Romamce in the or episode 35

πŸ’‰πŸ’‰πŸ’‰ ROMANCE IN THE OR πŸ’‰πŸ’‰πŸ’‰


πŸš‘ EPISODE 35 πŸš‘

πŸ’Š Alex’s POV πŸ’Š

“No!!!” I screamed as the Prime Minister slumped to the ground and the security agents arrest Emma

I quickly ran to the Prime Minister and immediately a stretcher was brought and he was carried to the emergency room

I took the electronic CPR machine “Charge, 200joules” I said to the Nurse in the room with me and she pressed some buttons on the machine

“Charged” she said and I placed the CPR pad on the Prime Minister’s chest shocking him but he was still not breathing

“500 joules charge” I said and I repeat the same process but nothing happened

“I think he’s dead doc….”

“700 joules charge” I yelled and she obeyed and shocked the Prime Minister but his vitals was still the same

“No, he can’t die, if he dies, Jasmine dies” I said as I quickly climbed on his bed and started administering manual CPR

“1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3…” I kept saying repeatedly

“Doctor, he’s……”

“Am not giving up so just let me be, 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3” I continued saying

“No, he’s vitals are back, he’s breathing” she said and I looked at the monitors connected to him

“He’s breathing” I said with a sigh of relief

“Move him to the O.R right away and tell Andrew and Doctor Tony to wait for me there” I said as I walked out of the emergency room and the security stopped me

“How is the Prime Minister?” He asked

“He’s not fine but he’s breathing, we need to remove that bullet now for him to have any chance of surviving, so am calling in an anaesthesiologist from outside the hospital” I said

“Someone from outside the hospital? In case you forgot, we are talking about the Prime Minister and no random person can operate on him!” He said

“You think I care about the position he holds right now? He’s just a patient to me and I have to save him that’s why I want to bring in someone skilled from the outside, now I can stay here and argue with you all day about who and who not to bring to operate on the Prime Minister but you should know that you are only reducing your boss’ chance of surviving” I said

“Just know that if he dies, am arresting you” he said

“The only reason I’ll do my best to save his life is not because of your threat nor because he deserves it but because the life of someone I care about depends on the Prime Minister living” I said and walked away

I called Megan and she said she’ll be here in a few minutes

I went to my office and took my surgery clothes
I went into the bathroom to change

I stared at myself in the mirror, my hands and suit is all stained with blood

I looked at my bloodstained hand as it shook vigorously

“Not now, please not now” I said as I tried to stop my hands from shaking but it didn’t work

God please, I can’t perform the surgery with shaky hands

I washed my hands and changed into the surgery clothes

I went back to my office and went to my safe
I took the pills Mason gave me and swallowed it

“Please work, please work” I said and then there was a knock on my door

“Come in” I said and Megan walked in

“Am I too late?” She asked

“No you are exactly on time, let’s go” I said and she followed me

I gave her a surgery cloth and she went to the washroom to change into it

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Then we went into the OR

Everything was already prepared and doctor Tony and Andrew were here

“Are we ready?” I asked


Am going to save you Jasmine, even if I have to save the man that killed my parents to do that

“Scalpel” I said and Andrew gave me the Scalpel…

πŸ’Š Ryan’s POV πŸ’Š

I drove to the place where Jasmine was kept
I took the red file and came out of the car

There were two security men standing outside the door and the opened the door for me and I entered

Jasmine was tied to a chair and her mouth taped

I walked up to her front and she looked surprised on seeing me

I removed the tape from her mouth

“How are you feeling dear Jasmine?” I asked with a smile

“I knew it!” She said “I knew you were the one behind this, what the hell do you want from Alex now that you are always using me to threaten him, why won’t you just leave Alex alone!” She yelled

“You’ve got it wrong this time, this is much better than my only little conspiracy, I didn’t kidnapped you, the Prime Minister did, I only helped by telling them where they could find you”

“The Prime Minister?! Oh no, this is bad, what is he going to do to Alex?” She asked looking worried

“With the way you’re reacting I’ll assume Alex has already told everything about his little quarrel with the Prime Minister” I said

“You call it little quarrel? That man killed his parents right in front of him and you call that little? Well I don’t expect you to understand, your father pulled the trigger that killed his parents so I guess evil runs in your family”

“It’s every man for himself in this world and my father did what was necessary to get to the top, now I understand that Alex is hurt but….”

“Don’t talk like you understand!!” She yelled “You do not know the pain of loosing a parent, my parents died in a plane crash years ago and that was the most painful day of my life but Alex’s parents was shot right in front of him and then they made him forget, I cannot even begin to imagine the pain he’s going through”

“I do understand the pain of loosing a parent, I lost my Mom in a plane crash too so I guess we have something in common, I don’t want to loose the only parent I have left and that’s why am doing all this so shut your mouth or I’ll tape it back” I said and she kept quiet

I took a chair and sat down facing her

I took my phone and started browsing the net and then I saw the news

The Prime Minister just got shot in front of the National hospital by a lady identified to be Mrs Emma Griffin
He is currently in surgery and there’s no news about his condition
Mrs Emma Griffin been arrested and has been taken to the FBI to be investigated

“Oh my God” I said

“What’s wrong?” Jasmine asked

“Who’s Emma?” I asked

“Deputy director of the National hospital, you know that” she replied

“If she was just an ordinary deputy director, she won’t have a reason to shoot the Prime Minister now who the hell is she?!!” I yelled

“Emma shot the Prime Minister?” She asked surprised

“Who is she?” I repeated

“I don’t know” she replied

“I am supposed to kill you if something happens to the Prime Minister, now if you don’t tell me what I want to know, I’ll have no choice but to kill you right now” I said as I brought a gun out of my pocket and pointed it her

“She…… she’s the daughter of the other couple that got killed along with Alex’s parents” she said

“Wow, I knew something was strange about that girl now let’s both hope that your dear lover is able to save the Prime Minister’s life or you are going to die anyway” I said as I put the gun back in my pocket

πŸ’Š Alex’s POV πŸ’Š

We were able to remove the bullet successfully and the Prime Minister was transferred to a VVIP room

“Do you know where the lady that shot the Prime Minister was taken to?” I asked one of the security agents standing outside the Prime Minister’s room

“She was taken to the FBI headquarters” he replied

I went to my office and took my car keys

I wanted to change from the blue surgery cloth into my suit but my suit is already stained with blood so I left in the surgery cloth

I drove to the FBI headquarters

“Who are you and what brings you here?” A man asked as I entered the building

“My name is Alexander Sanchez and am here to see Emma Griffin” I said

“What’s your relationship with her?” He asked

“She’s my colleague at work” I replied

“Am sorry but you can’t see her, Mrs Griffin shot the Prime Minister and that is high treason, she isn’t allowed to see anyone and she will be transferred to a maximum security prison soon where she’ll probably be sentenced to death by the court” the man said

“Please Sir, I really need to see her” I pleaded

“You can’t see her!!” The man yelled “That lady shot the Prime Minister and we don’t even know of he’ll or not so she’s entitled to no visitor!”

“He’ll live, am a doctor at the national hospital and I performed the surgery on him myself, I saved the Prime Minister’s life so I think I deserve a chance to have a talk with the person that tried to kill him” I said and he stared at me

“I can’t let you go in there and see her but if you really must see her, wait for some minutes, the car that’ll be transporting her to the maximum security prison will be here soon, you can talk to her when she’s been moved to the car”

“Thanks alot Sir” I said

I sat on a chair and waited

Minutes later, the man came up to me again

“The cars that are going to transport her is here, follow me” he said and I followed him outside

Moments later, Emma was brought out of the building in cuffs and escorted by lots of men with gun

“Emma!” I called as I walked up to her and hugged her

“Alex” she called

“Why the hell did you do such a crazy thing?! What the hell were you thinking!”

“I couldn’t let the Prime Minister live and am sorry about Jasmine, I know if the Prime Minister dies they’ll kill her too but I had no choice, I have sacrificed alot just to be able to get to the Prime Minister and I couldn’t let him go like that. I told this people everything about the Prime Minister and what he did to us but they didn’t believe me so they are sending me to a maximum security prison where I’ll be awaiting my death sentence, if you want to save me find the red file, it’s the only thing that can save me and since the Prime Minister is dead, it shouldn’t be so hard for you to find it” Emma said

“Ummm…… Jasmine should be fine since the Prime Minister is still the breathing” I said

“What?! But I shot him” she said

“Yes and I saved him” I said

“What!! How could you?!!”

“Am sorry but I couldn’t let Jasmine die so I had to save him” I said and she looked at me scornfully

“My parents should’ve never sacrificed their lives to save you cause you aren’t worth that sacrifice, I regret asking them to save you, you should’ve died that night along with your parents” she said


“I hate you!!!” She yelled “Stay away from me” she said and walked to the car followed by the police men and they drove away

I walked dejectedly to my car as I placed my head on the wheel

My head throbbed and my heart felt like it was shredding into pieces

“Oh God” I said as tears rolled down my face

………to be continued………


Was he wrong to save the Prime Minister?

Am just laughing at all of you that thought Emma shooting the PM was a dream🀣🀣🀣