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Jupiter high episode 28 – 29



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💞(A high school romance)💞

Episode 28

By : kebby NG Media Services

It took me a while before I walked out of the club.

I was a bit drunk and I managed to get to my car only for a familiar car to stop beside mine

Nick got out and when he saw me, he head towards me

“Max we need to talk”he said

“I don’t want to talk to you”I said as I opened the car door

Nick pushed it back in and that got me angry

“I said I don’t want to talk to you” i yelled at him

“You would have to listen to me, it’s not what you think Max,I didn’t mean to “he said and feeling angry I pushed him away

“You didn’t mean to,is that your darn excuse”i asked

“It is the only one I can think off, I should have be strong, I should have refused her offer, I shouldn’t have gotten close to her but I was unable to stop myself”

“You know! Have always liked Rose too but it turns out that she went for you, it’s always been you, you with the good looks, the top student, the one girls wish for, for once I wanted some thing for myself and when Rose came along, I took it”he said

“You could have chosen some one else, you could have taken some thing else from me, yet you chose to take Rose knowing how I feel about her,you really sicken me”I yelled wanting to punch his face but Jack got there on time to stop me

“Oh you are here! To watch my demise right!”I asked

“Get a grip of yourself Max and let’s talk about this in a more better way “Jack said


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have nothing to talk about, you should be happy, after all I now know that Rose is nothing but a whore and my brother is nothing but a bastard”I said starring at Nick who had tears in his eyes.

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“Tears wouldn’t rid you of what you did to me, have always been a loving brother to you, I gave you every thing you need, I did every thing you want just to please you and in stead what did you give me? “I asked feeling so sad that my brother could betray me in such a way



“Stay out of this you jerk, you are the one at fault, if you hadn’t given me that address and told me that that whore was having an affair, I would never have known”I yelled at Jack

Nick used that opportunity to kneel in front me,holding my leg.

He always did that if he wanted some thing from me or if he wanted my forgiveness and I always gave him whatever he want as long as he let me go but not this time.

“Please Max forgive me”he begged softly

“Get away from me you bastard!”i yelled as I kicked him off

“Forgive you? You will never get that Nick, what you did today have completely make me hate you”I said not meaning my words.

It was only said in a fit of rage and I know that with time I will regret what I said but as of now, I don’t care if am hurting him, he had hurt me In the same way, so he must suffer too.

“I don’t want your hatred Max , what can I do to get you to forgive me”I said

“You really want to know right? Well what I want you to do is to disappear from my sight and from my life, I never want to see you Again”I said angrily

He stayed quiet for a while and when he finally looked at me, he had a determined look on his face, I should have known then and I should have stopped him but I was too angry to do a thing

“Okay then, I will disappear from your life,that’s what you want after all, am really sorry Max, for every thing”he said as he turned to leave

“Where are you going to Nick?”Jack called him but he didn’t answer him,he got into his car and drove off


him Max ,stop Nick before it’s too late” Jack said as he came back to me

“I don’t care about him anymore”I said as I went to my car

“You will regret this Max, you really will”Jack said as I started my car

“I won’t and thanks for the tip about that whore,I owe you one”I said as I drove off.

The fight with Nick got me a bit sobered up, slowly I walked into our house, no one in would have heard my arrival.

My mom sat by the chair talking to some one on the phone.

I wanted to go to bed room with out having to talk to her but I stopped when I heard what she said

“Nick is nothing compared to Max, He is dull and hardly get good grades, the only thing he is good for is to get money from me “She said while she laughed with her friend over the phone.

“Well Max, he took after his father and I, he has got the brains, the looks and he is far more better than Nick, I prefer Max than Nick”She said again

“Don’t worry am sure that when She meets Max ,She will be head over heels for him”

“It’s not that I don’t like Nick , he is also my son but there are times that I wish I never gave birth to him, you know he was some sort of mistake for my husband and I , a late pregnancy, if I had an option back then, I would have chosen Max to stay while I send Nick to the orphanage home”She said

I stood listening to her callous words, how can she be talking about her own son like that, I turned Wanting to go to her to tell her to stop but instead I saw Nick standing by the door, from the look on his face, he had heard every thing too.

Seeing him got my anger back and so I stood back not bothering to defend him as have always done.

“Am sure that Max is some where studying right now and as for Nick, he might be slumbering off with his friends,he only comes back home to ask for money , that’s all he ever does “she continued and laughed over what her friend said.

I watched Nick hit the door to announce his presence to our mom.

He had worn a smile on his face and had gone to her .

On seeing him she had cut the call and was now giving him her full attention

“I need money mom”he said softly

“What for this time?”she asked

“I just need it for some thing, you see I have to disappear from some one life and that’s what am planning to do”he said

“What rubbish are you spluttering now”she said as wrote him a cheque.

“Will this do?”she asked

“It will,thanks “Nick said and from where I stood I watched him walk out of the house.

If I had known that that would be the last time I would see him, I would have stopped him at all cost but I was still too angry to care.

The call of his death was the first thing that woke me up the next day.

I was still reeling from the shock when I got to the hospital with my parents.

He had died from an overdose of cocaine, the doctor had said and some how I knew that that was my fault.

While my parents prepared his funeral,I sat in the hospital waiting room and just then a nurse approached me

“We found this in your brother hands when he was brought here, he was clutching it very tight”she said

I took the white envelope from her and read what was in it.

‘ Hey Max, it’s me, by the time you will
Be reading this,I might have been gone,
I didn’t get to apologise to you properly
So I will do it here on this piece of paper
Am sorry Max,for every thing, you have
been nothing but a good brother to me
But I have been nothing but a useless
One, I know that I don’t deserve your
Forgiveness but I do hope that you
Forgive me some day, you told me to
Disappear and that is what I did,
Once again am sorry for being a burden
you have always defended me from our
Parents but seeing how you lurked in the
Shadows with out doing a thing have
Made me realise that what I did to you
Hurt you so much and so if by giving up
My life I can repay you back for what I did
Then I will gladly do it, I love you max and
I will forever love you even after my death’

Love Nick

On reading his letter I broke into tears not caring if the passerby were starring at me, all I wanted was for my brother to come back to me.


🏫 HIGH 🏫

💞(A high school romance)💞

Episode 29

By : kebby NG Media Services


“Am sorry for every thing Nick, I never should have said those things to you, I should have forgiven you right away but my stupid pride got the best of me”

“Jack told me that I would regret it and I did regret it, am so sorry Nick and I hope that wherever you are you are fine and you are happy “I said as I wiped off the few tears that fell from my eyes

I turned to see Andrea at the end of the tree,waiting for me and I smile gently

“She is the girl I love now, I would have like to introduce her to you but I can’t , I haven’t told her that i Iike her yet, when she is my girlfriend,we will both come back to see you, for now good bye”I said as I stood up .

I turned to see Andrea running towards me holding some flowers

“I picked this up at the little garden over there”she said as she bent to put it on Nick grave.

“How do you feel after speaking to your brother”she asked

“I feel good and it’s all thanks to you”I said as I held her hand

“Oh don’t say that, I just wanted to do some thing for you, you always seemed sad whenever you think of him,have seen you crying in the garden ……..oh I shouldn’t have said that”she said covering her mouth and I smiled at her cuteness

“I didn’t mean to spy on you,it was sheer coincidence that I walk into the garden only to see you crying”

“Some how I wanted to help you but you were so cold to me that I stayed away but today am glad that I managed to do something for you” she said

“Would it be too much if I asked for a hug from you right now” I said and at first I thought she would refuse but she walked straight into my arms and gave me the hug I needed

“You have always given me a shoulder to lean on, I will give you mine today” she said as she held me tightly.

I stood in her arms savouring this moment with her.

This day will forever be cherished by me, I thought as I held her tighter.

“Isn’t that too much” I asked as I stared at the large chunk of food he was ordering

“What? Are you complaining because you are the one buying it?”he asked

“Of course not, am just thinking about your health”I said quickly as I watched him order for more.

How did I get myself into this, I should have just made him pay his food for himself but instead i had told him that the food was on me and that he should order any thing he want.

He did order but it’s more than what I expect, I thought as I bit into my own little food

“Can I get more juice”he said to the waiter and gently I took my wallet and checked the money in it.

If mom should find out that I have used up my food allowance for the week, she will kill me, I thought sadly

How can some one as thin as him eat like a horse, I thought as I kept on starring at him

Suddenly he look at me and I gave me a smile.

Gosh that smile did it, I thought as I told him to eat more.

If one is Inlove, you do crazy things, that thought came to me as I payed for the food with all my money.

“Did I eat too much!”he asked as we both left the restaurant

“You didn’t eat much”I said softly

“Why don’t we get some ice cream, am craving for one right now”he said

“No! No let’s not get one, I don’t have enough money for that?”I said

“Don’t worry it’s on me”he said as he took my hand and walked me to the ice cream shop.

“Do we still have much for a taxi?”Max asked

“I don’t have money for a taxi”i said

“And I don’t have too”he replied

“So then that leaves us with the bus”

“What? Am not getting on that, have never used a bus before” he said

“Well there is a first time for every thing”I said as I pulled his hand

“Hurry or we will be late for the bus that will take us home”I said.

We got to the bus stop on time and got in when the bus showed up.

I took him to the back seat and we both sat down

“Enjoy your first bus ride”I said giving him a smile

“I think I will pass the enjoyment”he said


“Cause this thing is horrible, just look at the interior, the dirtyness, is this what you had to go through for years?”he asked looking horrified

“It’s not that bad Max and it’s the only transport I could afford”I said

“Well I don’t want you on buses again, you are to always follow me to school from now on, I can’t trust this bus to keep you safe from getting infected” he said and I smiled

Just knowing that he is worried about me made me feel happy.

“Okay boss”I replied happily

“Can you lend me your phone?”I asked

“What for?”

“I just want to see if Beatrice has sent the picture”

“What about your phone?”he asked

“I don’t have a phone okay, I sold my phone a long time ago and am yet to buy another”I said

“How can you live without having a phone”he asked as he brought out his phone.

“I can live as long as there is some thing as borrowing”I said poking out my tongue at him.

Quickly I texted Beatrice on Facebook and she sent me the pictures that I needed.

It was the picture of the guy she was hooking me up with.

She had begun the task of getting me a boyfriend when she knew that I was single.

I told her not to worry but Beatrice being Beatrice made it known to me that she wouldnt give up.

I would have been enthusiastic about this hook up few weeks back but now I can’t be because I know who my heart lies for ,I thought as I stared at Max.

But it’s best that I should go on this hook up, to see if it’s really Max that I love, I thought as I kept on starring at the guy.

“Who is he?”Max asked as he moved close to me

“Well he is the guy I will be meeting tomorrow”I said

“Tomorrow? Why?”he asked

“Well it’s a sort of blind date, Beatrice prepared it for me and I can’t say no”I said

“You can’t or you don’t want to?”he replied snatching his phone from me

“Hey! I haven’t finished using it”I said

“Find someone else phone to use to chat with this blind date guy of yours”

“There you go again,being the cold hearted jerk”I said

“How am I being a jerk?”he asked

“I don’t know, leave me alone”I said as I stared out side through the window.

“Have it then,use it to do whatever you want”he said softly.

Feeling happy,I took it from him and continued with my chat with Beatrice, she told me that the guy has sent me a message and quickly I checked it.

“I can’t believe this! He is already chatting with me”I said softly

“Then chat back with him ” Max said lamely and I gave him a glance

“What kind of place should I suggest that we go to on a date?”I asked

“Why ask me that?”he asked

“You see have been so been trying to live up to the rich life that have never had a boyfriend, all this is new to me and that’s why I need a relationship expert like you”I said

“And how do you know that am a relationship expert”he asked

“Because you are well known with girls, tell me please,where can we have this date”I asked

“Some where open, like the park ,the zoo or maybe the sea”he said

“Those are the places we visited today, am going to go with the cinema house”I said as sent him the message

“But aren’t cinema to cozy, I mean you just met this guy”he said

“The more we get to know each other, the better”I said as I gave him smile

“You are just so impossible”he muttered

“I’m not”I replied sending him a smile

“Ahhhhh…………am feeling sleepy, I want to sleep” he said as he gently put his head on my shoulders

“What are you doing?”I asked

“Trying to get some sleep, wake me up when we get to our destination”he said

“Max I ………”

“I lend you my phone, you lend me your shoulders”he said softly and I couldn’t push him away or to even continue to use his phone because my heart wouldn’t calm down by having him close to me.

Is this really how love is.

To Be Continued 👇

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