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Seduction episode 27


💞 Seduction 💞
🌸Love. Lies & Games 🌸

Chapter Twenty Seven🌺🌺

By Goddy Francis 🥀🥀


My heart skips a beat at Judah’s confession. He didn’t meant that, did he?

‘ I just want you. You make me feel this awkward feelings I’ve never felt before. What are you doing to me Serena?’

I run my fingers through his hair and look down at his beautiful face. His eyes are closed and his arms curls around my waist. He’s not letting go of me. How can he do all this annoying things to me and openly made that confession. I wish he tells me what it means.

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” Judah.” I call his name but he doesn’t respond.

He slowly stands upright and removes his head from my shoulder to look at me. He’s still wobbly and I’m holding tight to him.

” What did you take?” I ask him. He smiles. One of his one billion dollars smiles that makes my heart beat for him.

He’s weird. We’re both weird.

” You’re so beautiful.” He smiles and raises his hand to run down my hair. I don’t let him do that so I swat his hand away.

” Why are you being mean to me?” He whines. Damn it! He looks like a cute little baby who got deprived of b00bies.

” Come on, you need water. You’re high as fvck and you don’t even know what you look like right now.” I tell him and begin walking backwards with Judah.

He chuckles.

” You’re so little, Gwen.”

I roll my eyes at his vulnerability and gently push him down on my couch. Since he weighs like my grandmother, I had to fall with him. Judah wraps his arms around my waist and makes me sit on his lap.

” fvck, Judah, I should get you something to drink.” I say and try to unwrap his arms from my waist.

” Don’t leave me.” He says and leans his head against my shoulder.

I sigh. He’s making my stomach churn. And the butterflies that resides there decides to throw a fvcking party. How did we end up like this? Tangled in our messed up world. We have a lot to talk about. About us and his connection with Zayn.

” I’m not leaving…” I whisper and rub my hand down his long hair.

” Judah?”

” Hmm…” he replies with his head still leaning against my shoulder and his arms around my waist.

” What did you take? Why did you take it? Who even gave it you?”

” You’re giving me a migraine Serena with your endless questions.”

” I’m asking because I care.”

He stays quiet. I actually thought he falls asleep already until I feel his forefinger draw circles on my back.

” Why do you care?” He asks. The same question I asked him and he’s yet to give me an answer.

I don’t even have an answer for Judah. Why do I care about him? It’s not like I know him very well and yet i care so much about him. But why?

” Why do you care about me?” I ask him instead.

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He sighs.” Because you’re my priority and you’re pretty.”

” I am?” I ask in amusement. I look down at him and wish I can see his face.

” Why do you care about me?” He asks me instead.

My fingers play with his hair as I think about what to tell him.

” I don’t know. Maybe because you treat me differently. Even if we have nothing serious.”

“Hmm…” he chuckles quietly.

” You’re cute.” He says and removes his head from my shoulders to look at me. His eyes are still red, but not that red.

Judah watches me as he pulls out a pack of cigarettes. I shake my head and snatch it away from him. He gives me a questioning stare.

” Why did you do that?” He asks.

” Because you’re high and you’re not smoking anything until you tell me what you took and why.”

” You know why already, Serena. I told you why.”

” Then what did you take?”

” I don’t know what it is. Visited that underground club and I met the guys. I badly wanted to get so fvcking high. So here we’re. I just took what I saw. I don’t give a shit what it is.”

” You’re wasted Judah.”

He shrugs casually. ” I don’t give a fvck. I wanted to feel numb and stop thinking.” He sighs and throws his head back on the headrest of my couch.

” You’re making me go insane and you don’t even know it. So fvcking crazy.” He laughs silently.

So which is even better?
Normal Judah or the Judah who’s high as hell? Both seems cute. Even if his normal self has this annoying mood swings. He’s saying a lot of things he’s definitely gonna regret when he’s sober.

I suddenly stand up from his lap as he sits up to look at me.

” I’m getting you water. You’re high and you’re saying a lot of things I don’t like. You’re making me feel awkward. I will get you milk too and make sure you go to bed.”

He opens his mouth to speak but I stop him. ” Don’t! Sit back and wait for me.” I warn and go to the kitchen.

I open the fridge for a bottle water and maybe warm milk. What do you even give to people who smoked some bad shit and they’re high as hell. I drop the bottle water on the counter and bend down a little to grab a bottle of milk. I freeze when I feel someone’s body pressed against mine from behind. Holy cow, what’s Judah doing here?

I stand up and turn around to look at him. He’s smirking right at me. I need to have a word with Hero for letting Judah take whatever thing they gave him.

” I told you to stay in the living room.” I grit out and.

” I don’t like listening to orders. You turn me on with with your feisty attitude.” He says and wraps his arms around my waist.

I breathe in. I place my hand on his chest to stop him from his seductive acts but that did nothing. Judah is adamant.

” Judah, sit down.”

” Make me.” He smirks and leans down to kiss my neck.

I groan and force him down on the stool behind him.

” fvcking hell.” He mutters.

I flash him a victory smile and remove his arms from around my waist.

” Take this.” I give him the bottle water. ” Drink it. Don’t let me force you, Maxwell.” I playfully glare at me.

” Maxwell, huh?” He smirks and opens the bottle water.

” I’m gonna warm the milk for you.”

” What are you now? Nurse Serena?” Judah bites his lips as he watches me turn on the microwave.

I hand him the milk after warming it. He takes it and looks down at it.

” What the fvck is this?”

” Milk Judah, drink it.” I stand in between his legs and help him with the milk.

” I’m never getting high again.” He grunts and drinks it.

” You act like you haven’t drank milk before. You’re such a grumpy child.”

” I should probably spill this then.” He looks at me from under his lashes.

He smiles and hands me the empty glass. I take it and drop the glass on the sink.

” Come on, take off your jacket.”

He stares at me. I see the glint of mischief in his eyes as he smirks at me.

” You wanna make love to me or what?” He whispers. I feel the hair on my back stand at once. fvck him for making me feel this way.

Judah’s arms stays around my waist as he makes me sit on his lap.

” We’re not having s£x, we have a lot to talk about.” I manage to tell him. He frowns and nods repeatedly.

” Go on, take it off.” He whispers. I swallow at our closeness.

I’m straddling his lap and we’re breathing the same air. I rest my hands on his shoulders and push down his jacket. Our eyes watches each other as I take his jacket off.

” Kiss me if you want Serena and stop begging with your eyes.” I groan at his words. Did he really have to say that?

” I don’t know what you’re talking about.” I tell him and proceed to stand up from his lap. Judah pulls me back down.

” Where are you going?” Judah asks, his hands gripping to my hips.

” To get you to bed. You should rest.”

” Will you lay next to me?”

I shrug. Judah stands up with my thighs around his torso. I wrap my arms around his neck.

” I should be the one taking you to bed, not the other way round.” I say.

” It doesn’t matter.” I roll my eyes and rest my head on his shoulder as he walks to my room.

Judah shuts the door with his foot and lay down on my bed so I’m sleeping on top of him.

” Thanks.” Judah says after laying on my bed in silence.

” For?”

” I feel better.” He simply says.

I absently rub circles on his chest and smile.

” Yeah?”

” Yes. I felt stupid yesterday.” Judah says.

” Why?” I ask and he sighs.

” I shouldn’t have talked to you like that after what we had. I was an asshole. I mean who fvcks a girl and then say shit to her face.” He sighs and looks down at me.

His eyes are getting better. I missed those green orbs of his.

” That was a d!ck move from me.”

I nod in understanding.

” I get it. It’s fine. You’re probably not used to having clingy girls who asks a lot of questions.”

” You’re not clingy.” He says and looks away from me.

We stay in silence. None of us bothering to say something. I decide to break the silence and ask him what’s been bothering me since morning.

” Let’s play a game, Judah.”

” A game?”

” Yeah. Five questions. We’re gonna ask each other five questions and you must say the truth.”

” Is that an interrogation or what?” He doesn’t sound offended or angry and I’m grateful.

” Judah, I’m curious to know. I won’t ask you personal questions. Just questions that has to do with us.”

He nods and carresses my back.

” You first. Only two questions.” He says.

I blink at him. His he serious?

” Why two questions?”

He only shrugs as an answer.

I breathe in and think my question twice. When dealing with someone like Judah, you have to be careful in other not to get him offended. Cause he’s likely sick in the head.

” Am I your first kiss? You can just tell me the truth. I won’t get offended.” That’s a lie. If it turns out he’s lying, I’m gonna die of hypertension. I won’t be able to face him.

Judah sits up at once and I’m confused. Good God, don’t tell me he’s already angry.

” Wait, you didn’t believe me when I told you that?”

” I… it’s…” I sigh ” it’s complicated.” I sit up too.

” I wasn’t lying when I told you that. You’re the first.”

Should I believe him?
I mean he’s Judah. He can likely get any type of girl he wants and I turned out to be the first girl he’s ever kissed. He’s weird.

” Alright. Why me?”

He stares at me like he’s thinking about what to tell me.

” The first time I met you, I badly wanted to kiss you. To feel you and have you.”

” When was that?”

He smirks at me and chuckles softly. ” That’s your third question. We said two.”

I roll my eyes and huff loudly.

” You’re crazy.”

” My turn. You didn’t give yourself to Todd, why?”

Yeah, why?
I don’t even know. Maybe because we don’t understand ourselves and he’s always acting like someone who’s on drugs.

I shrug.” I wasn’t ready. I wasn’t feeling it.”

” Then why let me fvck you? Why did it have to be me?”

I look away from him. These are questions I haven’t asked myself ever since I started this fling thing with Judah.

” You swear too much Judah.” I tell him and swat his chest. He didn’t laugh but stare at me with his serious expression.

” Why Serena?”

” You know why Judah. I don’t know how you did it. I think it’s called attraction. We both wanted the same thing remember.” I shrug.

He sighs and get off my bed. I watch him walk out of my room. Is he always running from problems. I thought we just had a normal conversation like two normal people. I sigh and get up from bed as I walk out of my bedroom. I find him in my kitchen, with a bottle water and a cigarette in between his lips.

” Are we still playing this game?” I ask him. He whips his head to look at me.

” That’s if you’re still playing.”

I chuckle silently and walk to were he’s sitting.

” Maybe you should tell me about Ransom then. And Zayn.”

He blinks his eyes at me and looks away. It’s obvious Judah doesn’t like talking about Zayn, especially Ransom. It’s like he shares a past life with Zayn and he hates talking about it. And Ransom, I can’t fathom what they had or have.

” Judah, please tell me something. ” I silently plea and stand in front of him.

He inhales his stick and puff out the smoke through his nostrils and mouth. My kitchen is covered with smoke.

” Ransom is many things to me, Serena.” He says .

” Things like what?” I ask him. He looks my way and sighs. He tosses his smoked cigarette inside my trashcan and pulls me to himself.

” Things like what, Judah? What’s he to you?”

He shrugs. I can see he’s trying to decipher what to say to me. I plea with my eyes for him to tell me something. Something at all. And then he did.

” Father.”


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