Romance in the OR episode 9

šŸ’‰šŸ’‰šŸ’‰ ROMANCE IN THE O.RšŸ’‰šŸ’‰šŸ’‰


šŸš‘ EPISODE 9 šŸš‘

šŸ’Š Alex’s POV šŸ’Š

I came back to my office and sat on the couch

How did the Prime Minister know my parents?
I must find out

The door suddenly opened and Tony came in

“Hey, I heard what happened with the surgery, the patient had a heart attack right?” He asked as he sat down facing me

I took the blood test results on my desk and showed him

“What’s this?” He asked “This second result shows Cemptrofin was present in the patient’s system, that’s a really dangerous drug you know, it induces heart failure”

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“Yeah, the first result was carried out some minutes before the surgery and the second was carried out after the surgery, there’s no Cemptrofin in the first result but it was present in the second result, take a look at this” I said as I gave him the letter that was written to the Prime Minister

“What the hell is this?!” He exclaimed

“All this totally shows that someone injected the Prime Minister’s daughter with Cemptrofin and wanted to frame me for killing the Prime Minister’s daughter and that someone is in this hospital” I said

“This is serious Alex, you must be really careful from now on must be really careful from now on, you shouldn’t trust anyone” Tony said

“Yeah and remember back then that I went with Jasmine to get the patient that ran away?” I asked and he nodded “Someone started that fire Tony, I think someone wanted to kill me”

“But who? Who will dare do such a thing, the only enemy I know you have is Ryan”

“No, I don’t think Ryan is this devious, he might hate me but he’s still a doctor, he won’t stood so low” I said and Tony sighed

“You’ve really got to be careful Alex, you were really lucky that the Prime Minister’s daughter didn’t die” Tony said

“Well, it was most thanks to Jasmine”

“I told you that girl will come in handy, she’s smart” he said and I smiled

“How’s your trauma coming on? You hardly complain of it this days, is it gone?” He asked

“I wish, it’s been reoccurring more frequently lately, I’ll just have to pay Mason a visit but on the night shift today so I guess I’ll have to wait till tomorrow” I replied

“It must be really hard for you, wish I could help” he said

“You can help me actually, am on the night shift tonight, can you fill in for me please?” I pleaded

“Why will I? I have date tonight Alex, am definitely not giving that up for you” he said

“Date? You are dating?” I asked

“Yeah, unlike you, I don’t plan on being single for my whole life”

“I never said I want to be single my whole life” I defended

“Tell me then, have you ever dated?” He asked


“Have you ever kissed a girl?”


“Have you ever loved a girl?”

“No but you can’t blame, I didn’t have the time to engage in all that” I said

“Yeah, right from the day your parent disapeared you turned to a silent kid, I guess I was even the only friend you had back then, all you cared about was finding your parents and being the best Neurosurgeon in the world” Tony said

“Yeah and nothing has changed, now will you please take the shift in my place? My drugs have even finished and I really need to go to Mason’s place tonight” I pleaded and he sighed

“I regret being your friend” he said

“Ohh, I love you too Tony” I said and we both laughed

“So you’ll be taking the night shift in my place?” I asked

“Do I have a choice, I’ll have to cancel my date, at this rate you’ll are going to make me a bachelor forever, just like you” he said

“Thanks Tony”

My phone beeped and a message came in

“Oh gosh I can’t believe I forgot”

“What’s it?” Tony asked

“It’s a reminder message from the World Federation of Neurological Societies, we hold a Seminar yearly and next tomorrow is supposed to be the next Seminar”

“Wow, where is it holding?” He asked

“This time around, it will be held at Brazil and all the surgeons are supposed to come with there surgical assistant, you know to get them exposed and more experienced”

“So you’ll be going with Jasmine to Brazil next tomorrow?”

“I guess so”

“It’s nice actually, am sure you’ll be able to get some rest there, at Lea make sure to hook up on a girl there before you come back, and how many days does this Seminar last for?” he asked

“Usually 3 days and am not going there to have fun Tony, all the Neurosurgeon all over the World meet up and share information and their findings so I won’t have time to hook up on a random girl” I said

“Okay, fine, if you wish to remain single for the rest of your life, who am I to say no” he said and I just shook my head

šŸ’Š Ryan’s POV šŸ’Š

I was reading a reminder text sent by the World Federation of Neurological Societies when the door to my office suddenly opened and Dad barged in

“Why do you always have to dissapoint me, I gave tbe information early so that you’ll do something about it but you didn’t, why the hell are you always so incompetent!!” He yelled

“Calm down Dad, you shouldn’t be yelling it’s not good for your health”

“Will you shut up!! If you care about me, you’ll make me proud by being the best Neurosurgeon in the world”

“I will Dad I promise, and Alexander Sanchez was just lucky this time but he won’t be so lucky next time Dad, I won’t fail you again, I will make you proud” I assured

“I hope so” he said and walked out

I slumped down on the chair with a sigh

šŸ’Š Jasmine’s POV šŸ’Š

I walked out of doctor Alex’s office and took the elevator down

Doctor Alex just told me we’ll be going for a Seminar in Brazil next tommorow
Am supposed to be really excited but am just too tired to be excited right now

I met Andrew at the reception and he walked up to me

“Good job today Jasmine, you were amazing” he said

“Thanks Andrew”

“Are you going home?” He asked


“Am also going home too, I can drop you off in my car” he said and I smiled


I walked with Andrew to his car and he drove me home and left

“Welcome Jas” Megan said immediately I walked in

“I heard from the news that you guys had a successful surgery, Doctor Alex is really amazing, I don’t know what’s stopping them from naming him the best Neurosurgeon by now” Megan said

“It’s probably because of the complications that arised during the surgery”

“What complications?” She asked

“Long story, I’ll tell you later, I should probably freshen up and start parking, am on a full shift tomorrow so I don’t think I’ll have the time to do any parking then”

“Are you going somewhere?” Megan asked

“Yeah, a Seminar at Brazil and it will be holding next tomorrow, all the Neurosurgeon in the world are supposed to come with there surgical assistant” I explained

“Oh yeah, I heard doctor Ryan talking about it”

“So will you be going with him too?” I asked

“Am his anaesthesiologist not his surgical assistant, he’s going with his surgical assistant”

“Ohh, it would have been nice if you were the one going with him, anyway, I need to go freshen up” I said as I walked to my room

šŸ’Š Alex’s POV šŸ’Š

I waited for the Prime Minister to come back to the hospital but he’s still not back yet and it’s already getting dark

The door to my office opened and Tony peeped in

“Thought you said you wanted to see the Prime Minister” he said and I nodded

“He just came in, he’s in his daughter’s hospital room”

“Thanks Tony” I said as I quickly wore my white coat and went to meet the prime minister

I knocked and then opened the door

“Doctor Alex, you’re are still here” he said

“Yeah, ummm….. I wanted to ask you something”

“Lemme guess, you want to ask me how I know your parents” he said and I nodded

“Well, your parents were pretty popular in their time, your Mom was a skilled neurosurgeon and your Dad was a very competent Medical researcher, I was once acquainted with them in the past years before I became a Prime Minister” he explained

“How were you acquainted with them?” I asked

“Your Mom also used to work here in the National hospital and I met her on some of my visits here” he said and I sighed

I was actually hoping he’ll know something important, maybe something relating to my parents disapearance

“Okay, thanks Sir, I’ll take my leave now” I said and he nodded

I left the hospital and drove straight to Mason’s workplace and luckily he was still there

I didn’t want to go to his or his wife Brianna, will force me to spend the night there again

“Been a while” Mason said

“Yeah, I’ve been really busy” I said

“It’s okay, I understand how your work is. What brings you here this late? I was actually about closing up”

“The tremors have been occuring more frequently Mason” I said

“Am not surprised, you’ve been stressing yourself lately, you hardly have time to rest, what about your drugs?” He asked

“Something happened today and ummm…… It was used up”

“Wait for me here” he said as he went to another room

Moments later, he came back with the drugs

“Thanks Mason” I said as I collected it

“The drug will be of little use if you keep overworking yourself Alex, you need to create some breathing space for yourself”

“I’ll be going to Brazil next tomorrow for a Seminar so I guess I’ll have some time to rest there” I said and he smiled

“That would be great”


šŸ’Š Jasmine’s POV šŸ’Š

Things were pretty hectic at work today, there were lots of patients to attend but luckily, we didn’t have any surgery today

Thanks to doctor Alex, I was able to come back home early so I can prepare for tomorrow’s journey

Doctor Alex might be strict sometimes but I think he’s actually nice

He already got booked a flight and got the tickets, am supposed to meet him by 8am tomorrow at the airport

šŸ’Š Alex’s POV šŸ’Š


I stood up from the bed after being woken up by my alarm

I washed up and ate a left over bread from yesterday

Then I came back to my room, dressed up, took my luggage and went to the car

I drove to the airport and checked the time

It’s already past 8, Jasmine should be here by now

“Doctor Alex!” Someone called behind me and I turned to see Jasmine

“Turns out, I came earlier than you” she said with a smile

“Yeah, sorry for being late”

“I remember my first day at the hospital, I was late and you really scolded me back then” she said

“Ohh, so you wanna scold me too?” I asked raising my brows

“Can I?”

“Not if you want to remain in my surgery team” I said and we both laughed

Our flight was announced and we showed our tickets and entered the plane

“Have you been to Brazil before?” Jasmine asked

“No, have you?” I asked

“Nope but I heard it’s a beautiful country and am anticipating being there, I heard they always hold so many festival and…..”

********2 hours later********

I dozed off a bit and I woke up and saw Jasmine sleeping too

She’s really a talkative, she kept talking till I dozed off

I continued staring at her and I smiled
She’s just so innocent, pure and smart, I admire her

Am happy she ended up in my surgery team

Hours later, the plane landed and Jasmine was already awake

“There are over 40 thousand Neurosurgeons in the world so the organization has organized different hotels for the surgeons to lodge in” I explained to Jasmine as I stopped a cab to the hotel that was sent to me by the organization

We got to the hotel and I heard someone call my name

“Mr Lewis” I called as I saw him

He’s the president of the organization

“Am glad you could make it Mr Sanchez” he said as he shook my hand

“Wouldn’t miss it for anything” I said

“The lady beside you is?”

“My surgical assistant, Jasmine Wright” I said

“Nice to meet you Mrs Wright” he said as he shook her hand

“Same here Mr Lewis” Jasmine said

I lady came out of the hotel and walked towards us I was shocked at who it was

It’s Emma, the lady that saved us from the house fire and took us to the hospital

“Meet my newly appointed surgery, Emma Griffin” Mr Lewis introduced “Emma this is….”

“Alexander Sanchez” Emma said cutting in “Who wouldn’t know one of the top ranking surgeon in the world, I told you we are going to meet soon Mr Alexander Sanchez” she said as she brought her for a handshake

“Wow, am really taken aback, why didn’t you tell me who you were then?” I asked

“Just wanted it to be a surprise” she said with a smile and then turned to Jasmine

“It’s nice to meet you again Jasmine” she said as she shook Jasmine’s hand

“You guys know each other?” Mr Lewis asked

“Yeah, she actually saved my life” I said and she laughed

“I wouldn’t call it save, all I did was call 911” she said

“Anyway” Mr Lewis said “Can show them to their suite Emma?”

“Sure, follow me” Emma said and we followed her inside the hotel

“And who do we have here” someone said and I turned back

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“Ryan Wilson!” I said

“Alexander Sanchez, you always continue to amaze me” he said

“Am not surprised, am a pretty interesting man after all” I said

“And you must be Jasmine” he said as he looked at Jasmine “Oh my, you really have a very beautiful surgical assistant Alex”

“Shut up Ryan!”

“Oh Alex, why do you always get so angry with me”

“Your mere sight disgust me” I said “Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go, I have no time to waste with failures like you” I said as I began to walk away with Emma and Jasmine

“I heard you were involved in a fire incident recently” Ryan said and I turned back

“What do you know about the fire incident?” I asked

“I know that you should’ve died in that fire but like a serpent, you escaped once again” he said and I walked up to him

“Did you cause that fire?” I asked

He moved closer to me and whispered in my ear

“The plan was to kill you but I heard a baby died instead, such a pity” he said and I got angry and punched him and he fell to the ground

“Doctor!” Jasmine and Emma exclaimed

“Oh my, aren’t you such a vicious doctor” Ryan said laughing and I got angrier and I punched him again

“A baby was lost forever because of you asshole!!” I yelled as I continued punching him

………to be continued……..