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Romance in the or episode 23

πŸ’‰πŸ’‰πŸ’‰ ROMANCE IN THE O.RπŸ’‰πŸ’‰πŸ’‰


πŸš‘ EPISODE 23 πŸš‘

πŸ’Š Alex’s POV πŸ’Š

“Your parents were killed trying to save me? How? I mean what happened that night? Why can’t I remembered anything that happened then? Who killed my parents and why? Who are you?” I asked confused

“You want answers? I’ll answer your questions once you are able to leave that quarantined room” Emma said and I sighed

Who is she?
What really happened that night?
Who killed my parents?

I need answers and it will be too sad to leave this world without getting them

“I need my laptop, a book and a pen” I said and she smiled

“Is that all you need?”

“Yeah, my laptop is in Andrew’s room, I’ve already started my research so I just……” I couldn’t complete my words as everywhere suddenly became blurry and I fell to the ground…..

πŸ’Š Jasmine’s POV πŸ’Š

“Alex!!!” I heard someone yell waking me up

My eyelids feels so heavy and it was so hard to move any part of my body

I managed to open my and I saw Alex unconscious and Emma yelling and banging the door

I tried to stand up but my legs failed me and I fell to the ground

“Alex!” I called as I crawled to where he was laying unconscious

“Jasmine, is he….is he alright?” Emma asked looking really worried

“He won’t wake up, he’s breathing is weak too” I said as I checked Alex’s pulse

“That’s it, am coming in” Emma said as she made to hold the door

“Stop!!” I tried to yell but it came out weakly “I thought you were intelligent but you’re are actually very foolish, you’ll probably contact the plague if you come in here”

“I don’t care, Alex is important to me and am willing to take that risk” she said as she tried to open the door again

“He’s important to me too” I said and she stopped “I won’t let anything happen to him so stop wasting time trying to come here unprotected and get help”

“Don’t let anything happen to him, I’ll be back with help” Emma said and ran out

“Alex, Alex!” I called as I shook him but he wouldn’t wake up

“Please Alex, don’t die, please don’t die, I have a lot of things to tell you, I know we might be dying soon but you can’t die without hearing what I have to say first, please wake up” I cried but he remained unconscious

“Where the hell is Emma!”

“Jasmine” Alex called and I quickly held his hand

“Are you ok?” I asked and as he tried to sit up and I managed to help him

πŸ’Š Alex’s POV πŸ’Š

“I feel so weak and my head feels so heavy, I think the plague is already taking it’s troll on me but for now, am fine, where’s Em…….” I was cut short by a sudden kiss from Jasmine

“Emma, I thought you said Alex’s is unconscious but they both seem to be doing really great” Megan said outside the door and Jasmine quickly moved back stopping the kiss

Megan, Susan, Andrew and Emma were outside the glass door and they were all dressed in their protective plastic overall

“M…. Meg” Jasmine stuttered

“They both still look weak though” Andrew said

πŸ’Š Emma’s POV πŸ’Š

Megan, Susan and Andrew went into the quarantined room while I stayed outside

I was so worried thinking I’ll really loose him and what was he doing? Instead of fighting for his life, he’s here kissing this girl!

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I walked out angrily and removed the protective overall I was wearing

πŸ’Š Ryan’s POV πŸ’Š

I laid on my bed feeling relieved
My nemesis will finally be dying soon
I should call Dad to inform him

πŸ—¨οΈ “Is Alexander Sanchez dead?” Dad said immediately he picked up the phone

“Won’t you at least ask me how am doing?”

πŸ—¨οΈ “Am busy Ryan, you if you have nothing to say, am ending the call”

“Alex is on his death bed”

πŸ—¨οΈ “What?” He asked surprised

“He’ll be dying soon, I made him contract a deadly plague that has emerged here so he’ll be dying probably in the next 3 days” I explained

πŸ—¨οΈ “Great job am proud of you and be careful not to contract the plague too” he said and I chuckled

“You care about me now that you know Alex is going to die”

πŸ—¨οΈ “Call me when he’s finally dead” Dad said and ended the call

πŸ’Š Emma’s POV πŸ’Š

I went to Andrew’s room to get Alex’s laptop
I saw Alex’s phone in the room too so I took it

I got a book and a pen and went back to the hospital wing

I wore the protective overall and went into the quarantined room

Andrew and Megan were fixing a drip on Alex and Jasmine while Susan just stood beside them

“How are they doing?” I asked

“The bubonic plague is taking it’s effect on them, it’s slowly killing their cells, Jasmine can barely stand up and Alex is loosing all his strength and composure if by the end of today they get a cure, then their tissues will be damaged beyond repair” Megan said

“So it has to be today? Even if we find the cure tomorrow it won’t work?” I asked

“It can cure the plague but it won’t be able to repair the already destroyed cells especially for Jasmine” Andrew said

“What about the boy?” I asked pointing to the boy that has been unconscious for days now

“He’s at the last stage of the plague and I think he slipped into a coma, if no cure is found, he might not even make it through the night” Susan said

“I guess we must find by today then, here Alex, your laptop, a book and a pen” I said as I gave them to him and he collected it

“But he’s too weak to start any research now, he needs to rest” Jasmine said

“Since he has enough strenght to kiss you am sure this research shouldn’t be a problem” I replied


“Am fine Jasmine, I can do the research, no one is dying of bubonic plague in this hospital” Alex said

“Great” I said “And Jasmine, I heard you were the best student when you graduated from the National University, you should lend him your brain too to make the research faster. Call me when you’ve made a breakthrough” I said as I dropped Alex’s phone and walked out

πŸ’Š Prime Minister’s POV πŸ’Š

I sat in my sitting when one of the security men walked in

“What’s it?” I asked

“Mr James Wilson is here Sir, should I let him in?” He asked

“Sure” I said and he bowed and left

I wonder why he’s here again

Moments later, the door opened and James came in

“You are visiting me too often nowadays James” I said

“I have good news that couldn’t be shared through a phone call” he said as he sat down on the couch

“Good news?” I asked as I looked at him

“My son called to inform me that Alex has contracted a dangerous plague that has no cure” he said

“Is he dead?” I asked

“He’ll soon be, he’s on his death bed” James said

“Then let’s not celebrate yet, I want to hear the news of his death first”

“It’s sure he’ll be dead soon Prime Minister” James assured but I wasn’t convinced

“That boy is a fighter James, we weren’t able to kill him 18 years ago and it will surely be difficult to kill him now”

“Okay then, though am surprised, I thought Alex has become a great asset to the Nation and you don’t want him dead” James said and I smiled

“That was when he was just Doctor Alexander Sanchez but now he suspects me and I can’t take the risk of letting him know what happened that night, Alex must not return to London, he must die in Afghanistan”

πŸ’Š Alex’s POV πŸ’Š

“The plague is a vector borne infectious disease and it’s caused by a bacteria called Yersinia pestis” I said

“So we just need to find a way to kill the bacteria” Jasmine said

“And also a way to repair the destroyed tissues cause it works by destroying the cells and tissues in the body”

“We need an antibiotic, an antibiotic strong enough to kill the bacteria of bubonic plague” Jasmine said

We spent hours trying to find an antibiotic that can kill the bacteria

“What if we can’t find a cure for this, what if we really die of this plague?” Jasmine asked

“I already told you, no one is dying” I said

“But just if we are really going to die, then I have something to tell you. You know back then when I just started working as your assistant surgeon, we didn’t really start on good terms, I kept getting into troubles and I was a pain in the ass but as time…..”

“Shhhhh” I said as put my index finger over her lips
“Whatever you want to say, tell me when we’ve leave this quarantined room and not before”

“But what if we aren’t able to leave, what if we die here?” She said as a tear rolled down her cheeks

“We won’t, you know me right, I always succeed in whatever I put my mind to and now am telling you that we’ll find a cure, no one will die okay?”

“Okay” she said and I smiled as I brought my hand to my her face and cleaned her tears

“You look damn ugly when you cry” I said and Jasmine gave me that murderous look

“Come on, I was just kidding, all am saying is you should stop crying” I said and she smiled

“And we’ll definitely talk about that kiss that happened in the morning when we are out of here” I said

“Alex!” She said and I chuckled

We suddenly heard a coughing

“The boy” Jasmine said and we quickly moved to the boy’s bed

He’s choking and vomiting blood

“Is this normal?” Jasmine asked

“It’s a symptom, symptom of the last stage of bubonic plague, increase the IV fluid” I said and Jasmine obeyed

A drug that can kill the strongest bacteria, what is it? What is it?

“I got it!” I said and Jasmine turned to look at me

“What?” She asked

“I know an antibiotic strong enough to cure us of the bubonic plague”

……….to be continued………..


They found a cureπŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

Prime Minister πŸ‘ΏπŸ‘ΏπŸ‘Ώ

By the way, they ki-ssed ☺️☺️☺️

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