Shadows Of The Unknown

Shadows of the unknown episode 43 – 46

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By, Summer Gold R.



While Lamia sat down opposite master Liam in his office,his mind was somewhere else totally,and even though he’s in the office because of the same thing bothering him,he couldn’t just help but to think about it,He’s totally confused.

Last night was sure an epic one,because those creatures did not only bowed for him,they left without attacking anyone and till now it still remains a mystery to the students.

“I don’t want it to be what I am thinking,why are you so quiet? Say something at least” Lamia confronted the master’s silence.

“I’m quiet because I don’t know what to say Lamia,I’m as confused as you are,this is the first time I would hear about this,do you come from a royal family in the supernatural lineage?” He asked.

“I have no idea,I don’t even know who my parents are” Lamia said and the master let out a sigh.

“Then we might never know,there can be a possibility since you don’t know who your parents are.” Master Liam said.

Lamia sighed out and got up.

“I wish I understand you” He muttered and walked out of the office.


The students were all standing in the arena,waiting for Lamia to show up since they are aware that Lamia was in the master’s office just because of what happened the other night.

“I knew something was weird about him,how sure are we that he’s not the beast?” Damon asked.

“I’m sure you can do better,just shut your trash coz it makes you look ugly,how can you say Lamia is the beast we are all looking for? How dumb?” Summer snapped at Damon.

“Well,I support Damon” Chase said and Heaven didn’t find that funny at all.

“Who would you support if not your fellow dummy?” She asked and Cat-Girl chuckled.

“Call me whatever,we can’t be so sure,we can’t trust anyone just like I’ve always suspected Lamia…..”

“How did it go?” Natasha walked over to Lamia immediately he showed up.

“I have no idea at all” Lamia muttered.

“I’m sure they were just scared of you,well at least our mind will be at rest now that as long as you’re with us,we are safe” Skylar said and Sadie nodded in agreement.

Damon and Chase scoffed.

Master River and Master Lilith walked in together and the students faced their direction.

“According to your team,the search will start today,the books has been distributed already so happy searching” Master Lilith said.

The students started leaving one after the other.

Lamia had to join his team mates also but Natasha called him back.

“Lamia wait” Natasha held his hand and he faced her.

Heaven rolled her eyes and walked away.

“What is it?” Lamia asked in a soft voice and Natasha sighed.

“It’s nothing,I just…..miss talking to you” She muttered. Lamia let out a smile.

“Are you trying to act sweet now?” He asked and Natasha chuckled.

“You still have a confession to make anyway,where the f**k did you go last night?” She asked.

“Greene City” Lamia said and Natasha’s eyes widened.


“I will tell you later…..”

“Tonight” Natasha cut in and he nods .

“Let’s go to the library together if none of the teams finds nothing,let’s work overnight tonight” she added.

“Okay my pretty witch” Lamia winked.

“What did you just call me??….”

“Forget I ever said it” Lamia said and ran off.

Natasha bit her lips shyly and also went her own way.



Lamia’s team just concluded their search and decided to leave the rest for the next day.

“Gosh I’m starving” Eugene groaned.

“Me too,we’ve really tried hard today” Skylar said.

“I don’t think any of those teams found anything” Winter said.

“But why are there so many books?? When are we supposed to finish everything?” Eugene muttered.

“We go harder tomorrow”Skylar encouraged.

“It’s not a competition” Heaven said.

“Of course we know,but at least this will help us in solving the puzzle” Winter said.

“See you guys later” Skylar said and went out,Winter also followed.

“Lamia,are you coming? I’m hungry” Eugene said and Lamia nodded.

“We need to talk” Heaven cut in and Eugene looked at her.

“I will meet you” Lamia told him and he went out leaving Lamia with Heaven.

“What is it?” Lamia asked.

“Are you still mad at me?” Heaven asked.

“Does it look like I am?” Lamia asked back.

“You’re ignoring me” Heaven said.

“Maybe it’s best if I ignore you” Lamia replied.

“What are you talking about?” Heaven asked.

“If everyone is like you Heaven,if I don’t ignore you right now,possibly if I start smiling and joking with you,someone might cast a spell on you,don’t you think?” Lamia asked and Heaven bit her bottom lip.

“You’re still mad at me” She mumbled.

Lamia said nothing and looked away.

“Fine,I know what I did might be wrong….”

“Might?” Lamia frowned.

“Okay I am wrong,that’s what you want right? I am wrong,but you should know the reason why I did that is because I don’t like you and her together,I don’t. I like you a lot Lamia,it just hurts so much seeing you all lovey dovey with her” Heaven said.

“Stop liking me then” Lamia muttered.

“How can I stop now? How?! If I can stop then I would do that but I can’t stop anymore,not now. I wish we can go back to how we were before,you’ve changed to me Lamia,I don’t know what I did to you but ever since that night you gave me your only wish,you changed and I could feel it. Was it to get rid of me? You hardly look at me,your attention is always on her,I feel so left out and it’s killing me so badly,I don’t want to cry,I really don’t want to,I want to ignore everything and look away but I just can’t stop myself,you don’t know what it feels like because you’ve never felt this way before,but I know what I’m talking about Lamia,I’m crazy about you….I always feel like dying everytime you ignore me” Heaven said in tears.

Lamia sighed out.

“Say something,please” Heaven whimpered.

“You’re right,I’ve never felt that way before and I’m not even feeling it right now. So,please let go of those feelings and see me as everyone else……”

“I will wait until you start feeling that way” Heaven said


“I don’t mind how long it takes,all I want is for you to look at me alone” She interrupted and Lamia was speechless.

Heaven moved into him and hugged him tightly.

“But before then,stop ignoring me,it hurts” She muttered.



Oakley was alone in her room,but she was restless. She kept on thinking about what Lamia had told her the previous night.

She sat up and started muttering some words,she wanted to meet him in her usual way but was interrupted.

“Don’t you think this is becoming too much?” Lamia asked from the back and she turned immediately.

“Lamia” she called.

“Hey,are you crushing on me so much that you always want to see my face?” Lamia teased and Oakley smirked in her usual black dress.

“What if I am?”

“Someone I know will definitely kill you,she doesn’t play with me at all” Lamia said and Oakley chuckled.

“Why are you here?” She asked.

“You wanted to call me,so I’m here to tell you I am not in the mood for your joke tonight” Lamia said

“How the h*ll did you even get here?” Oakley suddenly asked.

“I really have no idea,trust me. But I’m glad it worked” Lamia smirked and vanished.

Oakley sat down.

“He’s getting out of hand” She bit her lips with a smile.



Lamia appeared in front of Natasha’s room,they were supposed to go to the library together. He opened the door but the room was empty.

“She left without me” Lamia said and turned to the library direction.


In the library was Natasha,going through the books already,she was looking so serious and determined.

She dropped the first book and took another one,she was still opening when suddenly she saw something shocking.

Her eyes were wide opened as she read it,her hands shaking. The book was written about decades ago:

{The king of all supernatural beings,also known as THE BEAST}

The picture in the book is of nobody’s else but the face of….LAMIA.

“Ahh!!!!!” Natasha screamed out and the book fell from her hand.

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( Supernatural Nexus… )


By, Summer Gold R.

“Ahh!!!!!” Natasha screamed out and the book fell from her hand.

Her eyes were wide open in shock and confusion,she was also scared that her body kept shaking.

“What…was that?” She muttered.

She suddenly heard some footsteps coming in,she quickly took the book from the floor and hid it from the other books.

“Tasha?” Lamia called worriedly when he saw her,Natasha swallowed.

“Are you okay? I heard your….” Natasha stood up and hugged him before he could finish. He also hugged her back.

“You know….I will always have your back right?” Natasha asked.

“Just knowing that” Lamia muttered.

“Don’t worry about anything….just….being the sweet Lamia I know” Natasha said.

“Did something happened?” Lamia asked.

“Not yet,but I don’t know about later. I’m so scared” Natasha said,hugging him more closely.

“Tell me what happened exactly” Lamia disengaged from the hug and pull her hair behind her ears.

“Tell me…..please” He said softly

Natasha left his side and took the book,she opened it and handed to him.

“I found this” She muttered.

Lamia’s eyes grew wide the moment he saw it,he looked at Natasha.

“But you know,I have no idea about this right?” He asked.

Natasha nodded “I know,I trust you Lamia,never doubt that” she said.

Lamia was quiet as he continue reading the book.

“We can’t let anyone find out,how about we destroy the book??” Natasha asked and Lamia looked up.

“No,leave it” He said.

“But,what if others find out? They might definitely throw a fist,you know…….”

“I don’t care,we can’t be too sure also. Maybe I can finally be able to find out who I really am” Lamia said and Natasha shook her head.

“I’m scared,not just the students,but what if the masters…..”

“Tasha calm down okay? This is about me not you,why are you scared??”

“I’m scared because it is about you” Natasha said and Lamia sighed.

“Don’t be too worried about me,I might not be who you think I am. I don’t even know who I am,I don’t trust myself at this point,so please,don’t trust me too much,don’t care too much about me and don’t let your guide down…..”

“Stop it” Natasha cut him off.

“Telling me all that is hurting my feelings,I choose to trust and care about you,I don’t care what other people think okay?” She said.

Lamia held her hand,looking into her eyes.

“I’m saying what I said because I don’t want to hurt you,not even anyone. We both can’t be sure because I have nothing to prove what is in here wrong,I need to check on myself,so please….don’t Care too much,I don’t think I will be able to take it if you end up getting hurt” Lamia said and a tear dropped from Natasha’s eyes.

“Are you telling me to stay away from you now because of this? I should have destroyed the book without showing you then!” She snapped.

“And that would have done more harm than good” Lamia muttered and Natasha sighed out,blinking out tears.

“You’re really something else,how can you just accept this like that? This isn’t you Lamia,stop trying to make yourself look bad…….”

“Even if this isn’t me,the fact that my face is in there is something….no,it’s everything to me” Lamia said and dropped the book.

“Don’t hide it from anyone” He said and turned up the entrance.

“Where are you going?” Natasha asked.

“I need to meet someone,I will be back” Lamia said and before Natasha could say anything more,he walked out of the library.

Natasha sat down weakly and bit her lips a little.

“I shouldn’t have told him” she mumbled.

“What are you talking about?” Heaven entered.

Natasha sighed out and ignored her.

“I’m talking to you,I saw Lamia running out of here looking disturbed,tell me what happened” Heaven requested.

Natasha frowned and stood up.

“I don’t think we are that close to each other for me to start explaining what happened to you,why don’t you just run after Lamia and ask him yourself?” She hissed and walked out of the library.

Heaven looked around curiously but found nothing,she left the library also.


There was an awkward moment of silence after Lamia explained what just happened to Oakley,she was quiet for some minutes before she blurted out the question.

“What do you mean by your face is in the history book?” She asked,looking at Lamia like she’s surprised.

“I thought you would know why,that’s why I’m here” Lamia said.

“You know that’s not you right? There’s no how you would be the beast without you knowing” Oakley said making Lamia to shake his head.

“Then,why is my face there?” He asked.

“Are you asking me that? And then,why are you even here? Aren’t we supposed to be great enemies? I might be in trouble if queen mother finds out” Oakley said.

Lamia stood up and moved closer to her.

“You are on the dark side,and seeing the f**k that book is about,I might not belong to the light realm but I will never get on the dark side either,so just help me anyway you can….”

“And how can I help you now Mr Beast?” Oakley teased.

“Shurrup” Lamia groaned.

“Fine fine,how can I help??….”

“Somehow your queen might have an idea who the king of supernatural is,I’m wondering if I am a descendant or something like that,the person in the book is definitely not me,I might be related…”

“Or reincarnate?” Oakley raised her brows.

“I don’t want to think about it” Lamia said.

“I don’t think that idea is the best,we can’t even allow the dark queen to find out about this or it will get out of hand,what you should be after is getting to know who you are….”

“Exactly what I’m saying too” Lamia groaned.

“Without involving the dark queen,thanks” Oakley said and Lamia sighed out.

“Aren’t you worried about what your people there will do? Or what they will think about you if they see that book?” Oakley asked.

“I care but I’m not worried” Lamia muttered and Oakley nodded.

“If you keep acting this way,one would really be convinced that you’re the beast,I mean,dude you’re too confident,cold,powerful,smart,and lot more I can’t even say” Oakley said.

“Coming to you was a bad idea” Lamia muttered.

“I have to go too,but I promise I will check it out for you if I can find anything” Oakley said.



All the students gathered in silence in the lounge,turns out Damon found out about the book last night and he didn’t hesitate to show the masters,Right now Lamia is in the master’s office being questioned.

“I don’t understand why y’all are quiet right now,turns out I was right” Damon said.

“I don’t understand,so you want us to start celebrating you because you found out some trash?” Eugene asked angrily.

“Trash? You Called that trash? You might be the first person he’s gonna attack” Damon snapped.

“If Lamia is the beast then I’m sure Damon wouldn’t be alive right now,coz I swear if I was the beast,I would definitely kill you first dude” Summer said.

“The point is,this doesn’t even make any sense,that book was written decades ago,that’s just someone who looks like Lamia” Heaven said.

“You’re just blinded by the little crush you have on him” Chase scoffed.

“Point of correction,it’s not little” Heaven raised her finger up.

“So you will die for him or something” Chase snapped.

“I would if I can,so shut your @ss and stop spitting out nonsense” Heaven said.

“Natasha,you’ve been quiet” Skylar said.

“Bet she knows everything before now” Speedy sighed.

“For real?” Eugene gave Natasha a little glance and she nodded.

“Then you should have destroyed it before anyone found out” Eugene said.

“I wanted to! But he refused,you know how Lamia is” Natasha replied.

“He’s too good to be the beast” Sadie muttered.

“Can we all stop talking about this? The person only looks like Lamia and that’s it” Summer said.

Lamia came in with Master River and Master Liam.

“Are you okay?” Eugene asked Lamia as he sat down.

“I don’t think I’m the one you should be worried about now” Lamia whispered and Eugene chuckled.

“Listen up” Master Liam called them to order.

“We ended up finding what we were searching for,and that’s the king of the supernatural beings..THE BEAST,and he ended up having the face of Lamia…..”

“You mean Lamia have the face of the beast we are looking for” Damon said.

“As if you can face the beast when you see him” Bryant said.

“Silence” Master River uttered and Master Liam continued.

“This means,we are one leg ahead. We have to look deep into this and,Lamia could help…..”

“What do you mean by Lamia could help?” Heaven cut the master off.

“You’re not trying to say we are going to catch the beast by using Lamia right?” Natasha asked.

“Something like that” Master Liam answered.

“We can’t do that!” Natasha and Heaven shouted.

Everyone cracked out laughter.

Natasha and Heaven looked at each other and then back to the master.

“We really can’t do that,it’s dangerous. The beast can also hurt him,we know what happened the last time….”

“He attacked you not me” Lamia said.

“Are you crazy? How can you say that?” Natasha snapped and Lamia sighed.

“Lamia already agreed to do it” Master River said.

“You should know he always agree to dangerous things,that doesn’t mean he should do it” Eugene said and Heaven nodded in agreement.

“Don’t worry about…….”

“Shut up!” Eugene and Natasha shouted at Lamia before he could finish.

Everyone laughed.

“Calm down guys,he wouldn’t be the only one of course,we are all working together to end the beast,but at this point,to make things easier,we have to do this. And besides,maybe Lamia might finally find out who he really is” Master Liam explained and Lamia nodded.

“So you’re saying,He’s not the beast?” Damon asked.

“Are you that dumb? The beast is over thousand of age,how old is Lamia?” Thatcher groaned.

“Maybe eighteen or nineteen” Summer laughed.

“Stop attacking each other and focus for once!” Master Liam shouted angrily.

Everyone kept quiet.

“Start by searching if there’s any background story check about the beast.” he said and vanished.

“That was scary” Cat-Girl mumbled.

Master River also walked out.

“We should really get to work,but where do we start from?” Ruben asked.

“The descendant of the beast should tell us” Damon smirked at Lamia.

“Damon” Natasha glared at him.


“Lamia is not in the best position to lead us,I will do it” Natasha said.

“And why can’t he? Because he might end up knowing something? Or is there something you’re not telling us?” Chase asked.

“Yeah there’s something I’m not telling you” Natasha said.

“What is it?”

“The fact that your brain remain just two percent in your skull” Natasha said and everyone laughed.

“Well,if Lamia isn’t gonna lead,then I’m not in for her being the leader” Heaven rolled her eyes.

“Why?” Summer asked.

“I don’t think I owe you an explanation for my choice” Heaven said.

“Then you can deal with it coz I’m doing this” Natasha said.

“On your own” Heaven snapped.

“Together with everyone,but you on your own” Natasha said.

“Natasha” Lamia called and Natasha looked at him.

“Let someone else do it” he muttered and Natasha frowned.


“Just to avoid these argument,please….”

“And why must I be the one to shut up for her? Are you defending her right now?”

“No I’m not defending anyone,I’m just saying…..”

“I hate it” Natasha muttered and walked out.

Lamia run his fingers through his hair and exhaled.

“I think we don’t need a leader or something,let’s work together” Eugene muttered and they all nodded in agreement.


Natasha sat down alone on the rooftop,she heard footsteps coming behind her but she didn’t move,then the person sat beside her on the bench.

“Are you okay?” Eugene asked.

“Why are you here?” Natasha asked.

“Because strangely,I felt both sadness and anger in my heart,the feelings are not mine and then they led me here” Eugene said and Natasha looked at him.

“Why are you here alone?” Eugene asked,looking away from her.

“It’s not enough that he asked me to stay away from him,and now he’s giving me this strange feelings,he must enjoy playing with my feelings so much” Natasha muttered.

“Oh come on,you should know him better than anyone,He’s probably staying away because he’s not sure what might happen in the next few days….”

“I wish he trust himself,but he doesn’t” Natasha interrupted.

“Me too” Eugene muttered.



It was close to midnight,everywhere was quiet,only the voice of the dark night could be heard. But in Lamia’s head and ears it was totally different,the voices were driving him insane as he sat down on the floor trying his best to hold back his pains but they kept on increasing.

“Ahh!!” He groaned painfully.

His ears started bleeding,he was in tears but he couldn’t even call on anyone,nobody will probably help,as usual.

But then,it became serious than normal this time around. He could feel his body getting more hot and his bones cracking and shifting inwardly.

“Ahh!!” He cried out.

At once,all of a sudden. He felt something strange came out of his fingers and he opened his eyes which were already brightly green,he gasped when he saw the long sharp claws for the first time in his life.

“No…noo…please….no” he stuttered,staring at the claws,but he couldn’t stare too long because the pain in his body started again.

The voices continued again but this time,he could hear them clearly in his head.

*Finally he let us out* the first voice said.

*This feels so good,I’ve been in bondage for years* the second one said.

*Nice to meet you,we are your demons* another one announced.

*Don’t be scared,the pain will be over soon* another one

*Don’t force yourself to control this,we will help from now on* another one encouraged.

Lamia held his head in confusion and pains,he just couldn’t get what was going on.

The door burst open all of a sudden and Heaven rushed in.

“Lamia!” She screamed.

*MATE!!* Two of the five demons screamed out.

*It’s our mates!!* they shouted again in excitement.

Then,The door opened again and Natasha came in,her eyes widened seeing Lamia.

“IT’S OUR MATE!!* The other three demons screamed out also.

Lamia’s eyes went shut and he became unconscious.

“Lamia!!” Natasha and Heaven screamed.


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