Return Of The Devil's Son

Return of the Devil’s son episode 11

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Author: Jasm!ne Josef


What was th¡s feel!ng? Th¡s scent? It was so…so familiar. Th¡s wh0l£ situation felt so familiar that it was almost scary. Before I could understand what was happen!ng someone grabb£d me by th£ arm and ₱u$h£d me [email protected]¢k so [email protected] I almost fell [email protected]¢kward.

“Are you bl!nd?” A woman with long braids dressed !n a military attire glared at me look!ng furious.

Stagger!ng [email protected]¢kward I grabb£d onto th£ [email protected] as to not [email protected]||.

“Look at what you have done.” $h£ said turn!ng to th£ man who had saved me. “Are you alright, Your Highness?” Bend!ng d©wΠ $h£ bru$h£d h¡s cloth£s off.

Your Highness? I looked at my savior, a tall man, probably !n h¡s mid thirties dressed !n th£ most luxurious cloth£s I had seen… now soaked with tea.

Oh God! What had I done?

Th£ woman turned hastily and before I knew a [email protected] was sw!ng!ng toward my face. I fl!nch£d [email protected]¢k and covered my face with my arms wait!ng for th£ pa!n to come, but noth!ng happened.

“Jade, th¡s is not our home. Let’s not create a scene.”

A $h!very went d©wΠ my sp!ne. That voice…

s1©wly peek!ng from beh!nd my arms I looked at th£ man who was now hold!ng Jades arm to stop h£r from hitt!ng me.

“But look Your Highness, $h£ won’t even apologize.” Jade said.

Lett!ng go of h£r arm, “you are not giv!ng h£r a chance.” h£ smiled.

That smile…

My h£art t!ghtened for a reason that was unknown to me. Th¡s man…I was sure I had never seen h¡m before yet it felt as if I knew h¡m.

Turn!ng h¡s gaze to me h£ looked !nto my eyes. My h£art skipped a b**t as I looked [email protected]¢k !nto h¡s. I shouldn’t but I couldn’t h£lp myself.

Suddenly a slap landed across my face, throw!ng my h£ad to one side.

“How dare you? You lower your gaze and apologize right now!” Jade spoke with harsh tones.

I grabb£d my ch£ek, my wh0l£ face stung with pa!n and I felt th£ taste of blood !n my m©vth. As I turned my h£ad [email protected]¢k to apologize I saw a h!nt of concern !n h¡s eyes.

“I am sorry…Your Highness.” I apologized try!ng [email protected] not to burst !nto tears.

I felt so angry, so wronged.

Why did I have to apologize for [email protected]||!ng? It’s not like I did it on purpose. Actually I wasn’t angry because of that, I would have apologized even if no one had told me. What made me angry was th£ way I was treated.

“You should be ¢ar£ful.” h£ said and !nstead of it sound!ng like a warn!ng it sounded as if h£ was worried ab©vt me. Was I imag!n!ng th!ngs? Why would h£ be worried ab©vt a maid?

Turn!ng to Jade h£ spoke some foreign words before h£ walked away.

“I am not done with you!” Jade threatened before follow!ng h¡m quickly.

Shaken by everyth!ng that j√$t happened I stood frozen !n th£ same place for awhile. Who was h£?

₱ush!ng th£ odd feel!ng aside I picked up everyth!ng th£n went [email protected]¢k to th£ kitch£n to make some new tea. While wait!ng for th£ water to boil I wa$h£d my face with cold water to sooth£ th£ pa!n. That woman was really strong, but who was that man?

I couldn’t stop th!nk!ng ab©vt h¡m, ab©vt th£ way h£ smelled, or th£ way h£ sounded, even th£ way h£ had looked at me. Th£re was th¡s familiarity to h¡m that I j√$t couldn’t shake away.


“Yes!” I almost jumped startled.

“Stop daydream!ng and make some m©r£ tea. We have guests.” Edith ordered.

“Alright. Wh£re should I serve it?” I asked.

“!n th£ guest room.”

I nodded.

“What happened to you face?”

“Oh…” I put my [email protected] on my ch£ek. “Noth!ng.” I shook my h£ad with a smile.

$h£ looked at me worriedly. “If you want to survive h£re be ¢ar£ful.” $h£ warned.

“I will.”

On my way to th£ guest room I walked as ¢ar£fvlly as I could. I did not want get !nto an accident aga!n. Th£ guard at th£ door nodded for me to go |ns!de and I cont!nued furth£r !n. Th£ first th!ng I h£ard was Pierres laugh. h£ was sitt!ng comfortable !n an armchair with legs crossed talk!ng to someone sitt!ng !n front of h¡m. I couldn’t see who, yet I already knew it was th£ man from earlier. How I knew I wasn’t sure.

As I neared wh£re th£y were seated Pierre took notice of me. As h¡s gaze settled on my face I saw anger flash through h¡s eyes but h£ quickly turned away and cont!nued speak!ng to h¡s guest. I went to th£ table and s1©wly put th£ tray d©wΠ.

Pick!ng up th£ teapot I s1©wly began to ₱0ur some tea for Pierre, I already knew how h£ liked h¡s tea th£n turned to my savor with©vt look!ng h¡m !n th£ eyes. “How would you like your tea, Your highness?” I asked.

“Cold.” h£ said.

Cold? Confused I looked up and our eyes locked. My h£art fluttered |ns!de my ch£st at th£ !ntensity of h¡s gaze and I forgot what h£ had j√$t said.

“I like my tea cold.” h£ repeated.

Avert!ng my gaze quickly. “Yes, of course…. Your highness.” I said fl.u.s.tered.

I began to ₱0ur th£ tea very s1©wly !nto h¡s cup so that it would get a bit cold but my [email protected] kept shak!ng.I could feel h¡s gaze on me th£ wh0l£ time and it was very unsettl!ng. After fill!ng th£ cup I took a fan and began to cool h¡s tea, meanwhile Pierre spoke to h¡m !n a foreign language. Th£ man whom I still didn’t know th£ name of j√$t nodded and answered shortly but everytime h£ spoke strange th!ngs happened to my h£art.

“That’s enough.” h£ f!nally said to me.

I put th£ fan d©wΠ and dismissed myself. Walk!ng d©wΠ th£ hall quickly as if I was be!ng chased I tried to figure ©vt why I was act!ng like th¡s? Who was that man and why did h£ make me feel th¡s way? I shook my h£ad. No! I couldn’t be feel!ng th¡s way, I was married. Only Lucian made maid me feel th¡s way. Suddenly I stopped !n my tracks as if realiz!ng someth!ng but before I could figure ©vt what it was I realized someone grabb£d my arm grimly.

Oh no! Not th¡s woman aga!n.

“Come with me!” Jade ordered while dragg!ng me [email protected]¢k to wh£re I came from. h£r hold was like steel @r0vnd my arm. “I shall teach you a lesson.”

I followed h£r with©vt protest!ng because I knew if I protested it would only make th!ngs worse. As we reach£d th£ guest room $h£ almost threw me |ns!de and I stumbled forward but managed to not [email protected]|| th¡s time. Pierre looked up from h¡s teacup with a question!ng look on h¡s face.

“I am sorry to disturb you Your highness but th¡s woman…” Jade spoke po!nt!ng at me “has humiliated h¡s Highness. $h£ threw h°t tea at h¡m and didn’t even apologize properly.”

Pierre put h¡s cup d©wΠ and shifted h¡s gaze to me as if look!ng for answers. I j√$t kept my face straight because I knew better than to defend myself. I had been a royalty myself and I knew if a servant defended th£mselves th£ punishment got only worse.

Pierres face gradually turned red. “I apologize for h£r behavior. I will punish h£r accord!ngly.” h£ said.

“With your permission Your Highness but we would like to punish h£r ourselves.”

Pierre didn’t seem too happy ab©vt it but h£ nodded. “You have my permission.” h£ said.

After be!ng dragged !nto anoth£r room Jade ₱u$h£d me d©wΠ to my knees and told me to stay like that until $h£ said oth£rwise. I j√$t obeyed as I didn’t want to make th£ situation worse or maybe because I didn’t ¢ar£ anym©r£.

Jade paced [email protected]¢k and forth !n th£ room restlessly. “Once h¡s Highness arrives and decides your punishment I’ll be happy to teach you some manners.”

I kept my silence with only seemed to annoy h£r furth£r. Maybe $h£ was expect!ng me to beg and cry for forgiveness, and maybe I would if I thought $h£ would forgive me but I knew better. People like h£r didn’t forgive. Th£y only wanted people to beg so that th£y could feel powerful and I would not give that to h£r. Unfortunately.

Suddenly th£ door opened and someone walked |ns!de. I could only see th£ lower part of a beautiful dress from wh£re I was sitt!ng.

“Wh£re is Alexander?” Th£ woman who walked |ns!de spoke.

“h¡s Highness is meet!ng with th£ k!ng, Your Highness.” Jade replied.

So my savior, soon to be puni$h£rs name was Alexander. And th¡s woman was probably h¡s sister, s!nce $h£ was call!ng h¡m by h¡s name. I had h£ard that $h£ was a beauty but I didn’t dare to look up and see for myself.

“Alright th£n, I want you to come with me.” Th£ woman said th£n turned walk!ng away with©vt wait!ng for a reply.

“Of course Your Highness.” Jade called and hurried to th£ door. Before clos!ng it $h£ turned [email protected]¢k to me. “Stay right wh£re you are and don’t m©v£. I’ll be [email protected]¢k soon.”

For awhile I did as $h£ told me but th£n I got tired and decided to stand up. What could happen? I was gett!ng puni$h£d already anyway.

While stretch!ng my now rigid limbs I looked @r0vnd th£ room and th£ first th!ng I noticed was th£ large b£d with th£ red silken $h£ets. Sleep!ng on th£ floor for such a long time I wanted to remember how it felt like to sleep !n a b£d. I let my f!ng£rs slide over th£ silken $h£ets, I had really forgotten how soft and smooth it was. Sitt!ng d©wΠ ¢ar£fvlly I sank !nto th£ soft mattress. I really had to try th¡s b£d so I [email protected] d©wΠ and decided to rest for a little while but as tire as I was I soon fell !nto a deep slumber.



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