November 29, 2021

Romantic Doctor Episode 36 – 37


(The secret❤️ romance😍 )
Author Promzy

💘 Not edited 💘

(Stupid hoe)
☘️ Episode 36 ☘️

💎 Jiso POV 💎
“So when are you leaving his house? Runa asked.
“Are you joking? Am not planning on doing that ever,that house is now mine too” I
“Mrs Jayden Choi” she teased.
“You are seriously sick”
I missed the hilarious Runa so much.
Now I feel lively just chatting with her,it has been long gosh I really missed her.
“Have you seen aunt Sandra? She asked.
“No she went to the market” I said and stood up.
“I’ll go check up on dad and the children then leave afterwards.
Jayden is on his way back from work” I added.
“Alright Jiso, I will be visiting you soon” she replied and I hugged her then waved
her goodbye.
I went back to our house and met my stepmother shouting at her kids.
“Mom” I called.
“You stupid girl,now that you have sell your body to men for a living you are back
to do what?
Who told you to touch my Ramyeon?
I want my money or the Ramyeon immediately” she shouted at me.
Though I feel pained by her words but I shake it off.
Jayden is the only man I am sleeping with and he is my boyfriend.
That doesn’t define me as a whore.
Am not every other girl ,I can never be define as such.
I brought out some money inside my purse and gave it to her.
“Please take care of dad” I said and left the house.
“Stupid whore” she shouted it loud and clear for me to hear.
I trek along the road waiting for a taxi to pass by,when it finally came I enter and it
drove off.
“Jayden Choi district ” I told the cab driver as he drove along.
Few minutes later we were already in front of the gate.
I alighted from the cab and pay the bills.
I knocked at the gate and it was opened.
“Good evening madam” the gateman greeted and I nodded.
I enter the house to meet Milli watching TV.
“Good evening madam” she greeted and I smiles.
“Good evening Milli ,is your boss back? I asked.
“No madam” she replied.
“Oh,okay” I said and climb up the stairs.
Why is Jayden not yet back?
He told me that he is on his way back an hour ago.
So why isn’t he back yet?
I opened my door which as been replaced to glass with the remote and enter inside.
I dropped my purse on the dressing table and removed my clothes after which I
went inside the bathroom for a cold shower.
After taking my bath I went inside the room and applied some lotion after which I
wore my night wear and lay on the bed pressing my phone.
I tried Calling him but it’s not reachable.
I was devastated.
What if something bad has happened?
I stood up from the bed and started pacing around.
Some minutes later he drove onside the house.
I sat down on my bed waiting for him to come upstairs.


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Jayden POV 💎
I was perplexed by Nana’s confession to me this evening.
She love me like seriously?
I see her as my Lil sister and that is it,not like a woman I can date or have an
intimate relationship with.
“I love you Jayden, I can’t hide it anymore” she said when I forcefully broke the kiss.
Its better to hurt her now so that she can heal quickly than giving her false hopes.
“Am sorry Nana, I have a woman in my life I love you as a sister and I want it to
remain that way please” I replied and could see the disappointment in her eyes.
“I get it” she said and left the office.
I sigh and check my wristwatch bracelet.
Omg it was half past eight so I rushed downstairs and went to the parking lot where
my car was.
I entered and zoom out of the building.
Now I am here but nervous to come down,what excuse will I give for coming back
What if she finds out that I kissed someone?
Obviously someone kissed me and not the other way round.
I went upstairs ignoring the greetings of my maids and knocked on Jiso’s door.
The door opened and I went in.
Immediately she saw me,she rushed to where I was.
“Jayden are you okay? Did something happened to you on your way back? Baby talk
to me” she asked on a restless voice.
“Am fine Jiso,was sorting things out with Nana” I replied.
“Okay” she said and sat on the bed.
I want close to her and kissed her cheek.
“I told you that frowning your face only turns me on” I said and she gasp.
“You are so Naughty” I said and covered her face with the duvet.
I removed the duvet and kissed her lips.
“I’m sorry okay? I should have called you ” I apologize.
She hugged me tight and lay her head on my shoulder.


Danielle POV 💎
“So mom what were you saying? I asked.
“Jayden said that he have a woman he love ” she repeated.
“Really? So who is the lucky girl? I asked
“That I don’t know,he said that I will know about her soon” she answered.
“I hope it’s not another Gem though” I said and face my phone.
Who could be the girl?
Nana? No Jayden treats her like a younger sister.
Or his he back with Gem?
Aiish,who could be the girl?
I was just curious ,I wanna know the answer ASAP.
And I must know who it is.

💎 Jiso POV 💎
I woke up the next morning with Jayden by my side.
He was on his night robe,his hand cuddle me gently into his arms.
“Good morning” I greeted when I noticed his eyes open.
“Good morning baby,how was your night? He queried.
“So sweet with you beside me” I replied and he smiles.
I came down from the bed and headed to the bathroom after easing myself I came
back inside the room to see Jayden’s eyes on me.
I looked at my self in the mirror and wow!
I look so fat.
” Come here” he commanded with a hoarse voice.
I walk slowly to the bed and he draw me to lay on top of him.
“What are you doing ? I found myself asking.
His eyes looks like they wanna make a hole on my body.
“Just stay like this for awhile” he said and close his eyes.
That was when I noticed the burge in his robe.
Such a horny guy.
Oh,morning er£ction I think.
“You want me to help? I asked with a smirk.
“Don’t just ask,I need your help” he said.
I slowly loosen his robe and slide my hand inside his brief bringing out his d**k
from it.
I rubbed it gently with my hand massaging it up and down.
After awhile I place mouth on it and GE groan.
I keep sucking and licking the tip with a professional style.
After sometimes he cvm all over as I licked his pour up.
I stood up and lay on his chest.
“That was so fantastic baby” he complement.
The door bell rang and I saw Milli in front of the glass door.
I opened it with the remote.
“Sorry for disturbing but the young miss is here boss” Milli said.
Wait Danielle?
She’s gonna find out,oh my gosh


(The secret❤️ romance😍 )
Author Promzy

💘 Not edited 💘

(Wow! I love it, but be ready to face mom)

☘️ Episode 37 ☘️
💎 Jayden POV 💎
Hearing Danielle’s name I can feel her body tense.
Is she that scared?
If Danielle love me she will also love to see me happy so there’s no need to panic.
“Don’t worry ,she will understand” I assured her.
“What if sh……she doesn’t like us being together? I mean am not up to the
standard” she said.
“Oh ,spare me that trash enough of the talking go and change and meet me
downstairs” I said and peek her before leaving.I went to my room and change into a casual wear and went downstairs.
She saw me and rush to hug me.
Always acting like a kid,yea she’s a kid of twenty years
“I missed you” she said.
“I miss you too” I retorted and we disengage.
“So what brought you here this early morning? I asked.
“Heard that you got a woman in your life ,so tell little sister who is the lucky
madam” she asked.
“Well ,its someone you know” I said and she arched her eyebrow.
“Who? She asked
She looked up and saw Jiso climbing down the stairs.
“What is she doing upstairs? With those clothes she’s wearing? She bombard me
with questions.
Jiso came nearer and I draw her to myself.
“She is the woman who get hold of my heart” i replied.
“What!! Jay are you under a spell? I…..I mean why her of all girls? She asked.
“She’s not every other girl Elle,she is my girlfriend” I replied between gritted teeth.
She scoffed and glare at Jiso who was staring at both of us.
“If you are after my brother’s money then you won’t succeed ,you better leave now
that its early cus I won’t tolerate it” Danielle said to Jiso.
“Am not after his money,I love him because he is Jayden and not because of his
identity or how rich he is.
I love him because he love me too” Jiso replied for the first time.
Danielle kept quiet for sometime and finally sigh.
“If you hurt my brother like Gem did, I won’t spare you” She said and Jiso nod her
“I won’t hurt him” She said.
“Wow! I love it,but be ready to face my mom” Danielle added .
The problem now is my mom,I just hope it for easy as this one.
“My stay here is over,I got to go” Elle said and stood up from the couch and hugged
“I can’t believe our relationship will be like this the day I helped you sister in
law” She teased and Miso blushed.
She left and I exhaled.
“Gosh,did….did she just accept me just like that? Jiso asked in surprise.
“As far as it makes me happy,she will do anything for me” I bragged as I make her
sit on my lap.
“Go and take your bath,ain’t you going to the hospital today? She asked.
” No ,I want to go check up on my land with an engineer,wanna build an hospital
there soon” I replied.
“Wow! That’s cool” she said

💎 Jiso POV 💎
We took our bath and play silky games together.
Since I can’t swim I watch him swim around the pool while he splash water on me.
The maids were just staring at us and smiling to themselves.
We went inside and dry ourselves up while Milli make a hot tea for Jayden while I
demand for piccolo latte.
The way am getting fat thus days is not normal.
I gulped down the coffee and lay on the bed ready to sleep.
I was about to close my eyes when Jayden enter the room all dress up.
“You’re leaving already? I asked
“Yea,I will be back in two to three hours” he replied
He walked closer to the bed and peek my lips before leaving the room.
When he left,I fill lonely again ,I felt empty, maybe I should call Runa.
Hello Jiso She yelled from the other end.

📲Hi Runa,how’s life? 📲I asked

📲managing 📲she replied.

📲Did you go to work? 📲I asked.


📲Can you come to the house? I feel lonely please 📲I begged.

📲Why not,I love to 📲she said.

📲Okay,I’ll be expecting you 📲I replied and hang up.


💎 Mira POV 💎
Seeing Dan again is so exciting,I mean it has been months I last saw him .
I have starve myself of s3x for those years he wasn’t around.
I don’t wanna be a cheating boyfriend.
“So tell me,how was your stay in Korea? I mean how does it look like? I asked as I
lay my head on his laps.
“It was great,I made friends with JC and his sister Danielle Choi” He replied.
“Danielle Choi? I had a meeting with her few days ago” I said.
“Oh,cool so tell me how have you been fairing? He asked.
“Of course you know and I know that we missed each other” I replied and capture
his lips on mine.
Yea I love him so much.
Ever since the day i set my eyes on him I felled in love.
It was a live at first sight.
Something attracted him to me even though he looked unkept back then but it
never bothers me.
My family were happy for me, today he is the vice chairman of my company.
Making his own money.
It doesn’t matter how the person’s condition is today,tomorrow will be better.
I just pray that nothing come between us,I have fight some many bitches because of
him and am tired of fighting.
They just won’t let him rest simply because he is cute.
💎 Danielle POV 💎
Seeing Jayden happy with Jiso is all that matters and not her financial or social status.
I just hope she put out a strong front
Because it won’t be an easy game with mom.
Mom never loose and doesn’t accept defeat, I wish to see Jiso put up a tough front
Mom enter my room and sat on the bed.
“So did he tell you who the girl is? She asked.
“Yes” I replied.
“Who is she? She inquired
There is no need beating around the bush,she will soon find out anyway.
“Her name is Jiso,his cook now lover” I retorted.
“A cook?
“Yes a cook” I replied.
“What the hell”


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