She is a demigod episode 85

She Is A Demigod 💫💙
   (She’s a half witch, half vampire )🤫😌

       By: Authoress Popcorn❤️

         Genre: Werewolf/Vampire/ suspense😲✨

        💋 Chapter Eighty Five 💋


Kylie smirked and took some daring steps towards Charlie.
“What are you going to do? Beat me up” she asked.

“Oh yeah, I’m not only going to beat you up. I’m going to kill you!” He growled loudly, transforming to his monster form.

Kylie started to sob.
“I can’t believe this Charlie. You wish to kill me” she cried and fell to the floor.

Charlie slowly transformed to his human form. He had a bit of pity and care in his eyes.

Sean just watched from distance. He remembered when he found out that tears make the Specie weak.

“I can’t believe that works” he murmured and continued watching.

“I’m sorry Kylie, I didn’t mean to do that. I just need to get Sean to help me with my revenge. That’s all, once it’s done, he can come back to you” he said.

Kylie didn’t want to listen, she kept on shedding fake tears, stylishly thinking of a way to get him into the forest already. She hoped everyone were at position already.

“No, don’t take him Charlie. Just go, leave the city and go back to your people. They will forgive you!!” She cried but hated the way Charlie touched her. It disgusted her.

“They won’t. I’m sorry for yelling at you, forgive me” he said, wrapping his arms around her.

“Are you going to leave?” She stopped crying and stared at him.


“Nope!” He replied with a cold voice.

Kylie stood up and used her telekinesis power to shove him to a tree.
“Let’s go Sean!” She yelled. They left him groaning, he was feeling some pain at his back but it disappeared quickly.

“Arghh! You are so going to pay for this Kylie!!!” He removed a little stick that pricked his arm. He angrily threw it to the floor and majestically walked towards the woods. He was really angry.
“What time is it?” Kylie asked Sean as they ran.

“I don’t have a wristwatch. I got my phone”
They stopped and waited for Sean to check the time on his phone.

“It’s six minutes after four o’clock” he said.

“That’s good. It have to be six before the sun starts rising” she said.

“Let’s confuse him, take my jacket and go that way, give me yours and I’ll go this way” Sean replied and started taking off his jacket.

“No, he’s after me. If he follows my scent that’s on you, he’s gonna try to attack you”

“That’s it. I guess your vision was right after all, it’s going to come to pass. All we have to do is slow it down, I’m sorry for not believing you mom”

“It’s fine, just go. I’ll go this way. If you see any of the crew on the way, tell them to meet at the center” she said and started moving away from Sean.

“What does that mean?”

“Just tell them, they would understand” she replied, yelling.

Sean slide his phone into his pocket and sighed.

“Kylie!!!” He heard his father’s voice and quickly ran to the opposite direction.

Sean walked forward and started wondering where Kylie went to. He sniffed the air and traced it to the left direction. He was right, Kylie went to the left direction.
As sean ran and continued stopping, someone grabbed him behind a huge tree.

“Who are…”

“Shhh! Where’s Kylie?” She saw that it was the Alpha of the wolfpack, Diego.

“She said to meet her at the center”

Diego nodded and drew two fingers into his mouth.
He whistled, which sent a message to everyone. They came out from their hiding spot and walked towards Diego.

“Kylie said we should all meet at the center” he said.

“And just incase, my dad is behind her” Sean added.

“What does she want us to do?” Diego asked.

“She wants everyone to try distract my dad before it clocks six” he said.

They all stared at each other and nodded.

“What way did she pass?”
Sean sniffed in as he followed Kylie’s track. He didn’t want to miss her.
Suddenly, he started to perceive another scent.

It was a werewolf smell. He furrowed his eyebrows and moved towards the scent.

He saw a lady, almost half naked, she was crying.
“Who are you?” He asked with his deep and cold voice.

“Please don’t hurt me!” She cried more and moved away from him with fear all over the place.

“I’m not going to hurt you, why are you here shedding tears?” He asked. He couldn’t believe he could as such question, acting like he cared.

“It was my boyfriend, he…”

“Argh! Don’t bore me with how he had s”x with you. Did you see a lady running pass her? She’s pretty and, probably running super fast”

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“I think so, she ran so fast that she didn’t see me” he said.

Charlie gave a weird laugh and grabbed her shoulders.
“Which f*cking way did she go?” He asked, shaking her arms and yelling.

“I think it’s that way” she said and pointed to the wrong direction.

“Nice one little werewolf. If your boyfriend tries anything with you again, bite off his d!ck “he adviced and left.

She smiled and sprung up. Diego walked towards her and gave her a fist bump.

“That’s very good, you didn’t use your protection potion, keep it. You might need it” he said.
Kylie ran deeper into the woods, heading for the center. She bumped into Hazel.

“Aunt! You are safe, thank goodness.” She squeaked and hugged her.

“Have you guys set up any plan already? I have no idea if Charlie would be behind me” she said.

“Sure, we have. It’s a crazy one!’ she said with a smirk on her face.

“That’s good. I have to go now. Make sure to slow him down” she said and ran away.

“Yeah” she said slowly. She wished Sean was with her, she wouldn’t have let him go.

She turned and saw Sean running towards him.

“Sean?” She also called back. They leaned forward and hugged each other.

“Oh my goodness, I hope you are okay. I was so worried sick” she said.

“I’m fine, how’s the plan?”

“Oh.. we set a trap. Well, everyone went to hide. They are really scared of your father” she said.

“I understand, let’s just hope whatever you planned, works out well” he said and they went to hide.
They hid behind the huge bushes and watched as Charlie sniffed in, trying to get the scent of Kylie but he couldn’t get it. He could smell some other people around also.

“He is…”

“Shhh! He’s gonna hear you” he said and closed Hazel’s mouth.

They both watched as Charlie was confused on the scent. He suddenly stepped on something.

“Now!” Hazel whispered. Some of the witches quickly did their magic and the trap caught Sean. He was hanging upside down, swaying left and right.

“What the… Who did this?!” He yelled angrily and tried to cut the rope but he couldn’t.

“Yes! Nice one baby, I’m going to check on mom now” he said and left.

“Be careful!” She said, almost yelling.

“Shh, keep it low!” He said.
She nodded and signalled the witches. The all snuck out of their hiding place, trying to be careful so Charlie won’t see them.

“Ouch!” One of them yelled as she jumped down from the tree.

“What happened?”

“I think I sprained my ankle” she said.

“Sorry, just keep it low and leave from here immediately” Hazel said.
They all head out of the scene immediately.
“I heard that… Who’s that? No one should make me angry right now!” He growled angrily. He knew that it was all Kylie’s doing. Everything that he had gone through, he was going to make Kylie pay with her dear life.

He shot his eyes and squeezed his body, trying to get himself out of the ropes tied to his legs.

“Yeah, got an idea!” He groaned and started to force himself to transform.

His huge legs made the rope cut. He fell down to the ground and sprung up.

“Get ready to die b!tch!!!” He yelled and swiftly ran to any direction he knew he could follow.
Hazel and others saw as he ran very swiftly.
“Oh no, he broke the trap” she murmured.
Kylie got to the center and found a place to sit.
She was super tired of running non-stop for more than an hour.

“Argh, I’m so tired!” She groaned in pain. She just sat, staring round, breathing hard, wishing he doesn’t show up anytime soon.

Suddenly, she felt someone touching her shoulders. She waited for a second before grabbing them. She twisted the person’s hand and watched as he fell to the floor.

“Ouch!!!” He groaned.


“Yes, yes it’s me Kylie” he spoke with pain in his voice.

“I’m sorry” she said and helped him up.
“I thought it was Charlie”

“I know. Strong arm you got there” he commented and touched his arm. He was pained.

“Has he gotten to you yet?” She asked and he shook his head.

“Hey mom!”

“Ah!” They yelled and stared at who just spoke.
They were ready to attack before seeing that it was Sean.
Kylie sighed and hugged him.

“I’m glad you made it Sean, I hope he didn’t touch you” she said and he shook his head. Kylie sighed and hugged him.

“I hope I find Jasper soon!” She looked round.

“What’s the time?” She asked.

Sean brought out his phone and checked.

“It’s time to die!” They heard a familiar voice.