Return Of The Devil's Son

Return of The devil’s son episode 31

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Author: Jasm!ne Josef


Half demon half witch, that’s what h£ was accord!ng to Roshan. But h¡s fath£r was neith£r witch nor demon, th£n maybe…h£ wasn’t h¡s fath£r at all.

Th£n who was?

Th£ devil?

What if th£ rumors ab©vt h¡m were true after all? It could be possible. If demons existed and h£ was one th£n everyth!ng else could be possible as well.

“You said different k!nd of demons, what did you mean?”

“Different rank. Demons are eith£r created, turned or born. Those created are th£ first demons and high£st !n rank. Those demons offspr!ngs are th£ born ones and next !n rank and th£ turned ones are lowest !n rank. Th£re are oth£r ranks !n b£tweeΠ but it’s a long story.” h£ expla!ned.

“I want to know.” Lucian said.

Roshan sigh£d. “Alright, very short. If you are born your rank depends on if both your parents are created, only one of th£m, or none. If both are created th£n you are !n a high£r rank. If you are turned, your rank depends on who turned you. Th£ m©r£ powerful th£ demon who turned you is th£ high£r rank you are.”

“Which rank are you?”

“I am a born demon and both my parents are created.”

h£ was very high !n rank. Lucian could actually feel th£ power that emanated from h¡m.

“And th£ devil?”

Roshan came to a halt. “What ab©vt h¡m?”

“Does h£ exist?”

“h£ does !ndeed.”

“Do you know h¡m?”

Roshan paused for a moment th£n spoke. “Yes.”

“I want to meet h¡m.”

Irene, Klara and I were [email protected]¢k home after h£lp!ng all th£ soldiers and provid!ng th£m with food. Th£ moment I saw th£m, look!ng like th£y did, I really wanted Lucian to punish h¡s broth£r !n th£ worst way. h£ didn’t deserve mercy after all th£ !nhuman th!ngs h£ did to all of th£m.

“Don’t be sad. Th!nk positively. At least th£y are alive.” Irene said try!ng to ch£er me up.

“Irene, I really want to punish h¡m.” I said unable to ¢©Πtr0| my anger.

“Don’t worry. h£ will get what h£ deserves. I’ll make sure of it now that th£ curse is broken.”

Right. I almost forgot ab©vt th£ curse.

“How did it break?” I asked.

“I am not sure. I had always been able to watch Lucian with th£ h£lp of some magic but one day I j√$t couldn’t see h¡m. I !nstantly knew someth!ng was wrong and j√$t th£n Lothaire appeared and I could see it on h¡s face. I could see that th£ th!ng I dreaded th£ most had happened. My son had died.”

“But h£ is alive.” I said.

Irene nodded. “h£ died but h£ came [email protected]¢k to life and wh£n h£ did h£ changed. That’s why I couldn’t watch h¡m anym©r£ and that’s why I truly believed that h£ was dead.”

“Can demons come [email protected]¢k to life?”

“Actually th£y cannot, but th£y are very difficult to kill. I guess its because h£ is a demon and a witch. h£ has th£ entity of both which means, wh£n one dies th£ oth£r one saves.” $h£ expla!ned.

“How do you know th¡s?”

“I am only guess!ng. It happened to me after all. I died and came [email protected]¢k. It’s a long story.” $h£ said wh£n $h£ saw th£ confused look on my face.

“Irene? Lothaire told me th£ curse would kill you if you tried to save Lucian…”

“You th!nk I value my life m©r£ than my sons happ!ness and safety?” $h£ cut me off look!ng hurt.

“I didn’t mean…”

“Yes you did. I know what you th!nk before you even th!nk it.”

“Alright, I did. Lucian suffered so much and I j√$t don’t understand that you as h¡s moth£r did noth!ng because you could die.” Now I was mad.

“Yes I could die if I h£lped h¡m but that’s not why I didn’t. It’s because h£ could die. My moth£r knew that if only for a moment I could hold my son I would not regrett!ng dy!ng. Th£refore $h£ made th£ curse a bit m©r£ complex. If I ever met Lucian h£ would die and that was my punishment and if Lothaire ever met Lucian I would die and that was Lothaires punishment. I had several times forced Lothaire to h£lp Lucian but h£ refused because…” $h£ had a [email protected] time f!nish!ng h£r s£ntence because $h£ had been cry!ng while speak!ng.

“Because you almost died. h£ told me. I am sorry Irene. I shouldn’t have said someth!ng I knew noth!ng ab©vt.”

“Do you know what it feels like to…to have your baby taken away from you right after you give birth to h¡m? Do you know what it feels like to see h¡m grow alone, to see h¡m hungry and not be able to feed h¡m, to see h¡m cry and not be able to hug h¡m, to see h¡m get hurt and not…and not be able to protect h¡m. I am sure you don’t. Th£re is no worse torture than that.” h£r tears ran d©wΠ h£r face like rivers. “I’ll pay [email protected]¢k all those who hurt h¡m. I will.”

I felt so guilty for hurt!ng h£r like th¡s. “I am sorry.”

“Don’t be. You are not th£ one to be sorry. Th£ ones who hurt h¡m on th£ oth£r [email protected] will be very sorry.” $h£ stood up and wiped h£r tears away. “I have someth!ng to show you, follow me.”

I followed h£r silently and $h£ took me to what seemed like a bas.e.m.e.nt. It was dark but with th£ snap of h£r f!ng£r th£ room lit up. Somewh£re !n th£ [email protected]¢k of th£ bas.e.m.e.nt a man was cha!ned to th£ walls, h¡s b©dy covered with bruises and burn marks. h¡s h£ad hung as if h£ didn’t have th£ strength to hold it up.

“Do you know h¡m?” Irene asked grabb!ng h¡s hair and turn!ng h¡s h£ad up so that I could see h¡s face.

It was Luke. Th£ one who betrayed us. h£ opened h¡s eyes try!ng to look and wh£n h£ saw me h¡s eyes widened.

“Yo..your highness. Pp…please save me. I…I..” h£ could barely talk and seemed to be hurt!ng a lot. “I didn’t mean to betray you. Please your highness, I’ll do whatever you want.” h£ begged.

Irene looked at me as if lett!ng me decided what I wanted to do with h¡m. “It’s too late to do someth!ng now.” I said remember!ng what happened to Lucian !n that dark well. I could j√$t not forgive h¡m.

“I guess no one will save you.” Irene said lett!ng go of h¡s h£ad. “Come Hazel.”

“Please your highness. Save me.” h£ yelled as Irene and I left h¡m beh!nd !n th£ cold and dark bas.e.m.e.nt.

“Don’t worry. You won’t be alone. I’ll make sure to s£nd th£ devil.” Irene called before clos!ng th£ door.

After we took a few steps I h£ard th£ most agoniz!ng s¢r**m.

“h£ is gett!ng what h£ deserves.” Irene said simply. “I would have brought Pierre h£re but I am sure Lucian wants to punish h¡s broth£r h¡mself. I didn’t want to take that away from h¡m.”

I nodded understand!ng what $h£ meant. We stopped !n front of th£ guest room wh£re I sleep. It was late but I wasn’t sleepy at all.

“Should I serve you my special tea th£n?” $h£ asked.

Suddenly it hit me. Irene, my maid at first, th£n my friend and now my moth£r !n law and I was still speak!ng casually with h£r and even lett!ng h£r serve me tea. Oh no.

Irene smiled. “It’s alright my dear. I like that we speak casually and rema!n friends. I hope you don’t start treat!ng me differently.”

How could it be alright? I even talked to h£r ab©vt my problems with Lucian and $h£ teach£d me how to…seduce h¡m. Good lord. How embarra$$!ng.

Now Irene laugh£d. “You worry too much. I am not only your husband’s moth£r I am your friend as well.”

I felt my ch£eks burn. It would take a while to get used to th£ idea that my moth£r !n law was my friend as well.

“Go |ns!de I’ll br!ng some tea.” $h£ said open!ng th£ door and giv!ng me a slight ₱ush before leav!ng.

I walked |ns!de and found a nightgown on my b£d. Irene had everyth!ng ready for me as always. I slid !nto th£ gown and began to untangle my braided hair wh£n Irene came [email protected]¢k. As always h£r tea smelled wonderful as $h£ put th£ tray on th£ table.

“Let me h£lp you.” $h£ said grabb!ng a brush from th£ dresser th£n stand!ng beh!nd me.

“It’s alright. I can do it myself.”

“It’s not th£ first time I am brush!ng your hair besides I like do!ng it so don’t worry.” $h£ smiled. “Wh£n I was pregnant even though everyone expected me to give birth to a boy I wanted a girl. I j√$t loved th£ idea of dress!ng h£r up, brush!ng h£r hair, talk!ng to h£r ab©vt female th!ngs but most of all I wanted to teach h£r everyth!ng. I wanted to make h£r a strong and wise woman who could be a role model for oth£r women. I wanted to teach h£r that women could do as much if th£y are given th£ opportunity.”

“If you had a dotter, I am sure $h£ feel very lucky.”

I would. My moth£r barely taught me anyth!ng. All $h£ did was scold me wh£n $h£ thought I did someth!ng unlady like.

“What happened wh£n you found ©vt it was a boy?” I asked.

“To be honest, th£ last days of my pregnancy I was !n a lot of trouble. My moth£r and th£ coven had found ©vt that I was pregnant with th£ devils child so th£y were plann!ng to kill h¡m as soon as h£ was born but after begg!ng my moth£r $h£ decided to put a curse !nstead. At that moment I was j√$t happy that my child was safe.”

“So th£y didn’t know from th£ beg!nn!ng?”

“No. Th£y thought h£ was th£ k!ngs child.”

Right. $h£ was married to th£ k!ng, th£n how did $h£ meet Lothaire?

“It’s a long story.” $h£ said.

“I would love if you told me th£ wh0l£ story. I am curious.”

“It will be a long night.”

“I am not tired.” I said.

“Alright th£n.” $h£ put th£ brush d©wΠ th£n took me [email protected] “Come.”

$h£ made us sit on th£ b£d th£n took both my [email protected] !n h£rs. “How ab©vt I show you !nstead?”

“You could?” I asked surprised.

$h£ nodded.

“Yes I want to see.” I said eager.

“Th£n close your eyes.”



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