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Nora batch 9



”i have to go now,”Freddie said, ”safe journey bro,”Chad said and Freddie stood up and walked to the door,as he reaches outside the school gate he felt like something was pulling him from nowhere,he tries to move but no way the forces was too strong, but then he disappeared and appeared by the water side,and he was surprised but suddenly became weak,he felt a pain in his neck,and when he touch his neck he felt blood on it, ”no..”, he said with his hand shaking as he stared at the blood, ”oh look who is here,”Freddie heard the queen voice behind him,just then Nora appeared beside Freddie with a bleeding neck,she looked so weak and tired, ”thank u for coming Freddie,”Nora said to Freddie weakly,she touched Freddie and suddenly became powerful again,as long as they re bonded together,if Nora feels weak,Freddie can give her the strength she needed and if Freddie feels weak Nora can also give him the strength he needs,Nora breath in and her bleeding neck closed up and so did Freddie, ”whao,”Freddie whispered to himself, ”remember Freddie u can do all things I can do ok,”Nora said ”so I can control someone with my eyes and closed up a bleeding wound,”Freddie asked his tone very surprising ”yes u can,” Nora said and gave him a smile, everyone sat down in class waiting for the next teacher, some were busy reading while some were busy with their phones,Chad stayed quiet thinking about Freddie,Lynn was boiling in anger and was feeling left out,she grabbed her phone from her bag and went to the front of the class ”hello everyone Lynn said and immediately everyone attention was on her, ”wat the hell is this Lynn up to,” chad thought ”i have some important information I would like to share with u guys,”Lynn said and everyone payed more attention to her, ”u guys all know Nora,Nora the new girl who is known to be the prettiest girl in this school,”Lynn said and everyone nodded, Chad gave Lynn a look that says *don’t do it

Chad gave Lynn a look that says *don’t do it* ”well,Nora is not human,”Lynn said and everyone gasped, everyone was shocked when Lynn said Nora wasn’t human,Chad felt like ripping lynn hair out from her head, ”how do we know u re telling us the truth Lynn,”a girl from the back said ”because she is the reason why Freddie hair turned red,she possess Freddie with her witch and sirenic powers,and if u guys think am lying why not go to the beach down town and see wats going on there for urselves,are u guys not wondering why freddie and Nora are not here,so u see, am not lying,”Lynn said and everyone started to murmur that they are all going to the beach to see for themselves,Chad sighed, everyone gasped in shock and Lynn sighed devilishly feeling the anger boiled in her,Chad quickly walked up to Lynn and grabbed her hand, ”what do u think u just did,”Chad asked Lynn angrily ”exposing Nora’s secret,” Lynn replied back with full hatred on her voice ”u know wat Lynn,I once thought Nora was the one who didn’t have a heart, but u are the one,how could u be so cruel,”Chad said with his voice getting horsey, ”am not the cruel one Chad,Freddie is,I gave him my heart but wat did he do, he just smashed it against the ground like it was a pile of nothing,just because of that mermaid called Nora and he even kissed her right in my face, do u know how much that hurts, do u?Chad answer me do u? Lynn yelled and stamped her feet angrily on the floor with tears coming out of her eyes, ”lynn stop being childish ok, Freddie never love u from the beginning,he just like u as a casual friend,and nothing more, why not just accept the fate,” Chad said while Lynn replied, ”never,u re talking nonsense Chad,Freddie is mine,u know wat Chad,u make me sick,”Lynn said to Chad while Chad replied ”i feel like punching ur face so hard,”Chad said threateningly, ”u can’t hit me,I

”u can’t hit me I am a girl and guys don’t hit girls,”Lynn said ”maybe they don’t but I do,”Chad said and Lynn blinked uncontrollable feeling kind of scared, ”just leave me alone,” Lynn said ”now see wat u have caused, everyone is going to the beach to see Nora battle her mom,what is wrong with u Lynn,” Chad said and began to space out beside the class window, Lynn sat down on a chair,her anger reducing, ”what have I done,”Lynn thought and signed, and immediately she walked out of the class,Chad sighed heavily before going out too,..Freddie and Nora could be seen breathing heavily and sweating real hard,they re winning the battle and the queen is becoming weak, ”freddie our next aim is to collect the trigent from my mother,trust me she is powerless without the trigent,” Nora said to Freddie through her mind and Freddie nodded in agreement,as Nora find her way to get close to her mother, Freddie tries to distract the girls by trying to release the old witch who was still tied up with a rope ”get him”,Nina said to nija,and nija immediately sighted freddie, Nina and nija immediately ran to Freddie and Nika stood alone watching each and everyone fighting each other,Nina started controlling Freddie with her greenish eyes, ”nina stop u re hurting him,”Nika said ”thats wat we all wanted,Nika now do something don’t just stand there, Nina ordered, ”thats wat u all wanted but that’s not wat I want,”Nika said and immediately Nina let Freddie go because she was being controlled by Nika, ”nika,wat re u doing,u betrayal,” Nina said trying to catch her breath ”mother has gone too far this time if any of us doesn’t give up one of us is going to die,” Nika said and Nina rolled her eyes, ”i don’t care,nija handle the boy,”Nina ordered nija nodded ready to control Freddie but stopped when she saw students coming towards the beach, (water)the queen stopped on her track as she was about to blast Nora.

The queen stopped on her track as she was about to blast Nora with her trigent,she looked more closely as students came closer to the beach as they all stopped seeing the siren fight,it was really an awkward moment, ”oh my goodness,Lynn was right, Nora isn’t human,”a girl said ”i don’t know all these creatures still exists”,a boy added,Freddie turned and was surprised to see his whole classmates,he stood still not knowing wat to do,just then the queen jumped into the water,she signals the girls to join her and they all did except Nika who stood beside Nora,and they both looked d–n identical,chad took courage and walked up to freddie and asked, ”dude re u ok,” ”i think so,but I will be fully ok when that good for nothing woman is dead,..wat re u guys doing here,”Freddie asked ”lynn told everyone in the class who Nora is,”Chad replied ”oh my,.. Lynn?Freddie yanked ”yeah”, Chad said and Freddie gave lynn a glare who was totally feeling guilty about it, ”thanks for having my back out there,Nika I didn’t know u could do that for me,”Nora said to her sister nika ”trust me am on ur side,mother has gone too far,she doesn’t even seem like our mother again and wat else could I do,u re my sister and my best friend,”Nika said and the two sisters hugged, while everyone watched, ”come on we have to go stop mom,” Nika said and Nora nodded and then look at freddie ”lets go,” Nora said to Freddie, ”good luck buddy,”Chad said and Freddie smiled,Nora and Nika were about to get in the water when Freddie stopped them, ”i can’t go in the water,Nora I will die,I can’t breath under water,”Freddie said ”yes u can,as long as u re bonded with Nora,”Nika said and Freddie nodded and immediately they all dived in the water, Freddie was astonished seeing Nora and Nika looking very very beautiful under the water and how a tail appeared before their legs and how their skin glowed and how their hair changed into colours too.


And their hair changed into colours too,all those things was happening to freddie too,but his legs never left,after minute of swiftly swimming,they all came across their siren home which looks more of a shrine to freddie, as the three of them swam in,the queen and the two other sisters stood behind their mother and the old witch still tied up ”i thought u wouldn’t come,I was about to kill the old witch,”the queen said and Nora started to boil in anger ”and u Nika,u re just like ur stupid sister Nora,I can’t believe u betrayed me,u betrayed us all,no wonder u two look so much alike,birds of the same feathers,I could have killed u both when I gave birth to u,”the queen added and Nika rolled her eyes ”just shut it mother,”Nora said angrily and the queen gasped,the queen became extremely angry and blast Nora with her trigent causing great pain for her and Freddie,the two of them fell helplessly on the floor while Nika tried to help,but Nina and nija quickly faced her, ”now let see wat u fools can do, Nora honey get up and face me or re u too tired”,the queen said and laughed hysterically,the old witch couldn’t held her breath much longer and all of a sudden and all of a sudden her eyes closed and that was the end of her,(the old witch), ”noo..”Nora cried bitterly, ”finally,this rotten old witch is finally dead,”the queen said smiling devilishly ”how could u do this mother,how could u,”Nora yelled with anger and hatred in her voice, ”because I wanted to,now it ur turn to die,”the queen said and laughed, ”freddie hold my hand,” Nora ordered,she and Freddie tried to catch their breath because the pain was becoming worst and they re getting weaker Freddie did as instructed,he held Nora’s hands tightly,while her mother watched and waited and she blast Nora again,Nina and nija held Nika tight so she won’t escape,Nora started some incantations,her eyes were turning all round black and so was her hair.

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her eyes were turning all round black and so was her hair and the same thing was also happening to freddie,he could feel the power flowing in him,the strength and also the hatred,Nora continue her spell,she was combining her witch and siren spell together, mighty wind started to blow, everywhere started becoming dark that none of them could see except Freddie and Nora,….back at the surface, everyone saw how the water started bringing heavy waves,all of them stood still wondering wat was going on in there,..as Nora took control of the darkness that hindered,she release her hands from Freddie and ordered Freddie to take the trigent from her mother,Freddie slowly walked up to the queen who wasn’t seeing anything at all and then grabbed a hold of the trigent,the queen gasped when the trigent suddenly skipped away from her hand but she couldn’t see to know who took it, ”so wat re u going to do now mother,”Nora said and everywhere became bright again,so Freddie handed the trigent to Nora and Nora breath in feeling the power of the trigent,the queen was speechless,she knows she was powerless without the trigent,now even her normal power can’t stop Nora now,before anyone could talk or even blink an eyes,Nora blasted her mother with the trigent without wasting time,but the queen stood up again, but Nora had no choice than to blast her over and over again,..Nina suddenly sneaked behind Nora and pushed Nora making her to throw the trigent away and immediately the queen got a hold of the trigent again, ”hahahaha foolish girl,”the queen said to Nora and Nora turned to Nina and used her eyes to control Nina choking her to dead immediately, ”what have u done”,the queen yelled and immediately uses the trigent on Nora again and this time Nora wasn’t herself, the queen hited her so hard that she could die any moment and so with Freddie.

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