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💄My Plastic💄

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😍 [ The Journey To Inner Beauty ] 😋

🐾Chapter SIXTEEN🐾
🤔[ Janelle or Nadia? ]🤔

📍Author Nuella📍



🤯🤯Ashley’s POV🤯🤯


” OH MY GOD!” I yelled as Mia and Sydney ran past me knocking my phone out of my hands and it crashed to the floor.

” What!? That was the new IPhone 12!” I yelled and fell to my knees and picked the phone from the ground.

• The phone’s screen was cracked and broken beyond repair and it was already broken into two. Can you believe Kaleb just bought me this phone?

• I stood up holding the remaining parts of my phone that wasn’t smashed or broken and focused on Sydney and Mia who were now looking at me nervously across the room.

” We’re sorry. It’s Mia’s fault. She doesn’t want to take her medicine meanwhile she has the flu.” Sydney blurted and Mia sneezed.

” I don’t like flu medicine! It tastes bitter and it’s colour green.” Mia protested yelling.

” What’s the problem with it being colour green?” I asked being curious and Mia rolled her eyes then grunted.

” Green is a yucky colour and green is the colour of germs, barf and other eew stuff.” Mia snapped and I chuckled.

” Besides I don’t have the flu. I haven’t sneezed nor coughed except for that first one.” Mia added and before Sydney and I could get a word in Mia started coughing and sneezed about a gazillion times.

” Yeah, but what am I gonna do now? My phone is broken and I had a message I hadn’t read yet” I cried out not caring about Mia’s flu.

” Don’t worry, you can buy a new phone.” Sydney suggested and I sighed.

” Well I can, but it’s been a month since I last backedup my phone to the cloud. Now everything is gone” I grumbled and Mia and Sydney felt remorseful.

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” We’re sorry.” Sydney said staring at the smashed remnants of my phone.

” Well I’m not!” Mia yelled and came over to where I stood and grabbed the remaining parts of my phone from my hand and threw them on the floor. Afterwards, she stepped on them about three times.

” Mia!!” I yelled at her and raised my hand to spank her and immediately, she trembled in fear. My hand froze in the air, I couldn’t spank her.

• She looked at me and saw the position I was in and she cackled, blew a raspberry at me and ran away!

” Sorry. We’re so sorry!” Sydney whispered to me then pursued after Mia.

” Mia come take your medicine!” She yelled as she ran after her.

” This girl is so annoying!”

” I bloody HATE her!!”

📌Two Months and A Week Later📌

• Well, it’s been 9 weeks since I slept in jail and I still haven’t told Kaleb about it, neither have I told him about Adrian and his father. But that cheap old man doesn’t learn lessons easily. Can you still believe he still gives me sultry looks and s£xy winks.

I swear with everything in me, If he tries raping me again, I’ll not only cut off his balls, I’ll cut of his head and cook soup with it!

• Apart from all that, Mia has been her annoying self as usual and Amelia has been a pain in the a** as well. Sydney has been wonderful and Mrs. Brown hasn’t been much trouble, she just avoids me but deep down I know she hates me too. There’s Ryan as well who has been so supportive and sweet. Finally there’s Kaleb who has been nothing but a sweetheart.

• And our marriage is already three months old! How time flies.

And yes…Kaleb bought me a new phone! But is still sucks because I lost everything in my phone.

• And apart from that, today is the finale of Dance2Fame and we’re gonna see the winner between Nadia and Janelle. Who are both amazing dancers. I can’t even guess who will win!

Anyways…time will soon tell us!

🤔🤔Janelle’s POV🤔🤔


” Janelle! Do you know that all the ex- contestants are gonna be here!” Nadia yelled as she came into the lounge.

” I can’t believe we made it to the finals!” She added enthusiastically and sat on couch.

” Yeah, I never knew I could make it too.” I said and she laughed.

I’m serious!
I didn’t know I could go this far!

All I ever wanted was to get close to Kaleb and that’s all. Now it’s either I get first place or second place!

Speaking of Kaleb, He practically avoids me now and doesn’t even want to speak to me or hear my name anymore!

And the message I sent to his wife was never read! It has been unread for 9 weeks!!

So now I’ve lost?

No! Janelle Huggins never looses and never gives up! I must have Kaleb at all means and never will I relent!

Thank God the competition ends today, I’ll stay back in New York and fight for the one I love!

” Why are you so lost in thoughts?” Nadia said and I was snapped out of my thoughts.

” Nothing, just tensed about the competition.” I lied to Nadia and she did a sad face then came to sit beside me.

” You don’t need to be tensed. It’s just a competition.” She said patting my back.

” Yes, a competition that I have to battle my best friend to win?”

” Don’t worry Janelle. We’ll be fine. I just want you to know that if I win or you win, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that we shouldn’t let it get into our heads and ruin our friendship okay?” Nadia said and I smiled at her then we hugged.

” Let’s get ready, the competition is in an hour.” Nadia said and we both got up and went to the dressing room.

• We got ready and we were all prepped for the show. This is a huge step for me because if I win this I get all the goodies and money and Kaleb as well, because I heard a rumour that anyone who wins gets to be his personal assistant. Imagine if I am his personal assistant, my work will be more easier.

” Good evening everyone and welcome to the finale of Dance2Fame!” The anchor yelled and all the live audience clapped, cheered and screamed.

” Today we have our special judges; Judge Kira, Judge Arnold, Judge Kaleb, Judge Oliver, Judge Hannah!” The anchor announced and the audience clapped and the judges stood up and waved their hands.

” Now, today’s the big night and it’s the dance battle between Nadia and Janelle!”

” Nadia Gutteron, can we have you on stage please?” The anchor yelled and Nadia sighed nervously and I gave her a thumbs up just before she left.

🎶Rolex by Ayo and Teo🎶 blared out of the speakers and Nadia began to dance.

• I have to admit, she was marvelous! Her dabs, her woahs, her nae-naes and other killer dance moves were marvelous! The whole crowd was wild and cheering for her! The judges were overwhelmed!

• She ended the dance with a split as the volume of the song reduced to zero and the crown went wild and were chanting his name.

” I give her a green!” Judge Kira raised the green card up which meant that she has her vote.

” I give her a green too!” Judge Arnold also said.

” I give her a green!!!!” Judge Arnold added.

” She deserves this!” Judge Hannah said and raised the green card!

Nadia thanked them and went backstage.

” And we call on Janelle!!” The anchor yelled and anxiously, I went outside to the stage!

🎶Pills and Automobiles by Chris Brown and various artists 🎶 blared out of the speakers and I started dancing.

I tried my best! And it seems like the crowd loved it!
Even more than Nadia’s

I finished my routine and everyone cheered!

All the judges gave me a green!

That means it’s only Kaleb that can choose the winner!

” It seems like there’s a tie here! Both girls have four greens and only Kaleb’s vote can decide the winner.” The anchor said and Nadia joined us on stage.

” Ehem!” Kaleb cleared his throat and stood up to speak.

” The journey thus far has been splendid and it all end today. The winner will be gifted with An all expense paid trip to Malibu, A cash sum of $500,000 and an endorsement with Mega Dance Cooperation. Apart from that, there’s an added bonus of you being my Personal Assistant.” Kaleb announced and now I’m sure that those rumors are true.

” Janelle and Nadia are both great dancers and congrats to you both for making it thus far!”

” But now my greencard will decide who takes it all!”

” And the winner of this years Dance2Fame completion is….
T B C😋😋
All Rights Reserved®
Who will win? Nadia or Janelle?
Remember whoever wins has to be Kaleb’s Personal Assistant.

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