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Seduction episode 36


💞 Seduction 💞
🌸Love. Lies & Games🌸

Chapter Thirty Six 🍭🍭

Written by Goddy Francis 🤍


Like criminally wanted?
I feel like passing out.
This can’t be true right?
Judah’s is weird, he’s mysterious and he can’t be criminally wanted right?

But how the hell did Phoebe know a lot about him? About what he told me only? Who the fvck told her that?

I’m not insane. I can literally remember he told me that story when we were alone. By ourselves.

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” It’s a lie.” I say at once.

” What? Serena what did he do to you?” Michael asks.

” I should be asking all of you what this man did to you. He’s lying. Judah’s not a bad person.”

” Judah is not bad? He told you that right?” Albert asks.

Who the fvck is he?
How can he be so manipulative?
How the hell did he even convinced two detectives who knew their jobs?
But why do I even trust Judah?
I mean he asked me why I trusted him and yet I have no damn reason.

Judah can’t be a murderer right?
No he’s not a murderer.
He can’t be.
Judah might be all bad shit but he’s not a murderer. He can’t be a murderer.

” What the fvck is happening here? What’s happening? Do you even have any proofs?” I ask.

” You know we do.” Phoebe says. She types something on her laptop as she turns it to face me.

” That’s the institution Ransom owns. It’s in Italy. They brought it to Chicago. He moved next door to you to use you Serena.” Phoebe says and turns the laptop to face her.

” No. You’re all lying.”

” Why would we lie against Judah? How do you think we know who’s Judah?” Phoebe asks and sits on her chair.

” He told you shit about Judah right? That he got paid by some ghostie Ransom to get rid of my family. And then he move next door to me to steal my virginity and use me for his selfish interest. Did he also tell you how he planned with fvcking son to to use me to get my family’s heirloom?”

Phoebe looks stoked.

” I thought as much.” I mutter.

” Really? You thought my son was using you? You knew he loved you.”

” Really? That punk you called a son fvcking smashed my head against my fvcking car window because I didn’t let him fvck me.” I yell at Albert.

” Why don’t you tell them how you’re controlling him. How you’re hitting your wife because she doesn’t want anything to do with your psychotic ass.” I continue.

” Watch your mouth Serena.” Albert threatens.

” The fvck I won’t. You visited my family’s mansion that day to clear up all your shit. You made your son throw a frat party on a Thursday, Albert. You made him invite me, propose a Vegas trip to do shit with me. And now what, I dumped his stupid ass for someone better that your Todd , you thought it’s nice to make him come beg me. Why don’t you fvcking deny that?”

Albert glare at me.

” Do you even have proof?” Albert asks.

I smirk at me. fvcking cunt.
I pull out my phone and played the record from my last conversation with Diana. I place my phone on Phoebe’s desk as they listen to the record.

‘….. My dad is going crazy. He’s not okay. He’s been talking about this heirloom that belongs to your family and I think he’s planning to sell it at the auction when he gets it. He’s trying to use Todd. Todd already said no, but my dad threatened to take him back to the asylum.’

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The record stops as everyone stares at me. I pick up my phone and toss it inside my bag.

” What? Y’all wanna say something?” I ask them.

Phoebe stares at Albert.

” You got something to say Mr. Winston?” Michael asks.

” Every normal person who listened to that record can tell I didn’t kill anyone. I would never kill anyone.” Albert says.

” So you wanted the heirloom too, huh?” Phoebe asks.

Albert smirks. I hate that damn smirk. It creeps the fvck out of me. Albert leans forward, elbows leaning on Phoebe’s desk.

” It’s a diamond. Every single person would wanna have a hold of it. You want something like that too. A billion dollars on your account, you won’t be sitting your pretty ass on that chair and interrogating me. I didn’t kill her fvcking family. That psycho called Judah did. Her father is my friend, I will never let greed drive me to kill anyone for a damn stone.” Albert says.

Phoebe stands up.

” I gotta ask, you took your son to an asylum?” She crosses her arms and stares at this intimidating man.

” I didn’t. Why the hell would I do that? My kids aren’t insane. Probably the girl child is. She’s a fvcking disgrace to me.”

” And you hit your wife?” Michael asks.

” I don’t. What the hell is going on here? Serena is fvcking lying. Maybe you should also interrogate Ransom. I think he can help you out with your interrogations.” Albert says and stands up.

His hand arranges his grey suit. He smiles at Phoebe and smirks at me.

” Till we meet again.”

” Just a friendly reminder, Winston, you will be charged soon and you’ll be going to jail pretty soon. For abuse and your attempt of theft.” Phoebe says.

Albert’s smirk fade off his face. He’s now glaring at Phoebe.

” I advised you don’t go down that road, sweetheart. You gon’ get hurt.” With that last word, Albert leaves.

” He’s psychotic.” Michael mutters.

” And rich. He’s got connections around the state. I’d watch my back when walking henceforth. And maybe you should learn to do your jobs properly, or I’m giving the case to someone else.” I grab my bag and walk out of the office.


I walk inside the diamond company after checking in. Rosalie, my family’s trusted friend who also works in the company accompanies me to where my family’s diamond is kept.

I stare at it through the transparent glass case. I badly wanna sell this away. It has brought nothing but had luck to me in disguise. Why do people even take lives because of a damn stone?
fvcking hell.

” You’re okay, Serena?” Rosalie asks.

” No. I’ve been thinking lately.”

” About what?”

” How much do you think this diamond will cost on the black market?”

She stares at me like I’ve grown two heads.
I know this isn’t right, but I don’t even know what to do with this. People are already going insane because of this stone. Why not give it away.

” You’re not planning to sell your family’s heirloom, right?”

” My life is been threatened because of this. It’s still sad a lot of people know about it. It should be private. Some sick hoe in college told her squad my family’s got a heirloom after my ex told her about it.”

” Why would he do that?”

” He’s a bitter soul.” I sigh.

She wraps her arms around my shoulders for comfort. I fight back the tears. I hate it that I’m easily emotional when someone cares too much about me.

” You’ll be fine alright. Nothing is gonna happen to you.”

” I don’t know, Rosalie. I’m scared sometimes and it’s because of this.” I point at the diamond.

” It’s your family’s heirloom. It’s kinda sacred. You should guard this with everything you have. You know it’s safe here.”

I nod.
But I’m not safe.
Judah is being all weird and not picking my phone calls.
I feel like ripping my hair off my scalp, soak my self in a bathtub filled with warm water.

” Thanks, Rosalie. I should start going home. It’s getting dark.” I briefly hug her and exit the company.


” Sup, baby…” Diana squeals loudly as soon as I open my door.

” Hi guys.” I reply nervously.

The last time I had girls come over, it was Summer and Bree. It was kinda awkward for me.

” You’re not ready?” Bree asks as Chloe help me shut my door.

” I don’t know what to wear. You guys look hot.” I say and admire their dresses.

They are all strappy, tight and skimpy. That’s a lot for a party.

” Come on.” Diana hook her arms around mine and walk me to to my bedroom.

I giggle beside me.
I feel like I’m sick. Like something big just slip out of my soul.
I never knew I would feel this way because Judah isn’t taking my calls. It’s 8pm already and he hasn’t returned any of my calls or texts.
Is this what it feels like to love someone?

I hear a loud pop music from the living room. That’s probably Bree. I watch judah’s window from my room as Diana roams through my dresses.

” You’re okay?” Diana calls out as she peeks her head out of my closet.

I nod.

” You’re a terrible liar. What’s wrong? Is it Judah?” She asks and goes back to picking out dresses.

” Yeah.”

” He hasn’t called you, huh?” She asks and throws a nude colored strap dress on my bed and walks out of my closet.

” Yup.”

” What the fvck? Did you guys fvck a lot or what? He’s acting like you just took his virginity.”

” I think he’s avoiding me. I mean he warned me. I didn’t listen.” I sigh.

” Shit.” She sighs and hands me the dress.

” You’re pretty and you’re a spec alright. I know a hundred boys in college who would fight over themselves to keep you as their girl, alright? We’re gonna go out and have fun and party like our lives depend on it. Just so you should know, it’s okay to feel hurt.”

I smile at her words.

” Thanks. I hate that I’m falling in love with him. I can’t help it.”

” You’ll be fine. He’s gonna realize what he’s missing and he won’t be able to stay the fvck away from you. I assure you that. Judah is not much of an asshole. It’s kinda strange he’s being a jerk.”

I sigh and nod.

” Thanks, D. It kinda helped you know.” I take the dress from her and go to the bathroom.

After putting on the dress, I returned to my bedroom. I sit opposite the dresser mirror and brush my hair.

” You know… your father was interrogated today. He is a good manipulator.” I tell Diana who’s checking out herself in the mirror.

” What?”

” I told them what you told me. I’m sorry if I’m not supposed to tell them. He accused Judah of killing my family.”

” He said that?”

” Yeah. And a lot. He denied ever sending Todd to an asylum. He actually said you’re the only insane kid he has. He’s weird and evil.”

Diana sighs as I apply lipstick on my lips.

” I’m really sorry that you’re passing through all this shit. I can’t compare to that.”

I chuckle sadly.

” You’re also passing through hell, Diana. This world is full of shit.” I say as Diana rolls her eyes.

” Alrighty. You look hot. We should get out there and murder all this lame hoes.” Diana says as we walk out of my bedroom.

I giggle as we go to the living room.
Chloe and Bree are fighting over a bag of burritos.

” Like what the hell.” Bree mutters.

I chuckle at their childish looks.

” Guys, breathe. We’re supposed to be partying and not fighting over a bag of burritos. Let’s get the hell out of here.”


I nervously wince as we stand in front of this familiar restaurant. Same Italian restaurant I watched Judah walked into the day I gave him a ride. The day we fought and he snapped at me because I asked him why the hell he’s bruised.

” What the fvck!” I mutter.

” This is a restaurant Diana.” Bree mutters beside me.

” Yeah, well… let’s find out.” She smirks at us and leads the match.

We see an older lady at the counter. She looks kinda friendly. And we look like tiny hoes visiting for boners. This is crazy.

What if Judah is here?
What if he’s with a girl?
What if he’s with Mercedes?
I obviously can’t take it. I’m just gonna puke all over the club floor and embarrass myself.
God please don’t let him be here.

The thought of maybe running into Judah makes my belly churn. I badly wanna see him again. I haven’t seen him through out today and I’m panicking.
Same time, I don’t feel like seeing him.
What if he acts weird and strange.
Judah is a goddamn puzzle.

” We’re here to party.”

” This isn’t a club.”

” Please… our friend got a heartbreak tonight and we know this place is the best place to help her out.” Diana says.

I roll my eyes at her.

” Is this even a club?” Chloe whispers.

” I think it is.” I answer.

” Are you guys over eighteen? This isn’t for teens.”

” We’re over twenty one. You need an age ID? She’s the oldest princess here.” Bree says and points at Diana.

We smile at the lady.
She sighs and opens a door for us.

” I know I’m gonna regret this.” She mutters.

” Thank you.” We wave at her and scurry down the hallway with it’s non-stop flickering red bulb.

” This is gonna be fun.” Diana giggles ahead of us.

My heart beats loudly against my chest.
The thought of maybe running into Judah after ignoring my phone calls freaks the shit outta me.
I don’t wanna pass out.

We hear the loud music coming from a closed door at the end of the hallway.
A bulky man stands in front of it.
Diana tells him something. Or maybe she flashed her titties at him, cause the fvcker smiled. We walk into the club and this isn’t just a club.
It’s fvcking crazy in here.

” There’s a strip club here?” Chloe mutters loudly and giggles.

We go to the bar. Each of us taking the vacant seats.

” Martinis.” Diana tells the handsome bartender. He’s tatted.

” Sure.” He flash us a cute smile and turns around to get out orders.

” I’m getting wasted. This place is lit. How the fvck did you find this place?” Bree asks.

” I didn’t.” Diana smirks at me.

Wait she knew Judah always comes here?
She purposely brought me here?
I glare at her and she smiles at me.

” Goddamnit , Diana.”

” Thank me later, sweets.” Diana winks at me.

I sigh and look around the club.
The bartender comes back with our glasses filled with martinis.

” Thank you.” They tell him.

He salutes and goes back to taking other customers orders.

” Serena.” A familiar voice says behind me.

I turn around to see Zayn. He’s smirking at me.
And he looks hotter than I remembered.
Damn you bad people for always looking hot.

” Hey.”

” You’re here to meet Judah, huh?” He smirks at me.

” No. I’m here to party with my friends.”

” You’re sure about that?” He asks.

I sigh and look around the club. My eyes settles on a familiar blue eyes. It’s Hero. He’s surprised to see me. He sits on a couch at the corner of the club. A girl by his side and he’s about to light a cigarette.
I’m scared to find Judah. What if he’s with a girl?

” You’re looking for Judah?” Zayn asks. He’s surprisingly close and I didn’t notice.

I watch Hero stands up at once.

” You look closely to that spot.” Zayn says as he points.

Hero mutters a word and I read his lips. He just muttered fvck as he goes to the exact spot Zayn is pointing. And then I see him. Same man who’s been haunting my dreams just as he promised.

A girl sits on his lap and she’s giving him a lap dance. One of his hand stays on the girl’s butt as he smokes a cigarette. Hero whispers something to him as he turns to look at me, including the girl who’s giving him a lap dance. My heart drops to my feet to see Mercedes on his lap.

How can i be such a fool?
Mercedes? Of all the girls and sluts, it has to be Mercedes?

Judah’s eyes hold a glint of emotions. Regret?
I bite my lip to hold back the tears as I stand on my feet. Without looking back I race out of the club.


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