Revenge Of A Dead Girl

Revenge Of a Dead girl – episode 6

Episode  6

Yoo ma’s POV

It was that very moment that I regretted everything I have done, I lost my one true friend because of my childishness. A year already passed but I couldn’t forget about her, how she asked for my help, how she cried, how she suffered.

“Yoo ma, wake up. You’re gonna be late for school.” I heard my dad’s voice downstairs, snapping me from my trance.

I stood up from my bed, leaning over my dresser, I looked closely at my reflection in the mirror. Seeing that my eyes were dead in,side, I looked away and began preparing for school.

“Dad, I baked cupcakes for you and your coworkers, its in the fridge.” I said as I walk pass them and went through the front door.

“Ah thanks, I’ll make sure to give it to them!” I heard him yell from in,side, and I continued walking without stopping.

I can see some students that were also on their way to school, but I turned around and walked to the other direction, plucking a white rose from someone else’s garden as I walk pass it and soon reached the cemetery.

I searched for her, and saw the words Park Young Ji engraved on the stone. Placing the white rose on top of it, I stood quietly.

“Sorry.” I mumbled, closing my eyes before walking away.


For some unfortunate events, I happen to be in the same class with those people who made fun of Young Ji. Fei, Irene, Joon and everyone else. It’s like God is trying to see what I would do to them, but I am too self centered to even waste a breath to speak to those people.

As I entered the familiar classroom, their chaotic and noisy scenario never change. They were all talking to their own circle of friends, others were teasing someone who happens to be their new target and some were even plotting to pour a bucket of water on the teacher today.

“How foolish…” I said under my breath as I calmly walk through them and head for my seat.

I sat quietly, putting my bag under the desk and pulling out the textbook I’ve been reading. Flipping through the pages, I tried to block out all the noises they’re making and was about to read the paragraphs in the book but someone yelled, taking my attention.

“Oh! That’s right! It’s Young ji’s DeathDay!” Fei reminded everyone, clapping her hands as she look around trying to see their reactions but everyone looked clueless at her statement.

“Young Ji?”

“Who’s that?”

“Never heard of her.”

Everyone was showering Fei with questions, they seriously forgot about her. I predicted that already, but why do I feel like they’re disrespecting her.

“Gosh! You forgot? She’s the one who miserably took away her life in the restroom. How idiotic of her.” She answered, giggling and everyone remembered her.

“Oh yeah! I remember now, she’s one of my ex girlfriends” Joon interjected, snapping her fingers at the memory he had with Young Ji.

Seriously, I’m pissed right now. This pathetic people should shut their mouth.

“Can you all please quiet down? I’m trying to read here.” I abruptly stood up from my seat and yelled in a somewhat harsh tone.

“Ah, I remembered that you were her bestfriend.” Hye mi butted in, staring at me with eyes like she’s evaluating my wh0le appearance. “The bestfriend who didn’t try to help her.” She added, even making me angrier.

“Well aren’t you a shitty little twat trying to provoke me.” I crossed my arms, staring at everyone with a death glare. “You can all go f–k yourselves and celebrate Young Ji’s deathday since you all sons of bitches like making fun of people.” They all stepped back at my sudden vulgar language, because they know that I am always silent and sticks my nose on books.

“Hey, you curse too much.” Fei tried to maintain her composure, acting all high and mighty.

“B—h you breathe too much, shut the f–k up.” I scowled, earning gasps from everyone including Fei.

“Hey hey stop it everyone, you shouldn’t fight.” Hana, the class president stood between us. But Fei and I didn’t stop glaring at each other.

“You guys are fighting over a dead girl, stop it. I think she doesn’t like it when we fight even though I don’t know her.” Min ho, a transfer student butted in. He recently transferred to this class in the middle of the term, and is naive about what happened a year ago.

“Oh let me tell you who she is.” Hye mi claimed, while carefully putting mascara on.” She’s that miserable girl who kept clinging on to Joon, had a scandal, angered the teachers and including the students with her annoying personality, and committed suicide in the restroom. Pathetic right?” She chuckled, looking at me from the corner of her eyes to see my reaction but I just kept ignoring her.

She seemed unsatisfied with my reaction so she said more “And also Yoo ma right there just watched her suffer without showing any mercy on Young Ji.”

“I don’t want to hear that from your surgically made mouth, you fake hoe.” I retorted, rolling my eyes at her. “Your eyelids are fake, your nose is fake, even your b-obs are fake. Everything about you is fake. That’s right, go and cry to your doctor after I rip off your nose.” I provoked her, just as planned. I’m gonna show everyone here how fake she is.

“Why you!” She stood up from her seat and was about to tackle me but was stopped by a teacher who just harshly opened the door, revealing him wheezing and p-nting, from the looks of it, he looked like he just ran a mile.

“Lee Hye Mi!” He yelled, catching his breath. Hye mi turned around and looked at him “Come with me for a second”

“What? I don’t date older guys” She said looking at her neatly painted nails, suddenly forgetting about her anger for me.

“This is serious! Your parents got into an accident!” His sentence made Hye mi stood frozen with eyes wide open, the class was in a complete silence. “They’re at the hospital now, and… Their condition is not stable. Hurry if you still want to see them aliv-” Hye mi pushed him aside making him fall on the ground so she can pass through the door. The sound of her high heels clanking at the hallway was heard from our place, she seemed to be hurrying really badly.

“Young Ji” I heard someone said. “Maybe because of young Ji” All eyes were on that guy who just said that and they were already sweating and shaking in fear.

”Haha. As if she can come back here. She’s already dead” someone replied, but they can’t hide the nervousness in their voices.

“A while ago, Hye mi is disrespecting Young Ji’s death. Maybe-” He got cut off by the sound of the power turning off, all of us looked at the light bulbs that just turned off.

It was suddenly pitch black.
I looked outside to see dark grey clouds heading towards us, covering the setting sun making the wh0le city more darker as it already is. The students started to scre-m and panic, the teachers entered our class and tried to calm them down but they won’t listen.

I wasn’t panicking that much because I know that it won’t do anything aside from making the situation worse. So I just sat there watching them run around, bumping into each other and scre-ming their lungs out. Seriously, what is so scary about a simple blackout and a storm?


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