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Poor but rich last batch


Poor but rich


**flash back to what happend that night**

she entered, she went straight to my bed

me: hey! you’re sleeping on my bed

toyosi: so?

me: i didn’t give you permission to do so

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toyosi: and did i told you not to sleep on your bed?

me: oh!!

toyosi: hey!! you are so paranoid

me: hmmm? **angry tone**

toyosi: am sorry! but please let me sleep here just for tonight, please!!

me: okay! i will sleep on the couch

toyosi: no, its your bed, i will sleep on the couch if you don’t want to sleep on the bed with me..

me: no, okay, i will sleep on the bed

toyosi: wow, okay let’s sleep, which side are you going to sleep at?

me: any side is fine with me

toyosi: okay ooo

she slept, i also slept beside her, she noticed my d–k struggling to get out of the cage i put it inside..

toyosi: wow, this your thing is huge ooo

me: what?

toyosi: can i touch it?

me: yees!! ***if not because am so h—y***

toyosi: wow, i love this!!

she started touching it, she later buried my d–k in her mouth, she s—-d it passionately, chaii!! i love it, she took off her night wear, gosh… she’s pantless, what a body?

i finger f—-d her, she m0aned passionately, ouuuch, yeeees, i love you… **love me ke?** i continued finger f—–g her until she cvmmed, i cleaned her up, i started s—–g her p—y like an hungry puppy, i was also rubbing my hand on her [email protected], she was m0aning louder, no one can hear us,

toyosi: tolu please am begging you, f–k me now

me: really?

toyosi: yes please, i need you inside me now, don’t let me die here please!!

me: okay

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i laid her to her back, i tried inserting my d–k into her p—y, but she was so tight, i removed it, spit on it then reload it back into her, it entered at once, what a great lubricator!! i started f—–g her gently, then i started moving harder, she was m0aning heavily, i was about to c-m, i wanted to remove it, but i was carried away by the passion, so i cvmmed inside her and i removed my d–k..

we played a little bit before resuming to the xcapade, don’t mind me jare she was so hot, i instantly fell inlove with her, **hey! is it love or lust?** we went on five rounds and each round i cvmmed in her before sleeping off..

hmmm, guys, i slept with corper zainab and i cvmmed in her, so as temmy and toyosi..

what will be my future? that’s the story for another day..

**main story continues**

me: what?

toyosi: i don’t know you as good as this, how i wish you could leave your girlfriend for me..

me: oh!! i love my girlfriend, so don’t think about it

toyosi: hmmhmm, we shall see

me: what do you mean?

toyosi: never mind…

she went out, i was thinking what she mean by saying we shall see.. well that is not my problem, it’s sunday morning, i don’t plan on going to church and moreover my mum will coming back that day, i checked my phone, i saw three new messages, the first message says: tolu, i told you to come and you promised that you will come, i already prepared everything but to later find out you are not coming again, why did you do that?

from TEMMY..


the second and the third message says:

tolu, am sorry, the gateman just told me you are here a while ago, please forgive me, i went out to buy something, please switch on your phone, lets talk..


i was still furious for what that wretched gateman did to me, i dropped my phone on the bed, i dont even bother calling her back, freshened up, i got to the dinning table, hmm, what a nice aroma, not long after we heard a car horn at the gate..

i rushed to open the gate, its my mum, she’s back, my mum started looking at me, i was wondering why she was looking at me that way, then i realised i was…

EPISODE 23 **last episode**

…… i then remembered i was wearing only my boxer

mum: haven’t i told you never to come out of the house like this again?

me: am sorry mum

mum: sorry for yourself, where is toyosi?

me: she’s inside

mum: okay **looking at me suspiciously**


we both got inside, we both saw toyosi,

toyosi: welcome ma **she knelt down**

mum: toyosi, good morning, how are you?

toyosi: am fine ma

mum: okay, hope you are enjoying your stay here?

toyosi: yes ma

mum: alright, tolu!!

me: yes mum

mum: go and bring me my luggages

me: okay

i got to the car, i opened the car booth, i carried the two bags, my mum brought out a new laptop computer, she gave it to toyosi

toyosi: wow, thank you ma (she knelt down)

mum: oh c’mon, its nothing


i decided to wait till my mummy deep her hand in the bag again, but she didn’t

me: mummy, what did you brought for me?

mum: didn’t i just bought you a brand new ipad?

me: but, you didn’t buy me anything naw!!

mum: then wait till your dad comes back!

me: **getting excited** when is he coming back?

mum: on tuesday..

me: wow!! can’t wait to see him

mum: yes me too!!

me: but mum before i forget, what did you brought for me?

mum: take!! oniwahala **trouble maker** **handing a golden wrist watch to me**

me: wow thanks mum

mum: henhen tolu, are you aware that toyosi will going to your school?

me: yes mum, she already told me

mum: so she will go to your school for registration on monday

me: mum!! don’t tell me you are following us to school ooo

mum: no!! i already called the principal

me: okay better!!

mum: why did you ask? don’t you want your school mates to see your mum?

me: why not?

toyosi: mummy!! your food is ready.

mum: okay toyosi!!


my mum went to the dinnng table, while toyosi and i sat at the living room, watching tv, no church again ***lol***


monday morning

i woke up to someone shaking me on bed

toyosi: tolu wake up

me: what is it?

toyosi: aren’t you going to school? you will be late.

me: are you ready?

toyosi: yes i am

me: okay am coming


i rushed to the bathroom to freshen up, and in ten minutes, am done!!

i got to school, well toyosi is an art student, so i took her to the principal’s office, on my way back to the class, i saw temmy

temmy: tolu, good morning

me: good morning **coldly** i didn’t even wait for her, so she followed me

temmy: tolu am sorry

me: sorry for what?

temmy: for not attending to you on saturday

me: oh? that means you planned it with your gateman? when you knew you dont want to see me, why did you invite me to your house?

temmy: tolu, i went to buy something at that time

me: so, thats why you told your gateman to embarrased me, right?

temmy: gateman? embarrased you? as how?

me: temmy stop all this

temmy: tolu i dont know what you are talking about..

me: well, if you dont know what am talking about then go and ask your gateman **walking away**

temmy: tolu, but you told me you love me, why this sudden change of attitude?

me: **that statement shocked me** yes i love you, but what your gateman did to me on saturday is very bad, if i were you, can you take it went someone started raining curses on you? and that person is on a low level…

temmy: but you told me you love me, if you love me you will forget anything someone did to you because of me, okay am sorry, i will make sure he pay for doing all those things to you, am sorry..

me: it’s okay let’s got to the library

temmy: as you wish baby!!


we got to the library, we started chatting since we have free period that morning, not long after james entered

james: wow, temmy, i woo you, you rejected me, so sad to know that this imbecile is now your p—y f—-r

**chaii.. i hate that sentence like shit**

i pounced on him and gave him the greatest beating of his life.. then i heard someone said in a fairy voice stop it!!! i haulted immediately, yes i knew it, it’s the principal!!!

principal: both of you follow me to my office!!

me: yeh!! am doomed!!


we followed him to his office, he placed a call and then told some people to get ready, i knew it, he’s calling the descplinary commitee, some minutes later, he told us he will like to see our parents

me: what???

principal: you heard me right!!

oh God!! is this how everybody will know my identity?

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