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Prison of love last batch


Prison of love

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(Story by Prisca Ezeh)
Episode 9

Willa’s eyes tried opening..with the beeping machine in the air conditioned room..
Someone was staring at her
“Mum?..” Willa trying to sit up
“No baby, please rest.. I heard of the accident.. Thank God you are okay” sighed Madam B
“Where is Beck?!” Replied Willa
“She’s fine.. She’s resting.. She will be here to see you soon”
“Okay mummy”

Soon after a young doctor came in
“Hello doc” said Madam B
“Hi Madam.. Hi Willa!” Said the doctor
“Am doctor Kelvin.. I ran some tests on you and found out you are pregnant! Good news” said doctor Kelvin
“What? Pregnant? Will what’s going on” Madam B asked looking confused
“Mum it’s true.. I got raped by Harry’s cousin Fred!” Cried Willa
“Your boyfriend’s cousin?.. I told you that boy is of no good but you didn’t listen.. Now your father is dead and at the mortuary and now you are pregnant.. Who will take care of us!” Cried Madam B
“Am sorry Mum.. It was a mistake and i have learnt from it”
“How about your new school.. Are u going to nurture a child into a school you just started? .. Willa am totally ashamed of you”
“Am sorry Momma please forgive me.. I shouldn’t have gone to that party at first!.. The baby in me is my responsibility please mum”
Cried Willa

Doctor Kelvin stood speechless .. Just then Becky came in
“Willa you are awake?”
Turning to Becky
“Beck! Thank God you are here.. Mum knows the truth now”

“The pregnancy?” Whispered Becky
“Yes Beck.. I will take care of the child.. Wipe your tears mum!”

“So doc when we will be discharged?” Madam B interrupted
“Oh as soon as Will recovers” Doctor Kelvin said
“Okay.. Thank you so much”
“You’re welcome.. I will be taking my leave now”
“Thanks doc” they all chorused..

Prison of love

(Story by Prisca Ezeh)
Episode 10

Months later, Willa put to bed a charming baby girl named her Twinkle.. Continued schooling became a single mum

Becky on the other hand became successful had a fiancée and started her life well

Doctor Kelvin had to trace Madam B and asked her about Willa.. And they became family friends until he fell in love with Willa and promised to love Twinkle

Oga Shina left to his home town with his due salary paid

Harry was arrested for child molestation..

Twinkle grew up to love her mum and her step dad.. Madam B… Ha! Of course became a grandma.. She lived her whole life loving and remembering her late husband

She died peacefully.. Having watched Twinkle grew into a matured woman..

Willa prayed her daughter would never repeat her teenage life experience.. Taught her and advised her more


So please invite more friends and keep on reading..
Ezeh Prisca loves y’all
One love❤❤
I know it’s too short.. Sorry fams

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