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Oh My Candy Episode 6 – 7

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Episode 6


I finished drinking from my mug and swiftly I tug my tie to breathe a little, I hand the mug to Diego as he swiftly takes it from me and handsr the current reports for last week’s profits, quickly I an-lyse them with a quick glance. “Sir we have that board meeting with the staffs later today same with the business deal with Mr Devin, he didn’t make a schedule but insists on seeing you either way.” Diego reciter. I smirked c*ckily “Then he should know I tend to take anything related to my company seriously, he should wait when I’m done if he doesn’t have the patience he should make an appointment…” I ordered as Diego jotted my words down. “And sir..” Diego chimes “You have that charity event to attend Ms Layla already requested to be your plus one…”

I hissed trying so h-rd not to get pissed. “How am I now aware of this ?” I asked.

“I wanted to inform you but you were occupied with booking Ms Candice, I decided to inform you this morning…” I gulped h-rd on the mention of Candice I’ve been trying so h-rd not to get a dance from her and trying not to act like an animal that I’ve been distracting myself from work, we even spent the evening looking for doc-ments I didn’t even need.

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“Speaking of Ms Candice how is she ?” I asked. “I’ve informed Peter to prepare breakfast for her and attend to her the moment she wakes up..” Diego said and I can’t help but feel a bit guilty for keeping her up looking for the doc-ments to escape her dancing for me.

“It would be selfish to steal a glance from her especially with all the important schedule today…” I said, Diego nodded holding on to his tablet, I wanted to see her face. “Diego ring any flower company and request the most expensive flowers…” I ordered immediately he started tapping his tablet to order.

“And address it to who sir ?” Diego asked. “Miss Candice of course..” I turned heading to the door, Diego followed consciously busy on his tablet. “Sir do you want to tag a note ?” Diego informed, I stopped almost immediately thinking whether or not, even if I did what would I probably say. “Yes …” I replied pacing instantly.


I stared at the room full at my surroundings, I sighed hoping Mr Smith found his doc-ments, they must be very important, I finally thought back to why I’m here, probably Mr Smith is very busy so I can’t dance for him in the evenings, this isn’t looking good if I don’t dance for him, he’s probably not going to pay Redstripp as an excuse I didn’t give him a dance and I bet Ms Julia will be c*cky on how I f-cked up after I even double my pay, I can’t risk that.

I’m going to have to give him a dance one way or the other, maybe I could give him one this morning, immediately I got out of b£d slowly, took a bath wore shorts and a black laced Crip top with no b-ra and put on a pink b£droom coat to disguise what I actually wore, instantly I dashed our my room and head over to Me Smith’s room, on my way there I was stopped by Peter. “Morning Miss…” He bowed. “Morning..” I greeted.

“Mr Smith insist you eat breakfast, right after I may attend to any of your needs..” Peter said.

“Where’s Sean ?” I asked.

“Mr Smith already left for work.” Peter said as the look of disappointment crawled up my face. “Oh yes…” I nodded not really knowing what to say, he did say he was going early for work for the doc-ments, I need to find some way to give him a dance.

“I’ll eat breakfast then..” Peter nodded ony request, I followed him to the dinning room where my breakfast was served, I sat down idly thinking of how to achieve my task until the bell rings.

I was slowly eating, Peter went to get the door and return with a bouquet of dragon Lilly’s, that’s what I read from the tag as he hands it to me. “For me ??” I almost choked taking the flowers and sniffing it.

I picked the note tag to it reading it in a whisper. “I’m sorry I kept you up looking for my doc-ments, will you bey date for an event this evening..” I almost choked on my saliva reading the last words.

“A date, like a plus one, it’s not like he’s asking me on a date, yeah what would a successful man like him want with a stripper…” I mentally whisper to myself looking down at my food.

“I’m just a stripper..” I hissed getting up after loosing my appetite, Peter who left the room and came back with a blood red gown probably for the event the note was talking about.

“I’m done..” I pushed the plate away heading out of the dinning room. “But miss you haven’t finished your food..” he said worried. “I’m not hungry…and I’m allergic to these..” I said pointing at the flowers that were ordered and walked passed him, I shouldn’t get ahead of myself, I’m a stripper I’m here to give Me Smith a dance and nothing else.


I was done with my staff meeting all that’s left is to meet Mr Devin, I’m amazed he was patient normally rumors claimed he wasn’t patient and had a temper for not being attended to.

“Diego, what did Peter say about her reaction when she got the flowers…” I asked. “I’ve put him on call sir he’ll give us a reply sooner…” Diego said. “Good what about Layla..” I asked.

“I simply turn down her request as you ordered since you’ll be taking Miss Candice but is that wise sir…” Diego asked, I’m sure he’s concerned but probably if I get Candice involved with good clients she’s might forget about that stripping profession.

“There is nothing to worry about Diego, I know what I’m doing trust me.” I said as he nodded and hands me a phone with Peter on the line.

“So how did he go Peter ? ” I asked nervously.

“Sadly she looked sick…” Peter replied as my eyes widened. “What ??” I asked.

“She looked gloomy all of a second on getting the flowers and suddenly said she was allergic putting on a sick look..” I held to the phone in panic, I might have triggered an allergy or some kind of truama.

“She didn’t even finish eating her food and refuse to eat…” He said. “I’m on my way try to get her to eat..” I ended the call.

“Diego postpone the meeting with Mr Devin..” I ordered. “I don’t think that’s proper of us to do Mr Smith..” he said as I shudder.

“If he’s not patient he can as well make an appointment…” I didn’t waste a moment I quickly took one of my car and drove home see Candice, I went to where to her room and walked in immediately.

“Mr Smith..” she gasped looking nervous, the coat she had on was barley tied was revealing a black laced crop top and shorts.

“You don’t look sick, I apologise if you’re upset with the flowers if you’re not a fan..” I said.

“The Flowers are beautiful, I just didn’t think I deserve them I’m a stripper I don’t deserve expensive flowers like some elite and I’m sorry I won’t be going on that event with you.” She said with a straight face, I felt upset.

“Since you’re here, I can give you your dance…” She said s€×ily taking off the coat revealing her almost unclad figure.

She walked up to me and pushed me to the wall, I felt like I was under a trance as she turned to give me a lap dance.


♥️♥️ Oh My Candy💋💋

Episode 7


She goes stiff the moment I voice out stop judging from her position she was confused but didn’t say a word neither did she back off in a jerk, the position we were both left in was awkward. “I don’t want a dance…” I two a step back and proceed to make a turn to face her, she slowly stood on her feet avoiding my glance.

“You’re not going to be free in the evenings that’s for sure you always have to do one work…” I sh-ot a sharp glare unintentionally mostly because she’s figuring out she won’t be able to give me a dance, she went mute after that mistaking my glare as a death glare.

“That doesn’t mean you’ll give me a lap dance as you wish, I requested for your service you don’t have the right to pick a time, I do..” I mustered uneasily which seemed to choke her, she seemed flvstered it made her looking innocent despite her dressing up likely half unclad.

“I’m sorry…” She apologized and immediately looked straight at me. “Yes you requested me and I would like you to pick a time when you’ll be less busy…” She said.

“Why do you want to give me a dance so bad ??” I asked without thinking, I’m just surprised how determined she is. “Why did you request for me when you could have others, this is my Job you have no right to question me in that manner Mr Smith..” she hissed under her breath practically irritated by me. “Here I am trying to be a gentleman and make sure you get comfortable you’re really passionate about your job..” my cold stare met hers.

She scoffed. “Not really, Redstripp always make sure their clients are satisfied that’s why we are successful, I don’t want Miss Julia to think I’m slacking off just because I got a private offer, be it anything I put my mind to I take it seriously..”

“Why don’t you put your mind to another profession…” I suggested. “You don’t get it do you..” she lets out a squirm. “Do you think I wanna display my ass and b-obs to a bunch of bastards, I do it because I don’t have a choice, you don’t seem to understand because you’re successful, you have a company you inherited to take care of you, you have every f-cking thing…” She sobs loudly. “Just a snap of a f-nger you have what you desire, I don’t have that, I didn’t go to the best school’s like you did so I’m left with this.”

I walked up to her but she quickly picked up her coat and pointed at the door urging me to get out, she slammed the door h-rd against me while I stood there cautioning my t0ngue.

“God, I f-cked up…” I muttered under my breath, I didn’t bother to force myself in I just made her feel like shit, forcing myself in will make me look like a c*cky bastard.

“Sir…” Peter called as I turned to him with a frown. “Attend to Miss Candice, I need to head back to work..” he nodded and walks away, I picked up my phone and called Mark.

“What did you f-ck up this time ?” I rolled my eyes ignoring his question. “She tried to force me a dance I refused…”

“Just let the woman give you a tease you prude, you’re acting like it’s the first time you’ve encountered a stripper..” he hissed.

“I don’t want her to think I’m some animal, just looking at her….” I heard a laugh from Mark’s side of the call. “You even get a boner by just looking at her..” he resumed laughing.

“If I’m going to make her mine I don’t want her to be reminded by the fact she twerked her h-uge ass down my pelvis as a part of her memory…” I hissed fustrarted mostly because I was annoyed at Mark’s laughter.

“Just admit you’re afraid you’ll f-ck her from there..” he crack a chuckle this time. “I’ll leave you to assume what you want..” I hissed.

“So what are you going to do now ??” Mark asked, I stride my hands down my pocket visibly putting on a thinking look.

“She refused to be my plus one to the charity event today and she’s definitely pissed at me, so I’m going to have to reason with her…” I said which probably intruiged Mark.

“What do you mean reason with her ?” I could feel his smirk from the other side of the phone. “You’ll find out..” I hang up and head out to my car and back to the company.


I pressed a pillow against my bossoms t¡ghtly and reflect back to my conversation with Sean. “What a d*ck…” I scoffed.

He’s so successful and all and thinks he can label me as some kind of slut, if he’s such a noble person why the f-ck did he request a stripper, he inherited a f-cking company who is he to play God and justify my decisions, even though he’s somehow right.

“d-ckhead..” I scre-med my fustrations to the pillow, I can’t wait to be so done with this Private shit, if only I can get him to take a dance, at this point he’s only going to take a dance if he request for it I’m so going to loose that $250,000.

Peter comes in with another batch of food he’s been doing that every hour since I didn’t finish breakfast, it is annoying.

“Peter I’m not hungry..” I say mildly. “Miss Candice you must eat, I can’t simply encourage skipping breakfast.” He said.

“I did eat a little this morning, there is no need for this.” I tried to convince him with a smile but he just stared at me, I sighed made my way to him and collected the tray of food he brought. “I’m just feeling hungry so you can stop bringing food now…” I said, he smiled and nodded and left, I sat down with my tray and ate to my content, I slowly went through my phone and in the process I slept off.


Later I woke up, I slowly rise up scanning my surroundings, the room was dark meaning it was already evening I hissed under my breath in fustrations. “Great I slept through the wh0le day..” mummer looking down to see myself clad in a red lace b-ra and p-nties.

“When did I throw this on..” I drew my b£d sheets on to cover myself the moment I heard a knock on my door. “Are you ready ??” The door unlocked revealing Sean who wore a dress shirt that was barely buttoned and black p-nts, he looks like he came back from work and tossed his suit jacket and tie leaving him in the only thing he’s wearing right now.

“What are you talking about ?? Why am I wearing this, Did you change me ?” I hissed pissed letting go of the sheets, he chuckled walking up to me. “You think this is funny ?” I yelled.

“You’re a stripper, so you don’t have anything to hide, you shouldn’t be flvstered it’s your profession after all.” He smirked.

“That is different, you don’t have the right to change me..” I yelled but he cuts me off. “What’s the difference ? You’re half unclad all the time when you’re stripping, why are you flvstered if I see something every woman has..” he said, I balled my hands into a fist not he clenched t¡ghtly to my wrist.

“I’ll ask again are you ready?” He looks at me with a cold stare. “What are you…”

“Give me a strip dance…” He smirked, my heart dropped the moment a wicked smirk made it’s way to his l-ips.

Both our eyes met and slowly he leaned down my neck marking his territory pushing me down the b£d as a hand went to my b-ra.


Immediately I jerked up and took in sharp breaths, I looked around it was still bit bright and almost evening, I looked down to see my crop top I shorts I wore earlier, I heave a deep sigh.

‘What the f-ck was that ?’ I muttered to myself and immediately, Peter came through the door.

“Where’s Sean ?” I asked almost immediately.

“Mr Sean is still at the company, he’ll be back soon..” Peter said, I nodded as I gave him a nod to leave.

It was just a dream, my phone rings as I saw Ms Julia and answer.

“Candice what the hell did you do ?”

Candy what did you do this time around 😬


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