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Return of the devil’s son episode 1 – 2

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Author: Jasm!ne Josef

Chapter 1 – Prologue

“Once upon a time, a man with a gift from God to h£al and h£lp people m©v£d !nto a beautiful small village. Th£ villagers welcomed h¡m at first but wh£n th£y discovered h¡s ability th£y turned aga!nst h¡m, accus!ng h¡m of witchcraft and black magic. Th£ man who only wanted to h£lp got tortured th£n thrown !nto an empty well to starve to death. Little did th£ villagers know that th£ man would come [email protected]¢k, to get h¡s revenge, as th£ well-monster. Every night th£ well-monster would crawl ©vt of h¡s well, take one of th£ villagers [email protected]¢k d©wΠ with h¡m and feast on th£ir f|£$h until th£ wh0l£ village was dra!ned.”

“Th£y should never have starved h¡m to death.”

“You are right, my dear.”

“But grandma, why did th£y kill h¡m !n th£ first place? Didn’t h£ get th£ gift from God?”

“Yes. But people always fear what th£y don’t understand. Anyway, I don’t want you ₱|@y!ng near th£ well from now on, do you understand?”

“Yes, grandma.”

“Good girl. Now go to sleep.”

Elle went to h£r b£d that night but $h£ was unable to sleep. All $h£ could th!nk ab©vt was th£ well-monster and $h£ wi$h£d for th£ morn!ng to come soon. Wh£n th£ sun went up Elle was relieved that $h£ had survived th£ night. $h£ was really afraid of th¡s well-monster.

After eat!ng breakf*st Elle went ©vtside to ₱|@y with h£r friends. Th£y were ₱|@y!ng near th£ well as usual.

“Grandma said we shouldn’t ₱|@y near th£ well or th£ well-monster might take us.” $h£ warned h£r friends.

“Th£re is no well-monster, Elle.”

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“Grandma wouldn’t lie. $h£ told me ab©vt h¡m. h£ eats people, you should be afraid.”

“I am not s¢ar£d.” One of h£r friends Sam shrugged.

“I am not eith£r.” Veronica agreed th£n leaned h£r h£ad !nto th£ well. “h£llo! Well-monster are you th£re? Come and take us! h£llo!” Turn!ng @r0vnd. ” See th£re is no well-monster.” $h£ said.

“Still we shouldn’t ₱|@y near th£ well. Grandma said…”

“If you don’t want to ₱|@y with us j√$t go.” Veronica !nterrupted, th£n ignor!ng Elle $h£ cont!nued to ₱|@y with Sam.

Elle got sad. $h£ wanted to ₱|@y with h£r friend but $h£ didn’t want to be near th£ well. Leav!ng h£r friends beh!nd $h£ decided to ₱|@y with h£r cat !nstead wh£n $h£ h£ard th£ s¢r**ms of h£r friends.

Th£ well-monster was th£ first th!ng that came to Elle’s m!nd. $h£ had to save h£r friends so $h£ ran [email protected]¢k to th£ well. h£r friends were nowh£re to be seen. Had th£ well-monster already taken th£m? Elle’s h£art began to b**t wildly |ns!de h£r ch£st as $h£ took small steps toward th£ well. Maybe h£r friend j√$t fell |ns!de and $h£ needed to save th£m, or… maybe not.

Elle stopped !n h£r tracks as a [email protected] came ©vt of th£ well. Clutch!ng th£ stones, th£ [email protected] got followed by anoth£r one. Elle panicked as $h£ noticed th£ long black claws that seemed to belong to an animal, but $h£ couldn’t m©v£. $h£ j√$t stood th£re frozen as a h£ad s1©wly rose from beh!nd th£ wall of stones. Long black worn-©vt hair covered th£ face and thick, jagged scars covered th£ arms. s1©wly th£ monster lifted h¡s h£ad and Elle saw h¡s eyes. Dark, lifeless black eyes that stared right [email protected]¢k at h£r.

A s¢r**m erupted from h£r throat.



A month had pa$$ed s!nce Lucians death, but it was only yesterday wh£n I had accepted that h£ was gone, gone forever. I didn’t know how long I had cried but it was th£ most pa!nful th!ng I had gone through, even m©r£ pa!nful than Pierre’s torture.

I remembered th£ day h£ died. I had woken up !n my chamber after los!ng consciousness. Pierre stood next to th£ b£d and stared d©wΠ at me with an ugly smirk on h¡s face.
“Snow White is f!nally awake!” h£ said.
“Wh£re is Lucian?”
“Your husband is dead!”
I shook my h£ad as I sat up. “No, h£ is not! h£ will come [email protected]¢k…I know h£ will come [email protected]¢k.”
“Oh really? Tell me how a dead man will come [email protected]¢k? I am curious.” h£ taunted.
Lucian was a demon, h£ couldn’t die.
“You will see for yourself wh£n h£ comes [email protected]¢k!” I spat.
Pierre’s ugly smirk turned !nto an even uglier smile.

“Well th£n, until h£ comes [email protected]¢k you belong to me, pr!ncess.” h¡s eyes traveled d©wΠ to my neck and furth£r d©wΠ to my b.r.e.a.s.ts.
I grabb£d th£ $h£ets and covered myself but h£ yanked th£m away. I did an attempt to run away but h£ grasped my ankles and ₱v||ed me to h¡m.
“Let go of me! I will never belong to you!” I yelled as h£ placed h¡mself on top of me while I struggled to free myself.
h£ was strong, p!nn!ng my legs d©wΠ with h¡s and my [email protected] at th£ sides of my h£ad.

“I decide who you belong to!” h£ growled. “But don’t worry I won’t force myself on you. Tam!ng th£ wild cat that you are is m©r£ fun.”
Wh£re was Lucian? Why wasn’t h£ com!ng to save me?
Pierre rem©v£d h¡mself from me th£n gave me a [email protected] glare. “Fight as much as you want, pr!ncess. !n th£ end, you will come begg!ng me to do with you as I please.” h£ said th£n left me alone !n th£ room.
I collapsed on th£ b£d and started cry!ng. Why was Lucian not com!ng? h£ wasn’t dead, couldn’t be. I was not go!ng to accept that.
I felt a [email protected] on my [email protected]¢k, strok!ng gently. “My Lady, please don’t cry.” It was Lydia.

“Wh£re is Lucian?”
“My Lady, calm yourself first.”
“h£ is not dead! I know it, Lydia, I know it.”
$h£ j√$t nodded and cont!nued strok!ng my [email protected]¢k until I calmed d©wΠ and fell asleep.
I woke up from someone splash!ng water on my face. With a [email protected], I sat up and wiped th£ water away with my [email protected]
“What is…” I looked up and found pr!ncess Elsa. $h£ looked angry but right now I was angrier than h£r. How dare $h£?
I rose from b£d hastily. “What’s wrong with you?”
“Stay away from my husband!” $h£ snapped.
“I don’t want your ugly husband!” I spat.

h£r face turned red with anger. Cross!ng th£ distance b£tweeΠ us $h£ slapped me across th£ face.
“h£ is your K!ng now! How dare you call h¡m ugly? Guards!”
Guards barged !nto th£ room. “Yes, Your Highness.”
$h£ looked at me and smirked. “Drag th¡s woman ©vt and give h£r ten la$h£s.”
My eyes widened. What?
“You can’t do that!” I said.
$h£ raised an eyebrow. “Yes I can and you will see what I can do!”
$h£ nodded toward th£ guards. “Don’t you dare touch me!” But th£y ignored my warn!ng and grabb£d me by th£ arms before th£y began to drag me ©vt of th£ room. “Let go now!” I yelled and tried to free myself.
“What are you do!ng?” An angry voice spoke.

I stopped fight!ng and looked up. h£ gave th£ guards a question!ng look. “It was an order from h£r Highness.” One of th£ guards expla!ned.
“Let go of h£r!” h£ ordered look!ng angry. Th£ guards realized me immediately. “Leave!” h£ told th£m and th£y left.
I looked at Pierre. What was h£ try!ng to do?
“See pr!ncess…” h£ said com!ng closer to me. “If you have me by your side noth!ng and nob©dy can harm you.”
Oh, right. Nob©dy could harm me except h¡m. If h£ thought I would throw myself !n h¡s arms !n exchange for safety th£n h£ was dead wrong.
“I rath£r take th£ la$h£s,” I said with clench£d fists.

h£ clench£d h¡s jaw and looked like h£ was ab©vt to slap me. h£ brought h¡s [email protected] up !n th£ air, I didn’t fl!nch but th£n gestured for th£ maids to come.
“Take h£r to th£ kitch£n and give h£r some work to do. No work no food and if $h£ tries to steal cut th£ arm of one of h£r maids.” h£ said with an angry expression.
“Yes, Your Highness.”
I followed th£ maids with©vt fight!ng but it seemed like th£y wanted a fight. Th£y would give me a ₱ush now and th£n as we made our way to th£ kitch£n and once we arrived th£y turned my life !nto h£ll.
“Th¡s is what we do everyday pr!ncess. Your life of luxury is gone, now get to work.”

I would wash di$h£s, do laundry, scrub th£ floor, deliver th!ngs to different places and h£lp !n general with cook!ng food and oth£r chores. For someone who had never done any k!nd of work before th¡s was worse than a nightmare. On top of that, I didn’t get enough sleep or food. Lydia and Ylva would sometimes steal some food for me but I would scold th£m.
“Don’t do that if you want to keep your arms.”
I wasn’t endure all th¡s so that th£y would lose th£ir arms at th£ end anyway. Besides th¡s wasn’t forever. Lucian would come and save me from all th¡s misery soon. I j√$t had to endure a little longer.
But a week past and th£re was no sign of Lucian. Th£y maids gave me m©r£ and m©r£ work for everyday that past by along with !nsult!ng comments. At first I used to get angry but th£n I realized why th£y hated me so much. People like me lived a luxurious life while people like th£m had to work very [email protected] to make a liv!ng. I had no right to compla!n wh£n th¡s was th£ir daily life s!nce th£y were young.

“Wash th£se as well.” I maid said throw!ng m©r£ cloth£s at me. “And stop be!ng s1©w and hurry now!” $h£ ordered.
A few maids giggled as th£y watch£d me from a distance.
“Would you m!nd h£lp!ng !nstead of giggl!ng?” I called.
Th£y stopped giggl!ng and one of th£m came to me. “Of course!” $h£ said th£n kicked dirt at th£ cloth£s that I had wa$h£d. Now all of th£m laugh£d.
Anger boiled |ns!de of me but I closed my eyes and !nhaled deeply. Wh£n I calmed d©wΠ I opened my eyes and stood up. Th¡s was enough and I would teach h£r a lesson th¡s time.

“Jessica!” Th£ h£ad maid stood at th£ entrance h£r arms crossed over h£r ch£st as $h£ looked angrily at Jessica. “Get [email protected]¢k to work!” $h£ ordered.
Th£ maid called Jessica ₱u$h£d past me bump!ng h£r shoulder !nto m!ne.
“Bye pr!ncess.”
Th£ word pr!ncess suddenly sounded like a disease.

I sat [email protected]¢k d©wΠ and cont!nued to wash th£ cloth£s. It was almost sunset and I still had some laundry left. I couldn’t take it anym©r£. Every part of my b©dy ach£d , my h£ad from th£ lack of sleep, my stomach because of hunger, my throat because of thirst, and my h£art because of Lucian’s abs£nce. It felt like forever wash!ng th£ cloth£s and my [email protected] stung with pa!n. Anger, sorrow and confusion filled my ch£st. What was happen!ng? Why was th¡s happen!ng to me? Tears filled my eyes blurr!ng my vision. I wiped my tears with th£ [email protected]¢k of my arm but th£ world was still a blurb. My eyelids feel h£avy and it became difficult to focus. It was as if I couldn’t feel th£ ground under my feet, as if I was drift!ng away, ₱v||ed !nto a world of darkness.


Now we beg!n officially, How is it?

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