My Lord My Love

My lord my love episode 20 – 21

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๐Ÿ‚๐Ÿ‚ MY LORD. MY LOVE ๐Ÿ‚๐Ÿ‚

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๐ŸŒณ๐Ÿฅ€{ Marrying The Duke }๐ŸŒณ๐Ÿฅ€

Written โœ๏ธ: Cisca. H.


Itzel sat on the bยฃd while Arthur sleeps. She has been in thought over her several encounter with Eritrea and the several times she has seen Yennifer in her dreams.

Like somehow the two were connected to each other.

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She shoved her hair to the back, sighing frustratedly. She knew something wasn’t right, something she hasn’t understood yet. Something she just have to find out.

Arthur turned, placing his hand on her th-igh. “You’re awake?” He asked surprised.

She looked at him, forcing a smile. “I don’t feel sleepy.”

He rubbยฃd his eyes, sitting er-ct to face her. ” Then what is bothering you? Is it something I ought to know? ”

” Arthur… ” She couldn’t find the words, she just wasn’t ready to tell him. She looked away.

He held her chin, making her to look at him again. ” I need to know what is bothering you, my love.”

“Arthur… I am fine, I really am. I just… I’m scared, Arthur. “Tears formed in her eyes.

” Scared of what? ” He asked.

” I’m scared of losing you. I’m scared… of watching someone else take you away from me. I am just scared… of everything. ”

Arthur pulled her into his warm embrace, hugging her tยกght like he wasn’t ready to lose not even a strand of her hair.

“No one is taking me away from you, not even in my dying moment. I will cherish no other beside you. No woman can win my heart the way you did. And if I have to give off my possession to have you, I won’t mind doing that.” He tapped her back.

She rested in his arms for what took like minutes. He broke the hug, looking into her wโ‚ฌt stained eyes. He wiped her tears with his thumb, placing a soft k-ss on her forehead.

“Till my last breath will I be with you, now and forever. ”

” My Lord, ”

” Mm-hmm. ”

” Can I ask you a question?”

“Go ahead.”

“Did you ever get to fall in love before you met me? ”

Arthur smiled. ” Yes, but that was years ago. ”

” You never told me about it. What’s her name? ”

He chuckled, as if remembering her name was the happiest thing he has ever done.

“Her name is Freya.”

“Freya? Mmm.โ€ she hummed a smile. “So tell me about this special lady.”

He took a long deep breath before he began. “That was thirty years ago. I was only eighteen and she was fourteen. We knew each other after the war between Atlantis and Manhattan. During the war, the Atlantians were winning and the Manhattan’s lost a large number of their men. The war had ended with a retreat. But before that, I was sh-ot with an arrow right here. ” he pointed at his left chest, ” Everyone thought I was dead. I thought I was going to die. ”

” Freya found my body beside a river. She picked me up, took me under her shelter and treated my wounds. We lived together for months, fell in love until I discovered that she was a witch. An orphaned witch. ”

” What happened to her parents? ” Itzel asked.

” The Manhattan’s, they killed them. They hated hated witchcraft just as the Atlantians. ”

” Why did you leave? ”

” I had to, they were coming for me. That was the only way to keep her safe. ”

” Who was coming for you? ”

” My father, he sยฃnt the troops to look for me. If I had let them see her, they could have had her killed and I wouldn’t want father to do that. ” His face suddenly wore a sad expression.” I promised her that I was going to come back for her, to make her my queen. ” He sighed, looking away. ” But she was gone even before I became a crown prince. She was only twenty then. I never saw her since the day I left. We only sยฃnt letters to each other. ”

” Do you know who might be behind Freya’s death? ”

He shooked. ” No. It’s all my fault. “He blames himself.

” No, it’s not your fault, Arthur. It is never your fault. ”

” I should have taken her with me when I had the chance. Flee away with her if father dares forbids our love and start a new life with her where no one can ever bother us. She is dead, I can’t forgive myself for that. ”

Itzel’s eyes grew red with h-ot tears rolling out of her eyes. What if…?

What if she told him the truth, that she had not died a peaceful death?

That someone had killed her because of him.

What if… What if she told him that the one who had killed Freya was with them, sharing the same roof with them, breathing the same air they breath.

Would that make sยฃnse at all?

Will he believe her?

He will only end up asking her how she came to know about it.

Somehow – maybe – she just needs to keep the wh0le secrets to herself.

Maybe for the meantime.


Somehow – maybe – she just needs to keep the wh0le secrets to herself.

Maybe for the meantime…

Do you think that statement is the right choice for Itzel to take?

๐Ÿ‚๐Ÿ‚ MY LORD. MY LOVE ๐Ÿ‚๐Ÿ‚

๐ŸŒณ๐Ÿฅ€{ Marrying The Duke }๐ŸŒณ๐Ÿฅ€

Written โœ๏ธ: Cisca. H.


Somehow – maybe – she just needs to have it exposed. To tell him every single truth about Freya’s death and the tattooed mark on her back.




The city was calm. Itzel felt bored sitting in the castle all day, she made up her mind for a walk down the village.

With her two maids behind, Itzel walked through the market area. Everyone did their business happily. The were much peace and love about the people.

What were they lacking?


Her eyes caught at an Egyptian veil at a cloth store. Walking towards the direction of the store, she picked the veil tying it around her head.

She looked at Ginny and Arya, “how is the veil on me?” She asked.

“It’s beautiful, my lady. You can purchase it.” Said Ginny.

She smiled, dropping it aside. She picked another one, tying it around her head. Again she turned to her maids and this time they shook their head.

This she did again and again yet, they rejected them, insisting she pick the first one. She took the egyptian veil, tying it again around her head, staring at the mirror.

She loved the way it was in her and the good look it had given her. Still admiring the veil on herself, from the mirror, she saw Eritrea and her maid pass.

But in the mirror she didn’t look like Eritrea but more of Yennifer. Her eyes widened in shock and she didn’t want to look back to be sure.

“How?” She mentally asked herself, “was that possible?”

“Ginny… Arya, we need to head back to the castle. ” She said, moving ahead of them.

” My lady, is there a problem?” Ginny asked, hasting her steps.

” No more questions, Ginny, we have to return back now. ” She warned.

Ginny stopped, looking at Arya. They both shrugged before continuing.

“Lady Itzel has left back to the castle.” Eunice, Eritrea’s maid told her.

Eriteria smiled. ” She’s smart but not to smart. I can’t believe she has learnt too soon. But don’t worry, it’s only but a matter of time. ” She giggled.

” Are you going to let her live? You must kill her if you want the plan to go just fine. ”

” No, ” she refused, ” she mustn’t die. She must live to see how her take Arthur from her. After that, then will I have her dead. ”

Eunice nodded in agreement. ” As soon as everything is done, with his Highess beside you, I bet his Highess will be pleased to have you. ”

” Sure, he will. Then, only then, will he know that all this while he has wa-isted his love on the wrong lady. ”

” What if this is Freya’s reincarnation? There is a little resemblance in them. ”

” I know. And that’s why I am here, to have what belongs to me. Haha. ” She laughed evilly.


” Where is my husband? ” She asked one of the guards.

“His Highess is with his majesty at the meeting hall. If there is a problem I can call him. ”

” No, we mustn’t interrupt them. Return to your duty.” She returned back to her chamber, resting her back against the door.

Everything was becoming a nightmare to her, like a dream coming to reality. A part of her felt unsafe, scared and terrified like she was losing something or… Someone.

With lady Eritrea still around, nothing is safe.

“Ginny?” She called but Arya walked in instead.

“Where is Ginny?” She asked.

“Her majesty sยฃnt for her.” Arya replied.

“Any news about King Manfred?” She asked.

“I heard he has returned for Manhattan last night.” She replied.

“I saw princess Eritrea this morning, she didn’t return with him?”

“No, my Lady.”

“Did they say why? ” She asked again.

” She is to spend two weeks in the castle before she returns home. That was what I heard.”

Itzel’s heart beat for a second. She sighed heavily, throwing her gaze outside the window.

This wasn’t a good idea. Why would his majesty ever think of letting her stay?

“I heard she left to the market not long after we left. Do you think she might be spying on you? ” Arya, thought.

Itzel looked at her, ” That’s enough. You may return to your duty. ” She ordered.

” Yes, your Highess. ” She exited the room.

Itzel sighed again.

She was asleep when Arthur entered. He took off his sword, dropping it on the table. He p-oured a cup of water for himself, gulping it all at once.

He turned to where Itzel laid, she was as calm as the night. He went to lay beside her, making efforts not to wake her up.

She rested her hand on his chest, mumbling something to him. “Don’t you want to know about the mark? โ€

Arthur thought it was only an effect of another sleepwalking. But when she opened her eyes, her face didn’t look like she was sleeping, then did he understood that she had been pretending.

“I thought you are asleep.” He said.

“I was. Not anymore. ”

” My apologies if I had woken you up. ”

” You didn’t, I just couldn’t sleep. ”

” Something is troubling you? ”

She nodded.

” You never told me. Why? ”

” I thought I would bother you if I told you earlier. Now, I can’t keep it to myself anymore, I guess I just have to tell you.”

“What is it?” He asked.

She sat on the bยฃd, folding her legs together. ” It’s almost two weeks I have been having this dreams. The first time, I saw myself in another world, like a past world. Then I heard voices, one was pleading and the other was… ” She paused, then continued. ” The other wanted her dead.”

“Why was the first one pleading? ” He asked again.

” For her life, for her love. But the other wouldn’t listen. She wanted revenge, to take back what belongs to her. She… she… “She stammered. Recalling the wh0le incident, how Freya was murdered, kept hurting her. “She killed her, right at my front. Because she couldn’t give up her love, she was killed. ”

Tears made its way down her cheeks. ” Even when she wanted to, she knew she couldn’t because she still loves him. She was willing to die for him. Freya didn’t die a peaceful death, she was murdered by a witch.”

Arthur’s expression grew pale. He didn’t want to believe everything Itzel had told him, he wanted to see them as a story but it sounded more of a reality than just a story.

“How sure are you that she was killed by a witch?” Itzel knew he was going to ask her this, but she was ready to answer them… All.

” I am very certain about it. I didn’t see it once or twice, it came all the time in my dreams. Before freya died, she casted an ancient word. I think those words are the reasons for this. ” She said, facing her back to him. She pulled her dress for him to see the mark.

” This is no birthmark, this is a reincarnated mark. ”

He made her turn so his eyes were staring into hers. For some minutes, their eyes were locked to each other. As if the atmosphere respected such a moment, it grew calm and still.

“Freya…” The name sl-ipped out of his l-ips.

“My Lord…”


To Be Continued…


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