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She is insane episode 16

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👧$h£ is !nsane👧

Chapter 16

By Authoress promise

Judy POV

Why do i feel hurt by what $h£ said. If th£y’re !n love.
I was lost !n a confuse thought. Everyth!ng is strange to me. I can’t make ©vt for anyth!ng.

[email protected] POV

How dare $h£ says we’re !n love. I huffed for a while. But i couldn’t ¢©Πtr0| it anym©r£.
I charge at Elena. I took h£r by th£ [email protected] and drag ©vtta of th£ hospital.
$h£ was struggl!ng to ma!nta!n h£r balance wh£n i ₱v|| h£r ©vt with such force.
” What th£ h£ck th£ you say over th£re that we’re !n love with each oth£r ” I chided and $h£ smirked. $h£ took a piece of h£r hair and rolled it and smirked rapidly.
$h£ seems proud of dirty game.
” Why do you wanna ru!n!ng me huh! you left me and now that I’ve found happ!ness !n someone else you wanna destroy it. How can you uphold such…. can’t know th£ word to describe ya desperate nature ” I blurted ©vt with gritted teeth.
[email protected] I’ll not stop until i get you. I love…..

” fv¢k, j√$t fv¢k. What damn love are you talk!ng ab©vt. You left me remember “I spat ©vt exasperatedly rem!nd!ng h£r and $h£ turn h£r h£ad away to th£ oth£r side.
” Gosh!!! can’t you get it. I don’t love you anym©r£. What we had togeth£r is now !n th£ past. You don’t have a future with me, so stop try!ng to w!n with ya desolated tactics of yours it only make me loath you th£ m©r£ ” I snarl grimace was etch!ng my face.
” yeah, [email protected] i’d left you and i regretted it. [email protected] why do you like h£r anyway. What does $h£ mean to you. $h£ doesn’t even remember you. So stop th!nk!ng ab©vt h£r. What i h£ard it seems $h£ went !nsane because h£r lover died. $h£ we not able to love you. So j√$t forget it and come [email protected]¢k to Sofia and I ” $h£ said.
” Never will i come [email protected]¢k to such path£tic desperate bitch like you ” I implied sarcastically.
” I’ve be call worse !n different occasion” $h£ smirked lean!ng closer. $h£ place h£r [email protected] on my shoulder seductively.
Mak!ng me m©r£ mad. I h£ld h£r wrist and sqv££sed it so t!ght that $h£ w!nced.
” Let g.. go of me ” $h£ stuttered hurtfvlly.
” I don’t [email protected] my [email protected] on women and th¡s country forbid men from b**t!ng women. If not for all th¡s i would’ve b**t!ng you to a state that wh£n you look fv¢k!ng bitchy self at th£ mirror, you will [email protected] recognize it ” I chided and release my grip, and h£r face look as $h£ it was s¢ar£d and th£n change !nto a teary eyes.

[email protected] i love you ” $h£ yelled with tears stream!ng d©wΠ h£r ch£ek.
But i ignored th£m.
” If you love me you wouldn’t have left me and chase your ¢ar£er. You gat ya chance and you b!0w that off. What should i do wh£n i don’t feel!ng th£ same ” I expla!ned hopefvlly $h£ might give up and stop try!ng to get me [email protected]¢k.
“I know [email protected] and am sorry for that. I would do anyth!ng for you to come [email protected]¢k to me. j√$t tell me what you want ” $h£ struggled, but am gonna turn h£r d©wΠ.
“Th£ only th!ng that will make me feel ecstasy is for you to stop mak!ng my life m©r£ miserable that it is. Stop th¡s fv¢k!ng vicious tactics of yours it makes me forlorn” I said.
j√$t th£n Sofia walk to me. I took h£r by th£ [email protected] and h£aded to th£ ward liv!ng only Elena beh!nd.
I wi$h£d $h£ what i said makes a s£nse to h£r and touch th£ evilly h£art of h£rs.
Wh£n i got !n. I told Sofia to stand at a spot and $h£ obeyed.
I went to Judy and sat beside h£r.
Th£ atmosph£re was quiet wh£n i walked !n.

” Judy what Elena said ab©vt th£ both of us isn’t tr….
” You don’t owe me any explanation. What ya relationship with h£r is none of my bus!ness. So why mak!ng me understand is not as if you an i are dat!ng ” $h£ !nterrupted, h£ar!ng that make my h£art ach£.
$h£ doesn’t know how much i love h£r.
How badly i wanna klzz those l¡ps of h£rs and how much it hurts for h£r to forget me j√$t like that.

Elena POV

I love you [email protected] and am never lett!ng you go.
So please don’t try gett!ng rid of me. Because th£ m©r£ you do th£ m©r£ i will hurt ya precious so called Judy.
‘ Hum!!! I so much detest that bitch Judy. How i wish $h£ would’ve die at th£ spot ‘ I huffed and had my fist roll !nto a ball.
$h£ is always gett!ng of my nerves and that muclebra!n [email protected]
” Judy th¡s, Judy love, I love h£r only h£r. How annoy!ng ” I cussed !nwardly and march ©vt of th£ hospital to my car.
I’m mad i need to calm myself and am gonna drive to Rowena place
$h£ is th£ only one that support me.
And gave me.
I called Rowena and $h£ said $h£ was !n a hair salon fix!ng h£r hair.
I’d ask h£r th£ location on th£ salon.
$h£ told me th£ location.
I march on th£ brakes and rode off. Wh£n I’d gat th£re i alighted and m©v£ !nto th£ salon majestically.
“h£llo ” Rowena hailed from afar as $h£ saw me.
” What eat!ng ya a$$ up ” $h£ said as i came closer to h£r, obviously $h£ must’ve notice i wasn’t !n a good mood.
” Lemme guess. It’s that crazy Judy. What as $h£ done now ” $h£ added as i throwed my bag at th£ table and plump d©wΠ to a [email protected] available.
” Ya, and not j√$t h£r that Judy, [email protected] ” I mention and $h£ chuckled.
I frowned a bit wh£n I caught h£r laugh!ng.
“Geez th¡s isn’t a fv¢k!ng laugh!ng matter. My butt is !n fire ” I half yelled.
” I know ” $h£ scoffed.
“Actually, that fv¢k!ng crazy girl is no m©r£ crazy” I said and $h£ arch£d a delicate eyebrow. h£r ears were yawn!ng to h£ar some juicy gossip.
I narrated everyth!ng silently to h£r and at th£ end of th£ tale.
$h£ was stunned.
” You’re tell!ng me, $h£ knew ab©vt ya secret beh!nd Sofia and you end up ₱ush!ng h£r ” $h£ wh¡spered, but are voice was barely a wh¡sper. I Shh h£r up.

” Lower ya voice. People are @r0vnd
th£y can h£ar you “I rem!nded.
” Okay sorry ” $h£ apologize are ears wh£re still carv!ng for m©r£ juicy gossip.
I’d met Rowena wh£n i was shoot!ng a TV commercial contest.
That was years [email protected]¢k. $h£ is also a model like me.
Though will share th!ngs !n common, we both have our different personality.
It was Rowena who advice me to use Sofia to get [email protected] I buy h£r idea and use it.

Sara POV

Judy was good to go home, after th£ doctor did some ch£ck up
At last I’ve my daughter [email protected]¢k and $h£ is !n h£r right s£nse.
Judy was discharge from th£ hospital we’re all ready and happy to take h£r home with us.
But i caught th£ sadness !n th¡s young man eyes who had be tak!ng ¢ar£ of my child.
Is h£ really !n love with my daughter. Too awful for fate to let Judy forget [email protected]
But h£ as a partner and a child and h£ claims h£ had not!ng !n common with th£ woman. h£ made it clear to us that $h£ was j√$t th£ moth£r of h£r child and th£y shared someth!ng !n th£ past and that $h£ left h¡m.
Is h£ tell!ng th£ truth or not. That I dunno.
We hauled a cab. Logan and i take Judy along with us !n th£ cab. S!nce th£ cab couldn’t take much people.
Kim decided to go with Danny. I’ve come to know Danny over th£ years and i trust h¡m.
[email protected] and kid took anoth£r cab and th£y trailed beh!nd us.


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