November 29, 2021

Romantic Doctor Episode 34 – 35


(The secret❤️ romance😍 )
Author Promzy

💘 Not edited 💘

(From maid to madam)
☘️ Episode 34 ☘️
💎 Jiso POV 💎
What will be Jayden’s answer?
Is he gonna hide me away from his mom?
Really until when are we gonna continue this secret relationship.
“You will know her soon mom” he replied
“If you say so” she said and looked at me.
“Get me a cup of juice before I leave” she command and I nodded.
I don’t blame his mom nor him.
Am not someone anyone can be proud of.
A poor ,lowlife maid how can he proudly call me his?
Am I being played by Jayden?
I carried the juice on a platter and took it to where they both were sitting trying as
much as I could to avoid eye contact with both of them.
I went inside the kitchen and sat on the stool.
When Mrs Choi came Jayden already dismissed the maids except me.
Why? So that I can see that he just want to play me?
I was trying to fight back the tears in my eyes but I couldn’t.
I just feel so broken right now.
Why did I even think that we both have a future together while apparently I know
that we are two different type of people.
Few minutes later someone back hugged me while i was trying to serve myself some
“I’m sorry” he said sure I know that it’s Jayden.
I clean up my face and turned to face him.
“Why are you sorry? What exactly are you sorry for? I asked.
“Am sorry for hiding you from mom” he said as he use his thumb to clean my tears.
“I am not angry with you ,its nobody’s fault though” I replied and made to leave but
he drawed back.
“Am sorry” he said and kissed my neck.
He went upstairs after his mom have left while I went to our room.
I sat on the bed and cried my eyes out.
Why me?
“Jiso are you okay? One of the girls asked.
“Am fine” I replied and sniffed in.
“Okay” she said and left the room.
The bell ranged and we all went inside the sitting room.
Jayden summoned us all.
“Good morning sir” we all greeted.
With the look on his face,he is restless.
Like he is guilty of something.
He looked up and his eyes met mine but I quickly look away.

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💎 Jayden POV 💎
Why am I behaving like a child?
For God sake I am twenty seven.
Why can’t I make my own decision and stand by it?
I made my woman to cry simply because i couldn’t proudly say that she is the one
after my heart.
I couldn’t let her known to the world as my heartbeat.
Still yet she is still like a maid on my own house,how foolish of me.
All this while I couldn’t think straight,she sleep in the maids room,addressed by her
name by the maids,work in my house.
All this happening in my house while I keep telling her that I love her but can’t
show a dime of it.
I’m sorry Jiso,this is what I should have done from day one but too selfish to think
of that.
I was so engross in my romance with you that I forgot to do the necessary.
“Y’all knows my relationship with her right? I asked pointing at Jiso.
“Yes sir” they answered.
“From this moment onwards y’all are gonna respect her the way you respect
me,serve her the way you serve me,you call me master call her madam.
After this speech I want two of you to clean up the room beside mine and transfer
her things there” I said
“Yes boss” they retorted.
“You guys can leave now” I said and they left with an exception of Jiso who was
looking at me with keen interest.
“Why did you do that? She asked and I stood up.
I went closer to her and bend to her size before kissing her lips.
“I am sorry baby,I was too selfish to know what I was supposed to do” I said.
“From maid to madam ,Jayden I….”
“I just want to bring the world down to your footsteps baby,just watch and see how
I make things work out” I assured her NY cutting her short.
“She hugged me tightly to herself with a smiling face.
“Thank you baby” she said and I smiled.
This is what I want,I want her to always be happy.
“No matter the situation Jiso,you will always have my heart ” I said and she nodded.


(The secret ❤️romance😍 )
Author Promzy

💘 Not edited 💘

☘️ Episode 35 ☘️
💎 Authoress POV 💎
Jiso’s things were transfered to the room next door beside that of Jayden.
She was strip of her post as a maid.
She was served and respected just like Jayden.
Jiso couldn’t be more than happy,the kind of life she never dreamt of having now
she’s enjoying it.
Jayden and Jiso’s lifestyle become the envy of the workers in the mansion.
Sometimes they go shopping,Jayden nearly bought all the clothes in the mall for her.
Jiso and Dan’s friendship keep improving.
Jiso decided to go and visit her father and also her friend Runa.
Jayden whom has approved of it before vehemently opposed it.
His excuse was that her step mother might act rashly against her.


Jiso POV 💎
Why is he being overprotective?
I can take care if myself for crying out loud.
“I just don’t want you to get hurt” he said.
“I understand baby,but I have to go see him it has been months already.
I want to know how he is,I also want to see my friend” I replied.
“Okay I’ll allow you to go but with guards” he said.
“Hell no! I can’t go with the guards,I don’t want to attract much attention to myself.
Please I want to go alone” I said but jeez he is not an easy to convince person.
“Whatever,if anything happened to you I won’t go easy on them” he said and walk
I rushed to the bathroom and took my bath after which I applied the lotion and
wore my cloth.
Even with the quality of cloth that I was wearing anyone can be easily convinced
that am a rich lady.
I picked my phone and purse then headed out of the house.
“Good morning madam” Liam greeted.
“Boss said I should take you there” he added.
“No don’t bother yourself,I will take a taxi” I said and walked out of the gate.
I hailed down a cab as it drove out of the area to the slums where I grow up.
We got there and I came down from the cab after paying the driver.
I walk down the street to our house and knocked on the door.
The elder son of my step mother opened the door and saw me.
“Noona” he shouted and hugged me to himself.
Out of five step siblings,he and the second to the last are those who cherished me
and console me whenever I was down.
“Where is dad? I asked and he dragged me inside the house.
We get to dad’s room filled and stinks of alcohol.
“Dad ” I called.
“I know that you will come back my Jiso” he said sarcastically upon seeing me.
“Where is your mom? I asked the little boy.
“She left for market” he replied
I went to the kitchen searching for what to cook for them,they look so hungry.
I saw Ramyeon on the shelf and cook it for them to eat.
After cooking I served to dad and the children.
I played with them for awhile when it was time for Runa to return from work I went
to her house to surprise her.
Upon seeing me she rushed into my arms.
With smiles.
“Gosh you have changed a lot” she said when we settle down inside his room.
“Yea I know that” I replied.
“Of course you will change ,who won’t change after fu3king JC? she asked naughtily.
“Come on stop that” I said coyly.
“Okay now tell me about your relationship with JC” she requested.
” He is a nice guy,caring and above all he love me and I love him too” I said wit
“Awwn I must surely fall in love” she stared and I smack her head.

💎 Jayden POV 💎
I am not being too clingy unto Jiso, am just tryna protect her.
Step moms are wicked what if she hurt her?
I just want her to be save always but I don’t think she understand my intentions.

📲Hello boss 📲Liam called

📲You guys there already? 📲I asked.

📲No boss,madam refused to use the car she took a cab instead 📲Liam stated.

📲What! And you allowed her are you stupid? 📲I yelled angrily.

How can he allow her to Leave the house alone.

📲Am sorry boss 📲he apologize

📲You should have called me before she let,anyways pray for her safety 📲I said
and hanged up.

I called her number and she picked up almost immediately.

📲Baby why did you leave the house without the car? You even told Liam to wait
behind 📲I lamented.

📲I’m sorry but i just want to be alone 📲She said.

📲whatever its getting late already,I am on my way home.
See you soon 📲i said and disconnected the call.

I turned off my PC and grabbed hold of my wallet and car keys ready to leave when
Nana came in unannounced.
She walk briskly to where I was and slam her lips on mine.
What is her problem.
I made to push her but instead she keep going deeper to my office.
I was confused as at what was going on.
Is she drunk or…….
Danielle came down to Korea the same day Dan left for America.
She felt sad, she really do fancy the cute guy but couldn’t say I out.
She was getting obsessed with Dan that she can’t go a day without kissing his
pictures she took on social media.


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