My Perfect Marriage

my perfect marriage episode 15 – 16



Episode 15

Before the receptionist could even make the call Philip rushed in.

“excuse me madam my wife is here may I please see her.. she is Mrs. Patience Mena…”. He said as he panicked.

“she is being examined by the doctor right now, please do me a favour sir, I need you to calm down I want to ask you a couple of questions”.. she said.

Yes what is it?” he asked as he panicked.

“sir your wife does not appear in our system the person who was listed as your wife delivered here.. I’m sure you remember her. Her name is Ms. Tisa.”

Yes I do remember but I paid cash for her.. Philip interrupted.

Sir if you remember very well and if your memory serves you right what you paid cash for was the procedure on her fibroids and not for the delivery.

Oh yes but she is my wife and I need her to be on the scheme.. I wish I could explain in a language you understand.. he said.

Bear with me sir I will seriously be risking my job to do that.. I cannot list two women as your spouses.. the account you have has provision for one spouse only.

Philip was confused.. he did not have money on him and his gratuity had not yet come. He couldn’t get an overdraft on his account because of the loan.

At that point the only thought that crossed his mind was to discharge her and rush her to University Teaching Hospital (UTH), as he was thinking the nurse came.

“sir how are you?..” the nurse greeted.

Philip just smiled in panic wondering what the nurse would say next.

“Your wife is not ok, for some reason she had a blood rush what you would call BP.. Now that is very risky for her and the baby, we have tried to stabilise and it seems the bp is now going down.. she almost had a miscarriage.

“nurse does that mean she can go home now, she is fine right..? he asked.

She is doing well yes but it is very risky to let her go home now. She has to be here for at least a day or two so we can observe her.. the nurse said.


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I’m financially stranded right now, is it possible at this point to transfer her to another clinic maybe?.. he asked.

Sir are you listening to me or are you just ignoring me for no reason?.. The nurse said as she slightly lost her temper.

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Philip rushed to the ward to see her and he found her staring at the ceiling.

“honey how are you?”.. he asked her.

“God is good”.. she responded as tears rolled down her eyes.

Baby what is it? Please talk to me.. he asked her.

I’m fine Philip, I am ok .. she responded as she continued to stare at the ceiling.

Please call my mum.. she said.


honey I can’t do that.. I’m responsible for you.. am I failing at my duties as a husband?”.. he asked her.

“a mother will know best, please call her”.. she said.

Patience’s mum came rushing the moment she received the phone call and she stayed by her bedside as the prayed with her and encouraged her.

That night Philip couldn’t sleep at home, he felt haunted by everything around him so he decided to spend a night at his best friends place.

Sam had noticed something was wrong with Philip and he insisted that Philip speak up although Philip was trying hard not to explain.

Philip you look confused… you look like you are losing your mind.. talk to me please.. what is the matter?.. look man pregnancies are normal. She will deliver well trust me.. Sam said.

Sam I’m confused, I have messed up and I have messed up bad kind. Philip said

What are you talking about? Sam asked in shock

I can’t afford Patience’s medical bills and I’m planning on taking her to a government hospital.

Ok you are kidding right?.. I know you are capable of affording that and besides you can use the medicals.. what happened to that?

Sam you don’t understand I listed Tisa as my wife so that means Patience cannot be on my medicals as my spouse.

You did what?.. and why on earth would you do that?.. Sam asked in shock.

Because she was pregnant and she had to deliver… he replied

Well how does that become your business?.. Sam asked

Philip did not say a word but just looked down.

Wait! What?.. Tisa has your child?.. Sam asked in shock

They are twins… Philip responded

No, that can’t be true!.. Philip you have disappointed me my friend.. yes we do play but a real man does not cross that line. Children outside marriage? What were you thinking?.. sam asked


what I wanted was criticism I would be talking to someone else right now not you.. Philip responded angrily

Oh God Philip I don’t know what to tell you and so where is she? Sam asked

She is in my house in Salama park. He responded

What!! And Patience does she know about this?

No she doesn’t man.. she doesn’t know a thing..Philip replied

“do you realise how this will make me look as your friend Philip? awe man you have messed up bad kind!! Not with Patience she doesn’t deserve it..” sam said

Sam was extremely mad and shouted at Philip telling him all sorts of things but in the end he came and around.

The following day Patience was discharged in the morning and Philip managed to settle the fees for the day she spent in hospital.

As Patience was in the room lying down she tried to recall everything that happened before she was admitted but she couldn’t understand what would have caused her sudden attack. She decided not to make her heart worry and she immediately fell asleep.

That day she lay in bed and avoided stressing, Philip did not go for work but he stayed home and helped out with what she needed.

At night Patience had another pain in her stomach this time it pierced so hard that she could hardly move..

Philip rushed her to University Teaching Hospital (UTH) and that same night Patience delivered a Bouncy baby girl. The doctor explained that the only logical explanation for her early delivery was because she was stressed and did not have enough rest.

.Patience was so happy to hold her bundle of joy, she couldn’t stop looking at her. She was so beautiful and it was already clear to tell that the baby was a photocopy of her.

Mrs. Mutale had just come to see Patience after she received the message of her delivery.

“I rushed as fast as I could, at first I didn’t believe it. I am so glad you delivered safely.. God is good.. what happened?

“mum as I was leaving your house I bypassed the home that Philip and I once owned before he sold it, as I passed by a woman parked at the gate and hooted. I recognised the woman, she is someone that once greeted me as I was having milkshake at the mall. She was very friendly to me and she told me about her wonderful husband and we joked around.” She said

Patience stopped a bit as if trying to recall something..

“so that is what happened mum, a little while later as I drove past the house my stomach started aching and I rushed to the clinic…”

Patience explained the whole situation to her spiritual mum who then asked her to calm down.

“I think it just struck me that I have not fully accepted Philip’s decision to sell the house without my consent”.. she said

Mrs. Mutale looked at Patience for a while as if she had something to say but she said nothing for a while. She then said:

“it is well my dear, pray on”..

The following day Patience took her bundle of joy home and Philip was very supportive. They took turns taking care of the baby and Philip was very good with the baby, he even advised Patience on what should and should not be done.

As days turned into weeks Philip spent more and more time with Patience and the baby. However, this did not settle well with Tisa who now felt like Philip was giving her divided attention. She called Philip countless times and he often ignored her until she started threatening to take the twins to Philip’s house.


Episode 16

It was almost Christmas and patience had planned a family get together, this was the opportunity for the whole family to see the baby. Her cousins, uncles, nieces and nephews were invited. Some relatives had confirmed to say they would be sleeping over before the dinner.
Patience had given Philip a budget and she was expecting to get money from him at least two days before the event so she would shop for the event.
Philip had just knocked off from work when Patience approached him looking very upset.
“I gave you the budget two weeks ago and I don’t know why am not getting the money I asked for..” she said.
Patience you are also working, don’t stress me.. He responded.
Patience couldn’t believe the response she got from Philip. She rubbed her eyes as if she was waking up from sleep.
“Philip the fact that I work does not mean you cease to be the head of this house, by the way the past months I have been using my money to buy house supplies.” She said as she followed him to the bedroom.
“So just because you spent a little money of your salary I will be insulted?. Look here we are one and what is yours is mine. If I am going to buy things for this house so should you”.. he responded.
Patience was very upset but she just walked out on him and she went to check on the baby in her room, she was sleeping peacefully. Meanwhile Philip fell asleep immediately and he refused to go for supper after Patience cooked.
The following day in the morning Patience bathed and she washed the baby before going out with the maid to do some shopping. When Philip woke up he realised she had stepped out without saying a word.
Patience came back around midday, she had bought everything that was needed and she also bought some groceries. Two of her cousins and her mum had already arrived and they were having lunch. By evening more people arrived including Patience’s mum. They divided the duties for the following day of who would do what and who would be in charge of what.
Philip did not come home early that day and Patience was embarrassed to face her mum because she knew her mum would ask where he was. Shortly after 11pm Philip arrived looking very tired and just ready to go to bed.
People were still sitted in the sitting room catching up as they watched TV when Philip walked in, he greeted them with a high level of respect and then excused himself. Patience’s mum was shocked as she knew Philip very well, he was a very friendly son in law but this reception from him surprised her a lot.
“Where have you been?” Patience asked as she followed him to the bedroom.
“WORK!!” he responded rudely in a loud voice.
Philip your work place closes at 7pm latest and this is past 11.. She said in an angry voice.
I was working late.. He responded.
Philip you were working late? What Is going on?… she asked
“Nothing I am perfectly fine I just wish you gave me space sometimes”.. He said.
Patience was very emotional but she held herself together and she went to get food for him in the kitchen, every part of her wanted to yell but she did not want to alarm people. As she served the food her mum joined her in the kitchen.
“Do you need any help honey?” her mother asked.
“im just serving him rice, he does not want nshima”.. she said
As she served the rice her heart was heavy and she couldn’t hold her tears inside any further.
“Patience what is it? Talk to me”.. her mum said.
“mum I miss dad, I wish he was here, I really wish he was here I know he would have taught me a lot of things”.. she said.
Cool down honey, you will be ok trust me. Your father is looking down on you from heaven, but guess what? now you have a husband who can play that role although he can never just replace your dad..”.. her mum said.
“Patience cried more upon hearing those words because Philip was nothing like her father”.
After serving him the food, Philip ate quickly then he tacked in and slept.
“aren’t you going to shower?” she asked him.
“ive already showered”.. he responded.
It didn’t take long for him to realised what he had said then he corrected himself..
“I mean I showered in the morning, I don’t feel like showering now”.. he said.
The truth was Philip had showered at Tisa’s house after making love.
The following day was Christmas Eve and early in the morning Philip left saying he had some work he had to do before midday, in the actual sense Philip went shopping with Tisa for Christmas. He bought the twins new clothes and also paid for her vacation at Nsobe camp for a week using his Christmas bonus from work. He went home with a huge Christmas cake which he had bought.
“awww honey this was very thoughtful of you”.. patience said as she welcomed him.
“is everyone here, he asked…
People are still coming but freshen up honey so we can get ready for dinner.. guess what?
What honey? He asked.
Mum prepared your favourite lasgna and macaroni cheese…. She said.
Aww really?.. mm I need to prepare my taste buds.. mum is a great cook.. he said..
Dinner was great and the ladies also came over. Kassy came with her husband but Petrinas husband was working out of town. Nonde was looking much happier than the last time.
After dinner everyone relaxed in the backyard doing different activities while the couples sat around a fire and talked.
Patience’s mum was catching up with her brothers and sisters.
So what’s new? Can we talk about the highs and lows as we go to Christmas.. Patience said.
Petrina quickly cleared her throat..
Ok seems Petrina has something to say. Patience said
Well I just wanted to say thank you for inviting us for this special dinner.. I mean we are not family but you still considered us as such which for me is very special and I would like us to give a toast to the most wonderful couple I know… can we all raise our glasses to Patience and Philip..
Everyone raised their glass and cheered as Petrina concluded her speech.
Kassy started by thanking all her friends for being supportive despite their ups and downs, she also gave credit to the men for being supportive.
“the main thing I wanted to share with you guys is that hubby and i….
Before Kassy could finish her statement Ted interrupted..
“honey can I be the one to say that?”.. Ted said.
Ok go ahead.. she said with a smile.
“well as you well know Kassy and I despite having a flashy wedding did not wed in church, so after we started going to church seriously and talking to someone …… “ ted said reluctantly
He paused a bit and then looked at Kassy with a smile..
Kassy smiled back and then she said “well what Ted is trying to say is that we have officially decided to wed in church”
Everyone clapped and cheered, patience was very excited and she leaned over to kiss Philip. Deep inside her heart was fighting so many things, the pain of having to deal with his sudden moods. She hoped things would get better with time but the more she prayed the more she saw another side of him
Nonde on the other hand just thanked everyone and mentioned that meeting Christ was her greatest achievement.
Patience looked at Philip and she said her baby and her supportive husband were her greatest blessings
When it was time for Philip to talk he simply just made a toast to a good life. This upset Patience a little because she expected him to say something sweet, however she did not show her disappointment.

It had been two weeks after the Christmas get together and in just two days Tisa’s twins would be turning 1year. It so happened that the twin’s birthday was just a day before Patience’s mums birthday.
Tisa had ordered a cake for the twins and planned a special birthday for them. The lady that was making the cake for the twins was staying just near Patience’s mums house and she was a highly recommended woman as her cakes were very good.
Patience was just going to make the order for her cake when she found the birthday cake for the twins. At first glance it looked like a normal beautiful cake and it triggered nothing. However as Patience was about to walk out of the house she passed by the dining room again and the art on the cake caught her attention.
The cake was beautiful and blue in colour with the pictures of the twins. She looked at the twins and something struck in her as they resembled someone but she did not know who as their angelic faces did not give her a clue.


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