Shadow Sedvction

Shadow Sedvction episode 24 – 25





Monica walk into the restaurant, sounds of spoon, plates, wine glass and little murmurs filled the atmosphere, my eyes look around before finally resting on Angelo, dark hair combed neatly, blue suit,his grey eyes meet mine as he smile, wave his hand to get my attention.

Smiling back at him, I quickly approach the table ” hi ” pulling out a chair, I sit down.

” You look beautiful” a smile creep into his face ” I really love the dress ”

” Thank you ” smiling, I lift up the menu, why do I feel like something is missing, to be sincere, I actually didn’t want to be here, George haven’t even contacted me for almost a week, is he back from his journey? I have no idea.

Why am I even thinking about him when am on a date with Angelo, my thoughts should be on him ” are you okay?” Angelo asked and I drop the menu.

” Of course, am fine” calling the waiter, we give him our order while he leave ” how is work?”

” Fired ” he lean back on the chair, his gaze not leaving mine ” Arthur finally fired me ”

” But why?”

” Beats me” watching him shrug, I notice how he doesn’t even care ” makes my work a little easier ”

” Easier?” I lean close ” is your boss messing with you? I mean you can call the police, that’s a crime you know ”

He chuckle” what do you mean?”

” I never mentioned this but am a law student ” smiling, I sip from the wine ” preparing for my bar exam soon ”

” Wow” his voice calm ” I never asked this but ” he smile ” are you in a relationship with George?”

” George?” He nod ” no, of course not” shaking my head, I cough ” what make you think that?”

” You two were all awfully close, I mean…he kiss you ”

” Oh that?” My phone buzz, I turn it on and stare at George message ( LETS MEET ) just two words? After not seeing me for a week? Is this guy for real? I mean, what do he take me for?

” Monica?”

” Yes” lifting my head, I stare at Angelo ” sorry, my dad texted ”

” Is everything alright?” Angelo asked but before I could reply, George message came in ( COME TO MY PLACE, I WILL BE WAITING, DON’T SAY NO ) ” Monica?” Angelo voice made me lift my head once more.

” I have to go, he needs to be taken to the hospital” getting up, Angelo stand up with me.

” Let me help ”

” Oh no, I will handle it myself ” feeling bad, I exhale ” am sorry, this date didn’t go as planned”

” It’s fine” he smile” it’s a emergency right ?” I nod before leaving the restaurant and calling a taxi, throughout my drive to his place, I had no idea why I left Angelo that fast, oh my god, what is wrong with me?

Closing my eyes, I try to make my heart stop beating fast, why am I even this excited to see him? ” Thank you ” paying the driver, I walk into the building, step in the elevator, press the fourth floor and finally ringing the doorbell.

” Hey ” he open the door, only putting on a robe, hair wet, he look at me and then the dress before smiling ” did you dress up for me ”

” You wish ” pushing him aside, I step in and he shut the door ” am just leaving my date”

” Date?”

” Of course”

” With Angelo?” Turning around I stare at George, his hands fold while he look at me ” I leave you for one week and you’re going on dates with him?”

” Why would you leave me for one week? ” Am yelling, why am I yelling? I have no idea but I didn’t stop either ” you only called the first night you traveled and that’s it?”

” Monica” he walk close ” I was busy, it wasn’t a vacation it was a fucking business trip and that bastard Arthur left me in Los Angeles, leaving all the load of work for me”

” You should have still texted ” folding my hands, he exhale

” Come here ” George widen his arms ” I missed you ” pouting my lips I look at him, he furrow his brows at my hesitation and when he was about to drop his hands I hug him ” you smell so good ” he kiss my neck ” have you eaten?”

” No ” I shake my head.

” Come, I will feed you” holding my hand, we walk to the dining room, he sit down while I sit on his lap ” I prepared pasta ”

” You cooked it”

” Of course ” using the fork, he take a little amount before feeding me, it taste perfect ” am good right ” I nod and he chuckle, glad you like it, he kept feeding me while his left hand rob my exposed thighs, close to my underwear.

” George?” I gasp, cheek getting red

” What is it?” He look at me, feigning ignorance ” don’t you like the food?”

” I do ”

” Then eat, am also starving ” looking at him, I part my lips to ask why he isn’t eating but he beat me to it ” I want to eat you” his finger push my underwear to the side while he touch my clit ” are you full ” he kiss my neck ” am really starving ”

” Y…y….yes ” I stammer and that’s just all it took for him to lift me in his arms, lips connected, he used his hand to clear the table, pushing the food to the floor.

Place me on the table, literally ripped my dress off me, that was expensive ” George” breaking the kiss, I stare at him ” slow down ” he didn’t reply, just took off his robe, wasn’t even putting on a underwear.

” Come ” he drag me down, turn me around, I place my hands on the table, drag my underwear downwards and thrust in, he always does this without protection ” oh my god ” his voice raw and husky ” why do you keep getting tight, fuck”

” George?” I gasp

” I know” he grab my waist and increase his speed, I could feel my body on another side, it feels so good, I can’t think of any other thing, just me and him right now, the pleasure, the feeling.

” Don’t you dare stop ” I moan ” just like that, oh my god ”

His hand grip my hair and just like that, he went deeper, my eyes roll in the back of my head and we came together ” marry me ” his voice filled my ear ” marry me Monica ” I just couldn’t believe what am hearing.

Is he joking?

Lacey woke up feeling pains, my eyes move to the other side of the bed but Arthur is no where to be found, sitting up I gasp in pain, my back feel like hell ” Arthur?” I call his name but no reply? Has he gone to work? Why do the place feel so empty?

” Miss lacey ” Linda voice made me look towards the door ” can I come in?” I grab the blanket and cover myself

” Yes ”

She walk in, looking like the usual ” we missed last Sunday, will you like to attend today service?” I look at her, with all the pain in my body, I doubt I can even move.

” No, some other time, where is Arthur?”

” He haven’t returned home ” she mumble ” he left last night, while you were sleeping ”

” Oh ” averting my gaze from her, I try to fight back the tears.

” Sir Arthur asked me to inform you of the recent ” I look at her and she smile ” you’re free to go, he is setting you free, back to your life ”

” What?”

” He doesn’t need you anymore lacey ” I watch her move close and sit down next to me ” I have had enough of her, she is free to go ” I frown at those words ” those were his words ”

” I can’t believe this ” I shake my head, tears flowing freely ” he won’t let me go like that? Not after what he did to me ”

” Lacey ” Linda rest her hand on my head ” my child, this is for your own good ” she look so sad and pity in those eyes of hers ” you do not have a future with sir Arthur, he can’t be with someone as kind as you ”

” What are you saying?”

” You have to leave ” she stand up to her feet and I shake my head ” I will prepare the car for you, one of the guards that are left will take you to your new apartment”

” New apartment?”

” Arthur last gift ”

” I don’t want anything from him” cleaning my tears, I lay down right back on the bed “am not leaving until I hear those words from his mouth ”

” Miss lacey”

” Am hungry ” I smile at her ” please make me breakfast ”

She exhale then nod” Of course ” walk out and I force myself up, move to the bathroom, shower, put on Arthur black long sleeve and lay down back on the bed, I had no idea how long I slept but the time I open my eyes, I stare at Arthur, sitting at the edge of the bed, looking at me, worry in his eyes.

” Arthur?” Sitting up, he didn’t react to my voice, didn’t smile, no words, just kept staring at me ” where have you been?”

He ignored my question” You haven’t eaten today right?” I nod, tears swelling in my eyes ” I will feed you ” he pick up the plate of soup, dip the spoon in them, I part my lips while he feed me, it was just silence, no words, just the sound of spoon in the plate and me swallowing.

” Am full ” he nod and drop the plate, stood up ” are you going somewhere?” I ask

” No lacey ” he finally smile ” you should leave, you’re finally free to go ”

” What are you saying”

” I tore the contract, you don’t have to stay by myside” I watch him clench his hands and grit his teeth ” you can leave ”

” I don’t want to ”

” Lacey!!!”

Getting up from the bed, I hug him ” let me stay by your side Arthur ”

” You keep getting hurt ” he push me back, those blue eyes of his void of emotions ” I don’t want you here anymore, seeing your face makes me sick ”

” You don’t mean that ”

” That damn video of you keep replaying in my head whenever I see you ” he look so angry, but why?

” I told you I didn’t kiss him ” Tears fall from my eyes, my heart feels tight, I couldn’t breath ” please, you have to believe me, I didn’t kiss him…..don’t tell me to leave you, I can’t do that….not when I feel this way” clenching my hands to my chest, I try to catch my breath.

What’s this feeling? Feeling of loss, it’s not just fear, I don’t want to he left behind anymore, I don’t want him to leave him…..why can’t I form words, I know he is staring at me, his lips are moving but I can’t speak, I keep trying to breath but it seem difficult.

Could this be hypertension?

” Lacey?” When I heard the hint of fear in his voice was when I realized that I already fall to the floor, that feeling is back, I couldn’t breath and my eyes are closing ” lacey!!!!”

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Angelo look at his wrist watch before receiving another punch to his face ” I told you, the gold is important, what the hell do you think you’re doing going on dates ”

” Boss” frowning, I look at him, dead in the eyes ” I also have a life, just like you do ”

” What the hell are you saying ”
He growl, chest rising and falling, proving how angry he is.

” You have no idea how Arthur is” I growl ” he is not someone you can just barge into his place and go free!!”

” Did you even try?”

” Try?” Laughing, I move closer ” I search everywhere, every fucking place, his office, their hideout….and saw nothing, are you even sure they is gold?”

” Am sure of it ”

” I doubt it ” putting out a chair, I sit down and run hands through my hair ” he is too cautious for his own good, am sure he is aware of all these ” lifting my eyes, I stare at him ” why are you doing all of these anyway? I thought you two are related?”

” Related my foot ” he growl, those dark eyes of his look elsewhere, I stare closely at the mark on the right side of his face, he use his hands to trace it ” he is a bastard, someone who doesn’t care about family, just money ”

” What do you mean ”

“Who do you think gave me this mark? I want him to lose everything ” he clench his hands and exhale ” they is only one more chance, lacey, I want her ” I stood up at the mention of that name.

” What do you mean ”

” Kidnap her, I want her ”

” What do you plan on doing?” Asking, he shoot glare my way

” I don’t think we are partners Angelo ” he growl, even I fear him most times ” you don’t deserve to know what will become of her, I just want her here, I need her for the rest of my plan ”

” Okay ” I look away ” boss ”

Arthur sit down in the doctor office ” she is fine, but she needs more rest, the major reason for her fainting is thinking, the stress both in her mentally and physically ”

” What do you mean ”

” She needs rest and majorly, she needs to stop overthinking, she has a really fragile heart ”

” But will she be okay?” I asked, my hands clench, he nod and prescribe drugs I should get for her, standing up, I move to the receptionist, get the drugs and back into lacey room, shut the door and sit right next to her, looking at how pale she is, I run my hands through my hair , knowing fully well I caused this, am the reason why she is laying here.

What am I thinking? Asking her to leave? Am sure she didn’t kiss Edwin, the truth is, I know she didn’t, when she cried and told me, I know she said the truth but I was too angry to think clearly.

” Arthur?” Hearing her voice, I lean close and hold her hand, her eyes slowly look at me, still looking half alive ” are you okay?” She look so worried for me while it’s my fault she is in here, I stress her body last night and now also finding out that I stress her mentally too.

” Am sorry ” tears drop from my eyes and she widen hers ” am so sorry lacey, this is my fault, if only I had not over reacted ”

” Arthur, what are you doing?” She sit up and touch my face, cleaning my tears ” what are you crying for? Am I dying? Do I have some kind of rare disease” watching the fear register in her eyes I chuckle then shake my head.

” Of course not ”

” Thank God” lacey exhale then look at me ” why were you crying? Is something wrong ”

” I just feel bad lacey ” touching her face, I smile ” am sorry for treating you that way, I promise not to do that again ”

” You won’t ask me to leave again right” I nod and she smile ” that’s better, I don’t think I can live without you anymore ” I look at her, confused” I like you Arthur, am not sure about love yet but I like you alot ”

” Lacey ”

” You ask me to love you right ” I nod and she kiss my forehead ” I will do just that” looking at how sincere those green eyes of hers seem, I couldn’t help but to feel really happy, this feeling, is really strange.

” Lacey ” I stare right into her eyes and mumble ” this is not what you wish to hear but am obsessed” leaning close, I touch her cheek ” am obsessed with you and trust me, it’s bad for your health ”

” I will handle it ”

“I might treat you worst if anything happened like this again, I might, I might kill you ” saying those words, I waited, waited to see fear in her eyes but it never came, she look at me confused and suddenly, out of surprise cup my face into her hands.

” Who keep telling you these lies, filling your head with thoughts of killing someone you like?”she suddenly look angry ” I know you won’t kill me, whatever happens in your past, remains in your past, don’t overthink things, I trust you ”

” Lacey?” It appear you are the one overthinking things, that’s why you’re here….I smile at how serious she seem.

” I have no idea what happened between you and Christine but one thing is for sure ” she lean close ” you’re at fault ”

” What? ” Pouting my lips, I frown ” you don’t even know the whole story ” she let go and lay down.

” I don’t need to know, you’re so stubborn that it has to be your fault ”

” Can’t it be both of our faults?”

” You’re right ” she look at me ” when you want to talk about, tell me, I will wait ” she slowly close her eyes and I smile, what do I do with her? She is so stubborn, saying I can’t kill her, she really does believe am kind.

Touching my face, it still shocked me that I cried, I had no idea I would feel so guilty to the point of crying, I do cry but never for the women I sleep with, does this mean lacey means a lot to me?

I do know am obsessed but crying? It has never happened before ” lacey ” I touch her face ” I might have liked you for a very long time….back then when you were sixteen” smiling I chuckle ” to think you don’t even remember me ” her sound breath made me relax, she must be sleeping soundly.

After getting the discharge papers, I helped her into the car and we are back in the mansion, I slowly drop her on my bed, she still look stressed and tired, eyes halfway open ” sleep ” she nod and close her eyes, I pull out my cigarette, light it and place in my mouth.

” You promised to stop smoking” she murmur which got me laughing.

” I sure did” taking out the cigarette, I throw it out of the window and take off my jacket ” let me shower, grabbing my phone, I walk into the bathroom, shut the door and call George.

” Hello ” hearing a female voice, I stop talking for awhile before recognizing the voice ” wait a minute, I will hand it over to him ”

” Monica ” mumbling, I exhale ” don’t break George heart, I might kill you if you do ”

” Bastard, who are you planning to kill ” hearing George voice I chuckle ” what is it, why call this late ”

” Something has been bothering me George” sitting on the toilet seat, I frown ” pond has been a little too quiet this days, I need you to find him, his location and everything”

” Is everything okay? Why are you suddenly interested in him?”

” I don’t have much enemies, it’s clear that Angelo isn’t working for Edwin but then, who else will want my downfall? If not Edwin then it’s pond ” I exhale, pausing to catch my breath ” pond is the only one that truly despise me”

” Fine, I will do that ”

” How about Edwin location, do you have access to it?”

” Yes, I will send it right away ” I hung up after that, showered, wrap a towel around my waist and walk out of the bathroom I stare at lacey awake, sitting down on the bed, she look lost in thought but I just stare at how beautiful she looks even when sick.

Her lips pink and a little dry, blond hair fall gracefully on her body, eyes open but seem distant ” is something worrying you?”

She look at me and nod ” miss Linda ” her eyes search mine for answers, she catch her breath and exhale ” she seem very strange, asking me to leave you ”

” Oh ”

” Why is she like that Arthur?” Lacey look at me ” it doesn’t seem like she hate you but same time she doesn’t want you to be happy, am sure you’re aware so why?”

” Lacey ”

” I want to know” her eyes pleading ” tell me ”

” Linda despise me ” I smile ” you see, I killed her daughter”

” Her daughter?”

I nod ” Christine ” swallowing, I force the words out ” I killed her”


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