mom began again “It’s always blissful and pure and—

“I know mom, I know..I’m just not ready” I said.


“Dad can you please back me up on this one” I gave a pleading look to dad who only raised both hand in the air.

“The old man doesn’t want to be included and seriously Alex you’re really not getting younger” dad took a bite from his chicken.

“Thanks dad” I rolled my eyes.

“Look Alexander, I don’t want to force you into something you’re not ready for but in this situation you have to consider us” mom said “We’re aging fast”

OK that is true..
it’ll be disheartening for them to go without seeing their grandchildren especially since I’m an only child. they depended on me for everything a child could do and spoilt me beyond measure when I was in my early school days.

I could vividly remember how mom cried when I informed her I’ll be staying in a separate house, I knew it was heart breaking but I couldn’t keep living in their house and getting all the love of a child if I truly want to know what life is..I mean real life where you had to struggle for your daily bread and ends meet.

Mom had shed lot of tears that day and had profusely pleaded with me to rethink my decision and stay with them..
Well I couldn’t..I didn’t want a life where I get all what I need from my parent at age 21!!
isn’t that serious??
I had to live the hard life too..

Well mom had to give up but not without making sure I had nanny Letitia move in with I was 12 or something and sending me some so called allowance fee that I didn’t even need.
I disagreed the idea at first but finally agreed when I realized mom wouldn’t discard it.

I moved in with Letitia but made sure I visited my parent once in a while and have lunch or dinner then sometime spent hours talking, getting pampered and helping but now it’s all about marriage.

The marriage talk stuff actually started when mom attended two recent weddings of her close which I attended with her and during the ceremony mom had introduced me to her friend’s daughter and had plainly told me she was single..
I acted oblivious and reciprocated when she smiled but when mom hit the line and tried to hook us up I skillfully dodged and lied I had an appointment to catch up with, mom knew I was lying and had giving me a hell of a nag once she got home.

Though, successfully I escaped that one but I couldn’t say the same for this one coz no matter the amount of lies I told and the skillful slipping I made it just doesn’t stops mom from her constant talk about marriage, settling down, having kids, yada yada yada..
Well I ought to be used to it, I should’ve been if mom hadn’t always find a new annoying way to always bring the topic.
it was like it sounded new everyday to my ears.

“Mom I’d get married at the best time” I said in response

“And what if your best time happens to be our death time”

“Mom!” I exclaimed “You’re both gonna see me get married and you know your grand kids as well..I strongly believe that”

“Not all of us can be so right you know”

“Mom” I took her hands in mine “It’s not like I’m not ready to settle down..I just haven’t found the right woman” I assured her.

“But that’s not so hard..what about Gabriella, the cute lady you brought home during prom” mom said.

I don’t love her, we just- well we just had a stuff she called friends with benefit and no string attached.
But I couldn’t tell mom that..she’ll freak out.

“I’ll think about it mom” came my reply.


“I’ll think about it ” I replied and sunk on the cushion.

I don’t even love do I get married to someone I had no feeling other than pleasure for..
marriage doesn’t work that way and besides gabby also said her feelings for me had died.

We don’t feel anything for each other so why would mom bring up such suggestion and besides I don’t remember telling mom gabby was my girlfriend or a girl I like and would love to date..

I only brought her home during prom and yeah during college but it was once, OK maybe twice or thrice it was just for brief lunch since we had homework to solve on and during those visits i hadn’t mentioned anything in the love category to mom that I felt for gabby.

We were friends, at least at that time..nothing more.

“Here” mom stretched a plate to me “Have some turkey balls”
I took it from her even though I had little or no appetite for it and sunk my fork into it then took two large bites..

I couldn’t feel the savoury taste, I didn’t expect to anyways so I ate it that way and repeated the process for two more balls before putting down the oily fork beside the plate, wiping my lip slightly with a napkin then standing up to take my leave.

“The lord be with you” Mom said as we reached the door..she kissed my forehead and I did same for her cheeks and gave dad a brief hug.

“I’ll be expecting your approval” mom said.

“Yes mom” I smiled and moved to the garage where I had earlier parked my S.U.V, I got into it and drove home.
parking my Benz in the school parking lot the next day, I grabbed my bag and got down then moved to sign in the head quarters before taking the stairs to my quarters.
Arriving at its door, I moved in and put down my bags before sinking on the chair.

Letting out a brief sigh I reached for my unfinished file on the table and saw it–
The scripts, I ignored the file with a smile on my lip and took the script instead then yanked the cover open..

peering, I first sighted the neatly photocopied papers with signs on it, I flipped and saw the other scripts with the forged signs neatly drawn on it.

“She did it after all” I smiled “Less work for me” I shook my head at the work..they were neat and pure..the signatures looked exactly like mine. her finger must’ve hurt so much..

I never even expected her to finish the sign work even though I asked her to..I was prepared to do it that was why I paid extra attention to my burns yesterday and now my work got reduced.

So good to have slaves tho’.

I closed the file and sighted a paper stuck to the front cover and glued with a blu tack..
Inscribed on it was a big ‘JERK’ with bold beautiful letters..

I laughed out and pulled off the paper then sent it to trash before dropping the file in the cabinet and sighting a phone below the file I had taken.
I picked it up and pressed the power button, the wallpaper had a picture of her..

Yeah, Gwen

With her purple hair crazily styled in waves and pinned with an hairpin..she was putting on a flare pink top which had ‘My craziness is heavenly’ inscribed on it and a bum short that exposed her slender legs, her feet had big boots that stopped a little below her knee and she posed in a crazy style.

I smiled as I scrolled through the phone but I couldn’t have anymore access when I sighted lined dots with a ‘draw your pattern’ inscription atop.

“Ahem!” a voice suddenly erupted and I jerked..almost throwing down the phone.
I gently dropped the phone and looked up with an angry raised brow.

“Sorry if I uh, scared you” she said.

“You’re late” I looked away and picked up a file..

“Uh,I had to make sure a little ice was added today, to avoid a repetition of history” she said and I looked up, sensing mockery in her voice..seeing a small smile I looked down.

“Good for you” I said and she put down the cup of coffee.

“So, I can go. right?”

“Not yet” I said.

“But I have early classes…

“Happy solving your problems” I said “I got your note”

“Note, what note?”

“Jerk-that note..I got it”

“Oh..that–” she rubbed her neck “It wasn’t really intentional”

“I figured that out.. Softie” OK, strange huh.. It’s been a while since I called her that nickname.. She twitched her lips making me let out an inner chuckle..
OK I think this bad boy stuff actually had lots of fun in it..
I’ve Never been tagged a bad guy.. They all see me as the sweet crush-able Alex who has no flaws but here I am, acting a total bad guy to a girl..
It’s undeniably fun..

I picked my phone and pushed it toward her.

“Your pin.. I want it” she hesitatingly picked the phone and punched somethings then pushed it back to me.
I took it and saved it.

“I’d need some assistance later in the evening–

“Wait, in the evening..after school?”

“Right..I need help with somethings” I picked the cup of tea, made sure to check it temperature before shifting the lid and taking a long sip then gulped.


“You have a problem” I looked up..”slave?” I added mockingly.

“No, I mean” she replied softly.

“Good then..go ahead now” I said.

She picked her phone, let out a sigh and moved out.

Now that’s it..
we’ll see about the next punishment.
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