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She’s the boss episode 5

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Th£ Boss
💫(You work for me, that makes you my s€× toy)💥
Episode 5
💐 Damien 💐
” Yeah, sure ” I replied .
Wow! I never thought $h£ was go!ng to agree to that th¡s easily but I am glad $h£ did though it’s for h£r benefit!
I don’t actually knows if th£re’s a cure for it but we will give it a try and to aga!n know th£ exact drug $h£ took ik h£r system.
” Thank you Damien ” $h£ said aga!n which I smiled !n return .
I bowed my h£ad and left!
I th!nk I have loads of work to do !n th£ kitch£n th£n, I have to put a call across Carl .
Well, Carl is my best friend and equally a doctor.
I entered !nto th£ kitch£n th!nk!ng of what to prepare for h£r and myself of course.
I learnt how to cook s!nce I was a kid. I picked !nterest !n it because I j√$t love cook!ng.
After I graduated from school, I went to a cater!ng school for a year program which learned m©r£ ab©vt di$h£s all ©vt of pa$$ion not know!ng I was actually go!ng to end up be!ng a ch£f!
🌷 Brittany 🌷
I sigh£d loudly com!ng d©wΠ frok th£ b£d. Isn’t h£ a God s£nt? Yesterday night was th£ first time my Add¡¢tion went away with©vt f*”k!ng any man.
It went away with a different means I didn’t know all th¡s while and now h£ volunteered to h£lp me .
If it means skipp!ng work for today, that’s what I must do. My life is m©r£ important than money!
Will th£y be able to cure me if it was a drug I took like h£ said?
What drug did I take !n yh£ first place? Cause I can’t remember do!ng th¡s to myself. I don’t enjoy be!ng a s*x Add¡¢t that I am so why will I take that?
I j√$t can’t wait to get to th£ hospital!
Somehow, I trust Damien! With!n th¡s 24hours h£’s spent with me , h£ proved worthy to be trusted!
It still surprises me how h£ chose to h£lp me !nstead of tak!ng advantage of me like th£ rest!
Th¡s is what a friend like Joel ought to have done but h£ prefers f*”k!ng me to taoe th£ pa!n away temporarily.
I didn’t realise th¡s till now a total stranger came !nto th£ picture.
I am not angry with Joel . Yeah, I can’t blame h¡m! That was th£ only h£lp h£ could render
I don’t derive joy from f*”k!ng any man I see j√$t to [email protected]!$fy me.
I j√$t wish it ends soon!
” Th£ hospital is d©wΠ th£ road ma’am, CEE SPECIAL HOSPITAL”
Oh yeah! I th!nk I know th£re. It’s two kilometers away from h£re.
” I know th£ hospital ”
” Alright , you go while I take a cab, I will jo!n you right away ”
Like seriously? Is h£ serious right now?
” Are you be!ng serious right now Damien?I have a car and you want to take a cab? ” I asked pla!nly.
I might be bossy but not all th£ time and not !n th¡s case that I am th£ one !n need
” I am sorry ma’am”
” h£re, take th£ car keys and drive please”
h£ stared at me for awhile before nodd!ng and collected th£ keys from my [email protected] while I entered !nto th£ pa$$enger side.
I am sure h£ can drive.
Th£ eng!ne roared to live as we drove !n a very uncomfortable silent. Gosh! I feel like I am suffocat!ng.
h£ was so focused on th£ road but I j√$t couldn’t h£lp but steal glances at h¡m.
If h£’s a food, I rath£r be termed st!ngy than giv!ng h¡m ©vt .
I so much live h¡s stature !
I don’t know how but our eyes met and I hastily looked away embarra$$!ngly.
” From th£ test we’ve conducted so far, you were !njected with AF2 which happened to be drug for s€× drive, it’s dangerous and I am sorry to say that th£ research£rs haven’t found th£ cure to it ”
Doctor Carl said and my h£art sank! !njected with AF2? How? Wh£n? By who? Who did th¡s to me? Who have I offended that couldn’t tell me but destroyed my life th¡s way?
” But someth!ng can be done ab©vt it right?” Damien asked .
For now, I will prescribe a drug that you have take to reduce th£ occurrence, th£ AF2 has long stayed !n your b©dy and so it !ncreased to th£ f!nal stage wh£re th£ cure is difficult to be done ”
” It could have been better if you didn’t take Dixon !n th£ process of cur!ng it, that wors£ned it and I am afraid it might cause a lot to your b©dy system”
Does that mean I will live with th¡s forever? No cure?
Is it th¡s serious? Who did th¡s to me? I didn’t realise I was cry!ng till a tear dropped on my [email protected]
How do I survive with be!ng a s*x Add¡¢t all my life?
I am ru!ned already! If th¡s gets to th£ media th£n my re©vtation is gone forever.
I can’t remember offend!ng anyone. I might be rude but it has m!nimum.
” Ma’am?” Damien called! I can’t hide th£ pa!n anym©r£. Th£ tears couldn’t stop because my eye bags was fvll. It has h£ld enough of tears I have to let ©vt.
” but th£re’s Hope for h£r rught Carl?” Damien asked. Is h£ really ask!ng to make me feel better? Th£ doctor said th£re’s no cure. And th£ drugs Hilda normally br!ngs for me added it it.
My system is damag!ng because of th£ drug?
I wouldn’t blame h£r, h£r for it, $h£ was j√$t try!ng to h£lp. $h£’s really tried for me as a friend and I am glad I have some one like h£r beside me .
” $h£ can h£ cured but it will take a long time “……
💐 Damien 💐
Goodness! I need to visit Mum and Joseph!ne today! It’s been two weeks s!nce I came !n h£re and two weeks s!nce we last visited Carl. Brittany has been do!ng pretty well with th£ h£lp.of th£ drugs.
$h£ hasn’t demanded for s*x because $h£ takes th£ drugs frequently.
I thought $h£ was go!ng to turn ©vt to be a hash and bossy boss but $h£’s cool at least.
” Dam ” Joseph!ne shrieked as $h£ saw me while runn!ng to hug me.
” h£y munchk!n” I said to h£r as $h£ released h£rself from th£ t!ght hug.
” Ho are you?”
” I am do!ng great but annoyed that you abandoned us all th¡s while” $h£ p©vted .
$h£ speaks like a 20years old lady while $h£’s j√$t 15.
” I am really sorry sis, please forgive me”
” I will forgive you on one condition” gosh! Th¡s girl is impossible!
” What condition?” $h£ thought for a while before $h£ stopped walk!ng
” Tomorrow is our school yearly party and I want you !n attendance so I can show my friends how [email protected] my broth£r is ”
Like really?
” Please Damien”
” Okay f!ne but…” I was !nterrupted by th£ beep!ng of my phone.
I ch£cked th£ caller ID to see it was Cathy.
I sigh£d and busied th£ call . Don’t $h£ get it that I don’t want to have anyth!ng do!ng with h£r? $h£’s been call!ng me so often recently but I don’t want to talk to h£r. Not anym©r£, not ever!…….
” Ouch!”
I jumped ©vt of my b£d sleepily as I h£ard Brittany’s voice!
Gosh! I ru$h£d ©vt of my room to h£rs immediately.
I should have known! h£r Add¡¢tion aga!n!
” Dam… Damien please..h£lp me ” $h£ cried ©vt !n pa!n hold!ng h£r stomach while clutch!ng h£r legs togeth£r.
Ocean of tears flood d©wΠ h£r ch£eks as $h£ tried to keep h£r eyes opened.
” Ma’am?” I called hold!ng h£r up but $h£ dragged me to h£rself.
$h£ tried remov!ng my shorts ! Wh£re th£ h£ll is h£r drug?
My eyes search£d for it and luckily for me, I found th£ conta!ner.
I gently ₱v||ed h£r away to get th£ drugs but to my disappo!ntment, it was empty.
It’s f!ni$h£d! Goodness! What do I do?
It’s 2am !n th£ midnight, I can’t go ©vt to get th£ drugs and even if I do, th£ shops will be closed by now.
” D… Damien p.. please, j√$t th¡s once”
” h£lp me please I am dy!ng ” $h£ said fa!ntly.
$h£’s already loos!ng h£r breath£.
What do I do?
I can’t do th¡s! I can’t take advantage of h£r !n th¡s state my conscience won’t let me.
$h£ vomited on my b©dy!
” Dam…Damien please, I am hurt!ng, my b©dy is on fire I need you please”
I have never been th¡s confused all my life. I… I can’t have s*x with h£r. I can’t br!ng myself to do that.
But on th£ second [email protected], $h£ might pa$$ ©vt and go !nto a long coma if h£r needs aren’t met!
$h£ puked all over me aga!n th¡s time, all whitish
” legs Damien..”
” Da…. Damien… please ” …….

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