Return Of The Devil's Son

Return of the Devil’s son episode 13

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Author: Jasm!ne Josef


Who are you?

That was th£ question Roshan asked h¡mself as h£ stared at h¡s reflection. h£ didn’t recognize h¡mself anym©r£. h£ was th!nk!ng way too much, car!ng way too much that h£ began to worry. Worry!ng was not h¡s th!ng eith£r. What was wrong with h¡m th£se days? S!nce h£ met th£ scand!navian pr!ncess h£ had been unable to th!nk of anyth!ng else but h£r.

Every day s!nce $h£ left Roshan had watch£d h£r, spend!ng h£r days alone !n h£r room wh£re h£r broth£r had locked h£r up. h£ had found a suitable husband for h£r and would keep h£r locked up until $h£ got married. For some reason th£ Idea of h£r gett!ng married and belong!ng to someone else made h¡m uneasy. h£ didn’t even know th£ woman so why did h£ ¢ar£? h£ had m©r£ important th!ngs to do right now, like f!nd!ng Irene’s moth£r.

Irene had collapsed s!nce th£ day $h£ found ©vt ab©vt h£r son’s death and $h£ didn’t wake up s!nce th£n. Lucifer tried everyth!ng but noth!ng seemed to work and now h£r moth£r was h£r only hope. But th£ witch was impossible to f!nd and Roshan didn’t look forward to meet!ng h£r.

Droshts were no joke wh£n it came to power. Th£y could draw energy from nature, such as th£ sun and th£ moon, and even oth£r witch£s and that makes th£ir power limitless. On top of that th£y despised demons, so h£ was basically go!ng on a suicide mission. But Irene had saved h¡s life once so h£ owed that to h£r.

“Wh£re are you go!ng?”

As usual h¡s friend looked very neat as h£ walked !nto th£ room. h£ wore a white shirt and black trousers, and h¡s blonde hair was still w€t from th£ shower but comb£d [email protected]¢k elegantly. h¡s angelic looks could make any woman lose h£r breath.

Roshan remembered th£ old days wh£n h£ and h¡s friend used to party a lot, get !nto fights and trouble, get th£mselves surrounded by beautiful women and spend each day !n a different place. Those were th£ days Enoch used to enjoy life, smile and laugh, but s!nce th£ tragic event !n h¡s life Roshan hadn’t seen h¡s friend smile even once.

“I am go!ng on a witch hunt.” Roshan replied.

“I thought you were go!ng to save th£ ice pr!ncess.” Enoch said as h£ settled d©wΠ on th£ couch.

“And why would you th!nk that?”

“Because you like h£r.”

“I don’t.” Roshan denied.

Enoch narrowed h¡s gaze. “You are a fool. You have a chance to be with th£ woman you like…., some of us never got a chance.”

A sad expression settled over h¡s face and Roshan knew that h¡s friend was recall!ng pa!nful memories.

Roshan left Enoch alone !n th£ room. h£ knew th£re was noth!ng h£ could do to lighten h¡s friends mood anyway. Walk!ng d©wΠ way th£ hall h£ turned !nto mist and teleported h¡mself to th£ underworld wh£re lower rank of demons liked to dwell.

“My Lord!” Uzil was already wait!ng upon h¡s arrival.

“Any !nformation?”

“No, but… Lucifer was h£re. I th!nk h£ wants to f!nd th£ witch h¡mself.” Uzil wh¡spered.

No wonder it was very quiet today. Lucifer must have terrified th£m with h¡s pres£nce.

“Do you want me to cont!nue look!ng?”

“Never m!nd.” Roshan said. If Lucifer couldn’t f!nd h£r th£n nob©dy could, and if h£ found h£r it would be one h£ll of a battle. Lucifer would be !n disadvantage though, s!nce $h£ is th£ moth£r of h¡s mate.

Roshan dismissed Uzil and cont!nued to search on h¡s own. By now h£ knew h£ wouldn’t be able to f!nd th£ witch, but h£ j√$t wanted to keep h¡mself occupied so that h£ wouldn’t th!nk ab©vt Klara. Not that it worked. Th£ m©r£ h£ fought th£ urge to th!nk ab©vt h£r th£ m©r£ h£ thought ab©vt h£r and th£ m©r£ frustrated h£ became. Before h£ knew h£ found h¡mself !n h£r room watch!ng h£r from a corner. As usual $h£ was read!ng a book while [email protected]!ng on h£r stomach with elbows rest!ng on a pillow and h£r feet sw!ng!ng !n th£ air.

h£ shouldn’t be do!ng th¡s. h£ was !nvad!ng h£r privacy, but th£n aga!n wh£n did h£ ¢ar£ ab©vt such th!ngs? Anyway, th¡s was th£ last time h£ was com!ng h£re, h£ would not come h£re aga!n h£ promised h¡mself. A promise h£’d made many times before !nclud!ng th£ last time h£ came and yet today h£ was h£re.

j√$t as h£ was ab©vt to leave h£ h£ard footsteps ©vtside h£r room and soon after h£r broth£r barged |ns!de. Klara ignored h£r broth£r and kept read!ng with©vt look!ng up, even once.

“Get ready. You are gett!ng married tomorrow.” h£ said.

Klara cont!nued to ignore h¡m.

Rasmus sigh£d th£n turned to th£ servants. “Make sure to get h£r ready.” h£ said calmly before leav!ng. As soon as th£ door closed beh!nd h¡m Klaras h£ad fell !nto th£ pillow and h£r shoulders began to tremble.

$h£ was cry!ng. Roshan was surprised, $h£ never cried before, not wh£n h£r broth£r had yelled at h£r, not wh£n h£ had locked h£r up and ignored h£r for several days, not even wh£n h£ denied h£r to meet h£r sister and h£re now $h£ was cry!ng. $h£ must have endured a lot and reach£d h£r limit.

Roshan felt th£ sudden urge to scoop h£r !nto h¡s arms and comfort h£r, but before do!ng someth!ng h£ would regret h£ teleported [email protected]¢k home. h£ needed to stop th¡s madness. $h£ was gett!ng married and h£ was not th£ type to commit. h£ liked to be with a different woman every time but now th!nk!ng ab©vt it, h£ hadn’t been with a woman for a while. Maybe that was th£ reason h£ was act!ng strange h£ thought. Yes, h£ should go and [email protected]!$fy h¡s needs. h£ was a demon after all and demons are known to be warmblooded.


“My lady, please. You should get ready now. It’s your wedd!ng tomorrow.” Th£ maids begged look!ng anxious. Th£y would be !n trouble if th£y didn’t prepare h£r.

Klara didn’t want h£r maids to suffer but $h£ was suffer!ng h£rself. $h£ had been locked for days with©vt see!ng anyone but h£r maids. h£r broth£r wouldn’t even let h£r meet Astrid. How cruel.

At first Klara had been patient th!nk!ng h£r broth£r would soon give !n and forgive h£r, but no. h£ was really marry!ng h£r off with©vt h£r cons£nt. $h£ knew h£ would punish h£r severely for betray!ng h¡m but $h£ never thought h£ would go th¡s far.

No! $h£ would not get married aga!nst h£r will. $h£ had always imag!ned h£rself gett!ng married to someone $h£ loved and have a fairytale wedd!ng j√$t like th£ ones $h£ reads !n th£ books, but after gett!ng h£r h£art broken $h£ had given up those dreams. That didn’t mean though $h£ would get married to j√$t anyone.

“I want to be alone.” Klara said.

Th£ maids looked at h£r plead!ng but th£y didn’t dare to defy h£r so th£y left. Klara looked @r0vnd th£ room. $h£ needed to do someth!ng but what? $h£ couldn’t escape as h£r broth£r had th£ place h£avily guarded, especially @r0vnd h£r room.

Klara never felt as h£lpless as $h£ did now. Th!nk!ng got h£r nowh£re as $h£ was still clueless as what to do. If th£re was a chance to escape it would be on h£r wedd!ng day but that would be too much of a risk.

Klara stomped h£r feet on th£ ground like a little child frustrated that $h£ could not come up with a plan.

“What should I do?” $h£ buried h£r face !n h£r [email protected]

“Come with me.”

Startled Klara jumped ©vt of th£ chair as a s¢r**m erupted from h£r throat but th£ sound got soon muffled by a [email protected] grabb!ng th£ [email protected]¢k of h£r h£ad and anoth£r cover!ng h£r m©vth.

“Shh…I am h£re to h£lp.”

Klara was j√$t ab©vt to use h£r fight!ng skills wh£n $h£ found h£rself look!ng !nto a pair of mesmeriz!ng Hazel eyes that h£ld h£r captive with j√$t a glance. $h£ knew all too well who th£y belonged to but that didn’t stop h£r knee!ng h¡m !n th£ stomach and th£n punch!ng h¡m !n th£ face.

How did h£ get !nto h£r room? $h£ should s¢r**m for h£lp now but $h£ didn’t.

Roshan stumbled [email protected]¢kward th£n rubb£d h¡s jaw.

“Ouch… you really know how to greet someone. I am f!ne thank you.” h£ said sarcastically as h£ stood straight and looked at h£r with amus.e.m.e.nt.

$h£ had punch£d h¡m really [email protected] but only $h£ seemed to be !n pa!n.

“How did you get !n?” $h£ wh¡spered th£n guessed that it had to do someth!ng with th£ witch.

“Do you want to escape or not?” h£ asked ignor!ng h£r question.

h£ came h£re to h£lp h£r escape. Why?

“Did Irene ask you to h£lp me?”

“No pr!ncess. I am h£re of my own will.”

“Why?” $h£ asked. What did h£ want from h£r? h£ had to want someth!ng, why would h£ h£lp h£r oth£rwise.

“I’ll j√$t leave if you don’t want my h£lp.” h£ said turn!ng @r0vnd.

Klara panicked. “Wait!”

Even though $h£ didn’t trust h¡m $h£ didn’t want to be left h£re. Once h£ left $h£ knew $h£ would not get anoth£r chance to escape. $h£ would j√$t let h¡m h£lp h£r ©vt of h£re and once $h£ was ©vtside $h£ would escape from h¡m as well.

Great idea $h£ thought proud of h£rself.

“I am com!ng with you.”

Tbc …

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