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One And Only Kiss – Episode 3


One And Only Kiss – Episode 3

© Oyebamiji Samuel

Story Continues


Theme : I know where Lennox lives

“The lady is not far from you”Lennox said

Owen raised his brow and wish he could hold the man and ask him as many questions as possible but he couldn’t

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“Well, I have to start going before Mary comes” Lennox said and took a step forward but Owen stood up from the bed and signalled to him not to leave

Lennox stayed and watched Owen

Owen searched around looking for a pen and a paper, he saw one on the locker beside the bed he was laying. He grabbed it at once and wrote:

“Please, don’t go, I have a lot of questions to ask you”

“Ask” Owen said

Owen wrote again; “Please, I want to speak, who is the right lady, what is her name?where do u live? Give me your mobile number ?”

Lennox smiled when he read what Owen typed

“My name is Lennox, you shall speak if you meet the right lady, I do not have a mobile number, I can’t tell you more than that” Lennox said and checked his wrist watch

“How will I know the right lady when he comes?” Owen wrote and gave it to Lennox like he had being doing

Owen collected the sheet of paper and frowned

“The lady shall come at the right time” Owen said

Owen felt bad because Lennox was not giving him the answer he wants

“Is the right lady Mary?” Owen wrote

The man parted his lips and opened his mouth to talk but the door opened at that moment.

Mary hurriedly entered and ignored Lennox and went to Owen

Mary noticed a letter on the bed , she ignored it and faced Owen

“Why are you standing ? ” Mary asked facing Owen

Owen neglected her and faced Lennox

Owen was really expecting an answer from the man, It pained him when Mary entered when he was about to receive answer from Lennox

“What is happening here” Mary said when she noticed that Owen kept looking at the doctor

“Nothing serious, I will take my leave” Lennox said

Lennox stepped out to leave and Owen tried to speak but he couldn’t

Owen hopped painfully to catch up with Lennox but Lennox did not look back

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“Why are you following the doctor ” Mary said from behind

Mary did not understand how pained Owen was, She did not see that the only person that can make Owen speak is going right in front of him

Owen yelled but words couldn’t come out as he watched Lennox walked off till he went out of sight

“Please, don’t go” Lennox thought and cried

He sunk to his knees to the floor and tears dropped from his eyes. He cried bitterly

Mary rushed to him and noticed he was crying

“Did the doctor do something harmful to him” Mary thought

“What did he do to you” Mary said pity-fully

She remembered that Owen could not speak, she walked hurriedly to the bed to bring the note and pen she saw

While she was bringing it, she scanned through it and what she saw caught her attention

She read through the writings and arched her brow at what she saw

She didn’t understand the meaning of what she read but she knew Owen wrote it to the doctor

“What did he mean by am I the right woman?he even wrote my name, who is this doctor” she thought as she moved towards where Owen was

“Write your answer here” Mary said and stretched the sheet of paper to Owen.

Owen noticed that she must have read it and snatched it from her

“Go away from me ” Owen shouted in his heart but Mary could not here

The door opened and Mary’s father entered

He saw Mary standing and Owen kneeling and sobbing

“What is going on here ” Mary’s father asked

He did not wait for Mary to reply, he helped Owen up and helped him to the bed

“Young man, take it easy, by the ways… He said and noticed Owen

Owen’s face looks familiar to Mary’s Father

Mary’s father remembered who Owen was immediately

” His name is Owen , he can not speak right?’ Mary’s father asked

“What! How did u know” Mary arched her brow and said



“You are my first love, I love u” Star said

“I love u, I know that I’m going on a far distance to further my education, I also wish to stay here in America but Dad has insisted that he wanted to me school in Germany” Seven said with tears forming on his face

“You should not cry, I should be the one crying, please do not forget me, be calling me often” Star said

Seven said and nodded his head

Seven, who is now Mary’s father, is a young student some years ago, he dated Star, who is now Owen’s mother

Seven and star dated since their second year at high school till their last days at high school

Seven Loved star so much that every student has thought that that they are gonna marry in the future. Seven and Star are best of friends

They always go to many paces together, their parents approved of their friendship

Everything took a turn the night that Seven and Star stood in Love garden at Los Angeles

After Seven had said he was travelling to Germany because his dad wanted him to study there, he promised Mary that he would never date anyone till he finish his education

They promised themselves that they are gonna marry themselves in the future

Star cried the more and confessed that she feels as if she will die if Seven leaves

Star made a suggestion that they should visit a temple at Miami so they can make a covenant

Seven didn’t think twice because he was not a religious somebody and he is so sure of his love for Star, convenant is the least thing he could have done for their love

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Seven agreed to Star’s request and they both went the following morning to Miami

They entered the Temple, Star had heard that their are sorceress and seers in that Temple, she had never gone there but she heard that the Temple is very powerful

Star and Seven entered and they saw some ladies putting on red and standing opposite each other

Star and Seven became scared, but someone who was standing at the pulpit signalled for them to come towards the pulpit

They oblique and went to the pulpit where the Priest of the Temple was standing

His eyes was covered with a black towel excluding his eyes that was left opened

“My children, what did you want?” The priest asked

“I’m Star, this is my boyfriend , Seven, I did not want him to leave me, he is furthering his education at Germany, we want to make a covenant that will be deal between the two of us , and in case we are temped to betray ourselves with another person by sleeping with another person, we will remember what will happen if we dare to and we will stop” Mary said

“That is a simple task my children, I would not tell you the consequence of what will happen to you if you betray one another, but if anyone you break the covenant, the consequence will be worst than death” The priest said and smirked

“We are ready” Star said and looked at Seven

Seven nodded

The man took them to a room and performed the covenant on them

Seven wondered why the man had refused to open his face. He traced the man with his eye from head to toe and noticed that the man’s body was all covered in his priestly regalia except his arms and feet

He took a closer look at the man’s arm and saw a name boldly written on it ‘LENNOX’

“What are you looking at young boy” The priest said facing Seven when he realized that he was staring at him

“Erm.. Nothing sir.. ” He said and turned his head elsewhere

The priest nodded and led them outside

Seven travelled to Germany and remained faithful to Star, always calling her through phone until after a year when Star start giving Seven a cold attitude

Star doesn’t pick call any longer, Its becoming hard for Seven to speak to Star, he sometimes sends her message but she will not reply.

Seven tried to get the attention of Star for another two years but it was futile

Seven moved on with his life but he never date another girl , He promised himself never to date another lady because he loves Star so much and he is also scared of the covenant

Star was tired of the long distance relationship after a year that Seven had left

Star went back to the priest that he wants to break the covenant between she and Seven

“Long distance relationship sucks” she said to the priest

“My daughter , It is impossible to break the covenant you had made with Secen” The priest replied

“Make this possible and nothing must happen to me” Mary said

The priest sighed and took Mary to a room, he performed some spiritual stuffs on her and led her out of the room

“Am I free now” Star asked

“Yes, you are, but not totally” The priest replied

“What did you mean by not totally” Star questioned

“I mean that nothing will happen to you but I’m scared that your seed may bear the consequence ” The priest said

“My seed! you mean my children” Star questioned

“Yeah” The priest said

“Well, I’m still young, I wanna have fun, till then” Star said, carried her bag and left the temple

Many years later after Seven had finished schooling , he came back to his home country, America.

He rested in his house the first day he arrived and stayed and had fun with his family and long time friends

He went the following day to Star’s house. He requested to see Star, Star’s parent remembered him and they welcomed him but with a gloomy face

He wondered why they were sad, they were suppose to be happy for seeing him after so many years

“Seven, I’m sorry to say this, Star has got engaged with another man” Star’s father said while star’s mother lowered her head

It was as though Seven was dreaming, he arched his brow , his heart ached and he felt bad

He looked at their face to see if they were playing a prank on him or not, but their facial expression depicts that were serious

Seven walked away with a painful heart, he remembered the covenant they made at the temple

“Star broke up with me and got engaged with another man, it simply means the convenant is fake” He thought

It took seven another one year to recover from his love that betrayed him

He prayed in his heart never to see Star again but he saw Star with a young boy at an event center, Star told seven the boy’s name to be Owen and that he is dumb during the middle of their long conversation

Seven moved on with his life and got engaged to Mary’s mother

…Back to Present…

“Yes, I know him” Seven, the father of Mary, replied Mary

“How, where?” Mary asked

“What is that in your hand” Seven asked and stretched his hand to collect the sh*t of paper in Mary’s hand

Mary handed it to his father and he read through it

Owen has being wondering on the bed that he lay how a stranger , who he assumed to be Mary’s father know his name

“Could this man be of help to my dumbness” Owen thought

“Whom did u write this letter to?” Seven said after he had read what was written in the sh*t of paper”

Owen sat right and collected the sh*t of paper and wrote;

His name is Lennox, my mother said he appeared to her in her dream shortly after my birth, he said I can only speak if I have my first kiss with the right lady

Seven read the letter and remembered that he saw LENNOX written boldly at the priest hand many years ago when he and Star went to the temple to make covenant

“I know Lennox” Seven said and Owen stood up from the bed in shock

He opened his mouth like he would speak but he couldn’t

He collected the sh*t of paper and wrote:

“Please, take me to him, he has the solution to my dumbness, he can help me speak by telling me the right lady to kiss”

“Lets go” Seven said and led them out of the hospital to the Temple

To be continued

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