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My perfect marriage episode 9



Episode 9

Why do you look like that honey? Are you not happy? Tisa asked.
“The child is a blessing for sure but I’m married.. You know I just can’t present such news to my wife”.
“Honey I’m not asking you to do that, we can raise the baby secretly..” Tisa interrupted
“No Tisa if that is my legitimate child there is no way I’m going to raise my child outside marriage.. my child has to be under my roof..” he said.
“Well then I equally can’t be away from my child so you make the choice..” She said angrily.
Philip stormed out but Tisa wasn’t worried, she knew he would definitely be back.
He passed through the flower shop and bought his wife a bunch of roses before getting home.
Patience wasn’t at home she had gone to catch her appointment with the women that would be helping her rebuild her marriage.
The weeks that followed Patience was beginning to be a different person and this scared Philip, she was more respectful and understanding and she even practiced everything that Tisa did even better.
A part of him was wishing she never changed because it would have been much easier for him to leave with the shame than now when she is a better woman.

It had been four months since Sydney and Petrina got married but Sydney had no luck finding a job, it was the burden of Petrina to take care of all the house needs. She was already expecting and soon enough she would be a mother meaning she needed the extra money but it wasn’t coming.
Petrina received a call from her boss who had delayed to pay her gratuity and he told her to take two weeks off while the money was being prepared.
She spent the time bonding with hubby as she waited to be called back at work. When she finally got the call to receive the money it was a weight lifted from her shoulders as she no longer had any more excuses to tell Kassy who loaned her some money.
After signing for her gratuity she received a shocking letter which stated that the company would not be renewing her contract. Petrina was devastated and she didn’t know how to break the news to Sydney.
“honey I know how you feel but please be strong for the sake of the unborn baby”.. Sydney said as he comforted her.
Petrina cried as she read through the letter over again.
After paying Kassy off all they had left to survive on was K10, 000. They only had two months left for them to evict the house and now it was much harder than ever.
Sydney tried to send as many applications as possible but to no avail and this got him more frustrated, he tried to be strong but couldn’t imagine what he would do when the baby comes.
Petrina had written many applications and finally gave up, time was no longer on their side as the upfront payment on their house was almost expiring.
One day Sydney came back home looking very tired and frustrated he called Petrina to join him in the sitting room.
When Petrina had settled he looked at her with a lot of hurt in his eyes..
‘Honey I had no luck again today, it’s not as easy we thought out there, everything has proved tough my love..” Sydney said as he looked down.
“Honey please keep the faith, I know God will see us through we still have five more weeks in this house let’s just pray hard and push harder.. I know something will come up somewhere”.. Petrina said.
“How long honey? How long?.. you and I have been praying and even fasted but to no avail…. I have a plan honey and I expect you to completely trust me on this one”.. he said
Petrina listened attentively as her eyes opened wider.
“Honey we have a child to raise and we also have bills to pay… right now we have to do what it takes let’s stay strong.. I have a great singing and acting talent from high school and even in university…”
Before Sydney could finish Petrina felt a big lump on her throat and she looked down.
“Petrina look at me, I can be going to the theatre club to perform until something comes up”.. he said.
Tears rolled down Petrina’s cheeks and her eyes immediately turned red, Sydney felt emotional too.
“I’m sorry I’ve failed you Petrina, it’s not my wish as you can see but I have to do what I can for you and our unborn baby, please understand my love..”
Petrina hugged Sydney and cried on his shoulder while he too shed some tears..
“ For as long as I have you by my side I’m willing to fight for our family, I will support you all the way…. I love you honey” Petrina said.
Petrina dried her tears and prepared water for them to bath then she served dinner.


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following day Sydney went to the theatre to look for a job and luckily there was a new play that was to start and auditions were underway, Sydney felt very confident. He was given the script and he read through it and decided to do the audition right away. Out of over 100 people that auditioned Sydney outdid everyone and he scooped the slot.
When he got home Petrina was praying that her husband gets the position, that morning she had cried so much and questioned God why he was allowing this to happen.
“honey I got the position!”. He said excitedly.
Petrina jumped up and down thanking God for his grace and the favour he had showered upon them.
“the pay is not very big but if I manage to pull a crowd I could actually make a lot of money out of it”.. he said.
The play took time to start due to lack of sponsors and now they had no choice but to move in into a quarter while they packed their items at Sydneys brothers house.

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Kassy had heeded Patience’s advice and it was slowly starting to pay off, the less she talked and nagged the more considerate Ted became and he was starting to spend more time at home.
He still had the playfulness in him but she believed that too would go away.
For the very first time Ted shared pictures of them together on their anniversary all over social media, this made Kassy feel important and respected. Although her heart was still racing the idea of chasing after him she decided to be content and hope that the picture he was portraying was actually who he really was.

Patience was cleaning the bedroom on saturday morning when suddenly a message came on Philips phone, a part of her wanted to ignore it but she quickly ready the message and she was confused, not by the message itself but because the sender was saved as “cobbler”. This baffled Patience a lot as she never knew Philip to be a man who recycles or rather repairs shoes as he was a man with so much class.
The message read “14hrs don’t forget”
What patience didn’t know was that the message was actually from her husband’s secret lover and she was actually reminding him about her scan appointment.

“Honey the cobbler set you a message here…” patience said as she handed him the phone.
Philip tried to hide the panic on his face and he read the message quickly. He did not say a word but just went back to reading the newspaper.
Patience tried by all means to think of what could possibly be behind the message but she gathered her strength and ignored it as she went back to sweeping the bedroom.
Shortly Philip walked in and told her he needed to get a haircut and sort something minor then he would be back. At that point Patience’s 6th sense was starting to strike in but she avoided over reacting.
“ok honey make sure you come with eggs and milk on your way back”.. she responded.
When Philip went out, Patience felt her head become light and she stopped sweeping, she slowly crawled up in bed and she sat wondering why she was suddenly feeling uneasy.
Philip picked Tisa who was now almost 8months pregnant and they went to CFB clinic, they had an agreement that he would never walk with her in public so he remained in the car and let her do the scan.

Tisa had been having sharp pains for 6weeks and she had done scans 3 times but on all 3 occasions the doctors could not find what the matter was with her. Philip had since transferred her to CFB to see a professional gynecologist who could access what the problem was.
“Doctor is there a problem?”.. Tisa asked as the doctor tried to view the scan properly,
“Well I understand why they have failed to see what the problem is, its actually not one baby but two babies, you are expecting twins but your pregnancy is very delicate and you need to go into admission immediately. One baby has already turned and ready to come while the other still has its head up.”
Tisa took a deep breath and held her stomach as tears of joy rolled down her eyes. She couldn’t believe it, she was having twins.
“but doctor in this day and age is it possible that 3 scans could not confirm my condition?” she asked.
“No dear that’s not all, I see something else.. You have fibroids developing that are blocking the view of the child, you have to do an emergency C section then we can work on the problem otherwise you might risk losing the babies”
When Tisa explained this to Philip he was even more confused, the procedure would cost quite some money. He had already spent a huge sum of money to purchase his wife a Mercedes for her upcoming birthday as a surprise. This meant that the money would only come from the joint account that he shared with his wife. He had to come up with a lie to cover up.

Meanwhile Nonde had started to realise the gap that clearly started to grow between her husband and herself, she tried to drink every concoction possible but it seemed like things only got worse. Bwalya and the twins were now her husbands priority and she had no idea. Not even their son made him stay home or act more committed.
She decided to confide in her cousin Katongo who had a marriage she always admired, Nonde was sure that there was no way such love could exist between two individuals. She was positive that her cousin might also be using the charm.
Katongo listened attentively to how much Nonde complained but she did not say a word.
“Aren’t you going to say anything? Or at least explain to me how you have managed to stay with your husband because I have failed” Nonde said as her eyes became teary.

“I am coming..” Katongo said as she got up and went into the kitchen leaving Nonde in the sitting room alone.
Katongo came back with a dish and an empty bottle inside while she also held a bottle of water and Coca-Cola on the other hand.
Nonde looked at her cousin with a surprised look as she put the items on the table.
Katongo placed the empty bottle in the dish and poured in the coke half way and asked Nonde to observe carefully as she added water to the Coca-Cola. Katongo kept pouring water into the bottle until the Coca-Cola had fully dissolved and turned into water.
“Did you see what has happened?” Katongo asked
Nonde stared without saying a word.
“Nonde I am teaching you what I was taught, you see this bottle had a substance and that substance has finally been neutralized by the water” Katongo said.

“Well your point is?” Nonde asked looking irritated.
“Exactly what I was getting into my dear, even the most poisonous of toxins eventually neutralizes and has no effect, so it is with love portion. You will keep adding until finally you can’t add no more and then all its power will neautralise and have no more effect just like the coke in this bottle. It’s at this point that all backfires now and you are now faced with reality. This is your reality my dear cousin, I’m sure it goes without saying that what goes around comes around. You don’t build happiness over someone else’s downfall. You knew your husband was engaged but you still went ahead and had your way, my dear this is your bed, lie in it.” Katongo said


Sometimes God uses our enemies so that we can discover our potentials and God-given talents, if Sydney did not lose his job, how would he remember he had acting talent. That is what is happening to many of us because some of us might be doing other people’s works which are against what God really want us to do on earth. Very soon now, you will start seeing how things change for better in Petrina’s marriage. Now, let’s look at Nonde’s self inflicted problem. There is no one that planted a mango tree and will now be expecting apples to come as its fruits.

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